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Author: Subject: Board Rules: READ, NEWBIES!
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posted on 10-17-2004 at 01:06 AM Edit Post
Board Rules: READ, NEWBIES!

1. LURK before posting.

2. What can get you banned:
� Posing as a moderator or columnist, NWS photos, racism, gay-bashing, posting spoilers without warnings, oversized avatars, editing your post after people reply in order to make them look stupid, flaming or sassing the mods
GENERAL STUPIDITY. Anything not mentioned above falls under this and is up to mod discretion. You will be banned for this. If your stupidity isn't yet ban-worthy but still plenty annoying, you may wind up with the General Incompetence avatar.

You can get warnings if you are doing something wrong, but there are no required steps for banning. If you are too stupid, you will not get warnings.

3. You can get an avatar after 100 posts. 150 pixels wide x 125 tall and 50k file size is the MAX. If you cannot follow these simple guidelines, you do not need an avatar. Oversized avatars will be deleted; your post count will be dropped back to -5 posts; and you will be given this avatar:

When you get back to 100 posts, you can have an avatar and your post count again. Repeat offenders may be banned. For help finding, cropping and sizing avatars, please see this thread and post any questions you have there.

4. No HUGE sig files. No photos. Pick one quote, not four.

5. If you start a thread, write a title that is descriptive and informative. "This is cool" tells other readers nothing. WRITING THREAD TITLES IN ALL CAPS LOOKS STUPID AND WILL BE EDITED AND MOCKED.

6. Sales pitches will be deleted. Go to E-bay. Do not shill your website, and don't import your drama from other sites here.

7. If you get banned, do not return and repeat what got you banned the first time. Do not bring that argument up again. You will be banned again.

8. Please do not start "list threads" that just name your favorite wrestler or favorite movie. If you really want to start a list thread, make sure it is something that interests everyone and make sure you explain WHY you included each name on your list. If YOU make your post interesting, you'll make the thread interesting. If you make no effort, it will be closed.

9. Post like an adult. Do not "post pad" or double post; we have an edit button, so use it. Do not troll your own thread to bump it to the top. The quote button is NOT the same as the post reply button. Only quote people if you need to, and do NOT double quote (quoting someone quoting someone else, or someone quoting you). Just quote what you are replying to. Do not quote images. Delete the [img] tags and leave the link there.

10. Write like an adult. No AIM speak. No one expects perfect grammar and spelling. Just be clear. Making no effort to write clearly is disrespectful to others. The PREVIEW POST and EDIT buttons are your friends.

11. Do not post images or links that break the board tables. Images cannot be larger than 700 pixels wide. If your link is so large that it breaks the board tables, you need to hyperlink it. Information on how to do that can be found in the board FAQ under the BB Code section.

12. Lurk, lurk, lurk. OO is a close community. You are not expected to "join in" and make friends with everyone But be aware and be respectful of the board personality and history.

13. Any further questions can be answered in The OO Wankipedia.

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posted on 12-23-2004 at 02:49 AM Edit Post
A Note About Being BANNED~!

Kids, this is an increasingly annoying problem for me, so I'm gonna say this once, and I want you all to pay attention...

If you get banned, don't come crying to me!

Do not send me e-mail. Do not expect that I will unban you. To be frank, do not even think that I'm gonna have any fricking clue who you are or what you did wrong.

I have the ModSquad for a reason: because they are here every day monitoring the goings-on in the forums and are up-to-speed on all the personalities and petty bickering that exist here. I trust their judgment, and can not imagine any situation in which I'd be compelled to unmake one of their decisions, especially when I'm only around here maybe 2-3 days a week and wind up reading maybe 10 percent of the threads here. I have no damned clue what's going on, why would you want ME making these decisions?

Even if you explain your tragically unfair banning in great detail and seem to be making perfect sense, it still comes down to he-said/he-said, and if it's your word against a Mod's word, you are gonna lose.

Sorry. This is just how it is. Just behave, and it won't be a problem; and if you slip up, please feel free to kindly leave me the hell out of it. I don't care.

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