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Sensory Overload!

Just 18 short months ago, WWE was all-in on shoving Roman Reigns down our throats, while Finn Balor and Sasha Banks were top champs in NXT, wrestling in high school gyms. Tonight, on one of the most spectacularly satisfying episodes of RAW in ages, Reigns was brushed aside, and Balor installed as top contender to a new heavyweight title, while Sasha won the WWE Women's Title in a stellar contest. Just amazing, surprising, and awesome in every way. Rick Scaia has complete details in his RAW Recap.

PPV Recap: WWE Battleground

Dean Ambrose bucked the odds, and retained the WWE Title over Rollins and Reigns, while Sami Zayn stole the show with a Match of the Night win over Kevin Owens.

OO: Midweek Newsbites

SmackDown scored a ratings "win" (if you don't know how math works), more info about Reigns and Lesnar drug suspension, and The Rick's got a whole lotta other newsbites, too.

SD Recap: Nope, Same Champ

In addition to 30 separate draft picks, last night's first live SD also featured a 100% clean and decisive Ambrose/Rollins WWE Title Rematch as the main event.

RAW Recap: New Champ?

Dean Ambrose put his WWE Title on the line tonight against Seth Rollins, and Rollins walked out with the belt, despite no indication that he actually won the match.


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