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Author: Subject: Fun discoveries on the WWE Network

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posted on 2-26-2016 at 02:04 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Originally posted by Matte
Originally posted by thatwasSting
Didn't Owen Hart die at a PPV in 1999? Have they redone the ppv for the network, and completely deleted references, etc, to it? I thought it was the one in May...just watched mentions....

Yup, Over the Edge 1999. I'd think they'd remove any mentions of it from the replay.

Apparently at some point they also redid commentary....would think it would have popped up at least a few times as a..."for those of you just joining us" or something...or that it would have overshadowed at least the match immediately following it...

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posted on 2-29-2016 at 01:44 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
At the time, they went with the "show must go on" approach, so I think they tried to stay focused on the rest of the show rather than dwelling on the incident. I can't imagine how difficult that must have been, for both the commentary team and the guys in the ring. They probably didn't completely redo the commentary for the replay/network, but just had any mentions of the incident cut out of the audio feed. I can't confirm/deny anything because I don't have the network.

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posted on 3-28-2016 at 12:26 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
2008 ppv

Been working my way through 2008 PPV's and what a mixed bag....

You've got the very excellent Jericho versus HBK headlining things as the feud, and more often than not the matches of the year. Edge feuding with Taker wasn't too bad either, with some nice surprises in there like HHH versus Jeff Hardy also finding room in a very talented and crowded top of the card.

Bit surprised by how much Cena was jobbed out in big matches.... his feud with JBL was a good effort, but that NY Parking Lot brawl was just full of ideas that sound visually good on paper (driving a car at Cena which lead to the match) but in execution exclude your in arena fans, and strain credibility a bit. I'm not sure if that windshield that Cena went through was gimmicked or not, but that was brutal looking way for JC to lose. He also lot to HHH and Batista in the course of the year.

HHH taking on Khali.... maybe the WWE just found out India has like a billion people and decided this was a good idea, as otherwise... I'm not so sure.

CM Punk was kind of criminally maligned in the course of this year.... his first time as champ.... treated more often than not as an afterthought... relegated to a tag team after losing his title without even taking part in the match. You could tell the WWE didn't know what they had in him, and with Edge, JC, HHH, Y2J, HBK, Mysterio, Batista, JBL, Big Show, Jeff Hardy all trying to find time at the top of the card he was probably the easiest one to bounce out of the main event.

The mid-card was also pretty solid.... they probably gravitated too many guys to the top of the card for feuds that it left them with not much for the lower card guys to do.... well they had some stuff to do, but the IC was monopolized by Santino's comedy spots, and the US got some love... but with 3 world titles and a B feud for Raw and SD to fit onto each PPV there just wasn't time. They also had to fit in a lot of shitty diva's stuff that was probably 80% T&A; and 20% effort.... although I did see a match between Maryse and McCool that was decent... the kind of thing where you could tell they put it together bit by bit and probably rehearsed the shit out of it.... wall to wall action for the short time they got, but missing the story telling, and thus heart of the match.

Anyway.... great year with some absolutely great matches through the year... often some PPV's had 2 great matches... with some kind of "meh" stuff peppered in there.... or at least stuff where you could see they really tried, but the results just weren't there.

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