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Time Flies When You're Having Fun (or, "Things That Didn't Happen with Tonight's RAW")
September 3, 2013

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OOWrestling.com


Man alive.... it's September, already?
I know time marches on at the rate of 1 second per second, but this has been one of the fastest moving years I can remember having experienced. I think back on something that happened, and my instinct is that it just happened a few weeks ago... but then I realize it was back in March, or something.


And while this temporal perception problem of mine is very real, it's also something that provides a perfect segue to tonight's RAW recap... because as much as time has flown for me in 2013, WWE just delivered a show tonight that dragged on forever, and in the end, made me feel embarassed to be a wrestling fan.
That's no fun. I hate nights like that. But they happen. All I can do is try to use my powers of time-bending to tighten things up and tell you a Story of RAW that just flies by. Let's see how it goes:

No Opening Theme/Pyro/Etc., and instead, the scene is EXACTLY the same as last week's show. Motorhead is seranading Triple H to the ring, where the Shield are standing guard.
HHH sets the stage with some basic background material, then introduces The WWE Champion and Face of the Company, Randall Orton. And surprise, surprise, he actually lets Orton speak this week.
Well, sort of... after about 2 paragraphs about how Bryan defaced his personal property (the "YEScalade"), so he decided to deface Bryan (spray painting "NO" on his back), he just shot it to a video package that played on the TitanTron. Probably for the best.
Then Orton rattled off a series of Yes/No questions, and the crowd provided answers. None of them were to Randall's liking, especially not his last one, which was "Should Daniel Bryan just quit, and give up his WWE Title opportunity at Night of Champions?"
Then the mic goes back to HHH, who expands on the concept of Bryan not being worthy of the title shot. He's only getting it because he entitled to an obligatory rematch. But he's got no drawing power, and even less chance to win. HHH thinks Bryan needs to realize the difference between having his little dream, and actually hurting WWE's business. Somehow, he draws a (piss poor) analogy between Bryan and Doink the Clown, as both were quite popular, but were never Championship material. Talk about a complete non-sequitur/stretch...
Bryan's finally had enough, so he comes out and recycles his standard material of the past two weeks. Orton's been genetically gifted, both in terms of his look and in terms of his family connections; he's never worked for anything, he's just had it handed to him. Bryan, on the other hand, has had to work for everything he's accomplished. Orton may be genetically superior to Bryan in most ways, but Bryan knows there's one body part where he's got Orton beat six ways till Sunday: heart.
So keep on stacking the deck, keep on taking advantage of HHH and the McMahon's help, and Bryan will keep on fighting until he's once again WWE Champ.
HHH thinks that's adorable (again, same basic stuff as last week), but decides to deflect blame... he says the REAL source of Bryan's problems lately is the Big Show, who's just standing around LETTING Bryan get beat. Bryan's not convinced, but HHH offers him "a great opportunity to stand up to your nemesis." That's right: Bryan vs. Big Show, later tonight.
Almost zero fresh content, really. And yet, it took 20 minutes to wrap it up. It fell short of outright sucking, thanks to Bryan's insane popular appeal, and HHH's expertise at being a jackass, but it sure didn't have me on the edge of my seat, either.
Backstage: Orton and HHH are WALKING~! And they pass Cody Rhodes. In full Power Mad Bully Mode, HHH just randomly lashes out with a "Hey, what are you looking at." Cody tries to demure, but finally says that if Orton's so sure he's better than Bryan, he should WANT to face him, instead of trying to talk him out of the match.
HHH no likey the sassback, so he shifts gears, and offhand mentions how he's heard Cody is getting married soon, and how he didn't get an invitation. Neither did Randy. So after a quick moment of consultation, HHH and Randy declare they have a gift for Cody, anyway: a match, later tonight, against Orton.
Oh, and Cody: if you don't win, you're fired. DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN.
MIZ vs. FANDANGO (w/ Summer Rae)
Quick start by Miz, but when he takes a moment to forcibly dance with Summer Rae, Fandango is appalled, and stages and angry rally. Miz kills it with a boot to the head, and cinches in a headlock. Which means it's time for...
Back, and Fandango is in control, but is also bleeding a bit from the nose. We're told the boot from before the break is the reason why, and he's continuing on despite meeting with the rindside trainer during said break. A broken nose is diagnosed.
Doesn't stop Fandango from staying in command for a minute or two. Then Miz starts a rally, focusing on Fandango's knee (including a new move: a Dragon Screw Leg Whip off the top rope. Pretty cool). They go back and forth a bit, and the finish comes when Fandango tries a slingshot legdrop move, but hurts his own leg in the process. Miz (awkwardly) slips on the Figure Four.
Your Winner: Miz, via submission, in 8-9 minutes. With the 3 minute commercial break factored in, it's more like 5-6 minutes, which is about right for a throwaway filler match. Inoffensive. Well, unless you're offended that Miz was "gifted" the Figure Four six months ago, and he still doesn't know how to apply it. Which is pretty sad, I guess.
Backstage: Daniel Bryan is getting stretched out, when Booker T walks in. Booker wants Bryan to think about giving up his title shot. Bryan: "Tell me you didn't just say that." ZING~! But Booker is serious: raging against the machine is only gonna get Bryan hurt. Maybe even end his career. But if he plays the game, he'll get another chance down the line. So just give up the title shot, walk away from the match against a Giant, and go back to your spot on the midcard. Bryan, predictably, thinks this is a load of happy horsesht, and says so, in more PG language.
DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. ?????????
Ziggler makes his ring entrance, and we're told that Ziggler has been forced into action tonight by HHH, but we don't know who the opponent is. And neither does Dolph.
Further more, he's going to have to wait until after these....
DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. ????????? (cont.)
Dolph's still waiting when we return, and suddenly, he's jumped from behind by Dean Ambrose. So this is our match? Nope, this is an unsanctioned attack. Unsanctioned, but NOT uncoordinated.
After Ambrose got done kicking Ziggler's ass, he started trash talking him in a manner that makes it clear that he's on a mission from HHH. Stuff about respecting the business, and so forth.
Then, Ryback's music hits. Because he's the REAL opponent for Ziggler.
The ref asks Ziggler if he wants to compete, and of course, Dolph says yes, even though he's barely able to stand.
Methodical beating by Ryback. A grand total of 18 seconds of firing up by Dolph. Shellshocked. Fin.
Your Winner: Ryback, via pinfall, in 3-4 minutes or so. An absolute nothing of a match, wrestling-wise. But storywise, it furthers Ryback's bully gimmick, while also firming up an Ambrose vs. Ziggler US Title Feud. With Mark Henry out with a hamstring injury, I might have liked seeing Ziggler shifted over to team with Big Show for the tag titles... but WWE's sticking with Plan A for Ziggler, which is fine, too.
Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie are talking when in walks Brad Maddox. It seems as though Big Show is refusing to fight Daniel Bryan tonight. HHH is all ready to fly off in a rage, but Steph says she knows JUST how to handle this. Brad tries to direct her to Show's lockerroom, but she says she intends to do this in public. Whee?
Steph hits the ring, once again dressed like a respectable businesswoman (after her foray into leather skirts and make-up that would make a whore blush last time out)...  and she launches into a story about how, when she was younger, just mostly hanging out backstage, there was a great guy who took her under his wing. He took care of her, and taught her as much about the wrestling business as her own dad.
That man is the Big Show.
So we've got a little difference of opinion about tonight's main event, but she knows she and Big Show will work it out, cuz they're old friends who share a bond that cannot be broken.
Out comes Big Show.
Steph gives him a big (phony) hug, and reiterates how close they are. She even calls him "Paul" to prove it. Then again, she also claimed to be a 12-year-old kid when Big Show came to WWE and befriended her. Uhhhhhhh, off by 10 years, much, honey?
Then Steph implores Show to think about his career and his family, and doing what's best for them. She announces Big Show is broke, and doesn't have much time left to wrestle. She even plays the acromegaly card, and suggests Show might not have much time left to LIVE. So c'mon, play ball, wrestle Daniel Bryan tonight, and you can keep getting paid. Skip the match, and even an Iron Clad Contract won't save you if you're in breach of it.
This goes on for several minutes, with Steph hammering home the lame-ass melodrama, while Big Show stands there, breaking out in tears. This is not entertainment; this is why I long ago stopped watching wrestling with my friends. They'd tease me about how retarded I must be for watching something so gay. And they'd be right.
The scene comes to a merficul end when Steph declares, "I can see you're hurting, but trust me, it hurts me more to say these things." Then another fake hug, and we're done.
So dumb.
Next Week: RAW is in Toronto, so Edge is going to be there! Because he lives in South Carolina, now! Don't think too hard about it, just enjoy the fact that one of my top 3 favorite wrestlers of the 2000s is gonna be on my TV!
Backstage: Big Show has gone from weepy to angry, and is throwing things around in a little hissy fit.
PRIME TIME PLAYERS vs. 3MB (Slater and Mahal, w/ McIntyre)
Slater mocks Titus' barking, so Titus admisters an beating, culminating in the Whistle Assisted Mudhole Stomp.
Then Young tags in, and becomes your Face in Peril for about 2 minutes. Then a hot tag to Titus, a Pier Four brawl, and Young takes out Mahal and McIntyre, while Titus finishes things up inside the ring (with his chest-lift powerbomb thingie).
Your Winners: the PTPs, via pinfall, in 4 minutes. Pure formula, and time compressed to boot, so it has few merits as a wrestling match. But it does seem like the PTPs are gaining momentum as faces, so this still serves that purpose.
Backstage: GM Maddox is talking on the phone, until he's interrupted by Paul Heyman. Maddox is the one who made the PPV eliminatinon match last week, and Heyman is quite pissed. He expresses an intense amount of upset at Maddox.
Then HHH walks in, because we all know Brad's just a puppet. It was ACTUALLY HHH who OK'd the PPV elimination match. Heyman does a Vince-like Gulp Of Shock, and HHH lays out his rationale. You see, HHH is actually a fan of Heyman's work, and how he always weasels his way out of bad situations, unscathed. HHH can appreciate an evil genius like that. But on the other hand, HHH and the McMahons just dislike Paul so much on a personal level, so he wouldn't mind seeing Heyman get beaten and beaten and beaten some more.
Basically, it's a win/win situation for HHH's viewing pleasure. Either he watches Heyman mastermind a way to escape the situation, or he watches Heyman get destroyed. MAZEL TOV!
Odd segment. I mean, I get the initial part, where WWE is all but promising you will see Heyman get beat up... but the HHH appearance and retcon is something I can't quite figure. Is it a way to bring Heyman/Punk into the McMahon Corporate Drama? Or just a "Big Poochie" moment of random insertion by HHH? Or something else entirely?
Vignette: Bray Wyatt finally addresses the issue of Kane. He talks a lot, but says nothing. But in a good way. A lot of repeating the line "Where's Kane" in a taunting, sing-songy way. A few references to fire being HIS friend, not Kane's. And a final analogy about Kane being like Icarus in that he flew too close to the fire. Follow the buzzards!
Back from break, and Orton makes his grand entrance, and the announcers really hammer home the "Cody's getting married" thing. Like go way overboard with it. The mere fact that his job is on the line is story enough, I think. Suddenly making a giant deal of impending nuptials that had previous been mentioned zero times just seemed a bit off.
Regardless, we're off, and it's basic back and forthy for a few minutes. Then Cody goes for a Mount and Punch in the corner, but Orton sends him flying off the ropes, to the floor. Orton preens, as Cody shakes off the cobwebs, and we break for...
Back, and Cody's winning a brawl on the outside of the ring, until Orton dodges a charge, and drops Rhodes neck-first over the barricade. He immediately takes it back in the ring, and settles in for chinlock-based offense. The crowd is so thrilled, they broke into a "RAN DEE SA VIDGE" chant for no apparent reason.
Cody finally begins his hulk up, and as has been the case lately in Orton's matches, things suddenly reach another gear for End Game. Great counters and near falls, playing off the fact that they know each other so well (back from the Legacy days). Cody even hits the CrossRhodes, but only for a (very convincing, very dramatic) 2 count.
Finish comes when Cody misses a Disaster Kick, and Orton snaps off an RKO out of nowhere.
Your Winner: Randy Orton, via pinfall, in 15 minutes or so. As has been the case in more than one Orton match since his heel turn, things started off pretty slowly, to the point that it seemed they'd totally lost the fans. But then, End Game hits, and everything starts clicking... everybody was behind Cody, and everybody was upset when Orton hit the RKO. So they got to where they wanted to be, in the end. But they maybe didn't take the optimal route to get there. No huge complaints, though.
After the Match: Orton leaves, and Cody lingers, stunned. Days before he was set to start his new life as a married man, he suddenly starting a new life as not-a-wrestler.
And here's HHH to make it official. He sarcastically commends Cody on a great effort, but then drops the standard "YER FIRED" on him, anyway.
Crowd gives him a "CODE DEE RHODES" chant, and the announcers keep overselling the wedding aspect (which fans dont' really have any reason to care about), while the "a popular wrestler just got fired" story would have more than sufficed.
It's enough to make me suspicious... Cody really is getting married soon (thus, his "firing" gives him time to take care of that and enjoy a honeymoon, before conveniently being written back in), and it's to a chick who was training in FCW/NXT for a while. She quit of her own accord (not fired for being useless, not burning any bridges)... you have to at least ask yourself the question, given how much they harped on the random and superfluous matter of Cody's wedding, if this isn't setting up her joining Cody's act upon his return.
CM Punk hits the ring dressed to wrestle, but only planning to talk, it seems. He grabs a mic, and says he knows NoC is still 13 days away, but he's just dying to fight. He wants to fight Heyman. He's happy to fight Axel to get to Heyman. But their both too scared to come out here tonight.
So fine, Punk takes solace in the fact that in 13 days, he's going to deliver "an ass-beating of biblical proportions" to Heyman. Huge pop. The fans' urge to see Heyman destroyed has totally reached Heenan-esque proportions this summer. It's a thing of beauty.
Punk then does an ingenious job of selling the PPV. It's a lost art, something that every wrestler had to do in the 80s, for those geo-targeted cut-in ads for house shows. You actually had to address the fact that these were events, and you had to implore fans to buy tickets, at great risk of missing something awesome. Wrestlers today are more like characters on a TV show, and rarely pop out of that mold to tell you "Hey, this isn't just the next episode of the story, this is an event. Come on out and see it."
Punk did that, here. Specifically promising fans who buy the PPV that they will see a CM Punk that they've never seen before. But then, to give it the perfect amount of anti-establishment sizzle, he uses reverse psychology ("Then again, maybe it's a CM Punk you dont' want to see. I plan on doing horrible things to Paul Heyman."). Nice try, Punk, but it turns out that's EXACTLY what we want to see, you sneaky bastard.
He closes with a straight forward promise to break Heyman's face at Night of Champions. Crisp and to the point. And like I said, a PPV sell-job the likes of which isn't common outside of WrestleMania. This isn't just the next PPV, now. It's Night of Champions, and Punk has made a promise to anyone who buys it.
Backstage: Bryan's still warming up. And in walks Big Show. Show joins the club of those imploring Bryan to just give up, and take his B+ talents to the midcard. But Show couches it a bit more nicely, saying he can't afford to lose his job, but he also doesn't want to hurt Daniel. Bryan doesn't see what the problem is: they will fight, no hard feelings, and Bryan will win. Just like he did 2 years ago to win his first World Title. He delivers that last with enough taunt-y-ness that Big Show actually gets a little fire in his belly, like he might not mind punching Bryan in the face...
NATALYA vs. BRIE BELLA (w/ Nicki) vs. NAOMI (w/ Cameron)
This is a #1 Contenders match, so AJ also hits the ring to do guest commentary.
Stuff, stuff, stuff, AJ thinks all three are unworthy challengers, more stuff, stuff, Natalya's about to win with the Sharpshooter, so AJ jumps up and attacks. Ref calls for the bell.
Your Winner: none, via disqualification, after all of 2 minutes. Hey, don't look at me, that's apparently how diva 3-way matches work. Match was nothing, but it's the obvious set-up for themulti-way women's title match I envisioned last week. Works for me.
After the Match: AJ kept on fighting Nattie, then the other girls jumped in, for a Pier Sixer. Refs tried to break it up, but were initially unsuccessful... when they finall did pull everyone apart, I think Brie was even bleeding from the mouth. Either that, or she fails at lipstick.
Coming Soon: Los Matadores. Yes, we know.
ROB VAN DAM (w/ Ricardo) vs. DAMIEN SANDOW (w/ Briefcase)
Brief feeling out to start. Announcers sneak in a mention of how happy Sandow is that Rhodes is fired. Then things heat up, as RVD starts stringing some flashy kicks and whatnot together.
But before things get out of hand, Alberto del Rio suddenly pops out onto the stage to watch. This distracts RVD long enough for Sandow to attack from behind and toss RVD from the ring. The natural break in the action allows them to cut to....
Back, and it's still Sandow in command. Good mix of unique offense and taunting the audience kept the crowd invested for his continued beatdown. And then RVD began his rally, and kicked it up another several notches.
Fast paced End Game finished with an attempted Five Star being countered with a yank-off and a roll-up. But as Damien emoted "frustration" at only getting a 2, RVD kicked him in the face, and went for the Five Star again. Done, and done.
Your Winner: Rob Van Dam, via pinfall, in 10 minutes or so. A definite upgrade of their match from last week. Just much tighter and with more sizzle. It doesn't really do much to advance the RVD/ADR story, but hey, I'll take it.
Backstage: Nattie, Naomi, and Brie are all arguing about who should be the #1 Contender, given their non-finish of a match, earlier. Stephanie McMahon has the Anvil.... I mean, solution! All three of them are #1 Contenders, and they'll face AJ in a 4-way match at the PPV. Huzzah!
Elsewhere Backstage: Cody Rhodes is in his civilian clothes, leaving the building. But Josh Mathews catches him, and asks if he has any final words for the fans.
Cody immediately finds the exact right level of intensity, as he says the McMahons and Rhodesses have hated each other for generations. He talks about Dusty being turned into a polka-dot-wearing buffoon, and Dustin's career being ruined by "Goldust." So now, this ridiculous power play by HHH is just the next chapter in a McMahon spitefully trying to ruin a Rhodes. It was a great rant.
Then Josh brings up the fiancee, and asks if Cody's talked to her yet, tonight. Does she know he's been fired. Cody just clams up, looks like he might punch Josh in the face. But instead, he just storms off to the parking lot. Again, with the additional Wedding Focus? Dollars to donuts that Cody's Wife has to be part of upcoming storylines, otherwise, why?
Once again, the entire roster is out on the stage to watch HHH's mater plot unfold, and NOT to do anything about it, under threat of termination.
No need for a play-by-play, as this really wasn't a wrestling match. It was more a stage play, complete with dialogue.
Big Show doesn't want to fight, says as much, suggests various compromises. Bryan doesn't care, and lays in with a kick or two. Show begs him to stop it, because you won't like him when he's angry. Bryan keeps coming at him. Big Show finally gets angry, and does a wrestling move or two.
Then, Show cocks the right hand, and thinks about landing the WMD. But then he thinks better of it, and walks out of the ring.
Halfway up the ramp, Show is confronted with Triple H, who orders him back to the ring, and specifically to hit the WMD. Show isn't especially interested in doing this, so HHH unleases Plan B: the Shield attacks Bryan from behind.
Your Winner: Daniel Bryan, via DQ, in 5-6 minutes. OK, we get it... Big Show is a good guy who doesn't want to hurt Daniel Bryan. But, continuing the evening's trend, this just seemed way to drawn out and melodramatic for what it was. Inefficient time management, to say the least. And it's about to get worse...
Show finally does rush back to the ring, but seemingly with the plan to save Bryan from the 3-on-1. HHH immediately put an end to that, ordering Show to stand in a corner and watch, just like Friday. Show did, and started crying like a little girl as the Shield hit the Triple Powerbomb. Oh, lord...
Hunter then ordered Show to go deliver the WMD to Bryan. Show milked it to ridiculous lengths, as he pondered what to do, all while HHH kept adding to the eyeball-roll-inducing silliness of it all by taunting Show with threats about unemployment and fiscal malfeasance. Not on the mic, but just man-to-man, as the announcers long ago gave up saying anything, lest they talk over this magnificent dialogue.
But in the end, Show unclenched his fist, and walked out, again. So we need backup, and here's Stephanie McMahon. More one-on-one chatting, without a mic, which presumably makes it more real, or something. I dunno. It's altogether impossible to take seriously. Just terrible, soap opera-y melodrama. I can hear my friends mocking me in my mind's ear. I HATE when WWE makes me feel embarassed to be a wrestling fan, dammit.
Anyway, Steph's exhortations that Show think about his family and "do the right thing" finally reach ludicrous enough proportions that Show has to think about it. So he does head back to the ring, and now both HHH and Steph are verbally egging Show on. Show has thoughts about punching HHH, but he pulls Steph in front of him, in an admittedly nice dick move.
But the taunting continues, and Big Show keep crying like a bitch, and he finally WMDs Bryan into next week.
Show collapses in a corner to cry some more, and there's more dialogue as HHH and Steph say how proud they are of him for doing the right thing.
Then Orton's music hits.
Show maybe thinks about doing something, but is again warned off it by HHH and Steph. Those three hunker down outside the ring, and Orton pokes at Bryan's carcassfor a bit, before finally deciding it was safe to pose with the belt, with his foot on Bryan's chest. That's your final image as we fade to black.
ANd so the show ends. I can't really think of anything to recommend it. Both Orton/Rhodes and RVD/Sandow were decent, but far from youtube-worthy. The opening promo was 5 minutes of material in a 20 minute bag, and the closing match/angle was something far, far worse.
Gotta give it up for Cody, though. Between that match (which saw fans really get behind him by th eend) and that promo (which was outstanding), he was probably the Star of the Night. He's had false starts towards the top of the card before, but when he comes back from being "fired," this is definitely something solid upon which to build.
I guess I liked Punk's promo a lot, too. But two notably good things in 3 hours isn't a whole lot. Especially not when pretty much everything involving Big Show or a McMahon was of "so lame it makes me feel embarassed to be a wrestling fan" caliber. Putting it all together, my Inner Pyro can't go any higher than a C-.

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.



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