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Hell No? Hell YES!
October 2, 2012

by PyroFalkon
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


I’m feeling much better, so I’m back in the recapping chair! It’s a nice chair, real leather, with cup holders in the arm rests, because I’m lazy.

For reasons I’m not going to get into, I wound up watching RAW twice last week, and I saw something unexpected. See, I blame the general fault of WWE in not making Ryback interesting for the fact that I don’t often watch his matches very closely. On the second viewing, I watched the whole thing, and I saw an unexpected surprise: some douchewhistle jumped the barricade and tried for the ring while Ryback was signaling for his Clothesline of Doom.

The reason I didn’t notice it was because the camera cut to him (then away from him) in probably less than a second, and of course the commentators didn’t mention it. But I’m not as classy as Jim Ross, and idiots like that are often ignored so they can’t feed their ego. But I like feeding egos! So I would just like to give a shout-out to the guy, whoever he is. [Ed. Note: actually, there were two of them, I'm told. The other guy got tackeld before he even got to the ring.]

Hey, dumbass! Congratulations on making it past the barricade! I can understand the physical challenge involved, which must have been why Scott Armstrong and a for-real member of arena security were able to shut you down before you got out from under the bottom rope. After all, that’s the only explanation for why your pants were somehow around your knees after the physicality of getting up the three-foot apron.

“Hey ma, my green plaid boxers are on TV! This should make up for the decades of crushing disappointment!”

What exactly was the plan there, buddy? You realize you were about to get in the way of a man who routinely puts two dudes up on his shoulders and marches around the ring, right? He would
literally have eaten you, mostly because he wouldn’t have had the restriction to actually, you know, pull his punches. Either way, don’t feel too bad in your jail cell. Just remember that you can use that experience to heighten your bad boy image as you tell your Fleshlight that you “did time in the pen.”

Okay, enough about last week’s episode. Let’s see what everyone is up to this week…

Segment 1: It’s CM Punk and Paul Heyman to start off the show. Punk is looking even more homeless than usual due to the ratty gray hoodie, but whatever; the fans are still 20/80 happy to see him.

Punk takes up a mic in the center of the ring, then gives revisionist history that John Cena attacked him with a pipe “while my back was turned.” Punk calls it a cowardly act… then says that minutes later, when Punk beat the crap out of Mick Foley, it was justified. See, he heard Mick mutter something under his breath, and it totally must have been malicious. Mick doesn’t have the stones to say anything malicious about Cena or “his friend Dwayne,” and it’s just another bit of disrespect against him.

But Punk did listen to a few of the things Mick was saying to him last week, and he’s spent the last week thinking about this idea to challenge Cena at Hell in a Cell, and it’s still simply not going to happen, so there, you’re all jerks.

Punk trades Heyman the mic for his title belt. Heyman moves on then to address a different topic: namely, AJ Lee slapping his lips off after the ridiculous marriage proposal. But hey: AJ never said “no”! But what she did do is assault Heyman, which the Board of Directors said not to do after the issues with Triple H. So since she has, Heyman demands that she gets axed from her general manager position.

The fans boo, and Heyman says the only reason we’re booing is because we’d be left in the lurch for someone super awesome and cool to take over as GM. But all would not be lost, because Heyman himself will so totally volunteer!

“Excuse me!” Punk makes a Sour Patch Kids face as Vickie Guerrero pops out on the stage with arm candy Dolph Ziggler. Vickie makes the pitch that she’s been the biggest victim of AJ’s shenanigans, especially when she made Dolph put his Money in the Bank contract at risk against Chris Jericho. Dolph then has a brilliant idea: since they’re both so victimized, they should team up! Let’s have Heyman and Guerrero team up as co-GMs! Vickie is interested, Heyman less so…

And here comes AJ. She says that the Board has, indeed, put her on probation. She knows that she wasn’t supposed to touch Heyman, but figured the Board would have made an exception for a “slimy, shady, greasy, creepy as all hell, wormlike excuse for a man like you.” Burn! But see, she’s been assigned an “executive coach” to help her as GM.

…And it’s Daniel Bryan? Punk can’t believe it either, and that seems like a hell of a weird plot twist. Wait, no, DB says he’s only out here to apologize. See, he’s apologizing to Vickie and Heyman because he blames himself—specifically, for dumping her—for making AJ crazy. “After all, I’m one hell of a catch,” he says as he twirls his mustache. After all, he’s a former world champion, he has an epic beard, and he is the tag team champions!

Well, here’s Kane to argue that, proving we’ve gone completely off the rails from the original topic. Kane’s here to declare that AJ is a phenomenal kisser, which makes AJ blush… totally adorable. Kane simply wants to add that he is the tag team champions, while DB screams he is the tag team champions. Then Punk screams he is WWE Champion, then Dolph starts screaming he’s Mr. MitB. AJ freaks the hell out, finally shutting them up. She says she may be on probation, but she’s still the GM, so she’s going to put all four of these guys in a tag match for the presumable main event tonight. Yay!

AJ skips away after doing a lap around the ring, and somehow throwing a sideways glance at everyone in the ring in the process. The four still scream at each other while holding up their respective belts (or briefcase), which is a pretty funny visual.

Pre-Segment 2: RRRRRROOOSSSAAA!!! Damnit, why do they not show the hip popping entrance anymore???

Segment 2 [Tag Match, Round 1 of the Tag Team Tournament]: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeat Primo & Epico (w/ My Rosa Mendes) by pin, and advance. Decent match, nothing special. At least, I don’t think so, but the fans were super-hot, and Jim Ross nearly peed himself in excitement by the time it was over. Maybe it’s just my bias against Rey, I don’t know.

As soon as the match started and the faces got their first rally, they set up a spot where they could have done a suicide something-or-other to take out both Epico and Primo outside the ring. However, as the faces were going for it, the Prime Time Players popped out of the back. They sat up chairs on the stage and just watched. See, if the PTP win their first match of the tournament, they’ll be facing the winners of this match next. Hooray, brackets!

Anyway, that took us to a commercial. By the time we got back, the face in peril segment had already happened and passed, and Sin Cara had the hot tag… but then soon suffered a second face in peril sequence. But that too was time-compressed, and Rey got a second hot tag and the true house of fire spot after about a minute.

During that mess, Rey set both heels up, then successfully hit the 1238. Cara dove out of the ring with a high angle flying crossbody to take out Primo, while Rey dove off the top rope with a diving headbutt against the legal Epico. Pin, done.

Pre-Segment 3: There must be a timing thing tonight. Back from commercial, and we’ve skipped nearly the whole of Brodus Clay’s entrance, unfortunately including Ass Voltron (but, thankfully, not including a dance move that had Naomi lying on her side and putting one leg behind her head). I wonder if all the entrances are going to be cut off or something.

Also interestingly, Michael Cole spent five seconds yelling at Jim Ross to start dancing along. That pretty much is as bright a signal as any that Cole has completed a face turn.

Clay’s opponent is Antonio Cesaro, and he does a to-camera pre-taped interview that nobody should give a shit about.

Segment 3 [Singles Match]: Antonio Cesaro reverse-squashes Brodus Clay (w/ Naomi & Cameron) by pin. Very short match, with AC kicking Brodus’s ass after thirty seconds. AC even finished Brodus off with the Neutralizer, which is absolutely insane… the guy doesn’t look strong enough to do it, and the way his legs were shaking, I wasn’t sure he was going to pull it off without breaking Brodus’s neck. I confess that’s the first win where I actually give a shit about AC.

Segment 4: We get a shot of a wrapped foot, and the camera pans upward into a fantastic display of cleavage. The injured ankle and giant boobs belong to Kaitlyn, who is in her ring gear and seems to be gearing up for a match. AJ arrives and introduces her “executive coach,” Christopher J. Stevenson. The dude looks like a Woody Harrelson knockoff, all smiley and bald as he stares at Kaitlyn. I suppose I would be too if I was that close to her (and had lost my fantastic long hair).

AJ provides exposition, then says that Kaitlyn looks “ready.” Kaitlyn says she is, and AJ says that’s good, since she’ll have a match next week. (So why is she in ring gear this week other than gratuitous cleavage?) She starts to apologize to Kaitlyn for treating her like shit since they were best friends, and hopes Kaitlyn can forgive her.

Kaitlyn starts to consider it and gives puppy dog eyes… and then AJ giggles like a lunatic, says she was just kidding, then skips away down the hall. Uh… tweener turn?

CJS just kinda hangs around and stares at AJ and Kaitlyn, never saying a word. Creepy. [Ed. Note: even creepier is that somebody in WWE thought it'd be a good idea to name that guy "Christopher J. Stevenson." The US ambassador to Libya who just got murdered was named J. Christopher Stevens.]

Pre-Segment 5: Zack Ryder is in the ring already as we come from commercial. Geez, they’re cutting off a bunch of entrances tonight, aren’t they?

His opponent is The Miz, who gets a full entrance.

Segment 5 [Singles Match]: The Miz defeats Zack Ryder by pin. Decent match, nothing special, forgone conclusion. Zack’s only rally featured Randy Orton-like ring humping… I’m not sure how to feel about that.

Miz finished him off with a powerbomb to the corner, followed by the Skull Crushing Finale. Yay.

Segment 6: So, one of WWE’s brilliant ideas is to have Sheamus and Big Show have debate (moderated by Booker T), and they’ll be asking questions tweeted by idiot fans. Because I have zero confidence in this segment, I’m going to my trusty shorthand style for this crap.

Booker T hits the ring and blathers (while the commentators try and totally fail to be funny by saying Obama and Romney should take notes from this). Big Show hits the ring, Sheamus hits the ring, Booker T blathers and gives Show the floor first.

Show blathers and makes threats, Sheamus blathers and sucks up to Booker T and the fans, and Sheamus makes threats.

Booker T gives a tweet, Sheamus insults Big Show while simultaneously putting him over, Big Show defends his own odors (seriously) and insults and threatens Sheamus.

Booker T gives the second tweet while screwing up Big Show’s finisher’s name, Big Show says the WMD is more awesome than the Brogue Kick and screws up the name of his own finisher too, Sheamus says that Big Show is a loser, Show destroys his podium “accidentally.”

Sheamus kicks it back to the Titantron for a Tout by Sheamus himself wearing a Rey Mysterio mask that insults Show, Show blathers, Sheamus blathers, both drop mics and do a Staredown of Intense Rivalry, both disrobe, Show leaves without doing anything.

There, I saved you like 12 minutes of boring shit. You’re welcome.

Pre-Segment 7: Yup, Tensai gets no entrance either. Interesting.

During Ryback’s entrance, Cole gives a quick update that Jerry Lawler is still recovering quickly and is in good spirits, just to assure us all of his progress.

Segment 7 [Singles Match]: Ryback squashes Tensai by botch. Another step downward for poor Tensai.

This squash was actually noteworthy. Ryback kicked ass, then went for his finisher… and couldn’t lift him, instead losing his balance. JR scrambled to say that Tensai so totally just blocked it, so Ryback reset their footing and tried again… but could do it. This time he got Tensai up on one shoulder, but couldn’t actually get his body in the right spot.

Ryback just settled on dumping Tensai to the ground, the interestingly said “Stupid!” or “Stupid ass!” directly to Tensai. Ryback then pulled Tensai to his feet, hit the ropes, and came back with a Clothesline from Hell before making the pin. Ryback is mortal after all. The commentators did their best to sell the clothesline as some “new weapon” and how strong it must be to put down a dude nearly 400 pounds.

That “Stupid!” comment reminds me of when Orton said the same thing to Kofi Kingston years ago when Kofi’s footing blew an attempted RKO. On replay, I noticed that Tensai didn’t try jumping up into position, so maybe Ryback was calling him stupid for not helping out? Am I over-thinking it, or did Tensai really did completely fuck up? Maybe it was just his sheer amount of weight… that’s not an easy move to pull off.

Segment 8: Cody Rhodes and OO Avatar Damien Sandow are in the back. They congratulate themselves on their clever team name (Rhodes Scholars) and say that they’re super-smart for not letting the fans pick it. I sadly agree with them.

They blather and insult Sheamus, and… that’s it. Nothing much here. [Ed. Note: FOR SHAME~! There was much here. Including Sandow mocking Sheamus' inappropriate fashion choice for the distinguished debate. "How disrespectful of him," sayeth Damien, "He wasn't even wearing pants." Line of the night~!]

Segment 9: Boo cancer, hooray boobs!

Pre-Segment 10: Eve hits the ring, and we get a pre-taped to-camera monologue where she basically puts over all the other divas. She’s still a tweener, apparently.

Segment 10 [Singles Match]: Eve defeats Beth Phoenix by pin. Decent match, nothing special. Pure back-and-forth without the usual “segments.” Eve won off a swinging neckbreaker.

Segment 11: AJ is walking down the hall with Christopher J. Stevenson and runs into Wade Barrett. Barrett is pleased that someone teaching her things, because she’s so totally bad at her job. She’s too emotional!

AJ is all smiles as she absorbs the disrespect. CJS’s face expression shows that he’s freaking out as Barrett walks away. AJ just casually says to him, “I think you’re intimidated!” CJS continues the freaked out expression, both at her, and as he looks down the hall in the direction Barrett went.

And CJS still doesn’t say anything. I guess silence is his hook.

Segment 12 [Singles Match]: Santino Marella reverse-squashes Heath Slater (w/ Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal) by disqualification. Match was dumb, but nothing offensively awful. Heath did most of the offense, then Santino rallied and hit the Cobra. That’s when Heath’s buddies hit the ring and beat the shit out of Santino, causing the DQ.

Post-Segment 12: After the bell, the heels continued the beatdown, ending with Drew hitting the Future Shock DDT. Over Santino’s corpse, Drew says he’s still the chosen one… Jinder says he’s still the Mahajara… and Heath says he’s still the one man band, woo!

So… huh. We need a need a name for this stable. [Ed. Note: it's "Encore." At least, for now.] I’m biased here (always thought Drew was underrated and underused), but I think this stable might actually be entertaining.

Pre-Segment 13: Sheamus’s entrance is cut off for the tag match, but Sandow (accompanied by Cody Rhodes) gets his full entrance.

Segment 13 [Singles Match]: Sheamus defeats Damien Sandow (w/ Cody Rhodes) by pin. There does Sandow’s “no-pin” streak. Welcome to WWE! [Ed. Note: he's been losing around the horn to Brodus on house shows, so I don't think WWE ever had any intention of running with that for long.]

Entertaining match. Nothing special, really, but Sandow was fantastic, which would have squashed any fears of a move set had I still possessed any of those concerns. Sandow did 80% of the offense, as the majority of the match was an extended heel beatdown segment.

During the match, Cole clearly calls Sandow’s signature the “Elbow of Disdain” (he over-enunciates the second D in “disdain”), which means I was right all those months ago. The proper name of the move is the Cubito Fastidio, so that’s what it is around here. Just like it’s “Team Friendship,” not “Team Stupid Name With Which I Won’t Sully This Webpage.”

The end of the match was signaled when Sandow did his Ten of Clubs or whatever he calls it to Sandow, making Sandow fall from the apron to ringside near Cody. Sheamus tossed Sandow back in the ring, and used his psychic powers to know that Cody was running up behind him to go for a cheap shot. Sheamus defended himself and tossed Cody in the ring as well, then followed. As Sandow and Cody leaned on each other to get to their feet, Sheamus hit a clean Brogue Kick on them, and their faces were kinda-sorta close, so we just went ahead and said that the Brogue Kick hit them both at the same time, because screw physics in WWE. Pin, win, done.

Also: that scab on the bridge of Sheamus’s nose is getting bigger and bigger, and the thing keeps getting ripped off during matches. That can’t feel good.

Segment 14: Back from commercial, Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces us to Jim Ross. See, we’re in Oklahoma City, so this is Jim Ross Appreciation Night. JR makes a full entrance, which is weird, since he’s been at ringside the whole time. That means he would have to get up and leave specifically so he could come back out… seems a little silly, doesn’t it?

Cole asks how JR feels to be behind the commentary table once again, especially here in his hometown? Before JR gets three words out, Punk hits the ring with Heyman once again. Punk verbally throws Cole out of the ring and gets booed for it, once again proving we’re 180 degrees from six months ago. Hell, from three months ago.

Punk turns tweener for a second as he says even he respects the hell out of JR, and the fans want to shower JR with respect… but they don’t know the first thing about respect. So he’s going to show us all how to show respect. He puts an arm around JR and bluntly says that he respects JR, and that JR will respect him back by publicly saying that Punk is the best in the world!

JR takes the mic and starts off that he’s glad Punk didn’t come out to embarrass him because, frankly and man-to-man, Punk has done a great job of making a jackass out of himself the last few weeks on international television.

Punk takes a moment to absorb it, then says that he’s disappointed. Other people treat JR like crap, and Punk thought they were going to share a moment since they’re the best in the world at their respective jobs. But no, instead, we’re at a point where Punk should embarrass JR out here, given that JR just treated him like the fans do.

So… what if Punk treats JR with the same disrespect? Who would come to JR’s rescue? Steve Austin? Ha! No one could help JR now. And… then, uh, Punk continues to just riff on Austin, saying that 3:16 used to mean that Austin would beat the shit out of everyone, but 316 just now means how many days Punk has had the WWE Championship.

Besides, when has JR become a “tough guy” anyway, with the hat and goatee? No one will save JR; JR needs to just save himself by declaring that Punk is the best in the world!

JR refuses. He says he’s had the privilege to call WrestleMania main events involving Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and even Steve Austin. And they are among the “best in the world,” which JR would happily call them, if they asked. But you see, that is the reason they’re the best in the world: because they didn’t ask, they simply earned that reputation, and holy shit JR is cutting a better promo than what a third of the roster is capable of.

So man-to-man, dead honest? If Punk wants respect and wants that moniker? Get in the Hell in a Cell with Cena, and if Punk wins, JR will be the first man to step up and announce “CM Punk, you are by God the best in the world.” But until that happens? They got nothing to talk about.

Punk absorbs a “JR!” chant, then takes off his hoodie. He slaps JR’s hat to the canvas, then stomps on it. Punk says that he doesn’t run from fights, but he’s beaten the crap out of Cena time and time again. Just like the local Oklahoma City Thunder got beaten by the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, the Thunder doesn’t get another shot next week. They get in the back of the line like everyone else for the next season, and have to work their way back up.

So what we’ve got is a ring that Punk has never run from, but JR probably should, since if he doesn’t get his arms up and defend himself, Punk is going to destroy him.

JR drops the mic and starts to leave, but Punk stops him. Punk is not going to let him leave and “spew his disrespectful rhetoric” here. So JR will leave the ring toward the ramp, with his eyes down in shame, and will leave through the back. So fine, JR can turn his back on Punk like everyone else has, but he’s going to do it while walking away.

JR indeed starts walking away, eyes cast down, as Punk continues trashing him. But then Ryback hits the ring and orders JR to head back to the ring. Punk is still but drops the mic and gets on his guard as Ryback gets in the ring.

Heyman bails, and Ryback just stalks Punk. Ryback changes position so JR can get back to the booth, standing between him and Punk to prevent Punk from doing anything. Ryback is all twitchy and weird, while Punk is cold and just stands there.

The fans chant a huge “Feed me more!” chant, and Punk considers things… then leaves. Heyman gives his title back, and Punk poses with the title on the ramp as he screams “Best in the world!” Heyman continues blowing sunshine up Punk’s ass, but the fans are firmly against him.

Pre-Segment 15: As everyone enters for the next match, Cole decides to hit everyone upside the head with the anvil as he says, “Punk says that no one runs away from the fight, but look what he did! He just ran away from the fight with Ryback!” No shit, Sherlock.

Also, Ricardo Rodriguez of all people joins the commentators.

Segment 15 [Tag Match]: Alberto Del Rio defeats Kofi Kingston (w/ R-Truth) by submission. Definitely not Kofi/Dolph, this was way too short and ordinary to be worthy of attention. The best part, honestly, was hearing Ricardo on commentary just scream “He’s cheating!” every time Kofi did any sort of offensive move. The match ended after ADR cut Kofi’s rally and slapped on the Cross Arm Breaker.

Segment 16: It seems Christopher J. Stevenson (I’ll probably have to look up his name again next week) found his voice, as he’s advising AJ that to be a good executive, you have to be willing to admit you’re wrong. But you have to be willing to put aside your personal feelings and make the best show possible!

AJ says he’s totally right… we need to make the main event special! So CJS is going to be the special guest referee! Meanwhile, the Truck Monkeys forgot to kill JR’s microphone, so we hear him just spontaneously say, “Why don’t you do the reveal?,” presumably to Cole. I guess something is going to happen soon, and it’s going to be Cole who tells us!

Anyway, AJ gets serious as she says that she only trusts a coach who was a player, and CJS was never a player. So get out of her arena, because she doesn’t need a coach, much less an executive, so get out! CJS does so—again with that freaked out face expression—and AJ is all smiley and shiny eyes. I guess there won’t be CJS next week after all.

Post-Segment 16: Daniel Bryan hits the ring for the main event, and JR immediately apologizes for “speaking when he should have been listening.” I thought it was the Truck Monkeys’ responsibility to, you know, kill microphones. (Maybe not?)

Pre-Segment 17: Apparently AJ reads my recap in real-time as I type it, because she hits the ring in short shorts after everyone makes their entrances. Why? Because she’s also wearing the smallest referee top ever! We have a special guest referee after all!

Segment 17 [Tag Match, AJ Lee is the special guest referee]: Team Friendship defeat CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero & Paul Heyman) by pin. I would be happy to watch AJ crawl around the ring like that all frickin’ day. Man, I need to get laid.

Solid match, nothing major special and a little short, but solidly executed from start to finish. AJ was an excellent referee, mostly because she was being AJ, rather than (as Rick put it) some generic GM character. Every little action was punctuated by vintage AJ… a glare here, a tease there, a wiggle everywhere, and Crazy Shiny Eyes when Punk failed a pin and only got a two-count. But she called it down the middle.

The heels did most of the work, specifically putting DB in peril for most of the match. DB finally rallied and slapped on the No Lock, but Punk crawled toward the ropes. He stuck a foot out, and Heyman pushed the bottom rope so Punk could hook it quicker. Heyman than screamed to AJ that his foot was totally on the ropes, so she needs to break the hold.

She gives the order, but stands up looking angry as DB rolls away. She (Broadly) motions Paul closer to her with one finger (not the finger I’d use to make a point, but still). Paul hops up on the apron with a “Yes, ma’am,” and is promptly ejected for being a cheater-cheater pumpkin eater.

Heyman freaks out, then storms away. Vickie isn’t happy about that, so she hops up on the apron and starts jawing at AJ, because that’s always a good thing to do to a ref. AJ is all Smiley Shiny Eyes again as she throws Vickie out as well.

Vickie freaks out a bit, but stomps away from the ring. The thing is, Dolph doesn’t want to see her go, so he too hops off the apron, picks up the briefcase, and follows Vickie’s path out of Dodge… just as Punk crawls over for a tag.

Punk isn’t happy, but as he watches them go, it gives DB a chance to recover from the submission effort. DB nails Punk with a dropkick, the path of which puts him right in his corner. Kane tags himself in, hits Punk with the chokeslam, then makes the pin. AJ counts to three a little fast, but Punk wouldn’t have moved even if it was a five-count.

But still, DB isn’t happy about Kane tagging himself in, so they bicker. I am the tag team champions!

Final Thoughts: I watched this RAW nearly live, and the three hours went by pretty damn fast. That means two things: first, I’m almost entirely over my illness (should be 90% by the end of this week, and 100% by next week). Second, the night was pretty damn entertaining.

Not everything was good. The debate was stupid and could have been accomplished better any number of ways, and I still want to be a fly on the wall for any backroom conversations between Ryback and Tensai. The divas’ match was too short, and the opening tag match wasn’t anything exciting to me. However, all the matches had a reason for existing, and everything advanced some storyline, no matter how retarded. (I’m intrigued by Heath Slater’s stable, but not optimistic about it.) Plus, awesome promos by everyone who picked up a mic, including JR, which is pretty cool.

So, positive win, sustainable episodic TV, and the first night I’ve been able to stay sitting at my computer for over sixty minutes a stretch. Good night all around, and I’m looking forward to next week’s RAW. You should be too! And if you’re not, that’s what Online Onslaught is here for.

Take care, guys; we’ll see you this weekend for SmackDown.

Episode Grade: B+



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