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WankerMania 29!
April 9, 2013

by PyroFalkon
Master of the PyroFalkon Multimedia Empire, Incorporated
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Twenty-four hours removed from WrestleMania 29, and I feel... weird. Like, I know it happened, and last night was a freaking blast with my tiny party. Also: I made Rick's famous and trademarked Orange Russians totally perfect last night for some reason that I put my finger on yet. So, it was socially fun... but the show? Meh.
The main reason I know it wasn't all that awesome as a show is due to what I've been saying around the water cooler, as it were. Or more accurately: what I've not been saying at the water cooler. I don't have any coworkers who are huge wrestling fans, but I have enough that they were aware of the larger matches. And yet when it came time to talk about it, I found myself continually saying “Yeah, Taker/Punk was fantastic!,” and nothing else. Sure, I reported the results, but nothing really stuck out in my mind.

(Except for Fandango's Cavalcade of Prancing Ladies, because while I really don't care about ballroom dancing itself, I do enjoy seeing a dozen attractive brunettes hip-popping for my pleasure... albeit totally asynchronized.)

I thought we were off to a bad start in the pre-show when Snooki was there, Miz called her a “MILF,” and she smiled until he clarified it meant “Mom I'd Like to 'Friend.' ” This, somehow, disappointed her, implying that she was only interested in Miz as long as he wanted to bang her. The fact that she's famous and has made more from her writing than me cuts me deeper than a box cutter up my urethra. I almost regret writing that metaphor.

Anyway, the show was fun enough, but it didn't quite feel like WrestleMania. I wasn't quite hearing the sizzle as much as Rick was, but even so, the last hour just petered off. Trips/Brock only got interesting in the second half of the match, and Rock/Cena was never interesting to me, so this is like the third or fourth time in a row that they really should have put Taker's match on last, but... whatever. I'm bitching, and I don't want to bitch. It removes the fact that I had a good time last night, and that's the most important thing.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't give my report on OO's Undeclared Prediction Game, where Rick took the win. I got 6 out of 9 predictions right, with the 10th match being scrapped. 66.6% is a little better than I used to do back when we had a dozen writers around these parts. (I think my lifetime average was around 40-50%.) Rick managed 7.5 out of 9, with his only incorrect winner in the pre-show, and the fact that he was right on the final visual of Ryback/Mark Henry but didn't actually pick a winner (unless we're to infer he chose Ryback to win, which drops him down to 7 out of 9, still better than me). Clearly, my 8-for-9 year was an anomaly.

If I have any more comments about WrestleMania, I'm sure it'll be in the recap here somewhere. As always, no complaints about spoilers: I'm going to assume you've read Rick's recap for WrestleMania 29, and if you haven't, you really should! So do that if you haven't already, and then let's get to RAW...

Segment 1: John Cena hits the ring to start the show, where he gets blasted with boos. And for good reason: he's wearing a shirt that is easily his shittiest one to date, a plain white T with the words “The Champ is Here!” in black text with an arrow pointing straight down. Sure, it's pointing to the Bedazzled Belt on his waist, but they smash-cut to some idiots in the crowd, including prepubescent kids, wearing the same shirt and no similar belt. Because apparently, WWE wants our 10-year-olds to start implying to the world they have no problem referring to their dicks as “The Champ,” even though the kids themselves couldn't (or shouldn't) get the joke. I hate WWE sometimes. And you just know douchebags will be buying the shirt unironically.

For his part, Cena doesn't really care that 95% of the reaction is boos, and is in fact chuckling at it. He says winning the main event at WrestleMania and winning the belt should be the best day ever! It should involve the adulation...! (Boos.) The respect...! (Boos.) The cheers! (Boos.) The... cheers? (Louder boos.) The cheers? (All of the boos.)

So Cena posts up and stage whispers that, c'mon guys, why are you so angry? But he understands it, because he's upset too... because WrestleMania is over, and that's so totally obviously why everyone is booing. But hell, everyone should be happy, because it's not the “day after Christmas,” it's just the first RAW to a new WrestleMania season! The crowd answers with “Boring! Boring!” Cena, playing with the crowd, says that the RAW after WrestleMania is totally more than that, like last year when Brock Lesnar came out and kicked his ass. And then everyone cheers.

And as Cena continues to blather, he turns around, and the back of that shitty shirt gets shittier because it's got “RTIME = NOW” on the back. Ugh.

Blathering ensues, and then Mark Henry comes down, magically drawing more boos than Cena... but then those boos turn to cheers and even “Henry! Henry!” chants. Huh. Those morph to “Sexual Chocolate!” chants. Cena replies, “This is a raucous crowd, they want to have sex with chocolate,” which causes the crowd to cheer to chant, “Yes! Yes!” Henry tries to continue cutting his (generic) promo, to which the crowd starts chanting “Feed me more! Feed me more!” So Cena points out that the crowd first wants to have sex with chocolate, then they want to eat more of it. Cute, and funny, and clearly this promo has completely gone off the rails.

So blathering continues, and Cena challenges Henry to a match for the WWE Championship. Booker T comes out and puts the nix on that, and says that The Rock is entitled to his automatic rematch. [Ed. Note: on a show that was jam-packed with surprises, and overshadowed by an insane crowd, this little tidbit deserves to be underscored. Rock/Cena III is now officially happening. But when?] The crowd boos, and Cena rubs salt in the wound by saying “Yeah, I beat him last night!” Then Booker explains that Rock isn't here due to a muscle tear he suffered last night, and the crowds fires back with “Bullshit! Bullshit!” Booker T looks legitimately frustrated that the fans are in full-on Rebel Mode.

So Booker T randomly makes a non-title match between Henry and Cena, and says that if Henry beats him, he gets a shot at the title eventually. Henry tries a punch line about the Hall of Pain, but the crowd just What's him, and it flops. Weird. Also weird: why the hell was Booker making this match, not Vickie?

Pre-Segment 2: Big E. Langston is in a match! He makes his entrance flanked by his compatriots, and he stretches his arms wildly as he heads down the ramp... and pretty much punches AJ in the boobs. She just smiles and laughs it off, probably because she's used to men getting to second base on her. (Hey-oh!)

Segment 2 [Singles Match]: Big E. Langston (w/ AJ & Dolph Ziggler) defeats Daniel Bryan (w/ Kane) by pin. Short match, basically an extended squash. DB had momentum, but AJ distracted the ref to give Dolph a chance to hit him with a cheap shot. After a few shenanigans, Langston hit Bryan with his unnamed finisher [Ed. Note: "The Big Ending."], and that was that.

Cut Scene: Kurt Warner is in the crowd and wants you to watch his show on USA Network. This lasts more than four seconds, thus being entirely too long.

Segment 3 [Singles Match for the Intercontinental Title]: Wade Barrett defeats The Miz, and is the NEW Intercontinental Champion! Fun match for the wrong reasons, but overall better than their effort on the WrestleMania pre-show.

The crowd was once again rebellious, the majority loudly in favor of Barrett, from chants (“Let's go Barrett!”) to cheers. The spot to take us to the break was pretty sweet move, where Miz was basically sitting on the middle rope, with his upper half of his body above the apron, and his lower half in the ring. Barrett stood on the apron, hooked Miz's jaw, stood back-to-back, then jumped down to the black mats. This bent Miz's spine around the middle rope, with the bonus of making him smack the back of his head against the apron and fall out of the ring. Barrett got a standing ovation from the wankers, and we get ads.

And then we get a hilarious botch. Miz gets momentum, and he tries to do his signature reverse-hooked back breaker followed by a reverse DDT. Except either Barrett was too slick, or Miz's grip was weak, but after the back breaker, Barrett fell out of the lock and onto his ass. Miz went for the move anyway (inertia can be a bitch), and accidentally and legitimately planted a sharp elbow into Barrett's nose and mouth. Ouch... that wasn't selling. But then we got some “You fucked up! You fucked up!” chants as the commentators tried to sell it as Barrett “slipping out” of it. After a close-up, we see that Barrett's mouth is pretty bloody, and there's already a welt forming at the corner.

After a couple exchanges, Barrett was on the apron near the corner, and Miz was standing on the middle rope. They exchanged punches, until Barrett just grabbed Miz's head and slammed it into the ring post. Wade quickly got back in the ring, hit the Bullhammer Elbow, then made the pin. The crowd was overwhelmingly cheering.

Segment 4: Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox are talking in the back, and then Sheamus comes in. He wants a match with Big Show after their breakdown last night. Maddox is cool with that... but then he has to remember that they “owe him one.” Sheamus doesn't care, he just wants a match. And Vickie words it thus: “Okay... I'll give you a match.” Sheamus is an idiot and sees nothing wrong with her inflection, so he leaves pumped.

Segment 5: After commercials, Booker T is walking around in the back, and Randy Orton appears. He begs for Books to give him a match against Big Show tonight. Booker tells him, slowly, that Vickie has already booked him in a match. But then Orton says that Booker is a real GM, so he can totally override Vickie. Books likes his ego stroked, so he says Orton has his match. Hooray, says absolutely no one.

Segment 6: Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter hit the ring for a match, but want to talk first. Colter blathers and gets What'ed, and it's nothing special. And then we go to commercial, because this was too important for a cut scene or pre-segment, for some reason.

Segment 7 [1-on-2 Handicap Tag Match]: Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) defeats Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter by pin. So, Colter basically didn't do anything, even as the crowd scream-chanted “We want Colter!” halfway through the match. [Ed. Note: despite Lawler's claim, that was a "We Want Ziggler" chant, same that these two got the night before at WM.]

Nothing crazy happened, though the story here as Jack had the Patriot Lock applied to ADR early on, and ADR sold it throughout the match. Even as the match was over with, ADR sold the hell out of it. An EMT hit the ring...

And Dolph's music fires up! Here we go!

Post-Segment 7 [Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Title]: Dolph Ziggler (w/ AJ & Big E. Langston) defeats Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) by pin, and is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! Two title changes on a freaking weekly show? And the Money in the Bank cash-in, no less? Holy shit!

Dolph goes balls-out crazy as he stomps the shit out of ADR's ankle and does mounted punches. The crowd is pretty much unanimous for Dolph, and they cheer the hell out of it. Dolph makes a quick pin... One, two, no!

Dolph repeats his strategy, but ADR hits his trademark enziguri. Makes the pin, one, two, kickout!

An exchange, ADR does the the Cross Arm Breaker. He locks it in, but Dolph notices that that injured ankle is right there, so Dolph locks the ankle. ADR is too injured and has to break the hold. Dolph quickly recovers, and with both men to their feet, Dolph hits the Zig Zag. Pin, three, new champ! The crowd makes the entire floor sticky with admiration!

Fantastic. In my opinion, I know people wanted to see this at WrestleMania, but two things: one, I'm convinced I'm right that his win would have overshadowed the rest of 'Mania, or would have been overshadowed by 'Mania... in other words, his win would have been downplayed due to everything else that was going on. And two, it was more surprising and more organic this way. With respect to anyone who may disagree, I think this was the right play. Good stuff!

Segment 8: As we come from commercial, we get a bong (an audible bong, you druggies), the lights go out, and the crowd cheers as Undertaker pops out from the back. Taker does his full entrance, grabs a mic, and starts to say that he dedicated the match to his long-time friend, Paul—

And he can't even say the full name of his legendary manager, because The Shield's music interrupts him. Wow, they have balls. The Shield surrounds the ring, but Taker isn't going to run. He backs up to the only empty rope, but he readies the fight.

BOOM! Here comes Kane and Daniel Bryan, and the Brothers of Destruction are reunited with a sacrificial Goatface by their side! Shield collectively says “Fuck this,” hops off the apron, and leaves through the crowd with a trail of fear-urine dribbling behind them.

Okay, so nothing exactly happened, but this match up makes me happy, since it's no secret I'm a huge Taker mark. If this goes down at Extreme Rules, I just might it for that match alone. [Ed. Note: Taker sticking around to do a quick run against the Shield is good. Not to mention a HUGE surprise. But the real takeaway here is that WWE just caused a tag team title feud to materialize out of thin air. A REAL tag title feud.]

Segment 9: Dolph Ziggler is blathering with his friends in the back, and then Josh Mathews appears to interview him. The crowd hangs on every word he says, and even shuts the hell up when he talks. He says that this is WrestleMania, and it's about damn time, so there! Cheers from everyone!

Segment 10 [Six-Man Tag Match]: Santino Marella, Zack Ryder, & R-Truth defeat 3MB by pin. So... this happened. I don't know why, maybe it was intended to cool down the crowd, but holy crap, they were still into it and cheering the crap out of the faces. Santino probably got the biggest pop he's had in two years.

Segment 11: WWE did stuff in New York for WrestleMania. You needed to know this for some reason on RAW. And it lasts a good three minutes or more.

Segment 12: Sheamus and Orton argue in the back over who should beat up Big Show. They're now angry at each other, but Sheamus is the first to run off and totally beat up Show.

Segment 13: We get a replay of a post-WrestleMania cut scene where Show tells the new interview girl that he feels Orton and Sheamus are the ones who turned their backs on him. Show just wanted to prove to everyone that he could get it done against The Shield, and it's Orton's fault for “taking his thunder.” And Show doesn't want anyone to take his thunder again... “The only important thing to the Big Show is the Big Show.” Solid enough promo, point taken.

Segment 14: Sheamus hits the ring and pleads his case to the fans that he should be the one who beats up Big Show. Orton then hits the ring and polls the crowd for himself instead.

[Ed. Note: Why does OO like making fun of the Mega Mandouche that is Randall Orton? Because of moments like tonight, when he rebuttaled Sheamus by saying "So, you pander to the fans to get them to take your side, but...." Then he trails off. Then he wanders around the ring with a blank stare on his face for a good 15 seconds. Then he walks up to Sheamus, puts his mic down, and point blanks asks, "What's my line?" The look on Sheamus' face was golden. But Orton asks again, and Sheamus actually tells him. Then Orton turns away, takes three steps, and whips back around to face Sheamus, as if to add dramatic effect to his now-30-second pause, and finally says his line. On a show where the live crowd did so many funny things, the most hilarious moment of the night belongs to Orton. Or it would, if only it wasn't kind of sad that he continues to find ways to live down to our expectations.]

And then we go to commercial, because we're having a stupid Tweet fight over who gets to do the match. Ugh.

Pre-Segment 15: Orton wins in a landslide with 77% of the votes. But it doesn't matter, because Vickie and Booker pop out and piss all over the fans by saying that they're just going to have a Sheamus vs. Orton match to see who gets to fight Big Show. Take that, Twitter!

Segment 15 [Singles Match]: Randy Orton and Sheamus wrestle to a no-contest, I guess, though technically it was probably a DQ win for Sheamus. A match of pure insanity, the fans completely owned this one, for better or worse. It took about ten seconds before the fans started in with the “Boring!” chants, then got bored of themselves, and switched to “Olé Olé Olé,” that one association football chant everyone sings. After the next exchange, the crowd got even boreder, which is grammatically incorrect, but it's the only appropriate word for when “Mike Chioda!” is the arena-wide chant.

(Aside: It's “soccer” to us. I know. I said “association football” just to get Rick's goat. Apparently, the crowd's infectious insanity is contagious to my recaps.)

More exchanges, and the fans just start screaming “RVD! RVD!” It's so insane that the commentators just give up and stop talking, and then the chants morph to “JBL! JBL!” JBL totally breaks character and starts laughing; WWE gives up and puts him up on the Titantron, which absolutely pops the crowd something fierce. Next a “Lawler!” chant, but WWE doesn't take the bait, so they start chanting “Michael Cole!” Meanwhile in the ring, Sheamus tries a move off the top rope, Orton dropkicks him out of the air, and no one in the crowd gives a shit. Orton looks totally confused as we go to commercial. [Ed. Note: I think this sequence is when the local NYC fans took over from the Soccer Wankers for a bit... this was clearly an homage to the Yankees "Roll Call" Tradition, where the fans chant each player's name until they acknowledge the fans. It's the only way Eduardo Nunez will ever hear his name chanted. And now, Michael Cole knows the same feeling.]

Once back, the fans have run out of cheers, so they just say “fuck it” and start up a wave. Sheamus just watches them, and the cameras change to focus on the crowd again. They actually focus on the match for a second as Sheamus does the 10 of Clubs because everyone loves to count, and the wave peters out after three laps.

Orton does his signature backbreaker, and then we get a “Randy Savage!” chant, which pisses off Orton enough that JBL quips he's probably motivated to RKO 16,000 fans right now. Then comes an “HBK!” chant, which is momentarily paused as Orton humps the ring, then changes to “Y2J!” after an exchange. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick, whiffs, and...

And here comes Big Show, and the fans immediately cheer, because to hell with alignments tonight. He flings Sheamus face-first into the ring post, and we get a huge “Thank you, Big Show!” chant. WMD to Orton, and the fans pop huge again.

Show doesn't play to the crowd. He pulls Orton out of the ring, prompting a “We are awesome!” chant, and flings him back-first into the corner barricade, then Spears him out of his shoes. “Holy shit!” from the crowd. The commentators try to make this serious, but the fans have stopped that from happening.

Show flings Orton over the commentators' table. Show grabs one of the cushy chairs (to get it out of the way so he can stalk Orton) and tries to fling it into the ring, but it bounces off and hits the mats. Show does the same to another chair, which does the same thing. Show stands over Orton, but the third cushy chair is right in front of him, so the fans start up “One more time!” Show ignores them, then stomps Orton's face in, which (if it was real) could damn near kill someone.

Show walks away, and the crowd gives so little crap that they start up “One more chair!” Lawler is the only one who recovers his headset, so he asks Orton if he's okay as EMTs scramble. Except Lawler was in-frame momentarily, so the crowd just fires up “Jerry! Jerry!” Finally we go to commercial, but not before a John Cena title card, which makes the crowd unanimously boo.

I have a feeling this whole thing totally annoyed Rick (I await the editor's note after this paragraph!), but I found the crowd hilarious. It probably helped that the match was nothing special... decent, but nothing special, and not exactly thrilling, especially not after the awesomeness of Dolph's win. Maybe that's why the crowd was so rebellious? Either way, I found it great, but that could be because I'm not used to the TNA Wankers doing it every single week.
[Ed. Note: I have absolutely no problems with it. Well, maybe the self-congratulatory "We are Awesome" chant. But the rest was definitely more ECW-y than Impact Zone-y. And this is a good thing. The old school ECW crowds did things spontaneously and organically, and most of all, the atmosphere was an open, creative one. The indie/TNA Wankers seem to do things more by rote, as part of an insular community where you conform to their standards or you are not as "smart" as them. It's a fine line, and I should probably write 10,000 words about it sometime, but not here. Point is: this audience amused me, and if I was there, I'd probably have joined right in on 90% of their nonsense.]

Segment 16 [Singles Match]: Fandango (w/ Pyro's Vaguely Hispanic Backup Dream Girl) defeats Kofi Kingston by disqualification. Johnny Curtis started the match by dancing, which popped the crowd. It wasn't long before the crowd crapped on this too and started humming Fandango's entrance theme (albeit off-key) at maximum volume.

Then Jericho came down and beat the hell out of Fandango, which was violent enough that the crowd actually cared enough to watch. Y2J even tore apart the commentators' table, which caused JBL to scream “Not again! Where's the Spanish announce table?” Hilarious.

Jericho then threw Fandango into the steps, flung him in the ring, and slapped on the Walls. Fandango tapped, but this isn't a match, so who cares. Two refs appeared to peel him off, but Jericho didn't leave. He waited until Fandango was back on his feet, then delivered a Codebreaker. I think the crowd started chanting “Lionheart!” here [Ed. Note: I got "Lionsault." Because singing Fandango's theme song while doing finger pistols is fun. But watching Fandango get the shit kicked out of him is funner.], but then Jericho stole Fandango's little spinny flourish, which popped the crowd.

Justin Roberts then announced that Fandango won, but his girl held the mic for him so Johnny Curtis could correctly pronounce his name despite the pain, and the crowd cheered. Then his music started, and the whole freaking crowd got so into it that they sung along to the music while doing skyward finger points in rhythm. That's amazing... no one in WWE has done the finger dance, and yet the crowd just completely started doing it relatively in-sync for no damn reason and without any prompting.

This is easily the wackiest crowd reaction I can ever recall in WWE. I'm sure ECW had these kinds of days (like the chair incident), but WWE? Never. It's like the whole damn arena is hot-boxing.

Segment 17: Mathews interviews Paul Heyman in the back, which pops the crowd. Heyman tries some cheap heat with “It's good to see ignorance is still bliss here in New Jersey,” but that just pops the crowd too. Anyway, Heyman blathers and puts over Brock Lesnar, then puts over CM Punk, then says Punk will totally talk about his match against Taker... next week. Not even boos from the crowd, just a groan of disappointment.

Segment 18 [Eight-Person Mixed Tag Match]: Tons of Funk & Funkadactyls defeat Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins by pin. Rapid match that was just a crowd-pleaser, which isn't that hard in this environment. Pretty much exactly how I thought it would go down in my WrestleMania preview, except Tensai (or “Sweet T,” whatever) came up with a scary but interesting spot. With Cody Rhodes on his ass in the corner, T came running over and did a forward somersault, basically being a human bowling ball into Rhodes's face and chest. His momentum was cut when, after some shenanigans, he was on the second rope in the 619 position (despite Rey Mysterio being nowhere around), and his head became the meat in the Bella Twins' ass sandwich.

Still, he got the hot tag out to Brodus, who kicked all sorts of ass. Pier Eight Brawl, then T and Brodus did simultaneous running standing splashes to Damien Sandow, followed by a two-man Call Yo Mama. Pin, three, done, and Cameron dances in such a way that she climbs up to my #7 spot.

Cut Scene: Slide show of WrestleMania 29 pictures set to an instrumental version of Diddy's “Victory.” Why?

Pre-Segment 19: Time for the main event, and Henry gets massive cheers, plus the crowd starts singing along to his entrance theme while dancing. Yup, this is going to be an intentional train wreck.

Also, I only just notice that there is a belt graphic on the shirt under the arrow. So, that's technically a little better, but still stupid as hell.

Segment 19 [Singles Match]: John Cena defeats Mark Henry by countout. [Ed. Note: before the match started, the crowd started singing Fandango's song. Again. And Cena decided to do a little dance for them. His loudest cheers of the night resulted.] Very short match, with Cena with a tiny amount of offense, and then Henry getting the rest. The fight spilled outside, then Henry tore apart the table (to the Cole's offense). Henry wanted to hit him with the World's Strongest Slam through the table, but Cena countered out. After an exchange, he flung Henry into the steps, then slid in the ring at nine. Henry couldn't beat the count.

Huh. Did they try cutting the match short due to the wankers? Even the commentators stopped recognizing the crowd in the last segment, as if WWE suddenly wanted to ignore them.

Post-Segment 19: And then Henry got in the ring and hit him with a World's Strongest Slam. But then Ryback arrived and hit Henry with a spinebuster. He called for the Shellshock, but Henry bailed.

Then Ryback made eyes at Cena. He helped him to his feet, then started screaming “Feed me more!” Cena wasn't so sure what to make of him, so he backed off a step and tried to rally the crowd on his side, or something. Nothing doing: the crowd was unanimously chanting for Ryback.

And then Ryback beheaded Cena with a Meathook clothesline. This should be a heel turn, and the commentators sold it as such, but the crowd absolutely popped about as loud as they had for anything else. Then Ryback hit Cena with the Shellshock, popping the crowd again. Ryback then posed over Cena's corpse with the WWE Title belt, and the crowd lost its shit.

Final Thoughts: What a crazy fucking episode, and it had little to do with the in-ring action. The first hour was terrible, and I had bad feelings, but things turned around in the second and third hours thanks to the rebellious crowd. I don't know how this is going to look in retrospect, but it was a fun ride tonight. [Ed. Note: The crowd was on top of (1) a very good Miz/Barrett match (botch moment aside), (2) surprise Taker extension of his stay and reunion with his brother, (3) Ryback semi-heel-turn, and (4) Ziggler's cash-in. Thats-a spicy meat-a-ball. So I'm gonna have to find some way to keep this on my DVR for a few weeks/months, cuz I THINK it might have legs as something worth re-watching again in the future. If so, it'll end up being the first whole episode of RAW like that in quite some time.]

Ryback's “turn” presents an interesting moment. For as batshit insane as the Jersey crowd was, it's been clear for years that Cena isn't a solid face... what if the crowd stays for Ryback? Might make the dynamic and the promos interesting.

Or maybe it'll all go back to business as usual next week, who knows. Either way, with plenty of feuds getting attention, we're definitely starting a new “season” for WWE. And let's not bury the lead: Dolph Ziggler is World Heavyweight Champion, and the fans are happy. We'll see on Friday how that shakes out.

It's late, and tomorrow I have my sixth consecutive day of work, so I need to hit the sack. I'll see you this weekend for SmackDown!

Episode Grade: B+ (thanks almost entirely to the crowd)



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