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Author: Subject: Talk About Music
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posted on 8-29-2016 at 08:05 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Talk About Music

This thread is mainly just an excuse to post this somewhere. Rather than make a thread for this and only this, I figured I'd make an inclusive thread for others to add onto. There's been a few like this in the past, but I didn't want to bump an old one up. It's also similar to the YouTube thread, but should have more explanations and discussions if done right. Moving on...

Micheal Larsen was a musician and freestyle battle rap champion (even defeated Immortal Technique in 2000). Known mostly as Eyedea, he also released music as Oliver Hart, as well as being a part of the groups Sixth Sense (later simplified to Eyedea & Abilities), Guitar Party, Face Candy, and Carbon Carousel. He crossed genres and put a lot of emotion into his stuff. He died in 2010 at 28-years-old, but his music still jams.

"Now" by Eyedea & Abilities
a hip-hop song featuring some impressively fast rapping

"Smile" by Eyedea & Abilities
his most well-known song and one with a decent message behind it; considered rap, but the album it's from (By the Throat) is a rap/rock mixture of sorts

"If You Need to be Killed" by Carbon Carousel
a grunge rock style song in a similar vein to some of Nirvana's calmer tunes; pretty sure this song is about heroin

"Always Better Sorry" by Carbon Carousel
from the same album as the previous song (The Some of All Things, or: The Healing Power of Scab Picking); a little more energetic

"Even Shadows Have Shadows" by Eyedea
there's a song version of this, but this spoken word poetry style delivery gets more of the emotion across; he originally wrote this when he was nineteen

The album When in Rome, Kill the King is the only one he released under his real name, Micheal Larsen: � pretty simple, mostly guitar backing raw vocals; just a collection of demos

And something completely different, the album Birthday (I Feel Triangular) by Guitar Party: � this is a live album and the only album from Guitar Party because Eyedea died before anything else could be recorded

He's one of my favorite music artists, half because of his music and half because of who he was as a person. People have called him "hip-hop's Kurt Cobain" and I'm still not sure if that's pretentious or accurate. I do think it's a shame that he isn't more well-known, though that's partially self-admittedly due to him constantly putting music out under different pseudonyms. By the Throat is my favorite album of his and one of my favorite albums in general. The title track ( is one of those songs that can really hit home to someone who relates to the situation.

And that's that. Just a little introductory stuff to one of my favorites. Feel free to listen to some of it and give thoughts and feedback. And use the thread; write something up for one of your favorites that some of us might not know about!

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