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Vince Brings His A-Game (Which is Still Pretty Awkward and Sloppy)
October 9, 2012

by PyroFalkon
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


It’s been one of those days. I won’t bore you with details; we’ve all had them. Suffice to say, it’s one where you want to leave the building not by punching the clock, but punching the scrotums and/or ovaries of everyone between you and the door. I put on “Die Motherfucker Die” by Get Set Go on repeat on my way home, and somehow, that kinda made me feel better.

It’s one of those days where I’m not feeling all that funny, so the recap may be straightforward. Depending on how much you like my style, that can be good or bad, at least until I purge some memories about halfway through the thing. Either way, I’m just looking forward to an evening of WWE, followed by some YouTube work and Batman Arkham Asylum, and everything will be fine. All of the time.

Segment 1: No opening theme or pyro, we’re going straight to the ring. John Cena’s music fires up after a cursory opening, and his pre-entrance words are that his arm is a bit tender, but it’s a hell of a lot better than sitting on the couch. Amen, brother. His right arm, in fact, has some black tape around it, though he doesn’t have a cast or any sort of padding. It looks like one of Lita’s fishnet arm warmers.

Side note: Jim Ross and JBL are on commentary again with Michael Cole.

Cena gets some cheap pops, and honestly, it’s a pretty strong pro-Cena crowd. Cena recaps the state of some of the storylines, including an absolutely terrible recap of Team Friendship. Also: he points out that Antonio Cesaro has large nipples, and said that Kaitlyn “got Nancy Kerriganed,” which means he’s stealing my material. Also, he wants to date AJ. Jerk.

Cena transitions from that to insulting CM Punk, who has a fairly significant following the arena. Cena also picks up where Mick Foley left out (without stating his name) that WWE is about moments, not title reigns. People don’t remember Punk’s 300 days, they remember his win at Money in the Bank, and the draw at Night of Champions, and so on. But then Cena gets personal by saying that the fans turn their backs on him not because they don’t like him, but because “sometimes Punk isn’t a man. So be a man and face me in Hell in a Cell!”

Cena thanks the fans, drops the mic awkwardly, then leaves… And runs into Ryback. Ryback makes his full entrance, and they give each other cold stares as they pass each other on the ramp. Oh, I guess that wasn’t really anything. [Ed. Note: Yet. Dun dun DUUNNNNNNNNN!]

Pre-Segment 2: No commercial, we just transition to last week’s RAW regarding Ryback and Punk’s staredown, and I won’t recap further since I’ve done that already.

Also: RRRRRROOOSSSAAA!!! WWE is reading OO, as we get the hip-popping entrance! Except the guys were sorta blocking the view, so boo! Kinda!

Segment 2 [1-on-2 Handicap Match, Tornado Rules]: Ryback reverse-squashes Epico & Primo (w/ My Rosa Mendes) by pin. The Colons just beat the crap out of Ryback and used the numbers game to stay ahead, until Ryback got bored and hit his finisher (called “Shell Shock” or “Shell Shocked” according to Michael Cole) on both of them basically out of nowhere. Unlike with Tensai, Ryback hit the move perfectly.

Segment 3: As Brodus Clay makes his entrance (this time without the girls’ introductions), we get a great shot of Naomi and Cameron doing the Ass Volcano [Ed. Note: [sic]] on the stage. Between that and My Rosa’s hip popping, I’m wondering if they’re using the T&A method to get some viewers to offset that crap rating last week. If so, I’m not going to entirely complain.

So Clay is supposed to face R-Truth, but apparently Little Jimmy is going through puberty and wants to dance. Truth knows he and Clay can have a match any time, but Jimmy wants to dance now, and by god that’s what’s going to happen. So all four form a semi-circle around the center of the ring and dance along to nobody, while Michael Cole loses his goddamn mind and gives us a play-by-play of exactly what Little Jimmy is doing. Did I have a stroke at work and didn’t realize it?

Ah, here’s Vince McMahon himself on the Titantron, putting an end to the bullshit. He tells everyone to leave, or rather, dance away up the ramp, because he’s about to come down and deliver that State of WWE Address. So to Brodus’s music, all four (five?) just gyrate (or whatever the hell that is) up the ramp as we fade to black.

By the way, this segment was bookended by commercials. Good use of time, WWE.

Segment 4: Vince hits the ring and recaps the craziest parts of WWE, then immediately defends it all because apparently WWE is some sort of paragon of entertainment… then he says that WWE’s main defining characteristic is its action. I haven’t heard a lie that blatant since the debates.

Oh, here’s CM Punk and Paul Heyman, which means things might get interesting. Punk specifically comes out when Vince says “You watch WWE because you want to see the best of the best.” Vince doesn’t look happy about being interrupted, and tells Punk such when he hits the ring. Of note, Punk has the Randy Orton hairstyle going on, which is somehow shorter than when he was bitching and complaining about having his head shaved. Ah, consistency and continuity, WWE just hates you guys, doesn’t it?

Vince says that Punk disrespected him, but Punk says he’s the one who’s been disrespected, of course. Vince can’t talk about “best of the best” without mentioning Punk’s name! It was just an insult against Punk since he won’t take on Cena, right? And hell, Vince is the one who put AJ Lee in charge, and it’s AJ who gave the choice to Punk, so Punk’s rejection of the challenge is ultimately Vince’s fault! Besides all that, Punk has given a zillion title shots to Cena, and even the last one was in Cena’s hometown, and Punk won (or at least didn’t lose) every time.

Punk gets some (clever) cheap heat against the few who are still cheering him, then declares that no one in the back or in the stands respect him. So… does Vince respect him?

Vince respects Punk’s title reign, sure… but he doesn’t respect Punk’s being a “Paul Heyman guy.” And really, Vince isn’t a “CM Punk guy.”

Punk is glad Vince “found his grapefruits” and told that to Punk’s face. Last year, he said he was “just a spoke on the wheel,” but he is the wheel. He’s the best thing WWE has ever had, and yet Vince still wants to be indignant! Vince should be on his knees and kissing Punk’s feet to show him the respect he deserves! And last week, we had Jim Ross Appreciation Night, when it really should have been Punk Appreciation Night! Then Punk slightly loses the plot when he says the fans don’t care about JR or Jerry Lawler, but they want to appreciate him. Uh, if the fans are “disrespecting” you all the time, why would they want to “appreciate” you too? Punk sorta crossed himself up there.

Punk continues though, then threatens that Punk will just frickin’ leave if he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. But this time, he won’t come back, and what will that do to the state of WWE?

Vince sarcastically recaps that Punk is so totally indispensible, right? Punk says yes, he’s the reason we have a show, and the company makes money! After all, if not him, then who even makes it a success? Vince? Fans start chanting “Cena! Cena!,” but Vince takes the face route and says it’s the fans who make it a success. And you know what they’re saying now? Someone needs to shut Punk’s mouth.

Vince goes on that Punk is nowhere near the caliber of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, or Andre the Giant. Punk replies that he agrees: he’s nowhere near their caliber, he’s way better. After all, Punk made it to the top through hard work, but Austin got there by running away from fights. What made Austin famous? Beating up a “clueless, inept millionaire.” [Ed. Note: And the day grows e'er nearer that Stone Cold will show up to confront Punk. WM, here we come.] But “it’s a good thing he did because that millionaire is more clueless, more inept, and a senior citizen.”

Vince juts his jaw like he’s Bill Cowher, but Punk goes on. Punk asks if Vince is mad, bro… and now Vince knows what Punk feels like the way he’s treated by the fans and Vince. Vince has been slapping Punk in the face for years! Then Punk physically slaps Vince (putting him on his back somehow) and concludes “And now that’s a slap in your face.” Punk and Paul (who never said a word) bail, and Punk dances away from the ring while taunting. Paul looks worried.

Vince picks himself up and says he should fire Punk, but that would be too easy. Vince will fire Punk… if Punk doesn’t take on Vince in the ring. Punk is all smiles and laughter, and readily agrees through (Broad) gesturing. Vince assures him that he will learn something about respect tonight.

Punk is all laughs, but Paul is still worried, and says that whole confrontation when the exact opposite way it should have (no mic, but the camera mics pick it up). Punk disagrees: “No, this is awesome!” He tells Paul not to worry, that he’s got Vince right where he wants him.

So… the solution to bad ratings isn’t just an appearance by Vince, but by his first match since humiliating himself against Bret Hart at WrestleMania 25?

Segment 5 [Tag Team Match, Semi-finals of the WWE Tag Team Titles tournament]: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeat the Prime Time Players by pin, and advance to the finals. Decent match, pure formula. Nothing special for these four, so you’ll only really care if you’re a hardcore fan of any of them. Also a little surprisingly short.

Segment 6: Heyman and Punk are chatting in the locker room. Heyman is still trying to convince Punk that it wasn’t a good idea, but Punk has all the confidence in the world that he’s going to beat the crap out of Vince.

“And then what?” Heyman asks. If Punk wins, all Vince is going to do is brood about how to make Punk’s and Heyman’s lives miserable. Besides, what if Vince has something up his sleeve? Punk assures us that no, he totally has this, no worries.

Segment 7 [Singles Match]: Sheamus defeats Wade Barrett by disqualification. Match was about three seconds old when Big Show sauntered on down to watch. But he was probably disappointed: the match was a brawl, and not an especially interesting one. It didn’t get much more interesting when Tensai came down and punched Sheamus in the face.

Post-Segment 7: Sheamus fell to the numbers, but they stupidly let him get to his feet. Tensai then hit the ropes and went for a rebound something, and Sheamus put him down with a Brogue Kick. He quickly finished Barrett and flung him from the ring, just as Show got in and readied the WMD. Sheamus felt it, turned around and went for the Brogue Kick instead. Show caught his foot, then dumped him over the top rope and left.

But Sheamus recovered quickly and slid back in the ring. He took a nasty fall and banged the back of his head on the mats, and looked a little wobbly in the ring, but he was still ready to fight. Show didn’t know or didn’t care and just wandered to the back.

Cut Scene: Since the Vince thing, JR has been saying that he totally doesn’t think this is a good idea because Punk is up to something horrible and Vince is in danger. JBL argued with him, until it reached a cartoonish fever pitch here. JR just said he was so worried about Vince, he would leave the announcers’ table to talk to Vince now. Weird.

Segment 8: Back from commercial, and AJ is talking to Punk in the former’s office. Punk says that he’s totally going to put Vince in a wheelchair in their match tonight, and some people may blame AJ for that, so… you know, I don’t know what his point was, exactly, unless it was supposed to just be intimidation.

AJ retorts that she knows Punk is super-scared to fight Cena, so is the “best in the world” too scared to fight Vince too? Wait… what? Are they having two different conversations?

Oh, I get it… Punk was basically being coy and trying to convince AJ to “call off the match” to protect her job and Vince’s health. But AJ was mean, so Punk doesn’t care anymore: he’s going to cripple Vince and cause AJ to lose her job. Or something. Why did this segment exist, exactly? [Ed. Note: Because otherwise, AJ wouldn't have been on the show, at all. Three hours to fill, and this is what they came up with.]

Pre-Segment 9: We get a pre-recorded segment where Antonio Cesaro calls us fat. What’s he telling us that we don’t already know?

Segment 9 [Singles Match]: Antonio Cesaro defeats Tyson Kidd by pin. Decent but nothing special, although that was due to Kidd’s efforts; without him, the match would have been boring. Cesaro just beat the crap out of Kidd for a few minutes, then Kidd lit it up and performed great. Then Cesaro stopped the rally, hit the Neutralizer, and made me yawn. [Ed. Note: I liked this quite a bit. It was like one of those rare 5-6 minute well-worked gems they hide on "Superstars" once a month. Then again, I also like Cesaro, so your mileage may vary.]

Segment 10 [Tag Match]: Team Friendship defeat Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez & Vickie Guerrero) by pin. Above-average match, but only slightly. I don’t know, man… maybe I’m just not in the wrestling mood tonight.

Decent action, good back-and-forth with the faces getting the early offense and having their own “heel beatdown”-like segment. But then the heels took over for real against DB, who eventually made the hot tag. Kane cleaned house, but DB tagged himself in and couldn’t close the deal. Kane then tagged himself back in and won with a chokeslam.

Both teams worked well together. Team Friendship does well, albeit in an intentionally dysfunctional way. ADR and Dolph did pretty well with double-team moves as well. They could be a permanent team pretty easily, if not for WWE trying to keep Dolph moving toward face-dom. So… I don’t know. It was technically executed well, but it just didn’t excite me at all.

Segment 11: JR has found Vince in the back, who tells him not to be so concerned about the match. JR says that apparently Jim Ross Appreciation Day happened after the show last week, and it included Vince personally coming out and calling JR a friend. So JR, as a friend to a friend, warns Vince not to fight since there’s no reason to. After all, JR says, he can’t help but remember what happened to Jerry Lawler after he and Punk fought.

I’m not sure whether to be proud of the fact that I called it: they’re using Jerry’s for-realz heart attack as a storyline, or at least a semi-related plot. I just knew that was the right play, because ignoring it would be criminally stupid, given that everything has worked out for Lawler (more or less). Though, introducing the concept this way is just forced and unnecessary.

Anyway… Vince nonsensically answers the concern by requesting JR call the match the way he used to call Steve Austin’s matches. Or, hell, just call it now. JR is confused, but rolls with it, and screams Vince’s name almost orgasmically as he says Vince “beat Punk like a government mule” and “broke Punk in half.”

Vince says that felt great. And so did JR… but JR still thinks the match is a mistake. Vince quotes “one of the greatest superstars in history: It doesn’t matter what you think!”

Vince saunters off, and JR cautiously wishes him good luck behind his back.

Segment 12: Uh… Larry King is on the stage with a table and some chick as a co-host. Like, the real Larry King, not some douchebag. Oh, the woman is his wife. Okay… what the hell are we doing, exactly?

Oh, here’s The Miz. And Cole says that they’re here because King and Miz got into a “Twitter war,” a term that has no frickin’ right to exist.

So Miz pops out, says it’s his birthday, and insists that everyone sing him “Happy Birthday.” Larry responds—

Wait, why am I recapping this? I’m going to shorthand this stupidity.

Larry blathers, Larry replaces Miz as a guest with Kofi Kingston, both guys blather with cheap pops, Miz interrupts (and breaks the fourth wall), Miz insults basically everyone in the world and puts himself over… then he gives a great insult by riffing on the number of times King has been married. “Get off my stage before you suffer another divorce… when I divorce your head from your body!” Weird, but Miz’s delivery was solid. [Ed. Note: also, there was "I've held more championships than you've had wives." And anything that leads to Kofi getting that for-real singles push that he's deserved since Orton Kennedy'd him 3 years ago is fine with me.]

Anyway… Wife throws water in Miz’s face, Kofi flings Miz off the stage and leaps off after him, King leaves, Kofi and Miz brawl to the back around the stage.

I did suffer a stroke at work. It’s not even a question anymore.

Segment 13 [Tag Match, Semi-finals in the WWE Tag Team Titles tournament]: Team Rhodes Scholars defeat Santino Marella & Zack Ryder by pin, and advance to the finals. Foregone conclusion, but a decent little match for what it was, I suppose. I’m not saying it was good, just that it was tolerable. Santino lost after eating the Disaster Kick while trying to get the stupid Cobra sock on his arm.

Post-Segment 13: With Santino laid out, the Encore shows up to taunt him over his body. Their new gimmick is to call a drummer’s count (“A one! A two! A one two three!”) before kicking the shit out of Santino. Then all three do air instruments, although I think Drew McIntyre isn’t playing anything that technically exists.

Segment 14: Vince is in the office, and Paul Heyman busts in… without CM Punk. Heyman apologizes to Vince for everything in the universe, pleading ignorance that he had no idea what Punk was going to do. Either way, he wants to “broker the peace” between Vince and Punk.

Vince calls bullshit. He says that Heyman may not have known exactly what Punk was going to do, but that Heyman “has been poisoning Punk’s mind for years.” (I know something like that was said by Mick Foley a couple weeks ago, but are those seeds of a face turn already?)

Heyman replies that he’s not here for Punk’s sake… he’s here for Vince’s sake, implying that he too thinks Vince is going to get destroyed. Oh wait, no implication: “Don’t make Punk do to you what Brock Lesnar did to Triple H.” Vince puts on his Reflective Face as we fade out.

Segment 15 [Singles Match for the WWE Divas Title]: Eve defeats Kaitlyn by submission, and retains. Fun little match, but nothing special. Back-and-forth early, until Kaitlyn went for a backbreaker. She used her left leg (the one with the injured ankle) as the attack point, causing her to aggravate the injury. Eve then went on a tear, doing tons of ankle-targeted offense. Her offense was varied, so it was fun to watch.

Eventually, Eve was bored, so she applied a pretty sick submission. It sort of resembled a Texas Cloverleaf, but both girls were on their backs… isn’t that called a Bow and Arrow, or am I thinking of something else entirely? Anyway, the point is, Eve had Kaitlyn’s ankle good and cinched in her arm, and was really cranking back on it. Kaitlyn was in the center of the ring and had nowhere to go, so she tapped.

Post-Segment 15: Eve held the hold for entirely too long, and Kaitlyn sold it perfectly (that is, with a hint of overselling). Layla, who was on commentary the whole time and didn’t contribute anything noteworthy, jumped up and slid in the ring. Eve panicked and released the hold.

Then… something weird happened. Layla checked on Kaitlyn, but then so did Eve. Eve’s mascara even slightly ran, indicating her eyes were at least slightly moist (unless that was sweat from the match, which begs the question: why are you wearing makeup when you’re punching each other in the face?). Eve was really worried, and begged for forgiveness.

Like an ex-girlfriend with a new husband only three months after the breakup, there was no forgiveness: Layla just shoved Eve. Eve responded by apologizing and leaving.

Huh. Is Eve schizophrenic or something? I mean that, literally, her character… are they going to make her schizophrenic? Or is she just a confusing heel-turned-fake-tweener? [Ed. Note: the former might actually be half-interesting, except being crazy is AJ's gimmick. So they're just trying to make it less obvious that she's a heel-pretending-to-be-nice by having her KEEP pretending to be nice after everybody figured it out.]

Segment 16: ADR is walking through the halls, and Josh Mathews arrives to show ADR a tweet. Seriously. ADR doesn’t want to deal with that crap, but Josh forces him to listen to it anyway: it’s from Randy Orton, and he’s going to be on SmackDown this week. ADR just shoves his way past Josh and leaves, which I sort of suspect everyone wants to do when dealing with Josh.

Segment 17: Boo cancer, hooray boobs!

Segment 18: Larry King and Wife are walking through the exact same halls as ADR just was, and DB arrives to complain about being called a goat face. Stupidity ensues. Kane arrives to insult DB. More stupidity ensues. I am the tag team champions! [Ed. Note: Larry thinks Bryan does look like a goat. But then Kane thinks Larry looks like Skeletor. BONDING~!]

Segment 19: Punk is doing his wrist rolls to prep for his match while Heyman recaps the situation. Heyman reminds us that Vince is going to get tons of revenge on them for this… unless Punk beats him so badly that he renders Vince into an invalid. Punk smiles, tells Paul not to worry, and that he’s going to kick Vince’s ass for both of them. “I’m going to leave Vince helpless and hopeless.”

Segment 20: Vince comes to the ring, and Punk just runs out during Vince’s entrance and beats the holy hell out of him. No match here, baby.

Punk eventually flings Vince in the ring and takes off his shirt. Scott Armstrong is still there but there is no bell, and Punk stalks Vince. Vince gets to his feet and is able to hit a Spear, but Punk quickly puts him down again.

Punk chucks Vince out of the ring on the east side, then slams his head on the commentators’ table a couple times. He steals Cole’s headset to scream something into the mic that I couldn’t understand, then attempts to hit Vince with a table-assisted GTS. Vince wiggles out and shoves Punk face-first into the ring post and tries to collect himself, and Punk oversells it.

Vince, now sporting a cut just beside his left eye, flings Punk over the table. Commentators scatter, and Vince gets a mic to declare he will teach Punk about respect. Then Vince dives himself over the table and uses the mic to slam it repeatedly into Punk’s head. Once they get back up, Vince shoves one of the cushy chairs into Punk’s… uh… straightedge.

Vince flings Punk in the ring, then arms himself with a kendo stick. Vince whiffs on the first swing though, as Punk just rolls out of the ring and stays at the foot of the ramp. Punk just calls for the title, and Heyman starts to go around the ring… but Vince cuts him off and delivers something that looks like halfway between Santino’s Cobra and an Undertaker throat thrust. Paul drops like a shot.

Vince then gets in the ring and tosses Punk’s belt on the canvas, then calls for Punk to come get it. The fans fire up “This is awesome!,” which is a lie [Ed. Note: to paraphrase Mr. Spock, it wasn't a lie, it was an exaggeration. It was sloppy and awkward,b ecause Vince is uncoordinated as all hell. But it was dramatic and compelling. The building was shaking on two separate occassions.], and Punk freaks out. He lifts every apron as he looks for a weapon, finally locating a kendo stick of his own.

Now Punk is brave, and they face off in the ring. They swing away, but Vince gets the advantage by going low. Punk drops to his knees and starts to even beg. The fans starts screaming for Vince to smack him, so Vince aims for the temple… but gets too close and eats a low blow.

Now it’s Punk turn, and he’s dual-wielding the kendo sticks. Vince eats a half-dozen shots to the back, and Punk steals Vince’s taunts as the fans chant for Cena. Punk signals the GTS, puts Vince on his shoulders, and… it’s feeding time.

And the fans go absolutely batshit insane. Ryback (JBL calls him “Big Hungry”) hits the ring, and Punk bails, then heads to the ramp. At that point, Cena materializes and tosses Punk back in the ring. Ryback gets Punk up and readies the Shell Shock, but Punk finally wiggles out. He grabs his title and bails through the crowd.

Vince grabs a mic and… says things that aren’t nearly as intense as he thinks it is. Punk stops to listen, and Vince continues to talk, but he pauses for a moment. We get a quick shot of Punk, and a fan did something to him. Punk responded by throwing a legit spinning back fist followed by a stiff punch, which is that for-real Muay Thai coming into play. Dumbass… did you learn nothing from Green Plaid Boxer Man from two weeks ago?

Anyway, Vince concludes that Punk has to face Cena or Ryback in the cell, and if Punk doesn’t make up his mind by next week, Vince is going to make the choice for him. Punk oversells his emotion.

Final shot is Cena, Ryback, and Vince standing in the ring separately but together, all staring Punk’s way while all being confused.

Final Thoughts: I really have nothing to say about the night. It was more confusing than anything else. The main event has to happen this way for Cena’s injury, I get that: if Cena isn’t ready to go for HiaC after all, they now have a backup plan. I’m just not sure how much sense it makes to have Ryback even a possibility for a shot at the top title in the company, but… whatever. The fans love him, so I get it, I just don’t like it.

Larry King and the situation with Eve are also confusing. Eve at least is a value-add, especially with Kaitlyn in close proximity, but Larry King has no business being here. His segments were forced. I don’t have a problem with Kofi and Miz in a feud, but this was a stupid way to get there as well. Team Friendship is entertaining but didn’t get anywhere tonight, and Cesaro didn’t do a damn thing other than build a little momentum. Unlike Ryback, I completely don’t get this.

Like I said before: I don’t know, man. I don’t know if it’s my lack of interest tonight, or WWE going off in a weird direction as a knee-jerk reaction to the sinking ratings last week, or what. I don’t know if I could have improved the show any if I was given free reign of the place, but I think I would have just started from scratch with everything but the tag team title tournament. The only real step I thought that was taken was Sheamus’s message to Big Show, and even that I thought wasn’t exactly anything new. (Sheamus will stand up after taking a beating and isn’t afraid of anyone? WHAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!)

I don’t know, kids… I just don’t know.

Episode Grade: D+? Maybe? [Ed. Note: I admit there were spots where I let myself get distracted by the Yankee game, but the lower-card stuff I saw seemed pretty good -- Miz/Kofi/King, Kidd/Cesaro, the first tag tourney match -- while the two "anchor" matches provided equally solid entertainment in two totally different ways (the tag match was very well executed formula by four of WWE's most bankable guys, while the main event was an all out intense brawl featuring stunt casting and blood). I could go as high as a B.]



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