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Big Show's Back
November 5, 2013

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OOWrestling.com


As most of you are well aware, I'm a finicky bastard when it comes to my pop culture intake. The vast majority of music sucks, movies are dumbe down to the point of worthlessness, I'm always the last person to get on board with TV shows even if people I trust say they're good, and yadda yadda yadda...


So please allow me to surprise even myself by endorsing the new Comedy Central show @Midnight as damned fine TV viewing. It's on weeknights at (duh) midnight, which is pretty much the only reason I knew of its existence and gave it a try (Stewart and Colbert are on the short list of shows I watch religiously). It's only two weeks in, and I'm already on board.
On the downside, I get stuck hearing about all the stupid internet "memes" and "celebrities" that I go out of my way to NOT know about (hint to America: "because it's terrible" is not a valid reason to make something popular; thinking that it is is the only explanation for why Honey Boo Boo exists). On the upside, as soon as I am exposed to these horrible things, professional comedians mock them mercilessly.
It's not quite as consistently hilarious as the similarly formatted Lewis Black show ("Root of all Evil"), but it's about 1700% funnier than the also similarly formatted Colin Quinn show that I forget the name of. I get the distinct impression -- mostly from screwy editing where the scores seem to jump around randomly -- that they're probably sitting around taping an hours worth of materical, and having to edit it down to include only the best bits. And a winner is us!
In an attempt to sell the show to OO Nation, I'll close by reporting that one of the bits on the show is "Real, or Jabroni?", in which the host names a celebrity, and the comics have to decide if the Iron Shiek's twitter account likes that person ("real") or hates them ("jabroni"). Good times...

CM PUNK vs. LUKE HARPER (w/ Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan)
Well, this is certainly strange... no opening video package, no fluffery, just starting straight off with a wrestling match.
During ring entrances, they do flash back to last Monday, with video of the Wyatts seemingly-random attacks against Punk and Daniel Bryan, but that's fine... It's all of 8:02pm when the bell rings and we're off.
Punk starts off fairly strong, on the grounds that he's rightfully angry and wants revenge for last Monday... but when he tries to square up Harper for a through-the-ropes dive, Harper catches him with a punch to the face. Punk takes a mini-beatdown before ducking a charge, sending Harper tumbling out of the ring.
Punk follows, and gets a few more licks in, but Harper makes his way over to his pals, and gets a little sanctuary when Rowan steps up and blocks Punk from advancing any further. With that stand-off, it's a good spot for...
Back, and Harper's back in control for a more extended beatdown. Even with a growing repetoire of signature moves -- including the Gator Roll and a taunt that, for some reason, reminds me of Wooderson's "Alright, alright, alright" -- Harper doesn't QUITE seem to have the buy-in of the audience, so this is a little flat.
Punk starts his comeback when Harper thinks superplex, but Punk turns it into a tornado DDT. Big flurry of moves, and it ends up with Punk setting up for the Macho Man Elbow.... but Rowan yanks Harper out of the ring, and Punk deftly switches gears and hits Rowan with a double axe.
Harper took the chance to regroup, however, which set up a brief bit of triple-reversey where a GTS attempt turned into a short-arm lariat attempt, before Punk scored a sneaky roll-up for the three count.
Your Winner: CM Punk, via pinfall, in 10 mintues. Pretty nice little match, here. If Harper doesn't have buy-in yet, it won't take much longer if he keeps having performances like these. He was convincing for the beatdown, and the finish made it clear that Punk was having to dig deep into his bag of tricks to get the win (Cole even flat out said "Punk just stole one!"). Harper's next chance will be on Friday, since they've already announced he'll face Bryan on SmackDown. Speaking of which...
After the Match: Bray and Rowan attacked, and Punk was on the short end of a 3-on-1 for a few moments until Daniel Bryan (with his arm taped up and in a sling) ran out, grabbed a chair, and helped Punk clear the ring.
Delayed Welcome: now we make a quick visit to the announce table, where Cole & The Gang promise us a great show. First, fans will get to choose an opponent for Randy Orton... and then, we've got a big 6-man tag match (Cena/Rhodesses vs. Sandow/Americans), in a repeat of last week's outstanding SD main event.
Backstage: Renee Young has CM Punk for an interview... Punk talks about how the last six month dealing with Paul Heyman and all his "guys" has prepared him to deal with 1-on-3 fights. So that's one reason why the Wyatts should be worried. But another reason: "I'm not the only one who has an issue with the Wyatts." Which is decidedly vague, and puts me in the mind of Punk and Bryan milking things for a bit before finally becoming allies (think in terms of building to a "MegaPowers Moment," if you wheeeeeeel).
Speaking of Heyman: Cole conducts a telephone interview with Paul Heyman, which he pretends is live, but which was pretty obviously pre-taped... Heyman says he's in Europe, seeking alternative treatments for all his maladies (thoracic trauma, herniated discs, broken nose, etc.). Then he starts breaking down, because he used to be so close to Punk, and now Punk did this, and Heyman's just a man, a non-athlete, a father with two young children, and Punk did this.... he trails off, and we hear light sobbing. Cole, half-chuckling, asks "Paul, are you.... crying?" Heyman responds by hanging up the phone. Hokay...

Earlier Today: Ryback returned to his Catering Terrorist ways, shoving a cupcake in Hornswoggle's face, then laughing. Then Santino tried to stand up for Hornswoggle, and Ryback just laughed some more. Then Khali showed up, and somehow, now that's a match....
THE [redacted] KHALI (w/ Santino and Hornswoggle) vs. RYBACK
So yeah, this happened. And boy did it blow. Khali was limited to his two moves: (1) chops and (2) trying not to fall down. So that's what happened for 2 minutes, until Ryback hit a meathook, and made the pin.
Your Winner: Ryback, via pinfall, in about 2 minutes. Two minutes we'll never get back.
After the Match: Ryback went after Hornswoggle, Santino made the save. Hornswoggle hid under the ring, Santino got his ass kicked. All the while, Ryback kept checking his chest; apparently Khali's chops sting a little.
We're all adults here. So let's not pretend this was something it wasn't.
Your Winner: Alberto del Rio, via submission, in 6 minutes. To be fair, this was actually pretty solid, and both guys -- Alberto, especially -- did a good job playing to the crowd enough that it didn't completely flop. But if the outcome was ever in doubt, it's only because you are a dumdumhead.
Video Presentation: allegedly assembled by Big Show's lawyer, we get 3 minutes of HHH and Steph tormenting Show. So, two weeks ago, Steph is confused and angry that Big Show was able to interrupt her from the TitanTron... but this week, nobody raises so much as an eyebrow when Show somehow gets his anti-WWE propaganda to air on RAW? TWICE?!? (Yes, they replayed the exact same thing a second time later in the show, and you know how I don't care for that.)

Prefatory Matters: before finding out his opponent, Randy Orton does battle with another foe... the microphone. Actually, he manages to hit most of the right notes with a super simple cheap heat promo in which he asks the audience to look to their left, and then to their right. If they see a woman, they're seeing someone who lusts for Orton every waking moment of her life. If they see a man, they see someone who is a miserable failure in the field of masculinity when compared to Orton. [How rude of Orton to disregard members of the LGBT community in his if-then statement!] And as Orton looks out at all of them, he sees nothing but pathetic excuses for humans, who don't hold any power over him, no matter what they might think. Sure, they voted to name his opponent, but all that amounts to is deciding who is his next victim. Suck it, losers!
Lawler reveals that Langston won the fan vote in a surprising landslide (with, like 65% of the vote, over Ziggler and Miz). Some on the OO Forums acted like this was some obvious "fraud," but given the way Big E.'s actually been on TV lately (while Internet Favorite Ziggler hasn't really been relevent since May), I think that outcome is completely believable.
Anyway, the early vibe here is that Langston is big and strong, and Orton can't match power. So Orton starts taking little powders to the outside to regroup. On the third such voyage, they did the standard role-reversal spot where the chickenshit "mouse" catches the chasing "cat" on the way back into the ring.
Orton strings a few moves together, but goes for the Hangman DDT WAAAAYYYYYYY too early. Langston easily counters, and tosses Orton out of the ring. Orton in a heap, Langston getting his legs back under him, so let's use the break in the action for some...
Back, and we pick off where we left off: Orton getting chucked out of the ring, again. This time, E. follows, and tosses Orton into various ringside props until Orton ducks a charge, and Langston eats the ring steps.
Thus begins a surprisingly palatable beatdown by Orton, who keeps the action moving from the ring to the outside and back in again, for a couple minutes. Only then does he finally settle in for a dreaded chinlock.
But Big E. is having none of that happy crappy, and almost immediately begins hulking up... he powers out of the hold, drops Orton with a huge tackle (the same one where he and Ambrose knocked heads at the PPV), and nails the running Warrior-style splash.... but it only gets a two. The announcers sold it like it was a miraculous kick-out, but more importantly: the crowd clearly bought into it as a convincing near-fall, too.
Langston's moment of frustration gave Orton a chance to fire back with a dropkick, and then his wrap-around backbreaker and a Hangman DDT. Seemed like it was all over, as Orton coiled for the RKO, but Langston shoved Orton off, and caught him coming back... Langston set up for the Big Ending, but Orton wormed out the backdoor, and when Big E. turned around, Orton was waiting to hit a lightning quick RKO.
Your Winner: Randy Orton, via pinfall, in 12 minutes. Can't think of a single real complaint. Certainly not a must-watch masterpiece, but as a free TV match, I think it managed to serve its dual purpose: (1) Orton gets a win to legitimize his status as WWE Champ (lord knows he scored zero legit wins over Bryan in his 3 month quest to win the title), and (2) Langston has a damned fine showing to keep his momentum here in the early stages of his babyface career.
Last Season on That Which I Do Not Acknowledge: Nattie Neidhart got married to Tyson Kidd. NEW EPISODES STARTING THIS SUNDAY, ONLY ON E! "NETWORK."
Well, bravo.... "Total Divas" has now contributed exactly one worthwhile thing to society: the return of Tyson Kidd. Lord knows, without the broad mainstream exposure he received on that show (in this case, said exposure is an audience slightly less than TNA's audience; ahem), there would be no reason to bring Tyson Kidd back to TV. [/sayingtheoppositeofwhatistrue]
Anyway, Kidd starts off, and easily wins the early battle against Fandango, to the point where Fandango scurries away and tags out. Nattie enters, and does a super-time-compressed face in peril bit. Hot tag, and Kidd dominates Fandango, while Nattie re-emerges to occupy Summer. Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter, and that's that.
Your Winners: Tyson Kidd and Natalya, via submission, in 3 minutes. Noteworthy for Kidd's return to TV (as himself; he did appear previous as one of Los Locales), but not for anything else, really.
Backstage: Renee Young is standing by with Damien Sandow. Renee wants to know Damien's state of mind now that he whiffed on his MitB cash-in. Sandow says that moments like last week force a man to look into the mirror. Sandow says he did that, and he didn't see an Intellectual Savior; he saw a man who was hungry and driven, who would do anything to get what he wants.
Before we can follow-up on this new, ultra-motivated Sandow, Zeb Colter and the Real Americans show up. Zeb says he sees Sandow as a kindred spirit, someone who earns everything, not like John Cena, who had a world title shot handed to him on a silver platter. Later tonight, they'll join forces to get a measure of revenge on Cena, Goldust, and Cody Rhodes.
Sandow just sort of stands there -- neither approving nor disapproving -- and Zeb leads his boys in a "We the People." They leave, and Renee asks for any closing words from Sandow. He points to himself and says, "ME, the next world champ." Nice.
More Prefatory Matters: Cena hits the ring for the 6-man tag match, but before we get to that, he cuts a promo about WWE's participation in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. He introduces some cancer survivors at ringside, and closes by pointing out that even though October is over, the fight remains, and WWE will keep selling the pink merchandise till the end of year, with profits going to Save the Boobies. And for one brief shining moment, nobody anywhere is even thinking about booing John Cena!
But then the bell rings, and it's back to business as usual for Cena, who is on the receiving end of a 50/50 split of "Let's Go, Cena"/"Cena Sucks" chants. C'est la vie.
Of note: Colter is on guest commentary, and so is Alberto del Rio. Though both are heels, they're history suggests they dislike each other. As a result, things get a bit messy/distracting early on, until they decide they can both agree on how much they hate Michael Cole. Cole's response is to insubordinately point out how obvious it is that del Rio is working off Talking Points, instead of responding to what is happening. But he does it in a jokey way, and Alberto plays along by continuing to use "gringo" and "perro" in every other sentence.
Meantime, the match sees Cena start against Cesaro. Cena gets the better of it. Goldust gets a turn against Cesaro, also gets the better of it. Cody gets a shot, also gets the better of it. Cesaro finally tags out to Sandow, leading to Cena asking to be tagged in. After a few exchanges, Sandow has had enough of Cena, and bails out of the ring to regroup.
Back, and Swagger's dominating Cena thanks to something that happened on The App, during the commercials. Solid teamwork with Swagger and Cesaro keep Cena on the defensive for several minutes. Cena has a brief moment of hope after he snaps off a hurricanrana, out of nowhere. Yes, that's right: a Cenacanrana!
But Sandow tags in and immediately drags him back to the middle of the ring for a second round of heel beatdownening. This time, he focuses back on Cena's injured left arm. After several minutes of that, Cena finally began his comeback in earnest. And though he included a number of the old standards, he also busted out that cool high vertical Rude Awakening that he did at the PPV. In fact, that's the move that finally allowed him to make the tag to Goldust.
Goldust goes to town on Cesaro (who also tagged in), and before you know it, a Pier Sixer breaks out. Maybe the best Pier Sixer I've ever seen. I mean it.... this was the fastest-paced, most red-hot End Game we've seen in a while.
Big moves, finishers, and saves, everywhere. Cena hit another cool new move (sort of a side-sling Razor's Edge where he got Swagger up in Torture Rack position, only to dump him like a powerbomb), but then Cena took Sandow's new You're Welcome finisher to powder out along with Swagger. Cody and Sandow kept the waters muddy for a bit, not allowing the legal men to score a decisive fall, while also battling each other. Until Cody hit a Disaster Kick, and both men ended up tumbling out to the floor.
Now, Cesaro has Goldust in the ring, and hits the Giant Swing. I think I counted 17 revolutions. Woozy, Goldust stumbled out of the ring. Cesaro followed, and ran into Cena, who has now recovered from the You're Welcome. The two brawl in front of the commentary table, and Zeb stands up to distract Cena. Instead, Cena just chucks Cesaro into Colter, then hoists him back into the ring.
Another rapidfire exchange of moves, and Cesaro's standing tall, but has lost sight of Cena. Cena, it turns out, has been perched on the top rope, waiting for his spot. He sees it, and nails Cesaro with a Steamboat Style Crossbody. Goldust, still the legal man, takes advantage by immediately scooping Cesaro up and hitting the Final Cut.
Your Winners: Goldust, John Cena, and Cody Rhodes, via pinfall, in 20 minutes. Just an awesome match. Especially the closing 3 minutes or so, to which I have not done justice. Just stop reading now and go youtube it, if you like things that are great.
Backstage: Big Show is here, and he's WALKING~! The Prime Time Players spot him and are all "Uh, you're not supposed to be here." And Show's all "Don't worry, it's all good."
Elsewhere Backstage: Vickie Guerrero storms into HHH and Steph's office, alerting them to the fact that Big Show is in the building. HHH is indignant, but Steph is calm. After letting HHH twist for a bit, she reveals she's the one who invited Big Show to be here tonight. The lawsuit is for real, blah blah blah, can't take the risk, blah blah blah, he's willing to settle, blah blah blah, so let's hear him out, blah blah blah... Hunter doesn't like the sound of this, but when Steph tells him he should be the "bigger man," he is shamed into seeing it her way.
I believe you can file this under "You better not think too hard about it." This whole melodramatic nonsense with Show has featured nothing by way of compelling, rational character motivation.
Reasonably decent affiar, but not one person in the live crowd (and probably not many more at hom) seemed to give a rat's ass. Axel working a 2 minute headlock didn't really help matters.
Ziggler fired up, we got a bit of double-reversey, and then Dolph hit the Zig Zag. Fin.
Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler, via pinfall, in 4 minutes. The match was forgettable. The story was Dolph just pinned the IC Champ. Which would be something, except WWE's rendered the IC Title forgettable as of late, too.
Backstage: Renee Young has Daniel Bryan for an interview. Practically a mirror image of Punk's promo, as Bryan says he's used to being an underdog, so the Wyatts are dead-wrong if they think he'll lay down for them. And furthermore, "it seems somebody else has just as big an issue with the Wyatts as I do." So again, a vague acknowledgement of Punk, without actually forming the partnership. Yet. "Megapowers Moment," indeed...
Backstage: Vickie again enters the HHH/Steph office. She reports that Big Show is willing to meet tonight. But not in the office. In the ring. HHH no likey, but whatchya gonna do, brother?
THE USOS vs. 3MB (w/ Jinder Mahal)
Not a chance.
Your Winners: the Usos, via pinfall, in 2 minutes. I can state, with authority, that this was a thing that happened.
Backstage: Renee Young tries to interview Los Matadores about their future plans, but then El Torito shows up, trying to hump Renee's leg. "Horny" jokes ensue, but I let it pass because this skit requires that the cameras pull back and let us enjoy Renee's dress. It seems as though she knew she'd be getting the camera time, and planned accordingly, because oh mama, was it some kind of dress. I've long since realized that Renee was a very comely lass, with a pleasant temperament, who happened to be incredibly competent. Now, I must also live with the knowledge that she also possesses fine legs and a sweet sweet ass. That's almost not fair, dammit!

It's the one with the neon hair, if you care. And in this case, you have to, because after Brie played Face in Peril, she tagged herself in and got the cheap roll-up on Tamina. Whee.
Your Winners: the Bellas and the One, via pinfall, in 2 or 3 minutes. AJ may be the women's champ, but this existed solely as an excuse to talk about That Which I Do Not Acknowledge.
Triple H and Stephanie enter, the former clearly wishing he was anywhere but here. Hunter grabs a mic, and is all passive aggressive as he says "This is a waste of time, but if we're gonna do it, let's do it now and get it over with and we can all go home." That's not very nice. So Steph, clearly more optimistic, takes the mic away and says she wants what Big Show wants: to just put this all behind us. So won't Big Show please, pretty please, come on down?
Since she said the magic word, Big Show obliges.
So what, exactly, does Big Show want in order to give up his lawsuit? How big a check does HHH have to write in order to get Big Show to sacrifice his dignity again?
Big Show says it's not about money. [Uh, that'd be all well and good, except for the dumbass storyline where YOU'RE BROKE.] It's about doing what he loves, and that's wrestling in front of the WWE Universe.
HHH starts firing back with a "when hell freezes over" response, when Steph yanks the mic away from him, and starts whispering to him. Hunter clams down and rolls his eyes in a sort-of annoyed fashon, but let's Steph announce, "OK, you can have your job back."
Crowd breaks out in YES! Chants, which Show joins in on, which further annoys HHH. When that dies down, Hunter's all "So we're done here? Good." And he starts to leave. But Show says there's just one more thing...
Now that he's a WWE superstar in good standing, he'd just like one last chance to do the one thing he's never accomplished: being the WWE Champion. He wants a match against Randy Orton.
HHH starts spazzing out again, and then suddenly, the Shield starts coming down to the ring... and just as suddenly (and even more randomly), we cut to...
Back from commercials, the Shield are no loitering at ringside and we awkwardly pick up where we left off, with HHH going so far as to reset the narrative by asking Big Show if he wants anything else.
Yes, he wants a WWE Title Match against Randy Orton.
So HHH starts re-throwing his hissy-fit from before, swearing up and down that it's one thing for Big Show to have a job again, but just up and demanding a WWE Title Match? That's never ever gonna happen.
So Show says, "OK, see you in court, then," and begins leaving the ring. Steph again pulls HHH aside, and whisper at him, and HHH dejectedly mumbls "Fine, fine. Get back here, you can have your match against Orton at Survivor Series." Show pretends he didn't quite hear HHH, and makes him repeat it. Again. Louder, please.
Finally, he's right up in HHH's face, and HHH looks him straight in the eyes as he says, yes, Big Show has his match.
Another round of YES!'ing is cut short when Hunter says "Since you work for me again, I think it's only right if you have a match tonight." The Shield step up on the apron, and Big Show's all "bring it on." But HHH tells him to simmer down, because there's one more opponent... Randy Orton.
As Orton makes his entrance, Show removes his suit coat and tie, and rolls up his sleeves....
The bad guys swarmed, and dominated Show for about 2 minutes... then Show powered up, and started throwing guys off so he could isolate on them one at a time. As soon as it looked like Show might have a chance to do some real damage, however, Kane's pyro blew...
And down the aisle came an all new Korporate Kane, complete with suit and tie, and looking like a mega-sized Bob Backlund.
Kane grabbed some chairs and joined in on the fight.
Your Winner: Big Show, via DQ, in 3 minutes.
After the Match: the 5-on-1 assault continued, culminating in a Triple Powerbomb through the announce table. Orton and the Shield celebrate in the ring, while Kane stands by with HHH and Steph, and we fade to black.
And so ends the show. Things got pretty funky there at the end, and rumors are that's because of a faulty music cue... the ad break wasn't supposed to come until after Hunter announced the handicap match. THAT is when the Shield would have entered, and they'd cut to ads. But somebody got a little jumpy, and the ad break -- and the whole flow of the final promo -- got screwed up.
All things considered, they saved it pretty nicely. Even without that flub, it's not like it was gonna be an instant classic, or anything. It was just a half-assed way to ease Show back into TV storylines after they'd written themselves into a corner. They still accomplished that, and got to the Survivor Series title match, so huzzah!
I can't overstate how excellent the 6-man was... youtube it, and enjoy. It was better than the Friday version of the match, and it's remarkable how much Cena contributed to that. He handled the Face in Peril Role (something you'd just assume Cody would get stuck with), and busted out a ton of moveset. Cenacanrana? High Vertical Rude Awakening? Torturebomb? Steamboat Crossbody? C'mon, that's pretty impressive, even to you Cena Haters, isn't it?
Not much advancement on the Punk/Bryan/Wyatts stuff in terms of the big picture/the devil stuff, but nice keep-it-simmering night int erms of milking the Punk/Bryan partnership, and delivering the very solid Punk/Harper opener.
Other than Ryback/Khali, nothing at all objectionable, really... so let's put the matter to my Inner Pyro... and he'll call it a B+ night.
See you again next week, kids.

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.



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