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End of an Era? I'll Believe That When I See It
February 10, 2014

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OOWrestling.com


To any of you out there who are interested in/concerned about my health status, I can report that I'm feeling much better the past week or so. I'm still getting most of my nutrition through a tube, but we've got everything sorted out to the point where I actually feel pretty normal in terms of energy level and everything, so that's a huge plus after 6 weeks of no solid food.

Looming now: I should actually find out what's really wrong with me at the end of this week. I mean, we know there's something growing on my pancreas, but the precise nature of the growth has eluded Dayton's finest doctors. But I've now concluded all the testing and biopsies they can do, and it sounds like I'll actually hear results by Friday.
Yeah, it'll end up being something in the cancer family, but just cross your fingers it's not the kind that ends in "-noma," and I should be able to beat this thing into submission. It may take some doing, and I may take some more Mondays off from doing recaps, especially if there's a major surgery involved (there is talk of something called "The Whipple Procedure," which is NOT as fanciful as it sounds). As I noted a few weeks ago, I'm trying not to make too big a deal out of this -- it's my ordeal, not yours -- but there is a thread in the OO Forums where I'm posting updates, if you're interested...
But for now? Hey, I'm here, you're here, so let's do this thing we do...

No Opening Theme/Pyro/Etc., and instead, we slam cut to the inside of the Staples Center in Los Angeles to get this party started....


Right out of the gates, Justin Roberts introduces Betty White. She hits the stage, accompanied by Big Show. Much to my surprise, the crowd fires up a "BETT TEE WHITE" chant. I mean, it's not like I thought she'd get booed. Booing a 90-year-old is brutal even by WWE Fan standards. But the Naughty Grandma act comes with an expiration date (at least it does for me), and it's been a good 2 or 3 years since she re-invented herself on SNL... my money WAS on ambivalence.

But nope, big cheers for her and her punchline... Big Show asked what she's here to do, and she said "To kick some ass." Yay for the old lady who swears!!!

Then Motorhead interrupted, and Triple H and Stephanie hit the ring, while Show and Betty powdered out. HHH gets about 7 words in edgewise, talking about the Elimination Chamber and how it's not just for the WWE Title, it's to determine a new face of WWE.

Randy Orton's music hits, and he must have a counterpoint to that "new face of WWE talk"... or at least, Steph assumes as much, and cuts him off with a threat: "You really shouldn't press your luck, Randy, you should just turn around and go get ready for your match against John Cena tonight."

But Randy is NOT here out of anger,  he's here out of contrition. He wants to apologize for being difficult, for not being the best champion he can be, and for giving the Authority reason to doubt him. As Randy begins to reminisce about the last time he was in LA, the crowd just stops paying attention so they can chant "DAN YILL BRY YAN."

But Orton continues, saying the last time he was at Staples Center is the night he beat Daniel Bryan to become the WWE Champion, and the night HHH first called him "the Face of WWE." And he wants to make good on the promise of that night, he wants to live up to expectations.

HHH and Steph seem mildly impressed by Randall's sudden display of maturity and accountability, but that is cut short by "Ride of the Valkyries." Daniel Bryan, in the flesh, babay~!

Bryan's opening gambit: "So you want to prove you're the Face of WWE, Randy? Seems to me you're another body part altogether." Ha?

Steph says she's had about enough of these interruptions, and from now on, she's insisting that any superstar or diva who wants an audience with the Authority will have to go through the DOO Kane. But Bryan says he has a better idea for something to do with Kane... he wants a match with Kane, and he wants it tonight.

Steph says "Nope, because Kane isn't here. He's on one week administrative leave after his actions last week." Uh, Steph, didn't you just say Kane was handling all your bookings tonight? Get your story straight, honey.

Bryan actually calls her on her blatant self-contradiction, saying she might be due a Performance Review, given her apparent incompetence. This causes Orton -- not HHH -- to get all pissy and defensive on Steph's behalf. Bryan counters by suggesting Orton's fondness for Steph is less than pure, and THAT gets HHH off his ass.

HHH declares that's he's had just about enough of Daniel Bryan for one night. So Bryan won't face ANYONE tonight. In fact, he'll get the rest of the night off. Before Bryan even gooses them, the crowd fires up a mighty "NO! NO! NO!" chant. But HHH won't be deterred. He tells Bryan to get out of his building, because he's clearly on tilt, and letting him participate on RAW tonight would NOT be Best for Business.

Motorhead plays again as HHH and Steph leave the ring with smug looks on their faces.



It takes a good 3-4 minutes to get ring entrances out of the way, and then the good guys get off to a white hot start, first over Rowan, and then over Harper. When Rey hits a sliding under-the-ropes splash, the Wyatts converge to help him out, while the babyfaces celebrate in the ring. In other words, a little break in the action, and a perfect spot for....


Back, and Goldust has become our Face in Peril. A "during the break" clip reveals that Bray waylaid Goldust outside the ring after Goldust tossed Rowan (the legal man) into the ring.

Frequent tags by the Wyatts, and Goldust finds himself in trouble to the point of taking a few 2 counts. The crowd is actually really into things, and gets nuts when Goldust gets a hope spot after a jawjacker elbow... but Rowan gets to the corner and tags in Harper, who cuts off Goldust before he can make a tag. A few more moments of Heel Beatdown, then Goldust scores a DDT and DOES make the hot tag.

In comes Rey, who goes to town on Harper, leading up to a near fall after a wrap-around DDT. Bray has to come in break that up. Rey follows up with a (619) on Harper, but Bray again interferes. Cody comes in to counter. That brings in Rowan. Which results in Goldust joining in for a Pier Sixer.

Everybody powders out, leaving Rey and Harper (the legal men) alone in the ring. Rey gets the better of it, hitting a big rana to drop Harper into position for another (619). But Bray reaches up and makes the blind tag before Rey can hit it... Rey gets his running start and runs right into a clothesline by Bray. One Sister Abigail later, and it's all over.

Your Winners: the Wyatt Family, via pinfall, in about 15 minutes. Rock solid match, following the basic tag formula, hitting a nice big schmozzy crescendo, before the decisive win for Bray Wyatt, who continues to come off as a serious threat to the Shield or whoever is on the other side of the ring. Nothing especially memorable, but yeah, rock solid covers it.


A Reminder: Roman Reigns eliminated 12 guys at the Royal Rumble, which is a record.

Backstage: Renee Young is with the Shield, and Reigns is looking mighty proud of himself after the preceding video package. Renee asks about the Wyatts. Roman says actions speak louder than words, and Bray's mostly good at running his mouth. Rollins says Bray's only good at speaking in riddles, but the Shield speaks in absolutes, such as "We're absolutely gonna kick the Wyatts' asses."

Then Renee asks Dean Ambrose about his US Title, which he hasn't defended in quite a while. Dean starts sputtering about how that's not his job, and plus, don't you know how much paperwork goes into setting up a title match... but Roman cuts him off, and says he's not fooling anybody, so c'mon, step up and show us what kind of champion you really are. Ambrose decides to take him up on that, and reveals that later tonight, he'll issue an open challenge, and defend his title against the first comer.

The look on Reigns' face is.... suggestive. Are they really going to pull the trigger on this so soon, or is there some other ace up WWE sleeve? RVD's supposed to be back sooner than later....

Elsewhere Backstage: all the divas are hanging out with Betty White. Natalya shoehorns in some stilted dialogue about prankery, by way of reminding us that that's what Betty's TV show is all about. Then the New Age Outlaws show up, and act all phoney-nice to Betty, and invite her to join them for "a nice cup of tea."

Even though Billy and Road Dogg are oozing disingenuity, Betty agrees, and I can only assume their attempt at a prank is going to backfire because premise-of-her-TV-show.


SANTINO MARELLA (w/ Emma) vs. FANDANGO (w/ Summer Rae)

Emma's presence provides an excuse for Michael Cole to talk about NXT, and he makes a big deal about how NXT is the NeXT Generation, and will be available on the WWE Network starting in 2 weeks.

As Santino and Fandango go through the motions for a mostly-apathetic crowd, Miz materialize, and briefly joins commentary to note that he's the only guy on the roster who's actually had success in Hollywood, and here in LA, he's got the night off so "Twinkletoes and a guy whose act is older than Betty White" can fight. He sarcastically calls that "awesome," then throws down his headset and leaves.

Then Fandango hits the flying leg drop and that's that.

Your Winner: Fandango, via pinfall, in about 3 minutes flat. Nothing to see here, match-wise, but it does appear as though Disgruntled Miz is going to be a running theme. Word is, he'll eventually be joined by Disgruntled Ziggler, and a tag team will be formed. Works for me...

Backstage: Byron Saxton, also from NXT, has Sheamus for an interview. They quickly discuss tonight's tag match, where Sheamus will team with his Elimination Chamber foe Christian, for a match against the Real Americans. But then Sheamus tags the interview by making sure we're clear that he hasn't lost sight of the Chamber match, and one night partnership with Christian or no, he intends to become the new WWE Champ in 2 weeks.



Zeb gets some cheap heat by haranguing the Irishman and the Canadian before the match, but the crowd is still seemingly QUITE pro-Cesaro when he starts the match against Christian.

When Swagger tags in, crowd reaction flips back to more what you'd expect, including a big pop when Sheamus tags in.

Then Cesaro tags back in, and Sheamus starts getting booed for his offensive move. Yikes. I mean, I'm a Cesaro fan, too, but I don't think I could go as far as booing Sheamus. HUGE game of "YAY/BOO" as Sheamus and Cesaro start trading wicked uppercuts. Swagger interjects himself, and lowbridges Sheamus, causing him to crash to the outside.

Sheamus is down and out, and Cesaro is preening in the ring (to a "SEH ZAR RO" chant!), so we break for....


Back, and almost immediately, Sheamus catches Cesaro with a backbreaker and makes a not-quite-hot tag to Christian. Christian fires up briefly (to a mixed reaction) until Cesaro puts an end to that with an Elevation Uppercut. Only gets a 2 count, and Swagger tags in (to the dismay of the fans).

Swagger exacerbates his unpopularity by cinching in a facelock and milking it. Convincing near fall when he gives up on that, and they do the Swaggerbomb/double stomp combo move. Cesaro follows up with the Giant Swing, which gets a huge pop for 10 revolutions. Cesaro chucks Christian out of the ring, and almost gets a count-out win.

The beat down continues with a combo slingshot/powerslam combo for another convincing near fall. But then Christian fires up on Swagger, and is able to make the hot tag to Sheamus. Crowd is behind him as he goes to town on Swagger, including the 10 of Clubs.  Then Cesaro jumps in to put an end to that to cheers.

Christian quickly counters Cesaro's interference, and those two powder out, while Sheamus hits a running Brogue Kick on Swagger inside the ring.

Your Winners: Sheamus and Christian, via pinfall, in about 10 minutes. Definitely another solid-but-unspectacular execution of the basic tag match formula. The intensity of the Sheamus/Cesaro exchanges was impressive. I wanty to see that as a 15 minute one-on-one match at some point in the next week or so, dammit!

Backstage: Renee Young has John Cena for an interview, and asks him about his match against Randy Orton. Cena, in a display of self-awareness, says that WWE has basically been all about Cena and Orton for 10 years, but now, it's a time of great change... he acknowledges the support that fans are showing for Daniel Bryan (and "other new superstars"), and says it's time for his rivalry with Orton to come to an end. So tonight, he'll end it, and then it's on to the next chapter for WWE at Elimination Chamber.



Well, del Rio's music/entrance interrupts Ziggler's when Ziggler's still only halfway to the ring. Which I guess beats not getting an entrance at all... but the message is clear: one of these guys has a featured PPV match coming up against Batista, and the other hasn't done anything relevant on TV in months.

They do reference the feud these two had over the WHT, in an attempt to create some drama/tension... but that was ages ago, and nobody really believes Ziggler and del Rio are on the same level today.  Hot start by Ziggler for about 90 seconds, then Alberto cuts him off with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and the lowziguiri. Fin.

Your Winner: Alberto del Rio, via pinfall, in 2 minutes flat. Nothing to see here. Move along.

After the Match: Alberto wasn't done, so he locked on the cross armbreaker. Before permanent damage could be done to Ziggler's arm, however, Batista ran in for the save. He speared Alberto out of his boots, then took the fight to the outside, where he powerbombed del Rio through the announce table. For the first time since his return, Batista is almost unanimously cheered! Everybody loves a table spot!!!


Backstage: Batista is WALKING~! when HHH walks up and says, "Hey, it's great to have you back, but you gotta cool it. I can't have you running in an attacking my superstars like that." Batista makes a case for del Rio deserving the sneak attack, and HHH offers up a compromise: Batista can have del Rio in a match at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Batista accepts, but not without a snide remark about how HHH has changed.

Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Lita joins the crew that already includes the Ultimate Warrior and Jake Roberts. A video package mostly features Natalya talking about how Lita broke down a lot of barriers and stereotypes, while Michael Hayes made various comments that were supposed to be complimentary, but which came off sounded REALLY patronizing and sexist. "Lita wasn't a girl. She was a chick. A hot chick." Get this man another round of Sensitivity Training, pronto!

Backstage: the New Age Outlaws are sitting down to tea with Betty White. But sho' 'nuff, she's got them outsmarted. Betty asks for some lemon to go with her tea, and then switches cups with Billy while the two go to fetch lemon wedges. When they come back, Betty happily drinks up, while Billy chugs down the (apparently) tainted cup of tea. Will hilarity ensue?



It's not officially introduced as a #1 Contender match, but the Outlaws ARE at ringside for guest commentary. And yep, Billy is holding his belly. HILARITY~!

As Billy gives us Digestive Discomfort, Road Dogg explicitly says he has no interest in defending against the Usos because there are so many great teams. The Usos can get in line.

As Rybaxel go to town on Ricky Uso, Billy keeps getting sicker and sicker, while Road Dogg teases and chides him for not contributing to commentary. Also, the crowd is so enthused that they chant for "RAN DEE SAV VIDGE."

Crowd heats up with the hot tag is made to the Other Uso. Ryback powders out after a Pier Four Brawl, and Axel is quickly pinned.

Your Winners: the Usos, via pinfall, in 4 minutes. Match clearly existed for the purpose of establishing the Usos as the biggest threat to the Outlaws. Mission accomplished.

After the Match: the Outlaws got up and were going to confront the Usos... but Billy suddenly started sprinting for the back, giving the impression he was about to poop himself. HILARITY~! Road Dogg stopped short of entering the ring, and just looked confused. HIGH~! LAR~! ITY~!



Well, it's pretty clear the live crowd was ready for Reigns to step up and face Ambrose, but nope: Mark Henry is it. A bit of a let down, but the fans seem willing to give Mark a chance.

Ambrose is visibly distraught, but knows he can't show weakness in front of his Shield teammates (who are both enjoying Dean's troubles). Ambrose is only able to gain a slight edge when he starts attacking Henry's left arm (the one "injured" by Brock Lesnar). With Henry now vulnerable, we break for...


Back, and Ambrose is lounging on a turnbuckle, firmly in control. He's working the arm, and despite his best efforts at being a dispicable heel, Ambrose can't stop the crowd from chanting "SEE EM PUNK" to keep themselves amused.

The tide turns when Ambrose gets greedy, and goes up top. Henry catches him and slams him to the mat. Henry rattled off a couple moves, culminating in the World's Strongest Slam... which is when Seth Rollins jumped in to break up the fall. RING THE BELL~!

Your Winner: Mark Henry, via DQ, in 8 minutes. And so the story is that Ambrose retains, but only thanks to his Shieldmates. Not very leader-y of him.

After the Match: Henry is able to fight off Rollins, but gets chopped down to size by a Spear from Reigns.

The Shield are about to leave ringside, chins held high despite the loss, when the Wyatts hit the ring. The Shield put on the brakes, and then Reigns leads them back up into the ring. A six man staedown ensues. The crowd starts chanting "YES! YES! YES!" in anticipation of a brawl... and then "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" Just super intense and dramatic.

But then Bray Wyatt blinks, and backs off, taking Harper and Roawn with him. BOO~! But still: pretty awesome tease.  That match at the PPV has all the makings of a classic.


Black History Month Spotlight: Bobo Brazil, with incredible charisma and a flashy moveset, was a man ahead of his time, and has the Hall of Fame ring to prove it.


Cameron is wrestling, despite not being very good at it, because Naomi suffered a fractured orbital bone last Monday. I'm not sure what Alicia's excuse is, unless they just really wanted all three heels to have names starting with A.

Before too long, Brie settles in as the Face in Peril. Cameron may not be much of a wrestler, but she's fully qualified as a cheerleader, and along with Nikki, keeps the crowd surprisingly vested until Brie can make a hot tag. Cameron comes in, and hits a DDT on Aksana, and... that's it? Huh.

Your Winners: Cameron and the Bellas, via pinfall, in 5 minutes. AJ never tagged in, so the loss is on Aksana and Alicia, which means... I dunno what it means. Naomi's injury obviously means they're resorting to Plan B, but Cameron winning a match without AJ tagging in seems more like pure randomness than a Plan.



All of a sudden, Kane's music and pyro hits, and he makes his way to the ring while the announcers wonder why he's here if he's on "administrative leave." Kane gets about 15 seconds into an explanation when he's interrupted by another guy who isn't supossed to be here:

Daniel Bryan.

Crowd goes apeshit for Bryan and his full-speed-ahead assault on Kane, so perhaps it's best not to overthink why either of these two are here. Just enjoy the ride.

Bryan dominates Kane, and after the flying goat plancha, Kane decides to retreat through the crowd. Bryan celebrates the moral victory while the crowd chants "YES! YES! YES!"


This Friday on SmackDown: Orton's Authority Gauntlet continues with a match against Antonio Cesaro. On the undercard: Usos/Rhodesses vs. Outlaws/Rybaxel.

JOHN CENA vs. RANDY ORTON (Non-Title Match)

Cena enters first to a 30/70 split (cheers to boos). But as JBL notes: everybody's standing and making some kind of noise. Orton enters to a 10/40/50 split (cheers to boos to apathy), which is audibly quieter than the raucous mixed reaction to Cena.

Cena does his best to win over fans with some impressive flashy spots, while Orton does his best to seem even worse by comparison by stalling his ass off. By the second time Orton chickenshits his way out of the ring, it actually seems to be working: in so far as fans care, they are increasingly pro-Cena. It's not all pro-Cena, but he's easily doubled his cheers to a 60/40 split, if not more. Credit to all involved.

Cena's flashiness comes to an end with a simple kick to the balls by Orton. From here, it's standard heel beatdown fare, with Orton milking plenty of boos with his methodical (read: lethargic) offense, and frequent stops to hit the Pose of Ultimate Douchebaggery. During one of those pose breaks, we get our final...


Back, and Orton is still firmly in control. And the crowd is chanting "BORING!" D'oh. Cena's hope spots generate a mix of mild cheers and annoyed grumbling, and then we're right back to Orton dominating... when he goes for his trusty chinlock, the crowd responds with a "DAN YIL BRY YAN " chant. Double d'oh.

Crowd perks up for a sick DDT bump by Cena, but after a 2 count, Orton resorts to the Garvin Stomp and more posing, neither of which impresses the crowd. The preening proves to be too much, as Cena nails a spinebuster as soon as Orton turns back around to face him. A Cena mini-rally ends with Orton foiling the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

From there, it's straight to End Game, as Orton escaps an F-U and hits his pendulous powerslam for a 2 count. Orton sets up for a superplex, but Cena fights him off. So Orton changes plans, and yanks Cena's leg out from under him. Cena is crotched on the top turnbuckle, and Orton hits him with the Hangman DDT off the TOP rope, instead of the middle.

Nice, but it only gets a 2 count. More posing by Orton, and Cena catches him with the SSTF as a result. But Orton gets a quick rope break. Cena tries to follow up, but Orton busts out the wrap-around backbreaker.

Orton lines up for the Punt. Cena dodges, Orton whiffs. Cena goes for the F-U, but Orton escapes and hits an RKO out of nowhere. Cena kicks out at 2!

Orton wastes time acting frustrated, and when he charges, Cena catches him with the F-U. But Orton kicks out at 2!

Crowd's now fully vested, and Cena wants to make it worth their while: he sets Orton on the top rope, and tries for a top rope F-U... but Orton fights back, and Cena has to settle for shoving Orton off the ropes to the mat. As Orton gets up to his feet, Cena leaps off the top with a flying legdrop/fameasser.

Lightning quick, Cena follows up with a second F-U, and that's enough to get the 3 count.

Your Winner: John Cena, via pinfall, in 20 minutes. Revved up to a great End Game, but even in the early stages, it wasn't nearly as bad as the mutinous crowd treated it. A bit bland, yeah, but not bad. The fact that even such a tough-to-please crowd was red hot for the final 5 minutes or so tells you all you need to know about how good it got by the end.

Show ends with an abbreviated celebration by Cena, and a fade-to-black promptly at 11:06 so USA could get to that all-important RoboCop preview clip.
And so ends the show. And it ended on just about as high a note as the show produced, so full points for that.
But other than the closing bits of the main event, the in-ring action never really hit full speed anywhere on the undercard. Some solid variants on tag match formulae, yes, but nothing worth going out of your way to see, and certainly nothing with rewatch value.
Instead, RAW's other highlights were both Moments. Bryan's exciting, if pointless, moral victory over Kane was really fun... and man alive, I can't say enough good about the Shield/Wyatts showdown. Such a tantalizing tease... the moment itself was red hot, and the fact that it also raised the anticipation level for the actual match is just gravy. We are gonna eat that one up with a spoon in two weeks!
Speaking of teases: hidden inside the one tag match is all the motivation I need to want to see Sheamus vs. Cesaro, one on one. So let's make that happen in the next 2 weeks, WWE!
Putting it all together in the Pyrolizer, and I think I'll issue a letter grade of B for tonight. Some good stuff, for sure, but also a healthy amount of filler to keep it from a higher grade.

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.



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