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Author: Subject: Kevin Owens vs Zayn Feud

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posted on 5-25-2016 at 05:51 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Kevin Owens vs Zayn Feud

So I have this idea for a feud with them that picks up where it is now with them not being able to not focus on another (as of Extreme Rules) It is kinda wordy....but I don't know....freaking way too old to be doing this...but I think about stupid angles like this all the time and I just felt the need to type this one up....consider it self therapy :-D.

So at MITB.... on or the other totally screws the other out of the MITB briefcase, allowing someone else to win...doesn't matter just has to be clear that one screwed the other...Id have Owens screw Zayn.

The next night on Raw they are just brawling....all over the place...they get separated...but during a match later on we cut to the back they are still fighting....breaking stuff just tearing up the building and the rules...maybe even have them go into a room where Xavier is recording up up down down..and they break the video game system or something....its just horrible stuff is getting wrecked.

There finally broken up again and Shane and Stephanie send them home....both of them screaming its the other persons fault.

The following week...we start again....and wouldn't you know it...they are brawling again...all over the place...they hate each other and its going down....this week Shane and Steph are ready and security breaks them up..they get sent home again...and if this happens one more time...they will both be sent home....they are not to touch each other till the next PPV or they are suspended.

The next we come on the air...and the camera opens up cold and OMG there fighting in the back...into the arena....and its just a WILD BRAWL..... the entire locker room comes out to split them up .......que Shane McMahon

Shane tells them that last week he promised if this continues there would be suspensions....but we don't just settle our differences in the WWE that way...however they did go against orders not to touch each other. But both of them are top commodities for the WWE, and its not good business to suspend them both. Therefore at the next PPV (whatever the one is after MITB) it will be Kevin Owens vs Zayn in a Last Man Standing Match in a Loser is Suspended for 90 days match without pay.

So at the PPV they brawl 30-45 mins just brutal.....Zayn wins.....

We go to the next match and then cut back to see Owens take the walk of shame.....he is mumbling about how he let his family down....and this can't happen...begging and pleading Shane to lift the suspension he promises never to do it again. No dice and is unceremoniously tossed....he screams he forgot his bag.....and someone tosses it out at him...sianora

Three months later....Shane tells Zayn he doesn't want a repeat of what happened with Owens again....and Zayn says he has nothing to worry about from him...but he needs to let Owens know that. When Owens returns he is a big humbled....he asks for Zayn and Shane to come down...he apologizes for Shane for being a disgrace to the company...a bad role model to his kid, and he realizes that being in the WWE is a privilege and he will never risk his job or his family again. He publicly apologizes for his wife and family for letting them down...and finally he apologizes to Zayn, He is sorry for being jealous, he just wanted to be in the WWE so bad...but Zayn got here first, he wanted to be a champion so bad and Zayn did first...He let his pride get in the way and he is sorry......Zayn was his best friends...and sometimes friends fight....but he wants to buy the hatchet and there are plenty of enemies in the WWE....he wants his friend back. They hug....and Owens holds Zayn's hand high.

So they don't wrestle together or anything...there kinda on their own doing their own thing...but they are clearly coming to the arena together, or sitting in the back together or whatever have you...maybe every now and then when one is getting jumped the other has the others back. Thats the end of it.

Royal Rumble rumors online that John Cena is going to win the RR (or whoever to face Roman Reigns, or Orton, ...or Brock for this story it will be Cena) The last three in the ring is Cena, Owens, and Zayn Owens and Zayn have worked together kinda through the match they are trying to get Cena out....Cena AA's Owens who is dead in a corner...and Zayn and Cena are figting it out for a minute or two and finally Cena plants Zayn with a AA....he is waiting for Zayn to get up to clotheline him over the top and Owens comes in and spears from another angle eliminating both Cena and Owens from the match ..Zayn is going to Wrestlemania....NO one sees this coming...the place goes nuts....

The next night Zayn is in the ring talking about his WM match with Reigns and how he will be living the dream and out of the crowd Owens comes running in ....and just blindsides Zayn...he pulls out handcuffs cuffs him to the bottom rope slides out and gets a chair and a Mic. Did you really think I was going to let you live the dream...go the WM....

Owens: "You will get that title shot over my dead body...Im going to take every thing from you, your hopes, dreams, I'm going to humiliate you the way you did when you had me suspended, and I had to look at my kid and tell them that I wasn't man enough to do what needed to be done. My son will not have a loser as a father.....and I would never have a loser like you as a friend...(hes more eloquent than me...he would just run down a list of all the wrongs zayn did to him real and perceived)

Owens gets up from the chair and beats the holy hell out of Zayn....just brutal.....legs, arms, back...chest...head...he throws the chair and just starts beating him with his fists screaming how he hates him...(zayn blades)

The back comes down for Owens and when they get there he throws the chair at Zayn holds his hands up laughing at what he has done he is so proud of himself....zayn is a bloody mess and the announcers are somber Owens is just so happy and just laughing up the ramp....

We come back from break.... Shane and Steph (if they are still co team) check on Zayn....they are rushing him to the hospital he hasn't moved they are worried.....Shane in his anger books Owens to fight Brock Lesnar TONIGHT as a punishment. Owens isn't smiling anymore.

During the main event Owens comes down first and awaits Brock and when Brock comes in Owens laughs and screams you can't make me wrestle and just leaves and gets counted out. Owens laughs all the way out of up the arena to the exit.....Shane comes out

Ladies and gentlemen, Im so sorry that Owens ruined our show tonight, and while he has some good news, he has some bad news too. He just got back from the hospital for Zayn the good news is .....He has regained consciousness and was talking to his wife (or family) unfortunately Zayn has had multiple fractures and sadly will not be able to wrestle at WM at this time and will have to forfeit his World title shot, and while it is true that Kevin Owens was the runner up.....he will be damned if he will reward Owens for his actions therefore we will need to find a new #1 contender. Because Owens screwed all the fans here week at the top of the hour we are going to redo the Royal Rumble and Kevin Owens will be disqualifed from participating in said match as a matter of fact Kevin Owens will not receive any title shots until he either pins Brock Lesnar or Zayn returns to the WWE (and they can have whoever they want to face champion win the thing)

At WM Brock vs Owens happens happens Brock wins (don't know how long Brock is staying) they rematch again at next years Extreme Rules and Owens has Brock beat and is done....when Zayn comes and it is on like donkey kong...Zayn knocks Owens out at ringside sends him back in for Brock to pin 1...2...3.. Zayn wastes no time and just slides in and pummels Owens....he pulls out handcuffs......locks Owens to the ring and goes out for the chair.and Owens eats the beating that he gave Zahn....Shane sends the locker room to stop Zayn....Owens is a beaten mess on the floor and Zayn has a wild Im going to kill you look in his eyes...but the roster stops him from getting to Owens..we end the show with Zayn screaming he will kill Owens....and paramedics coming for Owens to roll to the back.

Next night on Raw We continue our story Owens is broken but he cuts a promo from his house that he sends to Raw. He is all wrapped up looking pitiful drinking from a straw...foot in the air. You did this to me Zahn I hate you ...I hate you.....I am never done with you...ever hear a matter of fact anyone in that locker room, the NXT locker room...hell ROH or Japan...anyone takes Zahn out....I will give them 100,000 of my own money to anyone that puts Zahn in the hospital!

The next few months you can have Zahn facing challenges from different folks trying to take the bounty but we finally get Samoa Joe to go for the dough....and he has Zahn beat at the PPV...when Owens comes out as Joe has the Muscle buster hit on Zahn...and just flattens Joe..... and then beats the piss out of Zahn.....Owens says that he will keep the money because he was the only one good enough to put Zahn back in the hospital.

The next night..... Hell in a cell is made for Zahn and Owens at Summerslam....doesn't matter who wins here...whoever the WWE wants to push more...Id go with Owens.

The following night Owens vs Joe starts because Owens owes him 100 k

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