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An Inconvenient Turd
May 26, 2014

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OOWrestling.com


HBO's finally getting ready to air this year's Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction show. But in actuality, it happened the same week as WrestleMania and the WWE Hall of Fame. Why the delay? I have no idea. But I'm happy it's finally here, seeing as how I'm pretty much the biggest Nirvana fan in the world and was not placated by the shitty cellphone bootleg videos. [To this day, a lot of my high school and college friends call me "Mr. N."]
Anyway, I mention it because when it happened, WWE had just inducted "Razor Ramon" into their Hall of Fame, presumably because "Scott Hall" will get inducted separately, as part of the Outsiders/nWo, which caused me to come to a stunning realization:

Pat Smear is going to to be inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame twice. Which has got to be one of the luckiest freaks of good fortune in the history of the multiverse.
When he went in as part of Nirvana, that was the tricky part. He was only the extra hired-hand to play guitar on Nirvana's final tour. His involvement could easily have been swept under the rug and ignored, and nobody would have raised a stink.
But he remained good friends with Dave Grohl, and Grohl wouldn't let that happen.
And now, Smear is a part-time-at-best contributor to the Foo Fighters. He's left and returned to the band about a half-dozen times, depending on which way the wind is blowing on a given day, and whether or not he feels like touring. But if he was a "member" of Nirvana, you damned betcha he's a member of the Foo Fighters.
And the Foo Fighters are already first ballot Hall of Famers, even if they never put out another record. [And, if you've been paying attention, they ARE putting out another record this fall, and it's going to be epic in scope. Basically, the Nirvana Reunion with Paul McCartney (for "Cut Me Some Slack"), but done 10 times so there's a guest star on each track.]
So yeah: Pat Smear, two time Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer. Chew on that. I doubt there will ever be a more profound case of a high Honorifics:Participation ratio again.
So while the clock ticks down to this weekend's HBO broadcast, here's me doing what I do, and what I have done in an estimated 1300 different pieces of work since 1996, en route to being inducted into zero Halls of Fame. You all are almost as lucky as Pat Smear to have me! Almost.

It's Memorial Day: in case you weren't aware of the very good reason why you didn't go to work today, WWE helpfully supplies a vignette featuring ample patriotism and gratitude towards the men and women who have kept America well defended lo these many years.


Triple H takes a brief detour from his current Evolution-related duties to join Stephanie McMahon in the ring, all Authority-ish. Steph, however, handles most of the talking, delivering a standard smarmy/insincere rundown of how great Daniel Bryan is, if only his body hadn't betrayed him. It ends with her further commending Bryan for his smarts and business sense, which means he'll do the right thing and surrender the WWE Title.

HHH takes over, and doesn't bother patronizing the audience, flat out declaring that Daniel Bryan is just a flash in the pan, while putting himself over as the sort of man who got to the top, then stayed there, by Evolving (winkwink) into legends.

This segues into Hunter belittling the Shield as more flashes in the pan, and discussing what that means for Sunday's PPV, where Evolution will destroy the Shield. He suggests they "evolve" some brains, and just not show up for tonight's Official Contract Signing, because they stand no chance of winning the match.

Then, with a bludgeoningly obvious LACK of a segue, Stephanie just calls out General Manager Brad Maddox, about whom something must be done, apparently. Brad shows up, and HHH berates him for letting the Shield act as guest commentators last Monday. Maddox claims the Shield threatened him, and he had no choice. Stephanie says, "Good, then you understand how we feel. Cuz we also don't have a choice."

Enter Kane.

As Maddox watches on in terror, HHH even clobbers him from behind, so Maddox is already out once Kane gets in the ring. With Stephanie egging him on, he hoists Maddox's carcass up for a chokeslam, then again for a Tombstone.

Then Stephanie tells Maddox's unconscious body that he's fired. Which might have had more of an impact, if only Maddox hadn't been mostly invisible ever since the Authority took over the show. But I guess this could conceivably be leading to the GM position being re-elevated to a higher profile. I dunno. Kind of a pointless opening segment, though: Steph and HHH both just talked about somethings that will happen later, and then fired a guy nobody cares about. Whee.


ROB VAN DAM vs. CESARO (w/ Paul Heyman)

The battle of the two #1 contenders to the secondary belts is momentarily postponed, so Wade Barrett can deliver some Bad News: it may be the first official day of summer, but we're all so fat that we won't be able to fit into our old swimwear. Boo? Then he directs a vague threat towards RVD, and the match starts by Cesaro taking advantage by attacking Van Dam from behind.

Meantime, Wade decides to sit in on guest commentary. He's already stealing Points To Self from R-V-D, and when he sits down, he declares It's He, It's He, It's B-N-B.

Cesaro continues beating on RVD for about 2 minutes, then Van Dam manages to dodge a charge, and chucks Cesaro out of the ring. But when he tries to follow up, Cesaro catches him out of midair (wow), and throws him head and neck first into the ringside barricade. Ouch. And also, a natural spot for some....


Back, and Cesaro's still in control, and goes for a series of covers, using the old "force the opponent to expend energy to kick out, even if you know you won't win the match" tactic. But when Cesaro settles things down into the always-trusty Chinlock of Boredom, RVD uses it as a chance to fire up and start a rally with a series of kicks, leading up to Rolling Thunder.

RVD's first cover gets a 2. His second (after a big top rope senton) gets a 2. Then he takes it outside the ring, where Barrett tries to sneak up on RVD, only to get superkicked out of his headset. Cesaro tries to take advantage, but gets leveled with another kick. Back into the ring. Split-legged moonsault, only a 2. Step-through back kick, and RVD calls for the Five Star.

But Barrett gets up on the apron, causing a distraction. Although Van Dam kicks Barrett off, he turns his back on Cesaro, and Cesaro gets him with a deadlift German suplex into a bridge, and that gets three.

Your Winner: Cesaro, via pinfall, in about 8 minutes. Pretty good stuff; obviously not the best these two could do if it was a match about them. But as a match about them both being challengers to titles on Sunday, it served its purpose of making both look good.

After the Match: and in that same vein, Cesaro didn't get to celebrate his win, because Sheamus interrupted and Brogue Kicked him. So there you have it: all four players heard from, and all four got a little something out of it (Cesaro got a win, Sheamus KO'd the winner, RVD got jobbed when he was ABOUT to win, and Barrett got to run his mouth nonstop).



So there's apparently some pretext to this match, and it has to do with TWOODNAAVE. And also, it's not all that crisply worked.

Then Fandango and Layla came out on stage and smooched long and hard, distracting Summer. Fin.

Your Winner: The One With the Stupid Neon Hair, via pinfall, in 2 minutes. Whatever.

Backstage: The Rhodes Boys are looking for Triple H to complain about not being on the show two weeks in a row, but they find Orton and Batista, instead. The war of words escalates, until Cody calls them "The Skinny Jeans Sell-out and R-K-Blows." THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS!

But before it can come to fisticuffs, HHH materializes, and says, hey, he has an idea. So he makes a match for later on tonight: Rhodesses vs. Orton/Batista. Works for me.


EL TORITO (w/ Los Matadores) vs. DREW MCINTYRE (w/ 3MB)

So I guess this feud won't die until we've done every possible iteration of all 7 guys? Oy.

Drew sells a bit for the little guy, but then goes into Dick Mode. JBL even drops a King Kong Bundy at WM3 reference on us.

But when Drew goes for a superplex, the Matadores cause a distraction, and Torito escapes, and knocks McIntyre's leg out, causing Drew to knock himself out on the ring post. Torito makes the cover and that's that.

Your Winner: El Torito, via pinfall, in 3 minutes. Poor Drew.

After the Match: Slater and Mahal get the better of Diego and Fernanado, and then 3MB surround Torito in the ring. Hornswoggle proceeds to rip off Torito's tail, and JBL acts like it's the most heinous act of all time (and for his part, Torito sells it the same way). I think I can declare with some level of certainty that that was stupid.



The lantern is lit. Tennessee, they're here. The lantern is blown out. And the Wyatts head towards the ring.

Bray takes a knee, and starts singing, because nobody could possibly be getting sick of that damned song... actually, they might be, because the crowd boos him. Or maybe they're just Tennesee, and are a little bit behind the curve. Ahem. Regardless, it's the first time in a long time I can remember the Wyatts getting a pure heel reaction.

Bray launches into another variation of his "necessary evil" speech, about how the world has been poisoned, and he's the hero of this story. In this case, he brings it around to a question: Is he the snake, or is he the anti-venom? The crowd thinks the former, but Bray assures us it's the latter.

Then, Bray says John Cena's not the only snake out there, not the only one out there who is poisoning the good people. He says he'd like to have a few words with Jerry Lawler.

When Lawler declines an invitation to the ring, Wyatt sends Harper and Rowan out to bring him into the ring by force... all of a sudden, JBL grows a pair, and tries to defend the old fella. For his troubles, JBL gets clubbered by Rowan, and eats a Homage From Hell by Harper.

Bray's all "Look what you made us do, Jerry. This is your fault. If you don't want somebody else to get hurt, maybe you should get up in the ring." Very nervously, Lawler does, and Bray sits him down in a folding chair.

Then Bray goes on an extended rant about how Lawler has spent years feeding Cena's poison to the good people, and he's just as guilty as Cena for the state of affairs today. Bray wants to know if Jerry's sorry, if he accepts responsibility. Lawler doesn't seem especially remorseful, and so Bray says, well, then I guess it is your fault that somebody else is gonna get hurt.

Bray sets up for Sister Abigail, when Cena's music hits and he sprints to the ring. But he gets double teamed by Harper and Rowan, while Bray still keeps Lawler trapped in the corner.  Cena is restrained, and Bray says now, all he's accomplished is getting a front row seat to watch Lawler pay the price.

Bray sets up for Sister Abigail again... and this time, it's the Usos to the rescue. They spring Lawler, and when Harper/Rowan release Cena to go after them, the numbers are even, and the good guys get the upper hand. And the bad guys? They do what bad guys do, and bail out of the ring.

On their way out, Cena grabs a mic and castigates Bray for crossing some serious lines. Bray fashions himself a "necessary evil," but when you start attacking the innocents like Lawler, then you're just plain evil. Whatever Wyatt started as -- an intriguing figure, a fascinating preacher, whatever -- he's now something different, and the world's a worse place for it. And that'll all be rectified at Payback, when Cena is the Last. Man. Standing.

Not bad, not bad at all. Using Lawler and JBL as props sucked you in. The Usos run-in all but cements Harper and Rowan as #1 contenders to the tag belts, and Cena actually capped it off with a really good promo that was completely perfect in tone and content. No fat jokes and retarded photoshops. Just very justifiable intensity that suited the situation.


Update: Lawler's back at the commentary desk, and able to continue working. But we learn that JBL has been taken backstage for some medical attention, and may not return tonight.

ZACK RYDER vs. RUSEV (w/ Lana)

Ryder hits the ring with an American flag, and tries to deliver a heartfelt holiday speech, but is interrupted by Lana. This week, she augments her usual pro-Russia/anti-America rhetoric with a long, slow pirouette that indicates she's all for us checking out that sweet sweet ass. I'd probably have kept doing it, regardless, but it's always nice to have permission.

Then Rusev comes out, and squashes Zack Ryder, because he hates America even more than he hates black people. [/ikeed]

Your Winner: Rusev, via submission, in less than a minute. Sorry 'bout yer damned luck, Zack.

I Stand Corrected: Rusev still really hates black people, too. When Rusev won't release the Camel Clutch, Big E comes to the rescue, and actually sends Rusev out of the ring. So the segment ends with Big E waving Zack's American Flag.

Apparently, there was some talk last week of a new Nation of Domination forming to oppose Rusev, given that he's picked almost exclusively on black guys. It sounded silly, on its face, and from what I could tell, it was just some fanboys taking a joke tweet by Eggsavier Woods way too seriously.

Backstage: for some reason, Stephanie McMahon is chatting up Alberto del Rio.



Quick start for the Rhodesses, with the story being that they were already in a bad mood when they picked this fight, so it's no wonder they've got a bit more fire than two guys who were just expecting another night at the office.

But before long, there is regression to the mean, and Evolution take command by isolating on Cody. That only lasts for a minute or two, though, and Cody gets the Decoy Hot Tag to Goldust, who quickly becomes our Genuine Face in Peril.

After Batista tosses him out of the ring, there's a natural break in the action, so we cut to...


Back, and it's still Batista dominating Goldust. This continues for a couple minutes, until GOldust can counter a whip by turning it into a jawjacker elbow. The separation allows him to make the tag to Cody, who is a house o' fire.

But as soon as Cody tries for a Disaster Kick on Orton (who came in on the corresponding tag), Orton snatches him out of mid-air with an RKO. Goldust tries to make the save, but Orton chucks him back out of the ring. Then, he adds another RKO for good measure.

Your Winner: Orton and Batista, via pinfall, in about 6 min..... WAIT, IT'S NOT ACTUALLY OVER. The ring announcer reveals that this match was actually an elimination match, and now, Cody must leave ringside, and the match will continue as a handicap match, under no holds barred rules. Which are the same rules that will be in play for Sunday's six-man tag.


So yeah, this went exactly how you'd expect, capped off in symmetrical fashion by not one, but two BatistaBombs.

Your Winners: Batista and Randy Orton, via double elimination, in about 8 minutes. Evolution gets to look dominant, and we get a sneak preview of how they might operate in a no holds barred elimination match. Nothing especially fancy about it, but solid connect-the-dots booking.


He's Back: JBL is still shaken up, but he's back to work. Lawler thanks him and shakes his hand. JBL quips that if he had it to do over again, he wouldn't, cuz he's never been clotheslined that hard, and clotheslines are kind of his area of expertise, so he should know.


Bo prefaces the match with some BOtivational Speaking (tm, The Me, don't steal it WWE, unless you're gonna start cutting me checks!). Then the bell rings, and Sin Cara is off to a strong start, as he's looking for revenge after losing to Bo on Friday night.

But when the match spills outside, the tide turns. Mini heel beatdown, then a mini fire-up by Sin Cara, then Bo dodges the Senton, and hits the Spike Dudley Walk-up Bulldog, which JBL declares is the BODog (because, apparently, they're already cutting checks to the gambling website of the same name?).

Your Winner: Bo Dallas, via pinfall, in 4 minutes. Pretty much cut of the same jib as Friday's match, in so far as Dallas appeared to win more due to a mistake by Sin Cara than any particular action of his own, which plays into the notion that he's full of shit. Also playing into that BOtion (tm, The Me): the fact that he took the mic after the match and says "Victory doesn't make you a winner. Making the effort makes you a winner. But only if you BOlieve."



Here's Stephanie McMahon, flying solo this time. This time, instead of talking about what's going to happen later, she's here to make it actually happen. Yippee!

She summons Daniel Bryan to the ring, and Bryan arrives in a Bobby Heenan-style neck brace, and still proudly displaying both title belts. For now. We'll see how long that lasts.

Steph says she has the power to just strip him of the title, but she doesn't want to make him a martyr, because the fans already love him enough. The audience confirms this with massive chanting and cheering. But it doesn't stop Steph from saying the "right" thing to do is for him to willingly surrender the WWE Title.

Bryan says that winning the title at WrestleMania was the culmination of all his dreams. But the truth is, his injury was worse than originally expected, and in no small part due to Kane, who we now know was acting on Stephanie's orders. So there's no shame in giving up the title, so the fans can have an awesome, deserving, fighting champion.

Steph perks up, and smiles, sure that this is all going quite smoothly. But that's when Bryan says there's a distinction to be made here: giving up the belt so a deserving champion can defend it is one thing, but giving it to Stephanie so she can use it as a prop is another. And he refuses to do the latter. So long as she's making this about her, and her ability to pull a power play, Bryan's answer is "NO!"

The crowd approves.

But then, it gets really really stupid, because Stephanie says that she's had enough of the sassback from Bryan's wife, Brie Bella. So she'll give Bryan 6 days to decide if he's going to do the right thing and surrender the belt at the PPV, or if he'll stand by and watch Stephanie exercise her power by firing Brie. They play Steph's music as she struts up the ramp, leaving Bryan to pretend like this makes even the remotest lick of sense.

Seriously: this is one of those situations where wrestling fans are going to be innately interested in what happens to the biggest title in the game, and WWE turns around and -- in their omni present and insecure desire to prove they are anything but "pro wrestling" -- changes things up with utterly unnecessary melodrama. Something intrinsically compelling has now been made toxically repellent. Way to be, Writer Monkeys.

Way to be awful.



Emma is fast out of the chute, to the point where Alicia finally says "Screw this noise," and walks out.

But it was a trap: Emma follows, and walks into a kick. Super time-compressed heel beatdown, then Emma dodges a corner charge and rolls Alicia up for a cheap win.

Your Winner: Emma, via pinfall, in 3 minutes flat. Not much of a display of wrestling skill, but it told the story of Emma being spunky and Alicia being bitchy. That story continues after the match, as Alicia attacks Emma-mid-celebration, and throws another temper tantrum, including giving a wedgie to a hapless PA.


Just Added: the youtube preshow match for Sunday's PPV is another El Torito vs. Hornswoggle match. This time, it's Mask vs. Hair. PRETEND TO CARE~! But hey, if it's half as good as last month, it'll still be fun...

ADAM ROSE (w/ The Menagerie of Hipster Wangnozzles) vs. DAVY CROCKETT

Davy Crockett is Damien Sandow's costume de jour (for the benefit of the Tennessee fans). And apparently, on the RAW pre-show, he was mistaken for a Rosebud by a PA, resulting in this match.

We get about 30 seconds of Rose prancing and doing comedy spots, then Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter come out on the stage, with Rose's lemon. Sandow tries to take advantage of the distraction, but it backfires, and Rose hits his bulldog-ish finisher (the Party Foul).

Your Winner: Adam Rose, via pinfall, in under 2 minutes. I know I said "Poor Drew" earlier. But really, Poor Sandow. Poor, poor Sandow.

After the Match: Swagger tries to attack, but Rose suddenly finds another gear, and gets ultra serious and angry. He pummels away on Swagger until Zeb can create a distraction to allow Swagger to escape.  Then, to complete the masterpiece of cognitive dissonance, Rose shouts "Nobody touches my lemon!" and starts dancing with the Hipster Wangnozzles when they return to the ring.



We find out that we'll get a Sheamus/Barrett champion vs. champion match on Friday (the obvious counterpoint to tonight's challenger vs. challenger match)... but in the interim, we have Champion vs. Guy Whose Contract Is Expiring Soon.

And as fantastic a rivalry as these two have had over the years, that context changes everything. So let's all just admit that we're all adults here, and not pretend this was something it wasn't.

And also: the Reds went from having a Perfect Game thrown against them, to having the bases loaded and down by only one, so I was keeping an eye on that, and let my attention to the match suffer. I'm sure you'll survive...

Your Winner: Sheamus, via pinfall, in 8 minutes.  Actually, even just watching it on picture-in-picture, I could tell they were trying their damnedest to make this into something, with real hard-hitting, convincing action. But the finish was still a foregone conclusion, so it was easy to wander.

After the match: Paul Heyman hijacks things by coming out to do his own (purposely underwhelming) announcement of the winner. Then, he keeps Sheamus distracted so Cesaro can attack from behind and decimate Sheamus, ending with the Neutralizer. Cesaro surveys his handiwork, while Paul tells him that now, he's got the upperhand heading into the PPV. Victory is assured~!



It's time for the Official Contract Signing, and it's already 11:01pm (eastern) when we return from the break. So at least we won't be dragging this out before the inevitable Destruction Of The Contract Table....

Cole is handling MC duties, but the Shield cut him off and make their entrance through the crowd, and immediately go all meta, by saying nobody actually thinks this has anything to do with six men sitting at a table to sign some papers.  As Ambrose and Rollins show remarkable self-awareness, Reigns is chucking all the furniture out of the ring, so we can get down to business.

When the ring is empty, Evolution hits the stage. HHH has changed back to Evolution Mode, after being all three-piece-suity earlier. But he reiterates the exact same sentiment: that the Shield should smarten up, and NOT sign that contract, cuz it's their own death sentence.

The Shield respond by passing the contract around and signing it (Ambrose managed to fumble the pen, as badly as Orton usually fumbles lines). They toss it out to Evolution. They sign. Then, HHH wants to ramble pointlessly again.

Reigns cuts him off with a simple and dismissive "Shut the hell up." If Evolution wants to fight, that's fine with him, but please, no more talking.

Evolution gets up on the apron. Brief staredown. Then the Pier Six Brawl is on! The Shield gain control, initially, but then HHH goes under the ring and finds his soulmate, Sweet Lady Sledge. That swings things in Evolution's favor.

Firmly in command, Evolution pulls Roman Reigns out to ringside, and give him a taste of his own medicine: a Triple Powerbomb through a table. Ouch. Play some Motorhead, so Evolution can smugly celebrate (fist pose and all) as we fade to black.
And so ends the show. They picked the right way to end it, at least. Nothing revolutionary, but Evolution/Shield is clicking, and this kept the momentum rolling right along.
The WWE Title situation, on the other hand? What a steaming pile of turds. I was actually genuinely interested to see how WWE dealt with Bryan's injury. Now, I'm upset at myself for being such a sucker. Luckily, I'm even more upset at WWE for being so awful, but still, it's never a good thing when WWE goes out of its way to make their fans feel ashamed of their fandom.
An injury to your world champion. Something so incredibly real and compelling, where you actually feel genuine emotion for Bryan and can't wait to find out what happens next... and WWE turns into something so pathetically phony and melodramatic that  even most higher forms of potted plants are rolling their eyeballs. When stuff like this happens, I am truly baffled, because first, somebody has to have the shitty idea, and then, after that, nobody has to point out that it's a shitty idea so that it actually makes it to air. I truly have no idea how that can happen.
Well, OK, I guess I do. More than likely somebody came up with the shitty idea, and then Vince decided he loved it, so everybody with actual good taste and judgment shut up because Vince is even inanely pissier than usual (what with losing $400 million in one day of stock trading) and apt to fire the first thing that displeases him. Like somebody with good taste and judgment speaking up against something he thinks is good.
But I digress.
It was enough to cast a pall over the whole night for me. But it's also not like the result was some kind of excellent show being ruined. This was a show where the best in-ring action happened while I was watching a baseball game (because the end result was not in question, but the baseball game's was and in heroic come-from-behind fashion). This was a show where the biggest story highlight was something that I classified as "keeping momentum rolling" instead of anything really memorable. Hell, it's a night where Alicia Fox's too-long temper tantrum was still one of the highlights (and not just because it ended with her all wet and sticky; PARTLY, but not JUST).
[Ed. Note: the Reds still came up short, in the end, but not until after RAW was over, so that can't be a contributing factor to the pall.] [Ed. Note to the Ed. Note: the highlight of my baseball day was the Arizona/San Diego game, where the winning pitcher was Ziggler and the losing pitcher was Quackenbush. I'm sure if I noticed it, than the true wankers out there may well have wet themselves!]
Anyway, when I take the required step back to get the whole picture, my Inner Pyro can go no higher than a D-plus for tonight's grade. Boo.

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.



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