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Welcome Back, Fandangirl
May 7, 2013

by PyroFalkon
Master of the PyroFalkon Multimedia Empire, Incorporated
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Hello everyone, I'm back from vacation and mostly refreshed! Canton was fun, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame was pretty interesting. It's a lot smaller than I thought it was (and smaller than its square footage would imply), but there is a lot of cool stuff in there. My favorite display had one of each Super Bowl ring that has ever been issued, and those things are crazy huge. The Steelers' most recent Super Bowl ring is too large to really wear, and yet it costs $20,000 by itself, which is more than I make in a year. So... yeah... that made me a little envious.

It was intriguing, but the whole trip overall was less relaxing than I'd hoped it would be. The hotel experience was less than stellar, and the days were long and exhausting (other than the day I actually visited the Hall of Fame). If I could do it again, I'd only want to stay two nights instead of three, and I would have been better prepared to do other things (such as writing or whatever).

Instead I spent most of the third day/second night sitting in the hotel room doing literally nothing... I would have preferred to be home, or at least working a bit on my art. But at least I got away from customers for the first time in over three years, which was a breath of fresh air that I needed.

I'd share pictures, but I figure most of you don't care, and I know there's little that annoys more than that one friend who ties you to a chair and forces you to consume a slide show of his every waking moment outside of his home city, so let's get to RAW!

Segment 1: We're opening tonight with John Cena, who tells us in his pre-entrance words that “We're better than we were last week, that's all I'm saying!” as he gestures to his ankle. Well that's certainly good news.

Cena hits the ring to a fairly pro-Cena crowd, and he steals Daniel Bryan's “Yes!” / “No!” shtick as he basically recaps the last couple weeks on RAW... it's too silly for my taste, but the crowd buys it, so whatever. He finishes up nicely that insisting he's a WWE Superstar, and he's the champ... and he hasn't been 100% since 2002, but as long as he's medically cleared, he'll be in the ring for us competing his ass off. Yay!

And here comes Vickie Guerrero, excusing herself at maximum volume down the ramp. Once in the ring, she pimps Extreme Rules, which includes Cena defending the WWE Championship against this man... Ryback!

Ryback hits the ring, but Vickie continues talking, saying that they need to figure out what the match stipulation should be, and is taking suggestions. And then a miracle happens: Cena becomes legitimately funny and entertaining as he mocks Ryback while still naming stipulations! How about a match where the winner is the first one to run out of the arena like a screaming girl? No, maybe not... since Ryback will walk away with that one. Ha!

Or how about a whine-off, so they can complain at each other like Ryback has been doing recently? And then Cena does a spot-on impression of Ryback's voice, enunciation, mannerisms, and (exaggerating) heavy breathing. In Ryback's voice, Cena complains:

“John Cena left me to The Shield six times! [breathe breathe snort breathe] John Cena still owes me a dollar and sixty cents for an international phone card I paid for in 2008! [snort breathe snort breathe] And why does everyone have a problem with my favorite movie being Fried Green Tomatoes? [snort breathe snort breathe] It's a movie about food, isn't it?” Double ha!

Cena concludes that he doesn't give a shit what type it is, even a “Vickie Guerrero's Granny Panties On A Pole” match, which gives me an absolutely swell similar idea that involves My Rosa Mendes and a nearly invisible G-string, but I digress. Cena actually calls bullshit on himself, turns super-ultra-mega serious, and informs Vickie that that type of match is not allowable, because “no man, woman, or child should ever have to see that.” Heh.

So Vickie takes the floor again and says that she's not happy about Ryback walking out on the main event last week, but that he's very lucky because Cena's ranting means Ryback gets to choose the stipulation by default.

Ryback, naturally, doesn't get directly to the point. He blathers a little bit, but gets on track fairly quickly with some nice lines. He says it's ironic that Cena's Achilles's heel is literally his Achilles's heel. But also that Cena's true Achilles's is his pride, that he's not smart enough to back away from a fight when he shouldn't be taking it. So after Extreme Rules, everyone will know that “Ryback Rules”; he's going to make sure Cena won't be able to stand on that heel, or at all, because it's going to be a Last Man Standing match, the better cousin of an I Quit match!

Cut Scene: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman “invaded” the WWE HQ in Stamford, Connecticut today. We'll find out why later.

Commercial: I don't particularly care for the Fast and the Furious franchise, but there are worse images for my television to display than Michelle Rodriguez in tight form-fitting tank tops.

Pre-Segment 2: Randy Orton makes his entrance during commercial, which of course puts me in two minds: I miss hearing what is probably the best entrance theme of the Modern Era, but I also get three minutes less of seeing Orton. You take the bad with the good, I guess.

But then OO's beloved Damien Sandow pops out of the back and wants to sing his own song for Orton! Sung to the same tune and completely off-key from “Voices in My Head” by Rev Theory (i.e., Orton's actual theme song), we get this:

Randy has voices inside his head
Just watching him puts me to bed, puts me to sleep

Randy walks down on this ramp
His expression stays the same
Does his pose up in the corner
Can't think of anything more lame

All his tattoos are disgusting
All that oil on him is heinous
I guess you get to sit back and

Watch me beat this ignoramus

That was horribly “sung,” but funny as hell, and we're welcome. And for that matter, Sandow has just endeared himself even more to Online Onslaught and our dignified taste in justified Orton-bashing.

Segment 2 [Singles Match]: Randy Orton defeats Damien Sandow by pin. The pre-segment was better than the match. It was watchable, but nothing really all that thrilling. Sandow started as the chickenshit heel, controlled Orton with rest holds through and after the commercials, then took the Five Moves of Doom and an RKO during Orton's hope spot. Pin, done, whatever... Tolerable, just nothing special.

Post-Segment 2: Well, this was neat. After the match, they cut to the announcers to blather, and then they smash-cut to the stage, where Orton is laid out with Big Show standing over him. Only after a replay do we see that Show basically exploded out of gorilla and punched him with a WMD. That was a sweet little misdirection that gave off one of those rare “anything can happen” vibes. Good stuff.

Pre-Segment 3: Chris Jericho hits the ring to blather. See, Fandango has a match next, and I guess they need to kill a little time to set up Fandango's special stage scaffolding, so Jericho informs us that he's going to have a panel of judges sitting at ringside to judge Fandango's dance moves during his entrance. Because this, apparently, is a good use of time.

So he introduces the judges, the first two being Tons of Funk, who are accompanied by the Funkadactyls. So I guess I have to take back my previous statement, because the Funkadactyls are always a good use of time. And during this specific entrance, I notice two things: Naomi is certainly more my type (since, I may as well be blunt here, I like boobs, and Naomi's got the body type I tend to drool for), but Cameron has much better rhythm for her entrance “dance.”

Oh, I guess Tons of Funk is collectively the only judge... or better put, they sit with Jericho at the special ringside table. So then Fandango arrives (without his special scaffolding), and he's not with Summer Rae, but a different Fandangirl. It's sadly not the original Pyro's Vaguely Hispanic Backup Dream Girl, but whatever. I wonder where Summer Rae went. For that matter, I wonder where PVHBDG went. [Ed. Note: I can only assume Summer Rae went back to NXT to await a gimmick that suits her better. In the meantime, that's the OOriginal Recipe Fandangirl, back after a month long hiatus. All classy and beautiful and quietly mysterious. And capable of actually -- you know? -- dancing. Ahem.]

Rick's statement last week is accurate: I can't hear the “sound-sweetening” as well as he can, but it's clear from the arena shots that the stupid “Fandangoing” has run its course for 99% of the fans. Still, the crowd pops for the guy, and that's certainly not bad.

So after the entrance, the judges give him a 2, 2, and 1 (with Jericho himself giving him the low score). Fandango produces a mic and tells Jericho off, that just because “you were on Dancing With the Stars and failed doesn't give you a right to judge me.” Heh, nice.

Segment 3 [Singles Match]: R-Truth defeats Fandango (w/ Generic Fandangirl #4) by intentional countout. Fandango with limited early offense, nothing to really talk about. Then we had a cute spot to take us home, where Truth tossed Fangy out of the ring, then did his signature little jive with the jumping split (colloquially known by me as the “Crotch Flattener”). The judges scrambled for their cards, and Jericho and Tensai held up 10's. Brodus Clay actually couldn't find his 10 card, so he improvised by holding up the 4 and the 2 to give it a 42 out of 10. Hilarious.

Fandango called shenanigans, took his Fandangirl, and just left. Jericho stood up and held up his 0 card.

So... short match, but it was a comedy match, so whatever. Forgivable.

Segment 4: In the back, Josh Mathews stupidly asks how Daniel Bryan is feeling after getting his ass kicked by The Shield last week. DB says he's fine, more or less, though he doesn't think that anyone is buying Shield's perverted sense of “justice.” And that's why he's going to totally take on Ryback in a rematch tonight to prove that—

Well, to prove something, but for now, Ryback appears with his heavy breathing. Ryback insists that DB isn't in any shape for a rematch, so... no to the rematch. And besides, even if he was healthy, he'd destroy him, since DB is totally “half the man” that Ryback is.

Ryback turns to leave but goes face-to-face with Kane. Kane asks if he is “half the man” Ryback is, and wants a piece of him. Ryback unblinkingly says that Kane isn't the monster he used to be, and we all know that there's only one monster left in WWE... Ryback rules.

Huh. I really am buying Ryback more and more. His promos are short and to the point, and it's certainly a less-is-more situation. Ryback clearly doesn't have the promo chops to be the second coming of The Rock or anything, but by choosing to keep himself grounded, he manages to talk threateningly without becoming a James Bond villain. Good stuff.

Segment 5 [Singles Match]: Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) defeats Dolph Ziggler (w/ AJ & Big E. Langston) by disqualification. Above-average match, but no super-noteworthy spots. Instead, this was a good example of a match telling a story. ADR's arm is still sore after all his recent run-ins with Jack Swagger, and we saw him favoring it through most of the match. He wasn't able to put extra “oomph” into his moves, and he'd sell the arm when he whiffed on a move, such as a whiffed step-up enziguri in the corner.

Before commercials, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter appeared. Zeb joined the commentary team, and Jack sat beside him, but quietly.

ADR held his own, and he got his hope spot at the appropriate time. Dolph had a little excess energy, but this translated to more than just overselling; for example, during ADR's final hope spot sequence, he went for tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Dolph jumped a little too hard, so ADR's knee found its way into Dolph's tailbone. Ouch.

Still, ADR had momentum at that point. He failed the pin off the backbreaker, but slapped on the Cross Arm Breaker presently from there. AJ then distracted the ref on the south side of the ring, while Langston slid in the ring on the east side. He pulled ADR out, then threw him into Jack and Zeb. The ref saw this, surprisingly, despite AJ's distraction, and called for the DQ.

Post-Segment 5: It really was a stupid idea on Langston's part, as Jack was fresh. Jack recovered quickly, grabbed Langston's face, then threw it (and him) into the ring post. Without missing a beat, Jack turned around and clotheslined ADR's head off.

Then Jack dug around under the ring, and wouldn't you know it, some Stagehand Monkey left a ladder down there! Ricardo decided to try making a save, but that totally didn't work, and Jack shoved the ladder into Ricardo, jamming him between the top edge of the ladder and the corner barricade. (Lawler called this a “ladder-assisted Spear,” but it was a gentle push, not really a Spear.)

Jack was feeling blood lust though, so he wasn't done. He shoved the ladder in the ring, followed it in, raised it against Dolph and just straight bashed the ladder into the side of Dolph's head with something between a thrust and a swing. Not sure how much Dolph “sold” that... that looked painful as hell.

AJ freaked, and Dolph screamed gutturally. Then ADR got in the ring, so Jack just did a running throw with the ladder into ADR's face. Good god.

Jack celebrated over the corpses of his enemies, with Zeb joining him in the ring with applause, and they finally left.

Welcome to relevancy and credibility, Jack.

Segment 6: Kaitlyn is talking to the Funkadactyls in the back. Then her phone gives one of the most annoying tones in history, which from contextual clues is totally a text message. Cameron is all smiley and is all “OMG, is that your secret admirer?,” thus making me lose a little respect for her given that she literally said “OMG.” Is it so hard to keep text acronyms out of everyday speech? God... that shit really makes me SMH.

Anyway, Kaitlyn is all, “Yeah, it's him, and I still don't know who he is.” Naomi, further endearing herself to me, says, “Uh... that's not a secret admirer again, that's more like a stalker.” It's so good to know that she'll be able to properly advise My Rosa Mendes on the nature of our relationship later.

Kaitlyn insists that she's not the type to get gushy over gifts, but it still seems like the guy really gets her. Cameron is pretty sure that if Kaitlyn keeps talking like that, she's going to wind up locked in the guy's basement. Heh.

Then Natalya arrives, so Kaitlyn then reads off the text, which compliments her ability to squat 300 pounds and quote Simpsons episodes, ending with “I Choo-Choo-Choose You.” Cameron gives the best “Ew...” ever, but I actually found the message cute, which explains why I've been single for the past three years (almost to the day). I wish I was that clever when stalking people. Rather than let the joke lie though, Kaitlyn has to explain that it was totally from a Simpsons episode, which I knew, but apparently none of the other ladies did.

And then we take a sharp turn down Stupidity Street as Nattie calls over Khali, and suggests that “Khali should go undercover in the men's locker room to find out who the secret admirer is.” Two things: first, how the fuck can someone like Khali go undercover at all? And two, how the fuck can he go undercover when the whole goddamn skit was just broadcast to everyone on television? Or are we again in one of WWE's inconsistency corners where it can't decide whether the camera is part of the show or not? Because heaven forbid the writers should stick with one point of view, since that would be totally not-confusing! I swear, the WWE “Creative” Team couldn't write a consistent script if the physical embodiment of Consistency shanked them in the frontal lobe with a magical pencil graced by the literacy powers of William Shakespeare and Ernest Hemingway.

Khali, who seems more interested in his pie rather than girlish delights, goes ahead and agrees to this. Natalya says this will totally work, since Khali was a cop at one point, and the four girls go giggling off stage-right.

And then the Bellas pop out from behind a nearby curtain, giggling and high-fiving each other for some reason. Are they Kaitlyn's stalkers? And if so, where I can get the pictures? [Ed. Note: I had no idea what to make of that Bellas pop-in, either. Also: if Kaitlyn also has a crush on Beavis, then I've spent my entire adult life doing it all wrong. I've purposely repressed the urge to use "I Choo-choo-choose You" and other similarly inspired tactics, on the grounds that 95% of girls won't have a clue what you're talking about, and the 5% who do will immediately pigeonhole you as a Ralph. And we all know chicks, even the smart ones, are more into the Nelsons.]

Segment 7 [Six-Man Tag Match]: The Shield defeats Kofi Kingston & The Usos by pin. Solid match but no special spots. Great action from The Shield as usual, and Kofi worked well with the Usos. The match ended with Dean Ambrose doing a forward falling spike DDT. Good finisher.

Segment 8 [Singles Match]: Antonio Cesaro squashes Zack Ryder by pin. Well-executed squash, but whatever.

Post-Segment 8: After the match, Antonio says that he doesn't always ask for the mic, but when he does, we know it's important. He questions whether WWE really has run out good competitors to face him, and that he “puts the W in WWE,” I assume referring to the “Wrestling” bit, not the “World” bit. He assures us that there's no one in the whole company who can possibly deal with him.

No one appears, so... huh. Okay. Decent promo, another less-is-more deal. Good stuff. [Ed. Note: Intense Serious Promo + No Goddamned Yodeling = Good Thing.]

Segment 9: Paul Heyman joins us via satellite to talk about his trip to WWE HQ earlier. Blathering ensues, and we see cell phone video of their “tour” of the building. They head up to Triple H's executive office, commenting on some of the posters, including a rather specific shot of a poster of The Rock. Heyman points out that there aren't posters of Lesnar, and what a tragedy that is.

Lesnar breaks into Triple H's office, and they mess around with his knickknacks, including sitting in Trips's chair behind his desk, before Brock starts destroying random stuff. Even better, Trips has Sweet Lady Sledge hanging on the wall, which Brock uses to obliterate Trips's desk... and, really, the rest of his office. (And is it just me, or did Heyman's voice change quality during this bit? Just varying distance to the cell phone mic, or is this a little post-production magic?) [Ed. Note: yes, it was pretty obvious that Paul got a do-over on his narration.]

The point? This destruction Lesnar left behind is the general destruction he can do. Usually Paul manages to talk him down, but when it comes to Lesnar's match against Trips at Extreme Rules, Heyman will take the handcuffs off and let Lesnar destroy Trips himself.

Heyman continues his long-winded blathering, and then Trips's music fires up. Even with Heyman still via satellite on the Titantron, Trips makes a shortened entrance and addresses him from the ring. Trips opens his rant by even calling bullshit on Heyman's sound qualities, then points out that Heyman doesn't have a monopoly on “extreme”: he founded D-Generation X, after all!

Trips gives a nice line that he has two offices; sure, Lesnar tore one of them up, but he's now standing in his other office, though the ring is less of an office and more of his home. Trips became a man in the ring, and that's something Lesnar clearly never became, since Lesnar is too much of a pussy to come and say to Trips's face. And if Lesnar thinks he'll break “this” office as he did the other one, well... in “this” office, “we fight back.” Cue Trips's music and a deafening reaction, and we're out.

Pre-Segment 10: AJ and the Bella Twins hit the ring for a match, but WWE interrupts their entrance for another preview of their stupid reality show.

This is followed with Kaitlyn and the Funkadactyls' entrance, which sadly does not include the Modified Super Ass Voltron that assembles itself onto Kaitlyn's hips. Rick is sad. In his pants. [Ed. Note: I'll live. Plus, I'm still angry at Kaitlyn for, apparently, illustrating that I've wasted the past 15 years of my life by NOT using references from cartoons to impress the ladies.]

Segment 10 [Six-Diva Tag Match]: Kaitlyn & the Funkadactyls reverse-squash AJ & the Bella Twins by pin. Yes, I'm recapping a squash. But it involves the divas, so there you go.

AJ begins the match, and Cameron starts off as the instant face in peril, which is stupid. Apparently one forearm to the back of the head is enough for Cameron to crawl around on the canvas and sell like she's worked a 15-minute match and just so desperately needs a tag. No sale: that's so-bad-it's-obvious poor ring psychology.

AJ continues the offense, mocking the faces by doing head- and neck-targeted offense basically in the faces' corner, just to be a bitch, including blowing a mocking little kiss toward Kaitlyn. Eventually Cameron dodges a running clothesline in the corner, then suddenly shows zero signs of fatigue and pain as she skips around the ring (much like AJ herself does), concluding with a shitty cross body off the top rope. This connects somehow, and then Cameron does a diving tag despite AJ being flat on her back... and falls on her face without actually connecting hands. This draws absolute zero cares among the crowd, since this doesn't reek at all of a “hot tag,” and even though it's an incredibly ridiculous botch, the fans just don't even give enough of a shit to fire up a “You fucked up!” or similar chant.

Kaitlyn takes the “hot” tag on Cameron's second attempt, where she rises to her knees to do another diving tag despite being about six inches away. Again, the crowd (rightfully) doesn't give a shit, but they perk up when AJ and Kaitlyn face each other. AJ pretends to beg forgiveness, but then just gives her a Stiff As Fuck slap.

Kaitlyn looks pissed, and AJ is in no mood to soothe her anger, so she goes for a tag... and the Bellas just hop off the apron. The desperation penetrates AJ's haze of crazy (a “hazy” if you will), and she turns around with trepidation... just to eat one of Kaitlyn's stiff Spears. How that didn't cause whiplash I have no idea, but Kaitlyn makes the pin and takes the win.

After the match, Kaitlyn literally stands over AJ to pose with her belt, then stands with her tag partners to celebrate the team win.

I'll tell you... I've never seen a more obvious difference in the separate skills of a tag team before. Naomi is certainly ring-capable, as we've seen before, and tends to put on very consistent performances (though we didn't see anything from her tonight). Cameron has done decently in the past if she sticks to brawling, but this... this wasn't brawling. This wasn't anything good, in fact. Cameron has value, and I certainly don't want her to fail, but... I really think WWE needs to get Trish Stratus back on the payroll to give the divas (or at least Cameron) some training. [Ed. Note: I'm not gonna crap on Cameron, just due to small sample size. But I guess it's worth mentioning that she is Alicia Fox's sister, so being awful might just be in the genes. Then again, so is being hot, so I'm not sure it's worth getting too upset over as long as she's mostly used in tag matches and the like.]

Segment 11: Mark Henry hits the ring and cuts a promo that doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense. It's basically Henry saying how awesome and tough he is, though the fans “What?” him to hell. Henry tries to play with them, repeating a specific phrase just to make the crowd “What” him four times, then concludes with “Y'all are just a bunch of puppets,” which really doesn't have much punch behind it.

This goes on entirely too long, and then Sheamus appears. It may not “fit,” but Henry really needs a manager of some sort, or at least a gimmick change, because he simply can't cut a promo worth a damn.

Anyway, Henry plays a video montage of him beating the crap out of Sheamus, but then Sheamus comes down to the ring and shows his own video montage of his moral victories, which including cheating in physical contests to take cheap shots. Because babyfaces always do that!

Blathering ensues, and then Wade Barrett comes down. This is because Sheamus and Barrett have a match now, which I don't think was stated by anyone until Barrett actually came down. Henry looks irritated and just leaves, and we go to commercial.

Pre-Segment 12: Oh good, Mark Henry joined the commentary team. I'm totally sure this won't be a train wreck.

Segment 12 [Singles Match]: Sheamus defeats Wade Barrett by pin. Back-and-forth action to start, but that doesn't matter, because this match exists for one specific interaction. After the initial sequence of the match, the fight spilled outside, and Sheamus pretended to throw Barrett into Henry. Henry flinched, and fell out of his chair, which part of me hopes was actually unintentional. Sheamus instead throws Barrett back into the ring, and when Henry gets up, Sheamus nails him with a Brogue Kick. Once again showing how to not be a bully, but kicking other bullies in the face. Be a star, baby!

Back in the ring, Sheamus quickly controls Barrett, hits him with the top rope battering ram, and fails the pin. Good exchange from there, counter and re-counter from both guys, and Barrett takes control with a Winds of Change. Pins fail, but the heel is in control.

...For five seconds, at which point Sheamus hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker, but only gets a two from that as well. Sheamus wants to hit White Noise, Barrett counters out, Sheamus tries a Brogue Kick, Barrett ducks it and counters with a side kick. Wow... nice exchanges.

Another exchange later, Sheamus is able to get momentum and hits a (shitty) Brogue Kick, then makes the pin. Solid enough match.

Post-Segment 12: Doctors checked on Henry after the Brogue Kick. By now, Henry recovered and stole the belt off an EMT's pants, then used it to flog Sheamus a good dozen times. Sheamus had no answer, and after the fight spilled outside, he smashed Sheamus with a World's Strongest Slam on the black mats. Holy crap, that was violent. Henry can't do shit with a microphone, but he's definitely credible in a fight.

Segment 13: Replay of Segment 9, specifically when Lesnar destroyed Trips's office, because I guess it's worth watching twice for some reason.

Segment 14 [Singles Match]: Ryback extend-squashes Kane by pin. Decent enough match for what it was, but it served to give Ryback momentum. For that, it wasn't bad, but... I don't know, just not that great.

Post-Segment 14: As soon at the match ended, The Shield's music fired up. Ryback looked ready to fight, and Daniel Bryan sprinted down to the ring. Ryback then decided to get out of Dodge, leaving DB alone.

DB wasn't backing down, and Cena came down to help him. The Shield still had the numbers (Kane rolled out), so they surrounded the ring. The Shield hopped up on the apron, but the faces made the first strikes. Then Ryback came back with a chair and sorta-kinda swung it at Seth Rollins, making Rollins back off. DB did a suicide dive through the ropes to take out Rollins and Ambrose, while Cena set Roman Reigns up for the FU. But then Ryback took his chair and nailed Cena in the gut with it. One chair shot to Cena's back later, and Cena was left laid out.

Ryback screamed that he totally rules, and that's where we ended the night.

Final Thoughts: Solid final sequence with a bunch of interwoven stories. We don't normally see this kind of plot other than the build up to Survivor Series. Good stuff.

Though, the night overall was... well, above average, sure, but nothing that's going to get people talking. It's not quite a “should-watch,” but it might be worth checking out on heavy fast-forward.

It's been a long night, and while I'm glad to be back, it's 12:34am as I write this section, and I've got work in the morning. So no more from tonight guys, but come on back to OO this weekend for my usual SmackDown recap.

Episode Grade: C+



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