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Feed Him More
November 6, 2012

by PyroFalkon
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Still a busy night, still gotta deal with IGN assignments. The Farming Simulator 2013 review is 98% done, just a single more edit and the thing will be uploaded by my editor. One (almost) done, two to go.

Part of the reason Layton is taking me so long is because I’ve been terribly distracted my Netflix. See, after Rick and two of my super-close friends recommended it, I just had to put on Breaking Bad and see what the fuss was about. And let me tell you, Breaking Bad is not a show you want to put on if you just want some “background noise” for a puzzle game.

Breaking Bad has about a billion strong points, but the one that really strikes me is that they manage to begin every episode (so far) with an opening that immediately glues your eyes to the screen. “Why is that guy dead?” “Who is that guy lying on the ground?” “Why are there eleventy billion spent shell casings on some desert sand?” Yeah, it’s tough to follow a logic puzzle when shit is exploding on screen. [Ed. Note: "Breaking Bad" is definitely a "high bandwidth" show. And that's why I ended up loving it once I finally relented and gave it a shot. Sure you can follow along, half-watching like you do other shows, and you won't get lost. But there's so much information and attention to detail that you're also genuinely rewarded for paying attention. In fact, at times, the writing almost dares you to try to stay one step ahead of it, but no matter how smart you are, you end up being surprised in the end, anyway. Genius.]

Thankfully, Layton feels like it’s wrapping up, and I’m off tomorrow. Hopefully I can resist temptation and get some work done. Or at least, resist playing WWE ’13 since I bought it even though I totally shouldn’t have.

Speaking of WWE ’13, tonight is RAW! And you know this already! So let’s roll…

Opening: Once again they’re doing that overly dramatic opening they experimented with on SmackDown last week. I’m not a fan of the effect—it makes it look too much like a soap opera—but this time they kept it pretty short.

After they show, we see an “Earlier Today” segment where The Miz is taking Paul Heyman to task for CM Punk running off on the heels’ team last week to close out RAW. Miz says that he’s not down with a pussy leader running off when shit gets real, so Miz quits the team. Heyman looks momentarily surprised and concerned, but then just stays stone-faced as Miz leaves. [Ed. Note: And then Heyman glanced over his shoulder. To a Survivor Series poster. Which just so happens to feature Miz as the lone superstar. Not sayin', just sayin'.]

Post-Opening: Oh, here’s the shitty effect, including headline-like banners slapped on the screen. Fuck that noise… what’s the point, unless someone wants to turn the opening of WWE into TMZ?

Segment 1 [6-Man Tag Match]: R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, & Sin Cara defeat Antonio Cesaro & the Prime Time Players by pin. So, the match starts off with Cesaro doing a faceplant to Sin Cara, then started doing the “face rub” thing on the mat. Two things: one, how would that hurt a guy who was wearing a mask? And two: why did Cara sell it for three full seconds after Cesaro let him go?

Things continued to get weird and ugly. Cara finished his Face in Peril sequence by botching something, as he did a double rebound, sort of like he was setting up a ninja kick, except he sorta lost his balance or couldn’t close the deal. Either way, he just sheepishly hopped down from the middle rope and did a simple arm twist. Whoops.

Two seconds later, Cara tagged out to Rey, but then spent about three hours in the ring as he and Rey repositioned themselves so they could a double-team move. It resulted in Darren Young being set up for the 619, but as Rey went for it, Cesaro ran halfway along the apron and “tagged himself in,” which is all sorts of illegal, but ruck fules when it comes to opening tag matches I guess.

Truth winds up getting the hot tag after Rey was the true face in peril, and he hit the Lie Detector pretty much instantly. Pier Six Brawl, Cara slightly botches a double-tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Cesaro (Cara’s ankles were barely on Cesaro’s shoulders at that point). Rey hits a 619, Truth hits a Little Jimmy, the heels are down, so Truth makes the pin. It was an entertaining, but a pretty ugly one.

Segment 2: Vickie Guerrero hits the ring and puts herself over for being an awesome person, so awesome that AJ Lee had no chance to survive being a GM after the scandal. I’m impressed that she’s conveniently forgetting her “fun” with Edge and Dolph Ziggler, but whatever.

So Vickie talks, and the fans boo the shit out of her, even as she again shows the footage and stills from last week. She has another, some sort of “irrefutable evidence” of AJ being “in a state of undress.” But before she can get to that, here comes John Cena, back in green now that October is over. He opens with some fantastic self-deprecating humor (“Vickie running a clean show is like me learning another wrestling move!”), then proceeds to, uh, exactly say what I said in the opening paragraph. Cena closes his opening statement with, “You’re not a cougar… You’re a toffee-nose dodgy old slapper with a face like a swamp donkey.” Nice, and the Brits love him for it.

Vickie dodges the issue and instead shows a some super awesome security footage where we see AJ in a bathrobe. She knocks on a door, then goes into some hotel room… though we don’t know what room it was. But Vickie has more security footage, and we see (from a different angle) Cena stepping out of a room with only a towel to get a paper. The fans are fine with the idea of a naked AJ though, even if a naked Cena is in the vicinity, so they start up with Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” chants.

Cena hasn’t lost common sense and says, you know, those were different rooms and different cameras, and the whole things is stupid. So Vickie calls out AJ, and the fans practically scream “We want AJ!”

AJ doesn’t come in person, but she does appear on the Titantron, and she’s doing crazy eyes. She tells Vickie that she doesn’t want her to come out there, because if she does, she’ll give Vickie the beating of her life. And then she’ll be fired, and she won’t be able to do what she loves to do. Then Dolph appears, puts an arm around her, and says we all know what AJ loves to do.

Okay, so my immediate interpretation is that Dolph turned face or something and has dropped Vickie. But this was planned, because Vickie starts laughing, and Cena starts freaking out. Which I suppose means Dolph has implied he’s going to rape or otherwise manipulate AJ to Dolph his Ziggler. Which is stupid. [Ed. Note: just like Vickie had to keep saying "fratnerization" 2 weeks ago, I took Dolph's comment as an as-direct-as-you-can-be-on-G-rated-TV suggestion that AJ's a giant slut. And maybe if she loves to screw so much, he wants nexties. Which makes him a jerk, would make Vickie laugh, and would make Cena revert to Liam Neeson/hyper-protective mode. Then again, I'm still semi-intrigued by the possibilities if AJ's already been fratnernizing with Dolph, and for some reason, they're repurposing the evidence to make it look like Cena. I just don't know if fans want a heel AJ at this point.]

But Cena oversells the immediacy of the problem so he takes off up the ramp as we fade out to commercial.

Segment 3: Heyman is talking to someone off-camera, insulting Miz behind his back, and hoping his subject will join Team Punk. Camera pans… and it’s Wade Barrett. Barrett doesn’t trust Heyman though, so screw you. Barrett leaves.

…Then immediately comes back and says he’ll totally do it anyway. But only under the condition that Heyman “owes him.” Heyman is fine with that, and Barrett demands it in writing. The plot thickens.

Segment 4 [Singles Match]: Cody Rhodes (w/ Damien Sandow) defeats Daniel Bryan (w/ Kane) by pin. An awfully short match and basically a reverse-squash, DB kicked ass for the first 90% of the match, then flung Cody out of the ring. One thing led to another, and DB wound up doing a suicide dive out of the ring to take down Sandow. Then Cody did a ninja kick off the apron, tossed DB in, hit the Cross Rhodes, and made the pin. Huh.

Post-Segment 4: The heels are smiles, even as Cody grabs a mic. Cody brags that the win was so totally easy, and just as he beat DB, Sandow could beat Kane! Sandow doesn’t seem so sure, especially when Kane grabs him by the hair and “escorts” him into the ring. I guess we’re having this match, but first, some ads.

Segment 5 [Singles Match]: Kane (w/ Daniel Bryan) defeats Damien Sandow (w/ Cody Rhodes) by pin. Solid match, and I don’t think Sandow got in a single offensive move (other than a counter or two). Halfway through the beatdown, Rhodes decided to get on the apron to try to break Kane’s momentum. DB pulled him off, and they exchanged some blows. Cody escaped by sliding in the ring, running across, and sliding out the other side. DB gave chase, but the ref stopped him in the ring. Sick of this shit, he threw both guys out of the ring.

Both Kane and Damien looked confused, but Damien’s strategy form there was to just beg for forgiveness. Kane has about as much chance of granting forgiveness as ex-girlfriends, so he just beat the shit out of Sandow some more, hit a chokeslam, and ended it there. Corner pyros, and we’re out to commercials.

Segment 6: Michael Cole is going to do an interview here… with Brad Maddox, who is wearing an unfortunate, ill-fitting vest, plaid shirt, and vest-colored girl slacks combination, all three sizes too small. It’s like the dude raided AJ’s general manager closet.

Maddox hits the ring looking sad, and Cole asks just what the hell that was all about at Hell in a Cell. Maddox takes the mic and says he’s not working with anyone… what he did to Ryback was totally his plan. See, Maddox has always wanted to be a WWE superstar, not a pussy referee. He’s sent wrestling tapes everywhere, shown up to the all the events, and even once paid two grand for a tryout to the E. So finally, he was given a chance… with a “developmental contract.” But even in FCW, he wasn’t good enough... and the promo gets good enough that it’s worth going verbatim.

“Why wasn’t I good enough? Because I’m six feet tall? Because I weigh 207 pounds? Because I’m not a freak, or a giant, or a monster? Because I don’t have a Mohawk, or because I don’t wear a mask, or because I can’t jump in the air, flip three times in the air, and land on my feet?”

And the Brits, god bless them, start chanting “You can’t wrestle! You can’t wrestle!”

Maddox goes on that no matter how many people tell him he’s a nobody, he’s not giving up on his dream, and he’s sure as hell going to do anything and take any shot to get into WWE. That’s why he became a ref, so all he needed was one shot to “make an impact.” And he chose that shot to be at Hell in a Cell.

Maddox admits what he did was “wrong.” And it was all him, that Punk was even as surprised as Ryback. He just wanted to be somebody, damnit! And he’s famous now! Everyone knows his name, even in England!

Maddox reiterates that he wants to be a WWE superstar, so he wants a contract, and even a match with Ryback! Because at this point, no one is going to forget who he is. Thanks everyone!

And… here comes Vince? The fans collectively cream their panties, and Vince saunters to the stage. Vince says that there’s a difference between a dream and a death wish, which is what a match against Ryback would be. He doesn’t believe anything Maddox says about not being involved with Punk, but… hell, next week, if Maddox beats Ryback, he’ll give Ryback a million-dollar contract! But that’s next week… so for now, get the hell out of the ring.

And speaking of contracts, let’s discuss another one. Vince slips to the back and escorts Vickie out to the stage. He asks if she believed Punk and Maddox conspired. Vickie sort of (intentionally) flubs an answer, which Vince takes to be a “yes.” So he asks why she would then reward Punk with a traditional Survivor Series match where he can hide behind teammates if he basically cheated to keep his title. Why, instead, shouldn’t Punk have to defend his title?

Vickie nervously laughs, so Vince sorta fills in for her that he should defend the title against… who?

“Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler?”

Everyone laughs, and Vince says, “Uh… no. Maybe a guy who was screwed at HiaC?”

“R… Ryback?”

Yes! She wins the prize! But how about a triple threat match? “And if you say Dolph Ziggler, I’ll fire you on the spot.” Vickie knows where Vince is going with this and tries begging off, but Vince isn’t having that, so Vickie through a forced smile says “John Cena.”

That was a long (but kinda fun) way to get there, but now we know the main event of Survivor Series. I guess Team Punk and Team Foley each has a hole in it, huh?

And now Sheamus hits the ring to start the next segment, because Vince knows how to make an exit… in this case meaning he just shuts up and leaves. If only Orton could follow suit.

Pre-Segment 7: Big Show joins commentary for the next match.

Segment 7 [Singles Match]: Sheamus defeats The Miz by pin. Solid match, but nothing especially noteworthy. Sheamus’s early offense included the 10 of Clubs, so it almost looked like it would be a squash. But soon after the 10 of Clubs, Sheamus chucked Miz out of the ring and got distracted by Big Show for no reason. Miz shoved Sheamus stomach-first into the table, then flung him in the ring and took control.

Miz then reverted to roughneck-style offense, just smothering Sheamus’s face and grinding away at him. It was pretty effective, but Sheamus was simply too resilient. He eventually managed to hit a top rope flying battering ram, followed up with White Noise and the Brogue Kick, and took the win clean.

Show behaved himself the whole time, but was pretty damn good on commentary. After the match, he held up the title belt as Sheamus celebrated and made eyes at him. Nothing big, but the feud is certainly heating up.

Segment 8: Dolph is pacing in front of Vince’s office. It isn’t long before Vickie emerges and says that that Dolph is going to be super-happy… because he’s replacing Punk as the captain of the heels’ team at Survivor Series. Dolph says that’s totally awesome.

And then Punk materializes, and says that the only reason Dolph is happy and the new captain is because Vince is just a cranky old man who is still upset that Punk beat him up.

Once he’s done with his rant, Vickie says that she made a match for them! So Punk can be happy to! Because Punk and Dolph will team up tonight against a team never before formed! Because they’re against Cena and Ryback!

Punk craps his trunks and says “What is wrong with her?” to Dolph a dozen times. Dolph asks the same question, but walks off with Vickie stage right. Punk seems to be arguing with himself whether he should knock on Vince’s door and try to beg off the match, but finally just can’t do it.

Well, now we’ve got Team Ziggler, still with the Rhodes Scholars, ADR, and Wade Barrett. But Team Foley still has a hole, since Ryback is now committed to the triple threat title match. We’ve got Team Friendship, Kofi Kingston, and Randy Orton… so who’s going to be the fifth man?

Segment 9: New wrestler vignette? We get a bunch of adjectives here: fabulous, angelic, noble, dapper, astonishing, naughty, graceful, opulent, outstanding… It’s all done to some type of dance music that I want to call “tango” but I’m probably totally wrong, and at the last adjective, some voice says “You mind if I… cut in?” Then, behind the name “Fandangoo” (because that’s what the first letter of each adjective spelled), we get a sparkly silhouette of some douchebag doing a Maryse-like hair whip.

So, what, we’re getting some sort of flamboyant “Dancing with the Stars” wannabe? Well, it sorta worked for Brodus Clay, so I’ll reserve judgment until we see this guy for real, whenever he shows up. [Ed. Note: It's the new gimmick for Johnny Curtis. He of "Yes, I won NXT, even though everybody agrees both Brodus Cllay and Derrick Bateman were much much better than me" Fame. And yes, he'll be playing a mincing fruitcake. And no, OO will not be immediately latching on to this new character, regardless of its use of a superfluous O.]

Segment 10: Sheamus is talking to William Regal in the back, just to get Regal’s face time in Merry Ol’ England. They blather, nothing interesting happens.

Segment 11: RAW recap of crap I just recapped (that is, Segment 2).

Pre-Segment 12: Eve hits the ring and, just to piss everyone off, does the Queen’s wave as she goes down the ramp. Heh.

Segment 12 [Tag Match]: Kaitlyn & Layla defeat Eve & Aksana by pin. Solid match, great length, and excellent transitions. Well, mostly… Aksana didn’t click well with Layla, but whatever.

Weird spot to transition from the “early offense” to “face in peril” sequences. Layla was on momentum and ran for the corner, then tried to pull a Sin Cara from Segment 1 as she did a double rebound. But that’s when Eve ran over and shook the ropes, and Layla lost her balance, making her fall back and smack the back of her head against the canvas. At first I thought it was a botch, but it seemed to be totally planned.

From there, it was… well, a solid match. No noteworthy spots, but Kaitlyn especially has really done well with her move set. Hell, I’d go so far as to put her as the second-most ring capable woman involved in the match. She sold well, and managed to convincingly win clean after literally kicking Eve’s ass when Eve tried her Teabag Moonsault.

Segment 13: Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are arguing in the back. RR says that since ADR is on what was formerly Team Punk, it really should be called Team Del Rio. ADR shrugs and goes, eh, you may have a point.

Then he turns and—


…Eh, turns and runs into My Rosa Mendes. They exchange A Look. Goddamn, I wish it was that easy in reality.

But that’s as far as it goes, other than a little smirk by ADR. He heads to gorilla for his match as we fade to commercials.

Segment 14 [Singles Match]: Kofi Kingston defeats Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) by pin. Decent match, but nothing special to me. But as I always qualify such matches, I’m just not a fan of ADR in the ring usually, and nothing changed here. Nothing bad, but his offense just doesn’t excite me.

At the end of the match, Kofi had already has hope spot and rally, and it looked like it wouldn’t work. But then Randy Orton’s music fired up. ADR was distracted, but ADR never came down. It allowed Kofi to recover and do a quick schoolboy roll-up for the win.

After the match, ADR upsettingly watch Kofi go up the ramp… giving Orton a chance to come into the ring behind ADR. ADR turned around, ate an RKO, and the fans rejoiced.

Segment 15: RAW recap of Maddox’s promo. I failed to mention it up there due to Vince distracting me, but Maddox really did do a damn solid job at talking. I don’t know about his move set, but if his promo quality keeps up, he’ll certainly be less of a load on the roster as some of the others are.

Pre-Segment 16: RRRRRROOOSSSAAA!!! Again! But man, fuck that new music.

But… we finally get the full entrance. The full, delicious, hip-popping entrance.

Segment 16 [Tag Match]: Santino Marella & Zack Ryder defeat Epico & Primo (w/ My Rosa Mendes) by pin. More competitive than I thought it would be, but a solid match that was nothing special. Pure formula, a little long, but a good action from the Colons if nothing else. Santino and Zack work well together, but they’re not exactly to the Colons’ level of technical ability.

The match ended with a Pier Four Brawl that saw Zack hitting the Rough Ryder on Primo. Primo powdered out, Zack followed for no reason, and Santino hit Epico with the Cobra. My Rosa was, strangely, a non-factor. [Ed. Note: presumably so she has an excuse to start getting frustrated with the Colons, and trade up to del Rio, as was ham-handedly foreshadowed earlier.]

Segment 17 [Singles Match]: Wade Barrett defeats Brodus Clay (w/ Naomi & Cameron) by pin. Entertaining and decent brawl, but nothing special. They kept it short enough not to get boring, but long enough they were able to tell a back-and-forth story. The face/heel alignment was basically flipped due to being in England, so both guys kept it clean. The match ended with a Souvenir Elbow, which Brodus sold as an instant knockout.

Segment 18 [Tag Match]: Heath Slater (w/ Jinder Mahal) defeats Jay Uso (w/ Jimmy Uso) by pin. What, is Drew McIntyre not allowed in England or something? [Ed. Note: That's what I thought at first, since he has had visa issues in the past. But in reality, his mom is ailing, and he asked time off to be with her.]

Pretty lame match, but only because I fail to believe Slater can beat Jay… blame Slater’s build-up prior to this 3MB gimmick. Slater basically got his ass kicked, but at the end, when Jay went for a top rope splash, Slater got his knees up to block it. Slater quickly followed up with a DDT which he calls the “Smash Hit.” Decent name, I’ll give them that.

Clean match all around, so that’s good for 3MB’s momentum, but… I dunno. Just seemed like a bad matchup to me.

Pre-Segment 19: Punk’s here for his match, but he wants to talk first. He does my job better than me by recapping everything from the last few weeks, naturally with his own spin on things. He segues to putting himself over for being super-awesome for holding the WWE Title as long as he has. I’m glossing over it because we’ve heard it all before, but that’s not to say it’s bad; Punk, like The Rock, is one of the best of saying the same thing a hundred different ways and making it extremely entertaining each time. Of course, it helps that the Brits are very pro-Punk.

Segment 19 [Tag Match]: Ryback & John Cena defeat CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler (w/ Paul Heyman) by pin. Solid match, good chemistry between the heels, and it worked in every direction for the storylines and feuds. Good enough to deserve a proper recap…

Solid chain wrestling to start between Punk and Cena. After some solid back-and-forth of a solid minute, Cena managed to get the advantage and shoved Punk to the heels’ corner. Punk tagged out, but Cena picked up where he left off and controlled Dolph. Dolph eventually took control with punchy-kicky offense, but it didn’t last long; Cena reversed and hit Dolph with a bulldog. Dolph tagged back out.

Punk came in, was taken down pretty much instantly, but kicked out after an easy two. From there, Punk took control, and he and Dolph cut the ring in half for the Face in Peril sequence. Dolph, in fact, went a little crazy as he did his signature “Let’s do a half-dozen elbow drops as fast as possible so we make everyone dizzy” move.

Quick tags and good teamwork left the heels in control for several minutes. Cena finally got a hope spot and hit Punk with an out-of-nowhere FU, but he was too wounded to close the deal. Slow crawls, but Punk is the one who tagged, so Dolph came flying axe handle to put Cena down. Dolph trapped Cena in the corner, did a foot choke, and when Charles Robinson tried to break them up, Dolph screamed “I got till 5!” Ha!

The heel beatdown sequence continued, and Dolph eventually tagged out. Punk didn’t act like the FU did much long-term damage, so he decided to slow things down with some submissions. But Cena managed to reverse a scissored sleeper into an Electric Chair, which started the next slow crawl sequence. But Punk was up first and continued keeping the faces apart.

Dolph took control a bit later, but he got greedy with a high-risk move. Cena dodged a top rope missile dropkick, which triggered our third slow crawl. Double tag, and Ryback just beat the hell out of both heels like it was no thing.

After the house of fire, the fans started screaming a “Feed me more!” chant, and Ryback put Punk down with a clothesline followed by a Shellshock. And to a bit of surprise, it worked: no follow-ups, no break ups by Dolph, no need for Cena. Pin, three, done.

Post-Segment 19: After the bell, the heels powdered out. Cena managed to crawl himself back in the ring, but he and Ryback clearly weren’t friends anymore. Ryback started chanting his catchphrase as the fans chanted along, and Cena looked nervous. No fisticuffs, that was it.

Final Thoughts: Good night with the main event getting substantial advancement. The less said about the AJ crap the better, but maybe now the storyline is dead. One can hope.

The undercard was okay, but nothing special. Stories advances, fires were fueled, but nothing extraordinary happened. Certainly a better effort than last week, but I’m not chomping at the bit for next week.

We were reminded that Jerry “The King” Lawler returns next week. That’s great news. Only two months from a damn serious near-fatal heart attack to being 100% ready to start WWE’s crazy travel schedule. A modern miracle, indeed.

Nothing more from me tonight, but remember that SmackDown airs tomorrow at 8pm Eastern. We’ll have the recap as usual, and then I’ll get Friday off!

Take care, guys… it’s back to Layton for me.

Episode Grade: B-



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