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Author: Subject: Daniel Bryan is not alone

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posted on 9-3-2013 at 01:55 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Daniel Bryan is not alone

Here is some fantasy booking for a future RAW.

So, once again we have WWE Superstars watching the carnage of Daniel Bryan by the Shield with Triple H directing traffic.

The entire group of Superstars look uneasy and do nothing. That is until Wade Barrett leaves the pack and slowly walks to the ring. Triple H doesn't like it. Barrett goes on the apron and Triple H tells him to leave. Barrett turns around and looks at the WWE Superstars.

At that point, Ryback leaves the group and goes to the opposite side of the apron. Triple H thinks Ryback is with him, but the latter gives H the screw you fist.

Justin Gabriel is seen walking to the another side of the apron. He would be joined by Heath Slater and Darren Young. Triple H is going livid.

David Otunga makes an appearance and goes with the rest. We hear "Domination" theme music and Ezekiel Jackson makes his return and head towards the ring.

As they each step into the ring, The Shield realizes that Daniel Bryan is not alone.

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posted on 9-3-2013 at 11:25 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I could live without Zeke being involved in this but otherwise I would totally mark the fuck out for a Nexus reunion as the babyface opposition for the New Corporation. The only real issues is that a) it leaves Titus O'Neil in the lurch and b) I don't think anybody is ever going to buy Heath Slater as either credible or a face, although if there was a way to try to make it happen this would be the best way.

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posted on 9-4-2013 at 07:21 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I think Bryan, Ryback, Barrett, and Gabriel is all you need with Darren Young as a distant allie. The problem with the original Nexus was how much trouble WWE had making them all look credible. Four guys is perfect and easy to book.

Bryan going for the WWE Title after getting screwed over yet again while Barret leads the charge against the Shield would be awesome.

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