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Author: Subject: How do they book their way out of this corner?

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posted on 1-27-2015 at 02:13 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
How do they book their way out of this corner?

Can't see how they can shine this one up... maybe have Roman Reigns attacked by 5 masked assailants who drive him off the road in the blizzard, forcing him out of Wrestlemania.

Bray Wyatt witnessed the crash, everybody thinks its his new faction.

Tourney for the title shot, Daniel Bryan wins.

No DQ main event for the title, Authority runs in to screw Bryan out of the title, Cena makes the save, turns heel by attacking Bryan, 5 masked assailants show up in vehicles, unmask to reveal Kevin Owens, Sami Zayne, Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, and Adrian Neville. They attack the Authority, Bryan makes Lesnar tap out amidst a mad schmozz, the crowd celebrates.

Roman Reign realises who attacked him and runs out, Dean Ambrose comes out to help his old buddy, Rollins cashes in amid the chaos, Wyatt shows up with Harper and Rowan because he's mad they all thought he was guilty, Shield and Wyatts face off, authority and Bryan/NXT faction brawls into the crowd, end scene....

Any other clue on how to make this craptacular main event go away?

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posted on 1-29-2015 at 12:57 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
WrestleMania opens with Heyman. Heyman announces that WWE has been unable to agree a new contract with Brock beyond Mania... but Vince HAS agreed a new contract with Heyman to run WWE due to the Authority's transgressions.

Heyman announces that the main event will open the show. Reigns and Lesnar enter, the bell rings, and Reigns immediately taps. Heyman hands Brock the belt, then the whole locker room comes out and forces Brock away from ringside.

Heyman then announces the retirement of the WWE world heavyweight title, and the introduction of a new WWE Universal Championship. And the first champion will be the winner of a 16 man tournament... tonight!

Semi-final 1 sees Reigns beat Cena
Semi-final 2 sees Bryan and Ziggler go to a 1 hour draw.

Reigns is the new champion by default! And then Rollins cashes in, but it only applies to the WWE world heavyweight title, and Brock comes back out to announce he has re-signed with the company.

Rollins then beats Brock clean for the title.

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posted on 1-31-2015 at 08:49 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I have been thinking about this and after listening to other opinions that are in the know of the business than I ...Ive decided that right now this is how I would do it. Assuming Brock Lesnar is not going to resign.

I would have a Brock vs Reigns encounter where Reigns puts up a good fight.... but Brock handles him and beats him pretty big.

Have Paul Heyman keep telling Reigns how he respects him, how he respects his family.... but he is in over his head.

Id have a segment where Paul, Lesnar, HHH and Stephanie kinda put Paul in his place, with HHH saying Paul I don't like you, Ive never liked you, We don't like you ....and one day, your going to lose your meal ticket...and when you do....sir, your going to be all alone. Don't ever come to me like that again. (The scenario would be Paul kinda demanding something from them)

Id have Brock come back to do a showing between Fast Lane and WM and Seth Rollins decide to plaster Brock Lesnar in the head with the Money in the Bank brief case and decide to cash in his match. Brock kicks out and they have a hellacious battle...a brawl where Seth is doing everything in his power to win. Somewhere in the middle of the match...the briefcase is laying in the middle of the ring between Seth and Brock and both men are groggily getting to their feet....Paul has a moment where he isn't sure what to do...and you can tell he is contemplating kicking the case to Rollins....but instead he sends it to Brock who hits Seth's head into the bleachers with it 1....2....3....

Brock comes out the next night not too pleased with Paul Heyman, Heyman say that he likes Rollins...and he hated to do that to him, but he has always been a Brock Lesnar guy....and thats why he gave him the briefcase. Maybe have Reigns make a return after his initial beating and him and Lesnar just fight all over he arena...Reigns getting the better of it.

HHH and Steph are pissed that this isn't staying in the ring...and make the match a no DQ match at WM.

At WM Id have the match go and Brock has Reigns beat and Paul Heyman pulls out the referee. Brock is beyond pissed off....hes going to kill Heyman. In comes Seth Rollins from the crowd and tackles Brock. There going at it....Reigns is just dead in the ring. Seth and Heyman are trying to deal with Brock ...eventually Brock F5's Seth into the table and Heyman is horrified as he is stuck with Brock Reigns is up and he comes flying into the fold and Brock and him go at it again...a superman punch from Brock and down he goes....1...2... Brock kicks out.

Reigns is at a loss don't know what to do .... match continues with Brock having him in the F5 and Seth cuts his leg..... and hits a curb stomp. He puts Reigns on top of Brock and lays on top of Reings....only gets a 2 count. They can't believe it. Heyman gets in the ring and starts yelling at the ref...and they beat up the ref him and Rollins. Finally out comes Dean Ambrose. Rollins looks like he has seen a ghost.....he comes running down him and Rollins stare each other down...and then start beating the piss out of Brock. Reigns finally gets up and they hit a triple power bomb as The Shield does and the Ref counts 1.....2.....3......

The Shield stand victorious with Paul Heyman as their mouth piece at Wrestlemania.

Id book my whole year with the Shield staying on top...they would be my new 4 horsemen....Id consider adding someone to the have a ton of choices hell these guys can be heels or faces.

This gives you good young players for your main event....with tons of matches to do with Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Ziggler, John Cena, they work well with anyone. You can match them up and down the card especially Ambrose and Rollins.

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posted on 2-1-2015 at 10:12 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I know this doesn't answer your original post, but I've been thinking of the undercard to Wrestlemania and they should be doing Cena vs. Ziggler. The story writes itself. Ziggler is pissed at Cena for:

a) Coming out and "hogging the spotlight" at Survivor Series;
b) Bringing back the authority after Ziggler "single-handedly" beat the Authority at Survivor Series;
c) Taking actions that resulted in him, Rowan and Ryback getting fired; and
d) Indirectly being in the way of Ziggler's attempts at breaking through the glass ceiling.

Keep both guys as faces - Ziggler's anger is slowly coming to light - no sneak attacks or anything - just promos outlining his frustrations with Cena's actions. Cena meanwhile retorts with his options (bringing back authority or having Edge paralyzed). Meanwhile, Dolph, Cena and the announcers keep saying this is Ziggler's biggest moment to show he's a top guy.

This leaves Daniel Bryan (who is apparently wrestling Ziggler at WM, presumably to throw the "marks" a bone) available for Rusev. This accomplishes two things:

1) It prevents the WWE universe from cheering for a communist thug, which would likely happen in half the arenas if Rusev is working a program with Cena; and

2) Perhaps the loudest pop ever when Bryan waves a U.S. flag while screaming "YES!"

Noble - I love your idea...except, it makes Brock look way too strong if he's leaving. The solution to this: Vince should re-sign Brock....even if it's the same deal.

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posted on 2-11-2015 at 10:26 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
If we get Lesnar vs Reigns why not just embrace the pressure? You could spin Reigns' mixed reaction as the fans not believing him. Have Rock come out and subtly imply he thinks Reigns will ultimately lose. Heyman driving the point home that Reigns, as a member of a dynasty, has immense pressure to succed and faith has fucked him over by putting him against a monster not even the golden child of the Samoans(Rock) could beat. Instead of ignoring the crowd reaction have Reigns looked unnerved by it. He's not a prodigy taking his rightful place at the top, he's a man walking to his own slaughter. With only Reigns having himself as support. The lame Rumble win, having his flaws hidden by The Shield, use all of that to create a believable underdog story. Which will probably the only underdog story you can do with Reigns, because after he beats Lesnar, the guy will be heads and shoulders abover eveyrbody else.

Remember the Kane vs Cena feud when they tried to play into the Cena boos and in response the crowds got less anti-Cena? The morons who like to rebel for the sake of rebeling quiet down whenever WWE plays up their chants and the rest of the audience would probably get behind Reigns, as a passionate man who doesn't want to disappoint his family but is facing a nearly invincible monster.

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