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Author: Subject: What to do with Brodus Clay as a heel

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posted on 12-19-2013 at 07:22 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
What to do with Brodus Clay as a heel

So Brodus is turning heel/has turned heel, that's probably a good thing. He's got upside as a monster heel. The Funkadactyls can be Truth & Xavier Woods' valets. But Tensai... what's he worth now?

He flopped as a heel on his own. Can he do anything as a solo face?

There also seems to be a lack of heel tag teams, so maybe turn Tensai too and reform them as a heel team. Though "Tons of Funk" will not due as a gimmick for them.

On TV Brodus and Tensai can have a couple matches. Brodus wins the first one, the second one Tensai's a bit more fired up and they brawl wildly leading to a double DQ or double Count-out. In a third match Brodus again wins when he looks to be in trouble but The Real Americans interfere and help him out.

Which then leads to a 6-man tag: Brodus & The Real Americans vs. Tensai & Truth/Xavier Woods. But it's a set-up, Tensai turns on Truth & Woods and all 4 heels beat them down.

The next week Brodus & Tensai debut in their new tag team gimmick: (The New) Demolition, with Smash as their manager/mouthpiece.

Ya, usually "new" tag teams don't work. But having Smash as a mouthpiece could help, plus Brodus & Tensai have the size to 'sell' the Demolition gimmick, perhaps even better than the original Demolition did given they're larger and would be working with a roster of tag teams that are probably a bit smaller than Demolition's old opposition.

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