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Author: Subject: So I have a booking game idea.

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posted on 1-14-2017 at 08:51 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
So I have a booking game idea.

So if many of you are like me, you secretly deep down want to be a booker for wrestling. We don't admit it, but we could surely do better than the WWE does. So I have a challenge for you to prove your chops. If you are up for it book it here, and then we can see who can come up with the best booking

The Scenario: Vince McMahon is hiring for a creative position, and by god you get 1 shot to prove your chops. Vince tells you he wants to shock the world at Royal Rumble, he wants to book .....someone completely random to win the Rumble. The catch is, he wants to follow this booking into making someone who is stuffed down on Main event curtain jerking or long forgotten to be more prominent on the roster because WWE needs more main eventers. So he tells you you can choose (Bo Dallas, Heath Slater, Darren Young, Prince Pretty, a member of Ascention, (you get the idea) to win the Rumble.


They must be on a current WWE Roster
No NXT call ups
No debut's
Their character can't significantly be altered.... IE Bo Dallas gimmick can't go from now say Super cop....he can have slight personality differences)

Book their win, and then make them a viable draw for WM for their title match, because clearly their career will need CPR.

The booking should try to make sense, be somewhat believable, and this wrestler should be over after WM (not just feel shoved down your throat)

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