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YES! NO! Maybe?
December 30, 2013

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OOWrestling.com


This is gonna be an interesting one tonight, kids... WWE's holiday schedule always means a lot of pre-taped-a-long-time-ago shows over Christmas, but tonight's RAW is live.
It's just that while RAW is live, half the WWE roster is going to be in Toronto, doing a house show. Leaving WWE to fill 3 hours with the other half. SD sometimes gets screwed like this, but RAW's been an "all hands on deck" show for 2 years, now.


Cena and Orton are the big two guys who are missing. Although, how much they'll be missed might be a matter for debate. Ahem.
Also: Big Show. Which means last week's ad, promising Big Show in a diaper as Baby New Year was a LIE! A damned dirty LIE! Class action lawsuit, anyone?
I didn't think so. Viva la lying!
Anyway, there's only one way to find out how WWE does with half-a-roster. Let's have me spin you the yarn of tonight's RAW:

No Opening Video Package for the ADD Impaired... instead, we're live in Richmond, VA, and we cut straight to the entrance stage, where CM Punk has appeared, and is headed to the ring.


Punk reminisces about the looming end of 2013, and says he's just like everybody else: he had his ups and his downs. He gives a laundry list of each, and in the end, he decides that 2013 just wasn't his year. The goal is always to get better, to improve. And in 2013, Punk didn't improve on holding the WWE Title for the entire calendar year.

Somebody who DID have a banner year in 2013? The Shield. Punk admits that they had a hell of a year, and they even got the better of Punk once or twice. So what better way to re-focus and get back on the right track than by fighting the toughest. He knows the Shield are here tonight, and when he sees them, he's going to issue a chal....

Sierra. Hotel. Whatever "I" is. Echo. Lima. Delta. Enter the Shield.

Once they get to the ring, Ambrose invites Punk to finish his thought, and finish it to their faces. Punk is more than happy to oblige, and says iron sharpens iron, so he's going to sharpen his game against the Shield tonight. Ambrose rebukes him, and says he's clearly lost his mind.

Punk says, "no," because Ambrose misunderstands. Punk doesn't intend to face all 3 guys. Instead, he stirs the pot by saying he wants to face the best singles wrestler in the Shield in a one-on-one match. Uh oh.

Ambrose immediately assumes that means him, but Punk says "Haven't I already beat you, like, a half dozen times? Maybe I should face Rollins or Reigns." Cue the heated bickering, as the Shield can't agree on which of them is the best singles wrestler. Punk keeps poking them with a stick, too, talking up Reigns, then talking up Rollins, and lather, rinse, repeat.

Then GM Brad Maddox shows up and settles it: CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins. And it starts right now. And by "right now," he actually means RIGHT NOW. First time for everything...


Well, so the match starts right now, but about 30 seconds in, we break for...


Back, and Rollins is in control for a bit, until Punk catches him with a wrap around backbreaker. Punk's little rally ends with a modified Tarantula; the ref counts to five, and Punk breaks it just in time, but makes the dumb/heel move of arguing with the ref about applying the count. So Rollins has a moment to recover, and catches Punk from behind.

The heel beatdown is on, and it's nominally focused on Punk's neck. Rollins builds up to a half-Camel-Clutch, but we're only 8-9 minutes in, so there will be no submission. Instead, Punk powers out and looks to be firing up. But as soon as Punk heads up to the top, Rollins springs up and shoves him off the top.

Punk tumbles head-and-neck first into the ringside barricade, exacerbating his injuries. With Punk down and the Shield admiring Rollins' handiwork, we break for....


Back, and we join a Punk comeback in progress. He's headbutting Rollins into next week, and when Rollins whiffs on a top rope senton, he follows up with kicks and a few near falls. But when he goes for his running corner knee, Rollins catches him, and runs him across the ring to powerbomb him into the opposite turnbuckle.

Now, Punk's selling the back injury as the beatdown resumes. After a few minutes, Rollins gets a near fall with a big kick, and then wastes too much time taunting (signaling that HE was going to use the GTS to score the win). Punk counters and drops Rollins with a clothesline. Punk goes for the Macho Man Elbow, but Rollins rolls out of the way.

Rollins goes up top, and goes for the Steamboat Style Crossbody. But Punk rolls through and turns it into an Anaconda Vice. Ambrose gets up on the apron to cause a distraction, and Punk breaks the hold to shove Ambrose down. Meantime, the distraction allows Rollins to hit Punk with his flipping inverted DDT for a super-close 2 count (the ref was still dealing with Reigns and Ambrose, leaving open the possibility that Rollins can blame them).

Rollins tried to keep things flowing, and was going for a slingshot move... but Punk caught him in mid-air, in perfect position for for the GTS. Done, and done.

Your Winner: CM Punk, via pinfall, in 20 minutes. Good stuff. Nowhere near the sizzle or action of Friday's eye-opening Rollins/Cena match, but still a very pleasant way to kick off a "half-a-roster" edition of RAW. We're 30 minutes in, one-sixth of the way done, and we've had a 10 minute Punk promo leading into a 20 minute Punk match. Yep, very pleasant.

Backstage: GM Brad Maddox is bragging that he's got things under control to Triple H and Stephanie, and they agree, he's doing fine tonight. Then Daniel Bryan storms in, and demands a match with Bray Wyatt. Maddox, looking to impress the Authority, instead says Bryan will have to earn it: first, he'll face Luke Harper. If he wins, he'll face Erick Rowan. And if he wins again, then and only then will he face Bray Wyatt. Bryan accepts.

Steph and HHH are impressed, but Steph says she can one-up him. She's heading to the ring to announce the main event of the Royal Rumble PPV. Ummm, you mean the Royal Rumble, honey? Or are we going to pretend that anyone cares more about some other match? You know, like in 2004, when it worked SO well.... </sayingtheoppositeofwhatistrue>


Big Announcement: Steph hits the stage and announces the "main event" of the Rumble PPV will be Orton defending the WWE Title against John Cena. But not before introducing a 5 minute video package featuring Orton's career highlights. Oy. Randall's in Toronto at that house show, and he's still onscreen twice as long this week as he was last week (when he was live in the arena). Nothing makes the viewer care more about the absent champion than a FF-inducing, zero-value-add hype video... </seeabove>

Anyway, Steph tries to make it sound epic, by announcing that it'll be one fall to a finish, pinfall or submission only. Unfortunately, it's also the 19th time since 2006 that these two have been in the same match on a PPV (count for yourself), so I'm having a hard time getting fired up. Well, I'll still be super fired up for the 30-man Rumble, just because it's the most fun hour of the wrestling year, but Cena/Orton XIX will have nothing to do with it.


He's Back: Batista is returning to WWE on Monday, January 20.

Backstage: Steph is all "Didn't I do good?" and HHH is all "Sure thing, baby." They say that match at the Rumble will show, once and for all, who is the "real champion." Uhhhh, then why did we pay $55 for TLC, if it didn't prove anything? Jerks.

Also, HHH declares that he's planning on one-upping Steph with another announcement later tonight.


Both guys have those old school inset interviews during ring entrances, promising big things in 2014, starting tonight in this match.

I can't bust out my catchphrase, because they go full-on extend-o-squash on this one, utilizing the angle from Friday (Orton beat the hell out of Ziggler after a match) to explain why Axel was able to sustain so much offense, and get a few halfway-convincing near falls.

But still, I don't think anyone believed for one second that Axel was going to win. And he didn't.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler, via pinfall, in 6 minutes. Practically zero offense for Dolph, selling the injuries at the hands of Orton, and he pulled the Zig Zag out of nowhere at the very end (taking advantage of Axel wasting time by taunting the crowd). So I guess it serves the purpose of making Ziggler look like a tough guy, but the problem is nobody seemed to care, because Axel is apathy manifested.

Fan Vote: Damien Sandow will be in action later tonight, and you can vote to determine his opponent. Choose among Kofi, Khali, and Miz. In other words, unless you're a retard, you voted for Kofi. I can't wait to find out what percentage of WWE's audience is retarded.


Next Week: RAW goes Old School. Featured in the ad are Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, DDP, Rikishi, Ted DiBiase, Mike Rotundo, Gene Okerlund, Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, Booker T, and more.

BIG E. LANGSTON vs. FANDANGO (w/ Summer Rae) (IC Title Match)

Full boxing-style ring intros lend a bit of gravitas to the proceedings. But during the feeling out/lock-ups/headlocks portion of the match, the fans are more interested in chanting "SUM MER RAY" than the wrestling, so so much for "gravitas."

Big E.'s power eventually shines through after 2-3 minutes of "feeling out," and he goes for the Big Ending. Fandango worms out and tries to take a powder. Big E. follows him outside the ring, and floors him with a clothesline, and throws him back in the ring. When Langston follows, however, Fandango catches him with a dropkick to the knee.

And just like that, Langston is grounded with a bad leg, and Fandango is in control. Fandango goes to town on the leg, cinching in an Indian Deathlock. Big E. powers out, but when he tries to follow up, he charges Fandango in the corner, and whiffs, on the grounds that he's limping badly and Fandango had plenty of time to dodge.

Langston hung out in the corner, Fandango still coming back to his senses, so lets break for...


Back, and Fandango's spent the last 3 and a half minutes working the leg. He's still at it.

Two or 3 mintues of that, and Big E. is finally able to power out of a rest hold, and even on one leg, is able to use his power to flatten Fandango. However, when he goes for the running Warrior-style splash, Fandango catches him AGAIN by drop kicking him in that bad knee.

A tornado DDT leaves Langston laid out in the center of the ring. Fandango goes up top and nails his flying leg drop finisher. New champ? Nope, Big E rolls outside the ring before a cover is made.

Fandango follows, and tosses Langston back into the ring to finish him off. But Fandango lingers a bit too long on the outside, posing and preening. When he steps inside the ring, he walks right into the Engulfening. Langston follows that with the running splash, which lands this time.

Straps come down. Big Ending. Fin.

Your Winner, and Still IC Champ: Big E. Langston, via pinfall, in 10 minutes. Simple and straight forward story, as if Old School Week got here a week early. Big strong good guy has injured leg, bad guy takes advantage and almost wins, good guy comes back at the very end to pull it out. Let's party like it's 1985! Not bad, or anything, but certainly not anything that would make an impression on you, unless you're 9 years old, either.

Well, that's not true. I have a feeling I appreciated Summer's outfit more than any 9 year old out there. Probably more than most 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, or 79 year olds, too. I suffer, daily, with the various symptoms and side effects of severe Erectile Function.  Boobs on display like that make quite an impression on me; also, legs.


Next Week: as part of Old School RAW, CM Punk will face Roman Reigns in a one-on-one match. Sign me up!

Happy New Year: Booker T hits the stage with a bunch of RAW's bit players and divas (hey, Kaitlyn sighting! in a tight, short dress! a winner is me!). He wants to ring in the new year with a big group Spinaroonie, but Wade Barrett interrupts with a new rise-up podium.

He's got Bad News, don't you know? In short, 2014 is going to be terrible, because we're all terrible people. He gets booed like mad for the first time since the start of the Bad News Barrett gimmick. Probably because what he said was mostly true.

Backstage: Renee Young is standing by with Damien Sandow. She asks about Sandow's fans' choice match... and Sandow says it's just more of the same indignity he's been forced to endure in 2013. He's just about had it. In fact, if things don't turn around tonight, if he doesn't win his match, he will quit. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!


Results: Khali wins with 39%. FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKK! Fuck fuck fuckity fucking fuck fuck. Once again, the painful proof that we live in a society where people honestly believe "being awful" is a valid skill in the entertainment industry. It's those same retards who enable "Honey Boo Boo" by watching it, despite it being objectively horrible. But it makes them feel better about themselves to watch people even worse than them.

I can only imagine this is the same thing that applies to Khali. "Hey, he's so bad at his job, it makes me feel better about myself." Fuck each and every one of you.


Every bit as ugly and poorly executed as you'd imagine. Three quarters of the match was spent on the mat, where Khali was in no danger of randomly falling down. Then the finish was a roll-up, where Khali was incapable of even laying down without screwing up. Terrible.

Your Winner: Damien Sandow, via pinfall, in 4 minutes. How bad was it? So bad that the live crowd (presumably representative of the idiots who voted FOR Khali) started booing Khali during his alleged "comeback." Maybe that'll learn you....



Eggsavier Woods is sitting in on commentary, providing some backstory to his relationships with both Truth and Brodus. Also, he wasn't putting up with JBL's standard Commentary Bullying, which is always good to hear.

Match is entirely one-sided (in favor of Brodus), until Eggsavier decides to get up on the commentary table and call for "the girls." The Funkadactyls hit the stage, and bust a few moves. Brodus is distracted long enough for Truth to hit the cheap roll-up. Perfectly understandable, since one of said moves was Ass Voltron. The Pope of Rome, himself, would not be able to keep his train of thought at that sight.

Your Winner: R-Truth, via pinfall, in 4 minutes. It seems like we've seen this match, with this finish, a few times already since Brodus' heel turn. Or maybe that was with Woods wrestling. Or Tensai. Regardless, we trod no new ground, here. But that's what you get when you're working with half-a-roster.



Alternate Motorhead fires up, and Triple H hits the ring. He says the Authority is pleased with how 2013 went, but it's onto bigger and better things in 2014. To that end, HHH wants us to welcome a huge star back to WWE...

It's Brock Lesnar. And he's got Paul Heyman with him.

Announcers acknowledge the history between Brock and HHH as Brock makes it to the ring and shakes HHH's hand. Not quite cordially or warmly. But civilly.

Then HHH powders out, and Heyman takes over the promo.

Heyman assures us that Brock is not here to settle old scores, because there are no old scores. You fight Brock, Brock wins, Brock moves on. And Brock's not here to settle PAUL's old scores, because Paul is a forgiving man.

Brock is here, because Brock has decided he wants to be the WWE Champion. Heyman puts Orton and Cena on notice, saying their Royal Rumble match is basically meaningless. In fact, the winner of that match is basically the loser. Becuase the winner of Cena/Orton will have to face the Self-Proclaimed #1 Contender, Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar takes the mic, and underscores that point. He doesn't have to prove anything, he doesn't have to win the Rumble, he just has to declare his desire, and then the line forms behind him. And if anyone has a problem with that, they can come out and say it to his face.

Heyman chuckles and says that ain't happening, so they can get out of dodge and call it a night.... which is when Mark Henry's music hits. After pausing on the stage, Henry heads to the ring.

And promptly gets his ass handed to him. Lesnar cuts him off before he gets to the ring. The brawls goes into the crowd, then Brock spears Henry back to ringside by driving him through the ringside barricade. Ouch. Then, an F-5 on the floor for good measure. An EFFORTLESS F-5. On a 400 lbs. man. Double ouch. And triple impressive.

Brock and Heyman leave, convinced they've gotten their message across, while we review replays of the vicious carnage.



How many times are we going to get a variation on this match, without anything remotely relevant happening? This has to be the fifth or sixth, at least.

At least we got to enjoy Kaitlyn starting the match for her team. I like Kaitlyn. She's purty. I think that's the first time she even got tagged into one of these. Then the rest started tagging in. Then it broke down into a Pier 10 brawl. Then Aksana pinned a Bellas.

Your Winners: Team WWE Wrestlers, via pinfall, in 5 minutes. Reasonably inoffensive, I guess. But Aksana winning only uderscores the random pointlessness of these matches. Which is fitting, maybe, given that the E! "reality" show is on hiatus until March, so matches featuring that as a unifying team factor are pretty pointless to begin with.


Backstage: GM Maddox is talking to HHH and Steph, and in a well-intentioned-but-pretty-unnecessary nod to current events, says he's reprimanded the referee of the Sandow/Khali match for counting to three even though Khali screwed up the "laying down flat" part. Why draw attention to the fact that Khali sucks that bad? Just job him out and move on. Nobody was raising a stink about it.

Then they move on to a brief discussion of NEXT week, and how Maddox has done lining up past legends. Long story short, HHH wants to know if "his favorite" is really gonna be there, and Maddox gives him a big ol' "WHOOOOO!"


Friday on SmackDown: Goldust and Cody Rhodes will be defending the Tag Titles against Harper and Rowan. Cole & the Gang theorize that Bryan's best chance to get to Bray Wyatt tonight is if Harper and/or Rowan are looking ahead to their tag title match. Which would carry a lot more weight, if only said match was already taped on Sunday. Ahem.

DANIEL BRYAN vs. LUKE HARPER (w/ Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt) (Phase I Gauntlet)

Bryan gets off to a fast start, with a clear agenda: he wants to take out one of Harper's legs, to ground him.. As he's working the back of a knee, Bryan sees an opening and cinches in a Dragon Sleeper, which was a remarkable visual on such a big opponent.

But then Bryan was distracted by looking out at Bray, and that's all it took for Harper to gain control. Harper uses his standard brawl-y fare to maintain said control for a couple minutes, until the ref audibly declares, "Start working the break spot."


But Harper and Bryan comply. Bryan catches a charging Harper with a drop toe hold to goose the crowd, but then Harper immediately cuts him off with a Michinoku Driver. Bryan's in bad shape, and Harper turns to share a shit-eating grin with his mates. In other words, a perfect spot to break for...


Back, and Harper's still in command, but only for a few moments. Bryan ducks a charge, then starts speeding things up. Harper can't keep up, and gets the worse of a criss-cross exchange. Lowbridge sends Harper out of the ring. Flying goat. Missile dropkick. YES! Kicks. Bryan whiffs on the wind-up YES! Kick, but catches Harper on the rebound with the other leg.

Up top. Bryan sets up for the top rope rana, but Harper reverses. Top rope powerbomb. Holy shit. He just folded Bryan in half. But only a 2 count. Half-nelson overhead suplex. Only a 2. Harper reaches down, nonchalantly looking to follow up, and Bryan cinches in the YES! Lock. Harper bites Bryan to get the break, but doesn't have a follow-up plan. A quick exchange and Bryan lands the Aberdeen Facebuster out of left field.

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan, via pinfall, in 16 minutes. Very good, approaching excellent in the final 4-5 minutes, starting with Bryan's comeback. Harper keeps showing a little bit more with every outing, and Bryan's got the Midas Touch. Not even the referee audio flub can make a dent in that. On it's own, it'd be pretty sweet, but in the bigger picture of the gauntlet, it's even better because of how strong Harper looked, and how it makes Bryan an even bigger underdog to even get to Bray.


Rowan pretty much pounces as soon as humanly possible, and manhandles Bryan until they're both outside the ring. And then he chucks Bryan into and over the commentary table. Rude. Bryan's down, and Rowan's just standing there looking proud of himself. So we break for our final...


Back, and Rowan's dominating. His assault builds up to an impressive top rope fallaway slam. Wow. But Rowan's as impressed by that as I am, and wastes time celebrating. As soon as he walks over to follow up, Bryan reaches up and rolls him up.

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan, via pinfall, in 5 minutes. Served it's purpose of creating another hurdle for Bryan, while "hiding" Rowan (who is the least skilled of the Wyatt Family). Even he didn't screw up 30 seconds before the ads and 60 seconds after. In fact, the fallaway slam was pretty awesome.


Rowan tries to continue beating on Bryan, and Harper actually gets in the ring to pull him off, creating the impression that Bray wants to do this one-on-one.

Then Bray gets in the ring, circles Bryan once, and Harper and Rowan attack.

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan, via disqualification, in 30 seconds.

After the Match: the Wyatts continue the beatdown for 2 or 3 minutes, with Bray mostly supervising. Then he grabs a mic, and moves in. He gives one last lullaby and then reminds us that this isn't how he wanted it to be, but Bryan refused to play ball.

And then, unexpectedly, Bryan put up a hand, and asked for a momentary respite. Bray, curious, held his mic down so the still-prone Bryan could talk into it. Bryan shocked the crowd by declaring, "You're right. You've always been right."

Bryan says it doesn't matter how hard he fights, how loud the fans chant... he realizes "the Machine" will never let him win. So there's only one thing left to do. Bryan says, "Let me join the Family. And we'll break the Machine."

Bray laughed an an evil laugh, then extended a hand. Bryan reached up for the hand, and Bray retracted it. Bryan got up on his knees, and looked up at Wyatt. Wyatt kept laughing, and enjoyed the site of Bryan prostrating himself. Then, he hooked Bryan for the Sister Abigail.

Bryan did not fight it. Wyatt savored the moment and hit the move.

Bray started moving up the ramp, while Harper and Rowan stayed behind until Bryan regained consciousness. They helped him back up the ramp, to join Wyatt on the stage. There, Bryan shook off their help, and looked Bray in the eye.

Then, he turned back to teh fans, as if giving them a chance to change his mind.

They responded with NO! chants, and then a loud "DAN YIL BRY YAN" chant. This seemed to have an effect on Bryan. A look of doubt crossed his visage. And the fans responded by getting even louder.

But then, Bryan put his head down -- as if in shame -- and turned to leave with the Wyatts, all while Bray renewed his cackle of glee. That's the scene as we fade to black.

And so ends the show. And I'm.... I'm not quite sure what to make of that.
Bryan joining the Wyatts is such an unexpected, gutsy, rife-with-possibilities move that you can't help but appreciate the ballsiness. But if you've watched WWE for as long as I (nay, WE) have, then you have a spidey sense for pure, unmitigated, desperation Spaz Booking (usually instigated by Vince McMahon). And this kind of feels like that.
If it's the former, and this has been thought out and plotted to completion, it's got serious edge-of-your-seat/major-pay-off potential in any number of ways. But if it's the latter, and WWE/Vince just decided to do it in the past 2 weeks since the last set of tapings, the overwhelming probability is that this will suck and end up hurting both Bryan and Wyatt (the latter doesn't need the former to get his act over, and the former is taking a step "down" to do this angle unless there's a serious/well-plotted "out" for Bryan's raging against the "machine").

I have my concerns, especially on the heels of WWE deciding to unify the two world belts with 3 weeks notice, instead of with actual planning and build-up... but at this ultra-early juncture, anything other than a wait-and-see-what's-next approach would be massively douchey.

And what's next is an Old School RAW, and I'm a sucker for those, so I won't unleash too much more venom tonight. But I won't throw it out, either. I may end up needing it if I don't like the lay of the land come February.
In the meantime, if we try to take all the bits and pieces of RAW, stuff 'em in a big ol' package, and tie it up with a bow, it ends up being a halfway decent gift. Start with 30 minutes of Punk, including the match of the night. End with 30 minutes of Bryan, including a really good match with Harper. Lesnar (and Henry) being awesome in the middle. Some filler, sure, but nothing offensive outside of Khali.
Adds up to a solid B, if I've got my Inner Pyro calibrated properly.
See you next Monday, kids. Unless I can get CRZ to come out of retirement for Old School week on RAW. Which I can't.

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.



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