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Brock's Back
January 29, 2013

by PyroFalkon
Master of the PyroFalkon Multimedia Empire, Incorporated
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I love Netflix… It allows me to find some gems that I missed the first time around. I’ve watched the single season of “The Defenders,” for example, which I found pretty good. But more interestingly, I found “Lie to Me,” starring the apparently Tim Roth, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why this sucker got canceled.

Not only does it seem to be a hot bed for guest stars from “Breaking Bad,” but it’s an absolutely brilliant piece of American television with that dry British wit I love. To be fair, I’m almost at the end of Season 2, but unless the show went completely off the rails in its third and final season, I just don’t see why it was canceled.

Well, I mean, I do: a quick Wikipedia search tells us that it had low ratings. (I love television: only in TV is seven million people considered a low number.) It’s hardly the first show that has high quality but couldn’t capture the audience, but as long as Honey Boo Boo and “The New Normals” are both still things, I have a hard time buying the argument that mainstream television audiences have any semblance of taste.

Then again, I’m a professional wrestling fan, so what do I know? I’m such a fan, after all, that this is my second recap in as many days! So no complaining about spoilers here; if you don’t know what happened last night, check out my pay-per-view recap, complete with Editor’s Comments from your favorite The Rick! Otherwise, sit back, relax, and let’s get to RAW…

Segment 1: We’re cold-opening to Vickie Guerrero in the back. Because we’re in Las Vegas, it’s RAW Roulette, but since more always equals better, we’ve got three wheels this time, instead of just one! One wheel is for superstars, one for match stipulations, and one for “The Vickie Guerrero Challenge,” which includes a “Karaoke Contest” space. Hooray.

The first match tonight will be Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro, and the Stipulation Wheel tells us we’ll have a special guest referee match. Who will it be? We’ll see soon.

Segment 2: And from there we smash-cut to CM Punk storming from gorilla to the ring, nearly killing the first cameraman and the timekeeper in his efforts to get a mic. He insists he totally didn’t lose last night, this should be Day 435 of his awesomeness, but instead The Rock is just a cheater, since “he can’t pin anyone without someone else’s help.” Heh.

Punk continues his tantrum, insisting that Vince McMahon screwed him worse than he ever did Bret Hart, so last night is totally going to be called the Phoenix Screwjob from now on. The fans don’t buy it and just chant for the new champion.

Well, here comes Vince instead. He says that he’s got video proof from someone who shall be nameless for now that Paul Heyman and Punk totally orchestrated the attack on Rock last night. Heyman, who came out with Punk, wants to argue, but Vince says that he just needs to shut the hell up, and they’ll actually discuss this later tonight in the ring. But for now, Vince leaves, and Punk completely freaks out in the ring. Decaf soda from now on, Punk; that can’t be good for your heart.

Man, that was a short introductory segment. My compliments.

Segment 3 [Singles Match w/ The Miz as special referee]: Randy Orton defeats Antonio Cesaro by pin. Decent enough match, nothing special. Miz called the match down the middle for the most part, but the ending sequence saw Cesaro beating the crap out of Orton in the corner. Miz pulled him off as he made the five count, and Cesaro got in his face to argue… twice. It gave Orton time to recover, so he readied himself behind Cesaro. Miz gave up the argument, so Cesaro turned around… and ate an RKO.

After the match, Miz gently helped Cesaro up to his feet… just to hit him with a Skull Crushing Finale.

Segment 4: We cut to the Vickie Challenge Wheel in the back, which lands on “Make Me Laugh.” Camera pans… and it’s Ryback. He’s not pleased, but he makes his entrance anyway. Other side of the commercial to see it, though.

Segment 5: So the Make Me Laugh Challenge is a joke-off between Ryback and the Prime Time Players, as moderated by Matt Striker. The PTP goes first, and it’s… pretty painful. Ryback’s is stupid but is just a generic threat against PTP. PTP attacks first, but they don’t hold the advantage for long, and Ryback beats the crap out of them. Striker says that was funny, and stupidly announces Ryback as the winner, so Ryback hits him with the Shellshock for basically no reason.

Segment 6: Video montage of Bob Backlund, same one as last week. Surprisingly, they didn’t bleep the “F” from “WWF” when he said he won the “WWF Title.” [Ed. Note: WWE settled up with the Panda-huggers about a year ago, as part of their plan to launch their own network. They determined it would be cheaper and easier to make a one-time payment to regain historical use of the "F" than to keep having to blur/bleep/distort their massive video library.]

Pre-Segment 7: The Stipulation Wheel lands on “Player’s Choice,” so it’s Wade Barrett (already in the ring) who gets to pick his opponent. He laughs and calls out Bo Dallas, since Dallas eliminated him last night during the Royal Rumble.

Of note: Dallas’s music is god-awful. Where’s my mute button?

Segment 7 [Singles Match]: Bo Dallas reverse-squashes Wade Barrett by pin. Decent enough match to tell the story they wanted to tell. Wade kicked Dallas’s ass for a couple minutes, but when he went for the Bullhammer Elbow, Dallas reversed it to a belly-to-belly suplex. Dallas rolled through, hooked the leg, and got the win. Wade looked like he wanted to cry.

The only misstep I think they made here was that Michael Cole went out of his way to say how awesome it was that Dallas won his first match against Barrett of all people, but he never pointed out that Dallas beat, you know, the Intercontinental Champion (who is the #3 champion on the roster, remember).

I’ll reserve my judgment for Dallas’s entertainment when he does more than three moves in the ring, but he looked pretty damn solid last night, so I doubt he’s a scrub. He’s also got a pretty good look to him (think Drew McIntyre’s kid brother), so hopefully he’ll be solid.

Segment 8: Cody Rhodes is in the back and spinning the Superstar Wheel. It lands on John Cena, and he’s… not happy. Looks like we know what the next match is going to be (after the commercial).

Segment 9 [Singles Match]: John Cena extend-squashes Cody Rhodes by pin. Cena kicked ass in two sequences, so Cody grabbed a mic and said “This is a waste of Cody Rhodes, I’m outta here,” including speaking of himself in the third-person. Cena knows that that’s Rock’s shtick though, so he exited the ring and tossed Cody back in. One more sequence for the Five Moves of Doom, and that was that.

Post-Segment 9: After the match, Cena grabbed a mic. He puts himself over for winning the Royal Rumble, then says that his next is to choose a champion. And in responds, the crowd fires back a loud “Cena sucks! Cena sucks!” He absorbs that, then basically dismisses the World Heavyweight Title as he puts over CM Punk and The Rock in turn.

His portion against Punk wasn’t much to speak of, but his portion against Rock was interesting. He says that the match was one he had to win, and he spent a year “jousting with The Rock, physically, mentally, and verbally.” Then Cena decides to throw down a solid line for the first time in the promo: “There were times Rock got the better of me… and there were times when Rock couldn’t carry my jockstrap.” Burn. Cena says that we all know who won the match, and who lost it… and he lost it, and he knows it.

So does he choose the World Heavyweight Title—who he has “high odds of winning no matter who has it”—or the WWE Title, where he has very little chance of winning. He’s not going to dick around… He’s going to challenge… pregnant pause… the WWE Champion. Wow, what a shocking revelation.

Cena decides to summarize the foregone conclusion, but here comes The Shield. Cena gets in a couple shots on Seth Rollins, but that’s about all he gets as he gets assaulted. Then Sheamus hits the ring, but he goes down pretty fast too. Then comes Ryback, who cleans house… for a moment, until Shield regroups and flings him face-first into the steel steps rather stiffly. Sheamus tried to help and got taken down again, then Shield got back in the ring.

Shield seemed to be on top, but then Cena wanted a bit more, and got his ass kicked as a result. Triple powerbomb to Cena, and the Shield remains standing as they leave through the crowd.

Stupidity: So not only is WWE deciding that TMZ is a show that needs to be emulated during the intros, now they’re taking a page out of Price Is Right’s playbook for pre-commercial bits. WWE’s standard narrator blathers: “The Rock is the new champion and will address the fans, and Mr. McMahon gives Paul Heyman a performance review! All this and more, tonight, on WWE RAW!” Thank you, douchebags, I know what show I’m watching.

Segment 10: The Stipulation Wheel spins, and it lands on Lingerie Pillow Fight! Yay, is My Rosa Mendes involved???

…Oh god, it’s Brodus Clay and Tensai. Tensai runs away screaming, and Vickie says we’re not having that bullshit, so instead she makes him spinning the Vickie Challenge Wheel. It lands on “Dance Off,” and Clay says he’s super-totally going to tell Tensai about the change. Uh oh…

JBL says that this is going to be like “Ru Paul crossed with a sumo wrestler,” a line that makes Cole completely break character and laugh too hard to segue to the next segment for a moment.

At least I’ve got a commercial to ready the brain cleansing fluids…

Segment 11: Back from commercial, and Tensai is in the ring with a white robe on. He disrobes to show that’s he’s a classy silk teddy and a G-string over his wrestling tights. Tensai covers his breasts, which makes no sense if you take about three seconds to think about it, though he busies himself by digging the G-string out of his ass. I really wish I was making any of this up.

Dances then happen, fifteen seconds each. Tensai goes second and isn’t happy, but Lawler (who is hosting this) reminds him that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Tensai whips out a little Gangnam Style [Ed. Note: I dub him "TenPsy." Ain't I clever?] and even steals Grand Master Sexay’s shovel-step, which hopefully is the first and last time that sentence will ever be written in the history of the universe. He gets way more than fifteen seconds, mostly because Brodus and the Funkadactyls join him, until we cut to the back… where Ron Simmons is watching this on the monitor. It must be on the Titantron, because everybody (including Tensai and Clay) stop to watch it. One famous line later, Tensai looks absolutely ashamed of himself.

Tensai immediately leaves the ring, takes his white robe, and covers his head with it, which is the wrong body part entirely. We don’t get the promised fan voting to see who won, but I can tell you the result: everyone lost. Just… just everyone.

Segment 12: The Stipulation Wheel is spinning, and it lands on a Body Slam Challenge. Alberto Del Rio is there, and he seems confident… but it’s against Big Show. ADR isn’t overly worried, even as Vickie giggles a sardonic “Good luck!” ADR reminds her that we’re in Vegas, in which “anything can happen.”

Okay, that’s two clichés down… can we add something about “John Cena’s chips are on the table” or something before we’re done?

Segment 13: Both guys make their entrances, but Show isn’t playing around. He beats the crap out of Ricardo Rodriguez, then beats the crap out of ADR and hits a WMD punch out of nowhere. He pulls some duct tape out of his tights, then tapes ADR’s wrist to a middle rope.

Ricardo then gets in the way to try to protect ADR, but that does negative good, and Show just continues kicking his ass. ADR finally regains consciousness and wants to try to stop Show, but he can’t break the tape. Show sees him do this, and just ignores him as he continues to assault Ricardo, even flinging him into the corner barricade before tossing him back in the ring.

Show lets ADR flail around a bit more, then stomps him in the ribs, then further secures that duct tape to ensure he’s not going anywhere. He picks Ricardo up, knocks him down with a chop, picks him up again, and hits the WMD.

Show threatens ADR, who still flails and still kicks at Show despite being taped to the rope. Show has the advantage though and kicks at ADR’s back and ribs, then finally delivers a WMD that knocks ADR out cold, leaving him hanging motionless on that middle rope.

Man, that was violent. The fans boo the shit out of Show for all the right reasons, and the mood sort of deflated from the crowd. No more happy feelings after Tensai and Clay playing around. That’s not a complaint, really: it really is within Show’s character to be such a cold-hearted asshole (especially with JBL defending him as justification for him losing last night to duct tape), and the heat against him has probably not been higher as a heel.

Pre-Segment 14: RRRRRROOOSSSAAA!!! Okay, that made me feel better. This is a “Vegas Showgirls Lumberjill Match” with the aforementioned costumes. Sadly, Rosa was wearing some unflattering colors, but I’m not going to ever complain about her being in a bikini-ish outfit.

Segment 14 [Singles Lumberjack Match]: Kaitlyn draws with Tamina by no contest. Awful. Back-and-forth action with Tamina generally winning, and she wound up sending Kaitlyn out of the ring. The heels tried to beat the crap out of Kaitlyn, but she fought them off, and stole Aksana’s feathery peacock headdress, which probably has a proper name but I just can’t motivate myself enough to Google it.

Back in the ring, Kaitlyn smacks Tamina with the headdress, which surprisingly doesn’t draw a DQ (or maybe not, since it’s just cloth), then goes for a pin. My Rosa runs in to break the pin for no damn reason, and then all the divas pour into the ring and start beating the crap out of each other… except for the principles in the match, who just back off to watch. Referee McDoucher throws the match out, I guess, though we never hear a bell.

When the smoke (and feathers) clear, Kaitlyn and Tamina just glare at each other, and we fade out to commercial. Well… that was pointless.

Segment 15: Time to meet our new WWE Champion. The Rock looks a little worse for wear and has a bloodshot right eye, but hey: no limps or other sign of serious wounds as he heads down to the ring and makes his full entrance.

Rock makes an entertaining but flat “acceptance” speech and concludes that “we’re all going to get pie,” which makes me hope that’s code that WWE is going to send me Rosa for a night. But instead it’s Punk who pops out and proceeds to say that the title was handed to Rock, just like “everything else in your spoon-fed life.” Punk attacks Rock’s manhood and says that he (Rock) needs to recognize the fact that the title is prestigious, it’s because Punk made it prestigious. So if Rock was a true man, he would give the title back right now and declare that Punk is, indeed, the best in world, and then would apologize for tarnishing the title. Rock counters that if Punk was a man, he’d come down the ramp and take it from Rock.

Punk just smirks. He teases coming down, but decides it against and says that he will grant Rock a rematch just to prove that it’s really Punk who still has the title. He subtly mocks that Rock is going to be running around and doing some acting crap (and away from the WWE shows), so Punk just challenges him at Elimination Chamber. Rock is game, if you smell what he’s cooking.

Punk does the ultimate show of disrespect as Rock’s music plays: he just leaves. No staredown, no angry face, no taunts, nothing… he just up and leaves. Nice.

Segment 16 [Singles Tables Match]: Sheamus defeats Damien Sandow. Free-per-view, baby… Damn fine match, and worthy of being on the undercard of a PPV. Spot-fest, but a stiff one, and Sandow brought a different level to the table (no pun intended) this time around.

Sheamus had control early until Sandow attacked Sheamus’s shoulder, which I missed was injured during Shield’s attack earlier tonight. So from there, it was the story of Sandow kicking ass, with one particularly deadly spot coming when he put a table on its top on the canvas, then floor Sheamus. Sandow then trapped Sheamus’s arm between the table and folding table leg, and started stomping the table leg… In other words, he did a modified Pillmanization of Sheamus shoulder. Pretty sweet, and we even hear a fairly loud “Thank you, Sandow!” chant. Which was extremely surprising, and makes me happy.

Plenty of back-and-forth action and near-teases from there, but after a 10 of Clubs, Sandow’s time was limited. He had one last reverse hope spot, but Sheamus took control by hooking him for White Noise. Sandow couldn’t escape, and Sheamus drove him with White Noise through a table that had been leaning in a corner.

Good match all around, good story, very awesome.

Segment 17: It’s, uh, WWE Karaoke… starring Zack Ryder and Khali. They get to sing along to a WWE Superstar’s entrance theme. Khali gets to sing Shawn Michaels’s theme and it’s… it’s just awful. JBL hits a winning line: “HBK is rolling over in his grave and he’s not even dead.”

Zack doesn’t get to sing though, because here comes 3MB. Drew asks “Sweet child of mine, you call this music?,” which sounds fucking amazing with his Scottish accent. They insist that they know music, and Drew shows that off with air guitar. Khali hits him with a brain chop out of sheer offendedness (if that’s a word, which according to MS Word it’s not), and 3MB goes ahead and attacks the faces. That doesn’t last long, and the faces get to celebrate with Zack thankfully not singing.

Well, at least they kept this short, but… why? Just, why???

Segment 18: Here’s Chris Jericho, who absorbs a loud “Y2J! Y2J!” chant. He says more than word, which is better than he did last time around. Jericho is amped and hits his catchphrases, so he’s clearly a face for once. He thanks everybody for their support, and he’ll never… eeeeeevvveeerrrrrr… forget, a-gain.

And here comes Dolph Ziggler and company as they walk to the ring. Dolph points out that he eliminated him from the Rumble last night, and reminds him that AJ totally made Jericho lose a match and his contract last time we saw him. Jericho replies that Dolph should put a leash on his dog before she pees all over the ring.

Big E Langston angrily makes a threat, and Jericho replies that the “E” must be his bra size: “Look at the size of those pecs! I could put a drink between those things!” The line is so amusing that AJ starts to laugh, and she quickly covers it up by bitching at Jericho, though the corners of her mouth keep turning up. Adorable.

Dolph again says that Jericho needs to leave, he doesn’t work here anymore! And then Vickie pops up on the Titantron to say that she signed him, because she knows what’s good for business and doesn’t let her feelings affect her judgment. So since Dolph seems to be angry enough to fight, let’s spin the Stipulation Wheel!

It lands on “Strange Bedfellows,” which is totally perfect. It means that Dolph and Jericho won’t be opponents, but tag team partners, and will face Team Friendship. Huh… alrighty, then.

Segment 19 [Tag Match]: Team Friendship defeats Dolph Ziggler & Chris Jericho (w/ Big E Langston & AJ) by pin. Fun little match, with Dolph getting the early offense and refusing to tag in Jericho. Eventually he had to, and Jericho went house of fire, absolutely destroying DB. Then some miscommunication happened, and DB and Kane bickered and pushed at each other as they crashed into each other during a tag thanks to Jericho shoving DB.

By this time, Dolph recovered and tagged himself in. Kane, whose back was still turned, just glared at DB, so Jericho forearmed Kane in the back of the head and quickly bailed. And when I said “bailed,” he bailed: he left up the ramp. Dolph screamed after him what he thought he was doing… just as Kane turned around. Thinking it was Dolph who hit him with the cheap shot, Kane was all too happy to chokeslam Dolph’s head off, and he made the pin. Team Friendship continued to argue.

Segment 20: The third inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame… Trish Stratus! And… huh… seeing old footage of her reminded me how huge her boobs were. She looks way better without the implants. [Ed. Note: They're still there. She just doesn't feature them now that she's a respectable businesswomen. Well, except for when she does.]

I don’t mean to go right for Perv Mode there. Rick is happy now, and it’ll be nice to see her again… She definitely deserves it, as Trish pretty much redefined “Women’s Champion” while that title was still relevant.

So here’s a question for you all… If Trish is now in the HoF, and pretending for a second that the HoF actually means something (i.e., we’re pretending Koko B. Ware doesn’t have an entry), does Lita deserve the honor as well? I’m biased and I know my memory is fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure she was #2 even while the Women’s Championship was relevant, and she had some pretty epic matches with Trish. But was she good enough?

If memory serves, Lita’s whole issue was that she got hurt right around the time Bruce Pritchard (it was Bruce Pritchard, right?) took reigns of the women and got them all ring-trained, which is how Trish crossed the line from “arm candy” to “bona fide WWE champion.” Lita’s injury stopped her from getting the same training as fast, and it took her a little extra time to catch up to the others. Still… does Lita qualify for the HoF too? [Ed. Note: I have to assume Lita will get there. Also, Bruce Pritchard was Brother Love, and has never been known for possessing any in-ring skill, much less passing it on. His brother Tom was a WWE trainer for a long while, but I think the man most associated with helping the women is Fit Finlay. As far as Lita's in-ring skills go, I think her penchant for sloppiness was always due to being not quite as naturally coordinated/athletic as others, despite having the willingness to do more high risk stuff.]

Segment 21: Back from commercial, and Vince is in the ring, then immediately calls down Paul Heyman. And, oh, Vince points out that Heyman shouldn’t bother looking for Punk since Punk was escorted out of the arena ten minutes ago. Heh.

Well, here comes Heyman, who… is smirking. Uh oh. After a little dicking around, Vince gets to the point: Has The Shield or Brad Maddox ever been under contract with him? Heyman looks him square in the eye and says that no, he had nothing to do with it.

So Vince asks: have you ever lied? Heyman quotes Vince McMahon Sr., but says that he senses where it’s going, so he’ll answer: he lies every day, because he’s a promoter. All promoters do: they’ll lie however they need to in order to survive. He’s lied while swearing on his parents’ lives and more, but he is not lying now. That was one hell of an answer. Heyman says he doesn’t know whether he’s honorable, but he wants to be here at WWE, and if he has to be honorable and honest to be here, then he’ll do it.

Vince polls the audience, who collectively say that Heyman isn’t to be trusted. And we kick it to the Titantron, where Heyman leads Brad Maddox to some dark tunnel from a couple weeks ago. There, Heyman tells Craig the Cameraman to cut the camera… which he doesn’t. Heyman then goes on to explain to Maddox that he and Punk “plucked Maddox from the depths of obscurity and maneuvered” events so Maddox could referee that fateful match between Punk and Ryback. And what agitated Heyman is that Maddox kept coming back for more and more money: “…unlike The Shield, because when we pay them for a job, they don’t keeping back for more.” Oh shit.

As Maddox gets concerned, The Shield appears behind them and surrounds Maddox. Maddox begs, but Heyman tells him to take the beating like a man. He sort of does a Michael Corleone kiss of death, then leaves Shield to assault him.

Cut back to the ring, and Heyman knows he’s been caught. The crowd fires up “You got bus-ted!” chant, then starts to sing the goodbye song to Vince’s amusement. So Vince asks for an explanation, and Heyman tries a classic “That wasn’t me!” defense. He says his voice is easy to imitate, and they’re in Vegas right now, full of impersonators! He admits that that was The Shield for sure, and that was Brad Maddox for sure, but it was not him in the video.

Vince polls the crowd again, and we all want Heyman fired. Heyman continues to beg, but to no avail… “You’re…”

Here comes Brock Lesnar! Vince looks like he’ll need to change his pants, but even Heyman looks concerned. Brock hits the ring, and even though we hear Heyman say that he’s “got this under control,” Brock sort of moves him to the corner and gets in Vince’s face. Vince isn’t backing down and just glares back in a pretty sweet Staredown of Intense Rivalry.

Vince says that if he was Lesnar, he wouldn’t do anything that he would regret. Brock acts like he’s thinking about it… then hits Vince with the F5. Heyman begs him to withdraw and keeps asking “What did you do?” over and over. Lesnar dances around a bit, but then does leave with Heyman as the fans chant “E-C-Dub!,” which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Final Thoughts: The only problem with the first RAW on the road to WrestleMania is that we get a lot of setup but very little payoff. That’s not exactly a complaint, just a minor problem: in a vacuum, tonight’s episode is unsatisfying, but it’s a great way to write the chapters as we get to the climax in two months.

It was a strange dichotomy… Usually WWE does a “fun” episode or a “serious” episode and rarely mixes the two, but we had several intensely fun segments (though I use that word loosely with the Khali/Ryder stupidity) interspersed with several intensely serious segments. The ADR/Show thing looked like something out of the Attitude Era minus the blood. Very intense, and the final segment “shocker” certainly is going to make people sit up and take notice.

Other than that, I’ve said everything I need to say about tonight. Enjoy it, and the rest of your week, and I’ll catch you this weekend for the SmackDown recap!

Episode Grade: B



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