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Author: Subject: Forum Rules
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posted on 6-25-2005 at 02:42 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Forum Rules

1. If you're unregistered and are thinking of registering just so you can run a game here, don't. Register, become part of the community, then feel free to start up a game. It's hard for people to deal with you as "Quizmaster" if you just show up one day and start asking questions. Be cool. Let people get to know you before being a big smartypants.

2. Please U2U the mods and run new game ideas by us. We do not want to restrict new games from starting up, but we're smart guys. We might know if someone's starting a similar game, and you and that guy could work together. Or you might have a great idea that will be hard as hell to do on a message board and we can save you some trouble. So just run it by us and hopefully we can just rubber-stamp everything.

3. Anyone who breaks the rules of any of the games and proves to be ruining the games for other people will have a due process of a warning, then temp-banning, then outright banning. But depending on how badly you fuck up, the mods reserve the right to skip to step 3 if you're a real asshole. Ignorance of the rules of each game and this board in general is not a valid excuse.

4. Rules for individual games will be added to this thread as games start up. This stuff works for now.

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