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Author: Subject: I Have It!!

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posted on 2-27-2014 at 11:25 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I Have It!!

The endgame solution to WWE not giving us Daniel Bryan in the main event of WM and in the championship match can be solved with a good ol' retreading of the past, in full accordance with the 7-year rule of not using old stories, having it make sense, etc...

Cast yourselves forward to WM XXX, DB V HHH, we're all resigned to it being a good match but not what we want, and Batista V Orton is still main eventing and we're all prepared for the crowd savaging that match beyond repair. You with me? cool.

Daniel Bryan wins his match against HHH with the YES Lock, as he should. Except he doesn't let go. He holds that sunovabitch beyond any reasonable degree of time, maybe even causing a reversal of the decision, sending the crowd into near-riot levels of revolt. Eventually Stephanie is running to the ring, screaming into a mic for Bryan to release the hold and he says that that's exactly what he'll do..... once she puts him into the Championship match later that night.

You guys with me now? Mick Foley's first championship win was achieved in much the same way. Mankind locks Shane in The McGonigle Lock, bribes Vince for a title shot, and the rest is not only history, but some of the best history in WWE.

Just for fun, let's look at the historical parallels that we get from this. HHH goes from being the guy who served up Shane to Mankind all those years back, to being in Shane's place. Stephanie goes into her father's place. Daniel Bryan goes into Mick Foley's place, of which I'm sure Mick would be incredibly proud, and Orton goes into The Rock's place as the corporate/authority's champion.

And while I'm throwing things out there, why not go all out and give CM Punk his moment in the main event by letting him take the part of Stone Cold Steve Austin and making sure that any and all inevitable interference against Daniel receives a nice chairshot or 3.

I think that this setup will allow WWE to not tip their hand early, as they'd have to do if they simply make DB Vs HHH a preliminary match that Daniel has to win to get into the title match. It'll also preserve the crowd's heat and energy that they were saving for destroying the title match, but have it be turned positive. It also provides opportunities for backstage segments between the first and second match, seeing the machinations of the authority in damage control, and Daniel being presumably banged up and preparing for his second match.

If anything remotely like this eventuates, I think that a decent Wrestlemania may well be salvageable from this eternal run of blue balls that they've had us on since Daniel's first WWE title win.

Finally, apologies for the writing style, but when this idea struck me I became immediately attached to it and excitable, hence the affectations.


As below, but Daniel Bryan plays Mankind, HHH plays Shane, Stephanie plays Vince, and in a perfect world, CM Punk plays Stone Cold.

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