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Author: Subject: John Cena as Rocky III (and Bray Wyatt as Apollo Creed)

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posted on 9-3-2014 at 06:29 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
John Cena as Rocky III (and Bray Wyatt as Apollo Creed)

I'm not one for fantasy booking, but I had the best idea for the WWE while watching Raw on Monday. They kept talking about the upcoming Cena/Lesnar as the biggest rematch of Cena's life, but they have it wrong -- the biggest rematch of his life should be at WrestleMania against Brock, and he should have Bray Wyatt in his corner.

Here's what they should do:

Night of Champions -- Cena gets destroyed again by Brock. Same as before -- another total beatdown.

After that, Cena starts to doubt himself, and somehow gets into it with Roman Reigns. At the next PPV, Cena faces Reigns, and loses clean. This puts Reigns over (and helps elevate him for a run a Brock at SS or whatever) and it gives Cena even more reason to doubt himself. Soon Cena becomes gun-shy, afraid to even get involved, afraid to engage. The confidence is gone.

Enter Bray Wyatt. Bray comes along spinning promos about lost souls, how he had been trying to get Cena to show his dark side, but for Cena his dark side isn't anger, but instead emptiness. Some crap like that. Bray says that Cena is no longer himself after being demolished by Brock. And the only way Cena can find himself is by following Bray. Cena is reluctant at first, but as he has lost his confidence and knows he needs to get it back, he eventually agrees.

And so begins a stretch of Cena running with the Wyatts. Bray trying to mold Cena in his image in an effort to re-build him. Like I said in the subject line, Bray playing the role of Apollo Creed in Rocky III to Cena's Rocky -- trying to rebuild the shattered champ. Cena and Bray go through a dark period where Bray tries to help him find his courage and confidence, but eventually they find a way to have Cena's good-guy ways start to sway Bray. Eventually, Cena finds his confidence, leading to a massive re-match against Lesnar at WrestleMania, where he finally gets a chance to redeem himself against Lesnar, who has been dominating for months as a heel, this time with Bray in his corner.

As I see it, this could do two things -- First, it could rejuvenate Cena's popularity, as we all get a break from Hustle/Loyalty/Respect, with lots of new interactions with the Wyatts. If they play it right even the internet would like Cena because of the ride he went on with Bray. And even more importantly, it gives Bray a new direction to go in. The fans love him already, and this is a way to turn him face while still keeping the same basic character -- an anti-hero looking to lead the lost sheep. It's just that this time the lost sheep is the biggest babyface in the company, and by helping him Wyatt actually validates his cult status.

I love Wyatt, but he's getting stale and doesn't have anything fresh to do. Something like this could help re-invent Wyatt, re-popularize Cena, and create a massive Cena/Lesnar rematch where Cena bring out his inner demons as Bray taught him to so he can finally overcome Lesnar.

Like I said, I don't fantasy book often, but this hit me as a really good idea, so I thought I'd share.

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