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Fraternizing is Bad, M'kay?
October 23, 2012

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OOWrestling.com


Pyro's stuck in the nether region between DISH and U-Verse, so while he's cable-less, you're stuck with me.
On the upside, I have absolutely nothing I can brag or boast about, baseball-wise. Well, except for the part where the Cardinals imploded in just about as spectacular a way possible. Nothing gives me more joy tha knowing Chris Carpenter is miserable.


Well, OK. Many things do. But none of them have happened in the past 3 days, so I'm going to enjoy it, regardless.
And with that, I have smited the ad box, and can proceed to why you're here: a full recap and analysis of RAW.

No Opening/Theme/Pyro/Etc., and instead we're live inside the arena in East Rutherford, NJ, and Rey Mysterio is on his way to the ring for the finals of the tag team tourney. While the ring entrances take place, Jim Ross and Michael Cole set the table a bit, explaining how we came to this finals match, while also talking about a developing situation, as General Manager AJ was called into an "Emergency Meeting" of the WWE Board of Directors, and is on her way back to the arena to tells us what happened.

And now, everybody's in the ring, so....

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Rhodes Scholars (Finals of the #1 Contender Tag Team Tournament)

Fast start for the masked me, leading up to a big spot where both Rey and Sin Cara hit crazy planchas on Sandow and Rhodes, respectively. Follow up is a cool double team move on Sandow (Rey hit a backbreaker, then held Sandow in that position as Sin Cara hit a double jump moonsault). But then Sin Cara got greedy, went up top for another move, and whiffed. Sandow was able to make a tag to Rhodes, and they proceeded to cut the ring in half.

While this is going on, a cutaway to backstage shows Kane and Daniel Bryan watching the match on a monitor. Bryan is showing off his hilariously awesome new habit of twirling his moustache. Literally twirling his moustache, like an old timey villian. KIck ass.

Beatdown of Sin Cara is still on-going, and we break for our first set of...


Back, and Sandow is still decimating Sin Cara, leading up to the Fancy Lad Elbow (yes, that's what I'll call it; if I haven't learned Latin by now, I see no reason to start). Rhodes tags in and goes for a superplex... bad idea. Sin Cara reverses it into a tornado DDT. Both men down, and then the hot tag to Rey.

Rey's a house o' fire, building up to hitting a double (619). He drops the dime on Rhodes, and makes the cover... but Sandow leaps in at the last second, and lands under the ref's arm, so he can't complete the three count. HA! Probably kind of stupid in the sense that it's the three-count that matters, not the ref's hand physically slapping the mat, but whatever, I thought it was a fun display of "smarts" by Sandow.

From here, Sin Cara gets back in the ring to counter Sandow, and both men powder out, leaving Rey conversing with the ref about the broken pinfall attempt. But that leaves Cody to recover, sneak up behind Rey, and nail him with the CrossRhodes.

Your Winners: the Rhodes Scholars, via pinfall, in about 10-12 minutes. Very fine formula tag match. Spunky little guys vs. Big mean brawling guys = works every time.

After the Match: Kane and Bryan pop up on the Titantron, and ask the question, "So, will the Rhodes Scolars be the next tag champs?" and then answer it with a definitive "HELL NO!"... then they start to bicker, as is their wont, so we cut to some....


Self-serviing Hype: WWE was in Egypt last week. And I care why?

Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGuillicutty (Non-Title Match)

A glorfied squash. A well executed one, but still not exactly thrilling. Miz was on commentary, building up his IC Rematch against Kofi at the PPV while also registering indignation at having to face Ryback later tonight.

Your Winner: Kofi Kingston, via pinfall, in 4-5 minutes. Yep.

Last Week: stuff happened. I don't recap recaps.


Fetch JonJon Some PomPoms

John Cena hits the ring, gesturing in the finest manner of gesturing (Broadly) that his elbow is feeling much better... but not better enough to ask into Sunday's Hell in a Cell match. Instead, he immediately launches into ham-handed cheerleading for Ryback. He not only says that Ryback will bring about the change that has been 337 days in the making, but also tries to lead the crowd in a "Feed Me More" chant.

It kinda works, but I'm guessing it's with the 50% of the crowd who cheer Cena... the other 50%, if they were on the fence about Ryback, are not going to be impressed by Cena tucking his testicles away and blatantly pandering on behalf of Ryback.

Another minute or two of Cena tongue-bathing Ryback, and enumerating the many ways he's more of a man than CM Punk, and finally, Punk's had enough, and comes out to defend himself..

Well, first he mocks Cena by point-blank calling him Ryback's Personal Cheerleader. Then he trashtalks the NY Giants (some of whom are in the front row). THEN he makes the case for how awesome he is, regardless of Cena's previous comments. Basically, this involves pointing out that he's been champion for 11 months. Which means Cena hasn't been champion for 11 months, no matter how many shots he got. And ain't no Ryback gonna do what nobody else has done.

In short, Punk promises -- nay, guarantees -- that he'll walk out of HiaC, still our WWE Champion. No matter how much cheerleading Cena wants to do.

Cena finally gets annoyed at the name-calling, and says "All I wanted to do was come out here and tell everybody how excited I was for Ryback getting a title match on Sunday, but now you have to go and turn it into something else." Cena says he doesn't want to get in the way of Ryback and HiaC, but his arm IS feeling better, and Punk doesn't have a match tonight... so why not man up, Punk, and face me (Cena) later tonight?

Punk actually starts strolling to the ring, as if he's gonna accept. Paul Heyman is shouting at him to cut it out, and save himself up for Sunday. Punk gets up on the apron, smirks, then steps back down, and leaves ringside, contented to have fooled us all into thinking we were gonna get a free-per-view match. Heyman is quite relieved as we cut to....


Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel (Non-Title Match)

Gabriel is already in the ring as we return from commercials, underscoring that he's just a jobber. Cesaro riles up the crowd with some ranting in Swiss, but it fizzles a bit once fans realize that there's no use chanting "USA, USA" what with Gabriel being South African. And a jobber.

Or is he?

Match is certainly squash-tastic for the opening 3-4 minutes, with Cesaro showing off his unique power offense. After a brief rally by Gabriel, Cesaro snuffs it out, and tries to set up for a superplex. Instead, Gabriel gets enough separation to hit a second rope enzuigiri. Cesaro falls off the turnbuckle, landing on his back. Gabriel quickly leaps up to the top rope and hits the 450 spalsh. That's an upset, kids!

Your Winner: Justin Gabriel, via pinfall, in 5 minutes. Gabriel's offense always looks great, and in two straight matches, he's made Cesaro's offense look incredible. Good chemistry, and the non-title win should (hopefully) mean a Cesaro/Gabriel US Title match at the PPV on Sunday. I'll take it.

Backstage: a limo has just pulled into the parking area. Out steps Vince McMahon... and then out steps AJ, who looks sad. What's the deal? We'll find out after these....


Not Everybody Digs Crazy Chicks, Apparently

Vince says today's Board of Directors meeting has yielded major results. But rather than be a dick about it, he's going to be nice, and let AJ handle it herself...

And with that AJ says, "Effective immeidately, I resign my post as General Manager of RAW. There have been accusations that I've been fraternizing with one of the talents on my roster, and it's just become too much of a hassle, so for the good of the brand, I resign." She denies the charges, and says she's done nothing wrong, but these new accusations come on top of other altercations (with Vickie) and incidents (being placed on probation), and it became clear to her that this job just isn't for her. So rather than wait and be fired for whatever thing happens next, she's leaving now, on her own terms.

Then she goes off on a spiel about how she's just a poor Jersey Girl from 15 minutes up the road who went from living in her car to being the boss and blah blah blah... point is, she really appreciates the chance she got, and appreciates the fans for making her believe that maybe, just maybe, people can dig a crazy chick.

But before things can get to shiny and happy, here's Paul Heyman to poop the party. He mocks AJ's entire tale of underdoggery, and then reveals that -- since the job is now open -- he's very interested in the job as RAW's new GM. Vince makes it short and sweet: "No."

Vince says a search for a new GM will begin promptly, but for now, RAW will be run by a Managing Supervisor... and it's Vickie Guerrero.

AJ gets really pouty at this news, since Vickie's the one who's been scheming against her all along. Heyman briefly looks annoyed, but then composes himself. In fact, he goes beyond "composed" to "smarmy ass kissing," as he claims he wouldn't have put his name out there if he'd known somebody as capable as Vickie was already in charge. She's such a fine, upstanding person, and Heyman TOTALLY knows she'll treat her champion -- Heyman's client -- with the respect that he hasn't gotten since this twit AJ came to power.

But Vickie's having none of it. She sees through Heyman's insincerety, and confirms that Ryback remains the #1 Contender to CM Punk. And further, she's putting Punk into a main event match tonight: against Sheamus. It'll be champion vs. champion... and further more, it'll be a Lumberjack Match. Heyman's all "no way!" And Vickie's all "Yes way." So Heyman leaves in a huff.

That leaves Vickie alone with AJ, and Vickie can't pass up the chance to put the screws to AJ. She makes light of AJ's crappy GM skills, then goes on to call AJ a giant whore who's sleeping her way through the locker room. At first, AJ looks sad. But then AJ remembers she isn't GM anymore, and doesn't have to behave professionally.

So AJ tackles Vickie, and we get a minute or so of clothes-ripping catfight. Sadly, the wrong clothes were ripped, and Vickie's the one who had to put herself back together once refs ran out to break things up.

So, ummmmm, that was that. This was a nightmare from a logic/continuity perspective, since they seemed to be setting up this storyline 2 months ago, then dropped it, then brought it back out of left field with the "AJ's a whore" twist. All while completely ignoring the fact that Vickie has been romantically entagled with multiple guys during her tenure. But whatever... WWE completely screwed the pooch on AJ-as-GM, turning into more of a generic authority figure, and less the lovable loon she was all summer long. So while Vickie provides the bridge to whoever-is-finally-named-GM (I had been thinking Ric Flair, but WWE is apparently getting cold feet on signing Flair while there's still the contract tampering lawsuit with TNA), maybe this means AJ will get back to being AJ, complete with cool storylines and maybe even wrestling again.


Ryback vs. Miz

Miz delays the inevitable by playing chickenshit, but this is still essentially a squash.

Your Winner: Ryback, via pinfall, in 2-3 minutes. In this case, building up the challenger to the WWE Title trumps building up the challenger to the IC Title. Makes sense, especially since Ryback would lose a lot of aura if his dominance was tainted, while Miz is pretty much teflon at this point in terms of being able to get the same heel heat no matter whether he won or lost his last match. 'Tis the curse of being so damned good at being so damned obnoxious.

Self-Serving Hype: WWE is against bullying. Not that you'd know it by watching how Sheamus and Cena behave.


Backstage: Eve is talking on the phone when Kaitlyn approaches... Eve is all "what?" and Kaitlyn's all "drop the act, you know" and Eve is all "no I don't." So that's when Kaitlyn whips out her phone, and shows that she took a picture of an incriminating email off Eve's iPad. With incriminating evidence, Eve decides KAITLYN is the one who did something wrong by snooping, rather than admitting that she (Eve) is the one who attacked Kaitlyn at the last PPV. It comes to blows, Layla tries to break it up, but then Eve cheapshots her, and Kaitlyn and Layla team up on Eve until refs break it up. So....caught as the mastermind behind Kaitlyn's injury, Eve is forced to defend her title in a triple threat? I guess that works...

Elsewhere Backstage: Sheamus spouts some bland cliches about his champ vs. champ match later tonight, and is interrupted by Big Show. Show's advice: quit worrying about facing Punk later tonight, and start worrying about defending his title on Sunday. Because Big Show intends to give him a LOT to worry about. Zero-value-added, thy name is this segment.


Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

Conspicuous by her absence: Vickie Guerrero. Cole and JR discuss this, concluding that it's probably for the best that Vickie keep her distance from Dolph, especially given the accusations she lobbed at AJ. They also wonder how Dolph feels about being abandoned by his manager. Hmmmm.... [How's about AJ "fraternize" with Dolph as a way of getting back at Vickie?]

Some 300-level back and forthy to start (e.g. more-complicated-than-usual running the ropes and stuff), leading up to mat exchanges where Bryan tried to show off his submission skills. But Dolph showed off his own amateur chops by countering. After several minutes of this (and JR touting Bryan's "1000 different submissions"), the first real hold of the match has Ziggler locked in a Figure Four. But Dolph gets to the ropes.

Dolph recovers on the apron, and Bryan decides to suplex him back into the ring. But Ziggler reverses it, and suplexes Bryan from the ring to the floor. Bryan lands in a heap, favoring his knee. But before Ziggler can pounce, Kane's pyro and music hits. Kane's sauntering to the ring, Bryan's down on the floor, Dolph is confused, so let's sort it out while we break for....


Back, and Kane is settled in at ringside (in a relatively non-threatening manner), and Ziggler is in control, focusing on Bryan's injured knee. But they aren't playing this as a straight "heel beatdown," since (a) Bryan's not a true babyface and (b) the crowd is evenly split. THat makes it hard for me to find the narrative flow for you, so instead you just have to take my word that this was more fluid and back-and-forth than you're used to. Very entertaining. Bryan's knee stops him from sustaining an advantage, but not from keeping up the pace. I mean, as a fer-instance: Ziggler tried a Sleeper (a standard "heel beatdown" resthold), and got about 7 seconds of it before Bryan was all "screw this, let's keep moving."

While I'm not able to hit a narrative flow, I WILL pause to tell you about an incredible sequence of moves at about the 10 minute mark. Ziggler went for a Stinger Splash, but Bryan ducked. Ziggler went head-first into the top of the ring post and then splatted to the floor in an incredible bump. Incredible. Then Bryan followed that up with a crazy-ass no-hands plancha that hit Ziggler full force. Amazing. Then Bryan tossed Ziggler back into the ring, and went up to the top rope.... but before he could hit a move, Ziggler sprang to his feet, ran up the ropes, and nailed a top rope facebuster, all in one fluid motion. Remember Kurt Angle's old "run up the ropes superplex"? Well, this was like that, but with a facebuster instead. And fast. Really fast. Awesome.

I'll wait while you go youtube it.

Got it? Good. I'll assume we both concur that that's a "Holy Shit." But it's also only good for a two count. After that flurry, both men play the super-exhausted card, and instead of trading compliated holds and counters, they just start going back and forth with punches and kicks. Both are wobbly knee'd, and can't quite land a KO shot.... until Ziggler stumbles, and Bryan launches a lightning fast kick to the head.

It is at this moment that Kane -- in a moment of genuine excitement for his tag partner -- shouts "YES!" at the top of his lungs, while pumping his fist. Bryan, who had been planning on making a cover, turns to Kane, furious that he said "YES!"... heh. Bryan: "NO!". Kane, confused, "YES!" and indicates he's happy for Bryan and that he should go for the pin. Bryan: "NO!" Kane, now getting annoyed at his runt partner's stubbornness, "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!"

Ziggler has a chance to recover, sneaks up behind Bryan, and lands the Zig Zag. Fin.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler, via pinfall, in about 15-16 minutes. Just a tremendous free TV match The sequence of amazing spots described above, plus a fun and creative finish make this an easy call for Match of the Night.

After the Match: Ziggler celebrates with his briefcase, and leaves as the announcers remind us that Ziggler's promised to cash it in on Sunday night. Then Kane and Bryan resume bickering in their adorable way... at which point Matt Striker comes out and says that Vickie Guerrero has instructed him to come out and host something called "The NewleyTag Game," and Kane/Bryan will be facing off against the Rhodes Scholars. But not until after these....


Team Friendship's 70s Game Show Theatre

While cheesy game show music plays, Striker introduces the concept: this is a game to see how well the two teams know each other. He asks Team Friendship to introduce themselves.

Bryan: "My name is Daniel. I'm a former World Heavyweight Champion. I do not have a goat face. I am the world's toughest vegan. Oh, and more important than anything else: I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!"

Then Striker gestures to Kane.

Kane: "My name is Kane, and I'm a Scorpio. I enjoy long walks on the beach, rainbows, and puppies."

Striker: "Really?"

Kane: "Hell no!"

Bryan: "No, wait, you do. You love rainbows."

Kane: "No I don't. You do."

The bickering is about to hit a fever pitch when Cody Rhodes' music hits and the Rhodes Scholars hit the stage.

Sandow: "How dare you invite us to participate in such facetious tomfoolery?!? As your intellectual savior, I can tell you that what is happening in that ring is the very putrification of our society, that we are trying so dilligently to eradicate. Therefore, we will not be aiding and abetting such foolishness."

Cody, with an Orton-esque look of confused retardation on his face: "Ummmm, what he said."

D'oh. Am I wrong for kind of wanting to see the NewleyTag Game? But I guess it's in keeping with Sandow's character to not be a part of this silliness, so that's a win.

Anyway, from here, Rhodes proceeds to cut a more standard wrestling promo about how they'll win the tag titles on Sunday. Sandow punctuates with a "You're Welcome," and they're out.

Kane says it looks like Striker's stupid little game has fallen apart, and so what do we do now? The look in Kane's eye suggests he may be in a chokeslamming mood, so Striker immediately beats a hasty retreat while saying Team Friendship wins by forfeit. Then, once he's safely out of range, he changes demeanor, and says they don't win anything, and he can't wait for Sunday, because they won't be the Rhodes Scholars, either.

Kane and Bryan are taken aback, but before they can do anything, Big Show comes out and tosses Striker off the stage, and makes his way to the ring for his scheduled match against Kane...

So that will probably do it for Striker as an interviewer. They've hired the hot chick from The Score (in Canada) to take over that job.... the only question is, does Striker get a pink slip, or shifted into a heel role (maybe a manager? he did dust off the boots a few weeks ago, too) where he's excelled before.

As Big Show heads to the ring, we break for....


Kane vs. Big Show

Back, and we join this match in progress. Which is fine by me, since they didn't exactly go out of their way to deliver action and dynamism. So every minute I don't have to watch is a blessing.

Basically: Show hits a Spear after about 30 seconds, and then starts targeting Kane's ribs. And when upwards or 2 or 3 minutes is spent on a bearhug, you know my attention will start to wane. Bleh. Kane powers out, tries a body slam, but his ribs can't take the weight. So more methodical beatdown by Show.

Then a for-real rally by Kane, including his top rope clothesline, but before it can lead to anything, Sandow and Rhodes come out on to the stage, distracting Kane. When Kane finally turns back to Show, Show is waiting, and hits him with the WMD.

Your Winner: Big Show, via pinfall, in about 8 minutes (5 of which were broadcast after the ad break). I could have done without, but whatever.

After the Match: the Rhodes Scholars ran down and 2-on-1'd Bryan, and then landed a few bonus shots on the already-KO'd Kane. Boo these men! Or don't.

Backstage: AJ is sulking when John Cena approaches, and offers a shoulder to cry on. AJ appreciates it, but the cat's out of the bag, and Vickie has accused her of fraternizing. Cena's all "Yeah, but they're just accusations. So why not tell me the whole story, tell me who they say you're fraternizing with, and I'll go into the locker room and I'll get the real story and you'll get your job back." That's when AJ declares: "It's you. You're the one I was fraternizing with. I wanted to keep you out of it, that's why I resigned." Cena is confused.... but then remembers that they DID have a business dinner a few weeks back (ah, deus ex machina, my old friend!), but surely THAT isn't grounds for dismissal. AJ says somebody thinks it is, Vickie probably has something to do with it, but whatever, it's done, and she can't do anything about it. Then she starts sobbing gently, and Cena gives her a big ol' hug while telling her, "I'm on this. I'll take care of you, honey." This was probably meant to be reassuring in a Liam Neeson/Taken sort of way, but it struck me as more sleazy. Maybe that's just me.


Self-Serving Hype: WWE went to Egypt last week. I still don't care.

Backstage: Cena is storming down a hallway and finds Vince McMahon. "Hey, the hell, Vince? Vickie Guerrero comes up with some BS about me having a business dinner with AJ, and you not only fire AJ, you give Vickie her job. That makes NO sense." Hey, props to Jon Jon for pointing that out! But Vince just sputters some useless cliches about how this is just a temporary thing and it's not a big deal and as his punchline declares "It is what it is" (which is what stupid people say when they want to sound sage). He gets in his limo and leaves while Cena just shakes his head.

Alberto del Rio vs. Zack Ryder

Zack may have his fans, but he's got no shot in this match. Squasharoo.

Your Winner: Alberto del Rio, via submission, in about 3-4 minutes. Nothing to see here, move along.

Backstage: Cena storms into Vickie's office and once again demands to know "The hell?"... Vickie tells him to stow it, and show respect, because she's the boss, now. Cena once again professes the innocence of his little dinner with AJ. But Vickie says appearances are everything, and no matter what happened, he still had dinner with his boss. So if he wants to get mad at somebody, he should get mad at himself, because HE is the one who cost AJ her job. Cena no likey.


Backstage: an interview with Dolph Ziggler, who backs Vickie Guerrero's decision to report the AJ/Cena business dinner, and further supports her as the new RAW Managing Supervisor. He also seconds her theory that Cena is the one to blame... he almost feels sorry for AJ, cuz really, she just got caught in the middle. It's too bad, sayeth Dolph, that she "didn't have better taste." The look in his eye says he wouldn't mind fraternizing with AJ. Or, perhaps, already has? Or am I just too attached to my notion that Dolph/AJ would be an interesting way to spin Dolph off from Vickie?

Elsewhere Backstage: CM Punk is lamenting the loss of AJ, telling Paul Heyman that she never did anything as crazy as book a champion vs. champion lumberjack match on short notice. Heyman pep talks him, and Punk's got his mojo back as he gets ready to hit the ring....


CM Punk vs. Sheamus (Lumberjack Match)

It's not just a lumberjack match, it's The Biggest Lumberjack Match in WWE History, with some 3 dozen men surrounding ringside. Whee?

Very basic feeling out to start. Lockups, arm bars, etc... a few forays to the outside end with Sheamus "getting respect," while Punk just gets swarmed and thrown back into the ring. Finally, after 4-5 minutes of this, Sheamus gets dumped on the wrong side of the ring, and a bunch of low-level heels (hey, William Regal Sighting!) attacks. They throw him back into the ring for Punk, and we break for....


Back, and Sheamus is back in command, but only until Punk can toss him out to the enemy side of the ring. Again. And then a third time when Sheamus shows signs of life. This time, some friendly lumberjacks come to Sheamus' aid, and there are the first teases of jack-on-jack violence. Punk settles in for a nominal heel beatdown sequence, but the crowd is half behind him and half dead silent.

Of note, Punk tries to engage the crowd with a funny spot: he goes up top for the Macho Man Elbow, and the crowd cheers (well, half do; the other half are still quiet). Punk eggs them on by pointing at his elbow, goosing more cheers out of them. Then Punk smirks, climbs down, and delivers a standard standing elbow. HA!

Sheamus finally does stage a comeback to a tepid response. Then Punk kicks it back in for what would be End Game, if only the crowd was awake to recognize it. Still, it's back and forthy with bigger spots and near falls, and the fans perk up when Punk kicks out after an Irish Curse. Realizing he's in trouble, Punk tries to engage the lumberjacks, but Sheamus fights off half a dozen men.... but now the ref is all discombobulated, and misses when Big Show steps up onto the apron and gives Sheamus a chokeslam.

Punk is not one to look a gifthorse in the mouth, so he just makes the cover off said chokeslam.

Your Winner: CM Punk, via pinfall, in about 15 minutes. Not bad, not by a long shot. But very flat, thanks in no small part to a lack of pro-Sheamus fans.

After the Match: Ryback's music starts immediately, and he hits the ring and demolishes Punk, while the lumberjacks look on. Show ends with Punk in a heap while Ryback's standing tall.

And thus endeth the show. I sincerely expected them to use tonight to insert Cena into the Punk/Ryback Cell match, if only to generate the PPV buys (Ryback on his own won't draw, but put Cena in there, and even if he's physically limited, you get the added gravitas)... but I guess not.
Instead, they pulled the AJ-gets-fired thing out of left field. They didn't give us a whole lot to work with, but with the seeds they planted, there certainly are intriguing possibilities a-plenty. Everybody's pointing fingers at Cena, AJ's just not-fully-sane enough to think that makes sense, and then you might have the Crazy Chick back in a main event storyline, alongside (or rather, against) Cena.

And I still like the idea of there being an AJ/Dolph pairing down the line, too.
Add in some fun with Kane/Bryan and that absolutely kickass Bryan/Ziggler match, and tonight's show had plenty going for it. It also had its lulls -- and a surprisingly apathetic live audience didn't help -- but it still, on the whole, amounted to a worthwhile night of TV.
Remember: Hell in a Cell is on Sunday night. I'll see you there, with the recap going up around 11pm (eastern). Later on, kids...

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.



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