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WWE presents Payback 2014
June 1, 2014

by The Rick
Undisputed Lord and Master of OOWrestling.com


So, as we all know, these aren't really pay-per-views, anymore, since the vast majority of fans are watching thanks to a $10 subscription to the WWE Network, rather than specifically paying a $50 fee to their cable provider to watch just the single 3-hour show... as such, WWE seems to be steering away from the term "PPV," and is calling them "Special Events," instead....
But I'm a contrary bastard, and I think "PPV" should stick, just because we all know what it means, even if they aren't literal PAY per views.

You know, like how AMC is mostly original programs and shitty summer blockbusters, and has nothing to do with "Movie Classics" or how TLC has been making viewers stupider for almost a decade, instead of helping them to learn anything. "PPV" is a known term, even if it's not literally accurate. Why screw with it?
But I'm now prepared to compromise. Over on the OO Forums, I slacked off in my duties, and one of our other regulars had to start the thread for Payback. And he joking labeled it a "Pay10dollarstoView." I can live with that. The only question is, should they be P10Vs or PTVs? Vote now!
Or don't. I'm well past the ad box, and I know why we're all here. To recap tonight's big show. So here's what happened at the just-completed Payback 2014 pay-per-view:

  • On the Preshow. The preshow panel included Kofi Kingston joining the usual trio of Mathews, Booker, and Riley. It also managed to establish two addtional matches for the PPV: Kofi got called away from the panel, because he's booked against Bo Dallas, and the Rhodes Boyz will face Rybaxel (with Cody and Goldust pointing out that Chicago is where "the Brotherhood" was born, and tonight, it's where "the Brotherhood" will be reborn with a victory).

    Meantime, the Torito vs. Hornswoggle match ended as you'd expect: with Torito winning, forcing Hornswoggle to get his head shaved (since Torito has spent his entire 10 year career under a mask, and Swoggle only showed up with long hair 6 months ago). The final spot saw Swoggle heelishly trying to remove Torito's mask, and when he succeeded, Torito was wearing a second mask underneath. Swoggle's annoyance/surprise made him susceptible to an Asai Moonsault, which ended it. Meh. Nowhere near the level of the WeeLC Match last month. Not terribly offensive, either, but I think this has now officially run its course.

    [Pointless Digression: so "Nacho Libre" was on MTV2 this weekend, and I sat back and watched it. It's been a couple years since I saw it last. And when they got to the match where Jack Black is fighting the two feral midgets, I was hit by the sudden certainty that one of the furry beasts sure had some familiar moves. HEY, THAT'S EL TORITO~! Or at least, it sure seemed like it to me. A quick bit of gOOgling confirmed I was right. Perhaps everybody out there already knew this, and I'm late to the party... but I thought I'd pass it along, just in case.]

  • Opening Video Package/Pyro/Etc. And we're live for the PPV, proper, with the standard crew of Cole, Lawler, and JBL welcoming us, and promising a hell of a show. We're kicking things off in style, too: with a US Title Match...

  • Sheamus retains the US Title by defeating Cesaro. Heyman cuts a promo before the match, addressing the Chicago crowd's "SEE EM PUNK" chants, which had started on the preshow. Heyman says "Oh, I'm sorry, he's not here. He's across town at the United Center, watching the Blackhawks." Then he compared the Blackhawks to the Undertaker, and all in all, the crowd did not care for this.

    Then, the match starts, with Cesaro and Sheamus knocking the tar out of each other. Sheamus won the opening stages, and even landed the 10 of Clubs about 3 minutes in. Then, he did 10 more, for good measure. Ouch. But when he tried to follow up with the slingshot battering ram, Cesaro caught him in midair with an uppercut that turned the table.

    Despite Heyman's prematch comments, the crowd seems to be leaning towards Cesaro, here, as his offense gets cheers (including a wicked high jump double stomp to Sheamus' gut, and then his insane apron superplex). And Sheamus actually gets booed when he starts a comeback. Not 100% boos, but it's at least a 60/40 split.

    From Sheamus comeback, we start a more back and forthy End Game after Cesaro hits his Elevation Uppercut out of nowhere. It only gets a two, but sets of a series of big moves by each guy. Irish Curse here. Deadlift German there. Cloverleaf by Sheamus. Torture Rack Slam by Cesaro. Excellent stuff.

    Then Cesaro shows off, with a Giant Swing. He does 17 revolutions, but somehow, the idiots in the crowd manage to count to 21. But then, as soon as Cesaro reaches down to hoist Sheamus up (presumably for the Neutralizer), Sheamus catches him with a small package for the flash win.

    Cesaro is more shocked than anything. He certainly doesn't look like a beaten man when he shoots up to his feet, and Sheamus scurries away from the ring with his belt in hand, to celebrate from a safe distance. Makes me think there will be another go-round, which works for me... this was that "another gear" I referenced in the RAW Recap, and a really good 15 minute match. But if there's ANOTHER another gear? Sign me up.

  • Rybaxel defeat Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Pretty much pure formula, with the bad guys taking control early, and Goldust acting as our Face in Peril. A mix of lethargy and "GOLD BERG" chants meet this development.

    But then things perk up substantially when Cody gets the hot tag and goes to town, even managing to fight off both Ryback and Axel, culminating in a 7-10 Moonsault Spare. But when Cody went for a Disaster Kick on Ryback, Ryback caught him out of midair, and powerbombed him into Goldust. Goldust is now officially re-powdered out, leaving Cody to fend for himself.

    Rhodes has one last comeback in him, kicking out of a Meathook, and rallying until he tries again for a Disaster Kick... but Ryback AGAIN plucks him out of midair. And this time, he delivers a Shellshock, and gets the win.

    After the match, Rybaxel splits, and Goldust tries to console Cody. But Cody asks for a mic and says "Brother to brother... you deserve a better tag team partner than me." Then he walks out, while Goldust conveys the sense that he doesn't want any other partner. Awwww.

    On one hand, this was a pretty forgettable 8 minute Friday Night Special that seemed a bit out of place o PPV. On the other hand: finally some forward progress between Cody and Goldust. Huzzah!

  • Alexander Rusev defeats Big E. Lana's prematch spiel underscores the fact that the Bulgarian Brute now resides in Russia. The ring announcer even lists his weight in "kilos," because only evil people use the metric system. Suck it, Entire Rest of the World! Rusev also hits the ring waving a Russian flag, while Big E is sporting all new red/white/blue gear while waving Old Glory.

    Rusev takes control early with his basic arsenal. But when he goes for the Avalanche Splash, Big E catches him with a uranage, and follows up with his crazy-ass through-the-ropes Spear. That gets a well-earned "HOLY SHIT" chant.

    Meantime, the announcers focus on the fact that this is pretty much the first time we've ever seen Rusev in this much trouble. But that doesn't last for long... when E goes for his criss-cross Warrior Splash, Rusev leaps up to his feet in scary-quick fashion, and catches E with a thrust kick to the throat.

    Just like that, Lana demands that "RUSEV CRUSH," and he locks in the Camel Clutch. Fin. Not much more than 5 minutes, but it's probably exactly the right way to showcase Rusev: he's vulnerable for the first time, but still wins in decisive fashion.

  • Bo Dallas vs. Kofi Kingston never happens, due to interference from Kane. According to Lilian Garcia, he's now known as "The Inspirational" Bo Dallas. Bo's prematch comments include a cheapshot at the Blackhawks, insuring cheap heat.

    Then the bell rings, and our scheduled match goes bye-bye, because Kane hits the ring. Bo chickenshits his way out of the ring, leaving Kofi to get destroyed by Kane. Chokeslam and Tombstone finish things off.

    Bo waits until Kane's gone, and then grabs a mic and feigns extreme concern for Kofi, closing with a promise that he'll be back and better than ever, so long as he "BO-lieves."

    With Kofi getting called in for last second duty, and then having said match thrown out when Kane interferes, the announcers conclude that the Authority set Kofi up, due to critical comments he's been making about their treatment of Daniel Bryan. If it's the start of Kofi being involved in a substantial storyline, I'll take it. But why do I have a feeling this was just a one-off deal to make sure THE DEMON KANE got some PPV exposure?

  • Wade Barrett defeats Rob Van Dam to retain the InterContinental Title. Barrett has some Bad News for us: after Payback, RVD won't be collecting any more paychecks. Because it's time somebody finally puts "Old Yeller" down, and that somebody is B-N-B [/pointstoself]. Based on crowd response, at least a few people think this is good news. It's not quite as backwards as the US Title match, but the crowd only seems to be about 70/30 in favor of Van Dam.

    Match starts with RVD in command for a couple minutes, capped off by his apron-to-the-barricade legdrop. But as soon as they transition back into the ring, Barrett takes over for the standard heel beatdown sequence.

    Wade keeps it simple, pretty punchy-stompy. But after a few minutes, RVD makes his comeback, as babyfaces are wont to do. He starts it off with the step-through enzuigiri. Rolling Thunder. Then he goes up for the Five Star, but Wade gets out of the way.

    RVD decides that what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and dodges the Bullhammer, turning it into his leg scissors roll-up. Only a two. Winds of Change by Barrett, and again, only a two. Another Bullhammer attempt, another duck by RVD. Another top rope miss by RVD, and then, the third time's the charm for the Bullhammer. It lands, and Wade retains the IC Title.

    Right at 10 minutes, and probably a bit underwhelming. Then again, RVD hasn't seemed quite the same since his return... he was truly rejuvenated and at the top of his game last year, during his first run. But since coming back this second time, he's seemingly back to TNA RVD, which was NOT a pretty sight. Oh well...

  • Daniel Bryan's WWE Title Decision is simplified when Brie quits. Stephanie McMahon hits the ring, with a little bit of extra strut in her step. Probably partly because it's in her genes (what with Vince's Deranged Billionaire Silly Walk), but I'm guessing mostly because she knows damn well that she's wearing that dress very well. Because nothing says "Totally Respectable Businesswoman" like a dress that's practically painted on, like Mystique. Not that I'm complaining...

    She says it's time to find out if Daniel Bryan is going to do what's best for business, or if he's going to be selfish and cost his wife her job. She calls Bryan out to the ring, and he's accompanied by Brie.

    A "SEE EM PUNK" chant breaks out, and Steph snuffs it out by saying, "Aw, cute, they want you to quit. Just like CM Punk did." THat shuts them up.

    But then, it's back to business, and she puts the question to Bryan again. He turns it around on her, saying that this is HER chance to do what's right for business, instead of being all selfish and self-absorbed, you know, like a.... what's the word he's thinking of? Brie chimes in, "a bitch."

    Steph concludes that Brie's the one who wears the pants in the family, so more than ever, the right thing to do is to surrender the title, so she can keep her job, and keep food on the table, since clearly Bryan can't.

    Brie turns to Bryan and says there's only one thing to do. Steph just assumes that she means giving up the title. But nope: Brie steps up to Stephanie, and says she refuses to play the hapless, powerless victim. Before Stephanie can fire her, Brie declares that she quits.

    Then, she punctuates it by slapping Steph's face, good and hard. Steph is humilated, and runs away from the ring. Meantime, Bryan celebrates and gestures (Broadly) that he's got the greatest wife ever, after she gave up her career for him.

    As stupid as the whole melodrama introdcued on RAW was, this is definitely the best "out" for the WWE Title picture. Now, we can get back to treating the title seriously, and I figure that means focusing on the fact that Bryan is still the champ, but that we're zeroing in on the 30-day Rule coming into play. For TV purposes, 30 days will actually be on Tuesday (Bryan defended the belt on May 4 at Extreme Rules), but if there were defenses on house shows after that (I honestly don't know for sure), then you could push that back to milk it for another week...

  • John Cena defeats Bray Wyatt in a crazy Last Man Standing Match. The Wyatts enter first, and are clearly going to be the majority fan favorites. Cena hits the ring, and appears to have only the support of small children and teenage girls.

    Immediately, Bray deploys Harper and Rowan, who stalk Cena from both sides. And it's all legal, because there are no DQs in a LMS match. But before any harm can come of it, the Usos run out and have Cena's back. This could be interesting: LMS already has plenty of bells and whistles to work with, andn now, we have four extra guys to work with, too...

    Bray finally gets in the ring, and the tag teams exit to ringside, and we're off.

    We almost immediately enter Heel Beatdown Mode, after all of one or two moves by Cena. But Bray starts taunting and preening, asking the ref to start 10-counts of Cena after even the most basic moves. Soon enough, Cena is able to fire up due to Bray's hubris.

    The quick rally includes a Five Knuckle Shuffle, but ends when Bray reverses his way into a neat half-nelson gutbuster. That's the first significant 10-count of the match, the ref gets up to 5. Bray keeps the pedal down, this time, and keeps landing big blows, wearing Cena down to the point where Cena stays down for an 8-count.

    But when Bray takes things up top, for a superplex attempt, the tide turns, as Cena fights him off, and turns it into his flying legdrop. Bray stays down for his first count (of 6 or so). Then, Cena tries for the F-U, only to have Wyatt sneak out the backdoor and turn it into a Flash Sister Abigail. Cena stays down for 9.

    Wyatt is shocked that the match isn't over, and charges in, foolishly. Cena hits an F-U, and Wyatts down for a 9 count of his own. When Cena tries to follow up, however, all hell breaks loose, as Rowan attacks Cena, and it turns into a Pier Sixer.

    That culiminates in Harper hitting a crazy through-the-ropes dive onto the Usos and Rowan. Now that it's back to one-on-one, Wyatt grabs a steel chair to maintain his advantage. He lands a couple shots, scoring a few 5 and 6 counts.

    But then he swings widly and misses, and Cena's able to wrest the chair away from him. A few shots, and Bray stays down for an 8 count. Cena decides to amp up the firepower, and introduces a table... but while he's setting it up, Bray has time to recover. After a bit of triple-reversey, Wyatt suplexes Cena through the table.

    When it becomes apparent that Cena will beat the count (but just barely), Wyatt goes out and gets the steel ring steps. He rams them into Cena's skull, and then stands on the steps to conduct the audience in a rousing chorus of "He's Got the Whole World," while the ref puts a count on Cena.

    Cena does get up (at 8), but Bray just rams his head into the steel steps, again... then Bray has an evil notion, and grabs the steel chair, intending to hit a modified One Man Con-chair-to (using the steps). Cena manages to get out of the way at the last second, and Wyatt's chairshot ricochets on him.

    Now, Cena's in control, and battering rams Wyatt with the steps a few times, until Wyatt tumbles out of the ring. Then, a super cool spot where Cena just chucked the steps over the ropes and into Wyatt's head. Wyatt just barely manages to get back to his feet, at 9.

    Cena tries to follow up by jumping off the apron with a double axehandle, but instead, Wyatt catches him with another flash Abigail. They actually missed it the first time around (as they were showing a replay of the step toss), but caught us up with another replay of the spot.

    Wyatt piled on with a big step-assisted senton, but Cena keeps getting up. Bray decides to go back to the steel chair, but while he breaks away to grab it, Cena recovers just enough to  to duck the swing, and then hit an F-U on the floor.

    It looks like Cena's about to win, when all of a sudden, Harper and Rowan materialize again. They attack Cena and help Wyatt back to his feet to beat the count. Then, here's the Usos to re-even the odds again. But Harper and Rowan get the better of it, and start setting up tables on the floor, while Cena and Bray are both recovering.

    Rowan gets put through one table by an Uso (but both men take damage). Then, a dobule table structure is destroyed when Harper superplexes the other Uso from the top rope to the floor. Ho. Lee. Shit.

    All four extra guys are now re-powdered out, and the focus is back on Cena/Wyatt. Wyatt lands the first big blow, putting Cena through the ringside barricade. Then, the brawl continued into the crowd, and to a production area near the stage. Bray slams Cena into a console of some kind, causing a pyro burst on the stage.

    But then, Cena recovers and F-Us Wyatt through a crate... and seals the deal by putting another crate on top, and standing atop both of them, trapping Wyatt underneath. The ref counts to 10.

    Cena wins an outstanding 25 minute brawl that is almost certainly my favorite LMS Match since the TV-PG switchover. Great stunts, and great use of the extra players to create even more excitement than Cena and Wyatt alone would have delivered. If, for whatever, reason, you're not taking advantage of the WWE Network being one of the best deals in entertainment, then by all means, find this on the youtubes, and enjoy.

  • Paige retains the Women's Title, with a submission win over Alicia Fox. Instead of focusing on the fact that Alicia scored a non-title win over Paige, the introductory video package is just a highlight reel of the zany new temper-tantrum-y Alicia Fox's various antics. Because spilling drinks and stealing hats is what makes a great wrestler. Oy.

    Making it worse, Fox immediately busts out the same trick that helped her get that non-title win (appearing to walk out on the match, except it's a trap), and nobody latched onto it as a chance for Alicia to steal the win now that the title's on the line. Because they don't remember, and they didn't think to include it in the video p ackage.

    Regardless, Alicia  doesn't get the win after that ploy, but she is able to gain control of the match. The live audience is so enthralled by this that they start chanting for the Blackhawks, and then singing Adam Rose's theme song for a bit.

    Crowd finally perks up a bit when Alicia cinches in a nasty arm-noose surfboard-y thingie. Paige refuses to tap out, and Fox continues targeting her lower back. Also, she continues acting nutty and cocky, taunting the crowd, which gives Paige plenty of time to recover.

    Quick rally, and then Paige locks in the Scorpion Crosslock, which they're now calling the PTO (Paige Tap-Out), to which I have the same basic opposition as laid out by Pyro.

    Serviceable 7 minute match, but I'm still not entirely sure Paige will be "made" until she can show off what she can do against a talented WRESTLER, and not just a marketable character.

    Underscoring that issue, Alicia pitches another post-match tantrum that seems to get at least as much time to play out as Paige's celebration did.

  • The Shield wins a No Holds Barred Elimination Match over Evolution, pitching a 3-0 shutout in the process. Evolution enters first. It looks like Orton lost another bet; he's letting the beard grow back in, and it's just as giggle-inducing as ever, what with his inability to grow the part that connects the moustache part to the beard part. Actually, it might even be MORE giggle-inducing than ever, because Batista's right there, sporting his new mega-hirsuite look. Then the Shield enters, we have a brief staredown, and the bell ring.

    The pairings are Reigns/Batista, HHH/Ambrose, and Orton/Rollins, and each stakes out a section of ringside for back and forth brawling. [Speaking of giggle-inducing: a girl at ringside executes an Epic Selfie Fail when trying to take a picture of herself in front of HHH/Ambrose.] Finally, the Shield seems to get the upperhand, and Evolution steps back to regroup. In the doing, we reset, with Reigns vs. Batista in the ring, and the other four standing on the apron.

    Each team cycles through a series of tags, and it stays back and forth for several minutes. Seems like we're staying away from the pure tag formula, what with the elimination rules... the frequent tags on both sides underscores the need to keep a fresh man in to avoid an elimination.

    About 6 minutes in, the cycling-through finally results in Reigns vs. HHH in the ring, and the crowd "ooohhs" and "aahhhhhs" for the showdown of perceived alphas. Reigns wins it, and for the first time, one team traps an opponent in their corner, and cuts the ring in half. It's just that it's the good guys doing it.

    A couple minutes of that, and HHH finally makes a tag to Batista, who is clearly the man the fans love to hate on Evolution. They fire up a zesty "BOO TEEST TA" chant, no matter how lame I think it is. Also: an on-screen graphic reveals that the #1 Trend on Twitter is "Blue-tista" (in reference to Batista's vivid color choice for tonight).

    Ambrose gets the most abbreviated of Face in Peril sequences, and then there's a hot tag to Reigns. Batista tags in on the corresponding move, and is almost eliminated after Reigns' leaping apron dropkick thingie followed by a Superman Punch. But Orton makes the save, and things break down into a Pier Sixer.

    HHH/Rollins pair up and fight into the crowd on one side. Ambrose/Orton fight into the crowd on the other. The HHH/Rollins fight ends up back at the same production area we saw during Cena/Wyatt. Meantime, back at the ranch, Reigns and Batista are the legal men. Reigns gets the upperhand, and is setting up to put Batista through the Spanish Announce Table... but HHH and Orton won their respective brawls, and make the save.

    It's 3-on-1 against Reigns, all of a sudden. And just like that, Reigns eats a Triple Powerbomb through the table. But before they can convert that into an elimination, Evolution pulls a dick move, and does the Fist Pose over Reign's carcass... only to get caught by Ambrose, who does his run-across-the-tables-to-dive-on-the-bad-guys move, taking all three out. Rollins also materializes out of nowhere to put his two cents worth in.

    But ultimately, it doesn't matter, because Reigns is absolutely out, and 3 is more than 2. Evolution quickly regains command, and the fight spills up the ramp. [That girl is still deadset on getting that selfie, instead of just sitting back and watching the show. Kids today...] Ambrose ets an RKO, and Rollins gets Pedigreed on the steel. Now they're down for the count, and HHH redirects his boys towards the ring, where Roman Reigns is just barely starting to stir.

    The 3-on-1 attack isn't bad enough: Evolution introduces kendo sticks, to boot. Reigns has bloody welts on his back. When Reigns dares to try to fire up, HHH grabs a steel chair and puts an end to that happy crappy. Evolution starts herding Reigns up the ramp, to the stage area.

    Ambrose tries to fly in for the save, but that doesn't work, either. He takes the Hangman DDT from Orton. Evolution turns back to Reigns... but it seems everybody's lost track of Seth Rollins.

    And it turns out he's on top of the Titan Tron frame! Holy shit. He dives off, taking out all three members of Evolution.

    Rollins heads back to the ring, and Batista is the first to join him. Apparently, we've completely ditched the concept of "the legal man," as Rollins pins Batista (after a spear from Reigns). A full 20 m inutes in, and that's our first elimination.

    Orton's next to the ring, trying to pick off Rollins with a flash RKO... but Rollins escapes, and then Ambrose strikes from behind, hitting his Dirty Deeds facebuster onto a chair. Second elim, and now it's Shield vs. Triple H.

    Well, not quite. As Reigns zeroed in on HHH, Batista hit from behind and delivered a parting shot. Then, Orton lent a hand before leaving, getting Sweet Lady Sledge from under the ring, and feeding it to Hunter.

    HHH took out Ambrose with the sledgehammer, but out of nowhere, Rollins flew in with a flying curbstomp, and Reigns finished things off with a spear. HHH is pinned, and the Shield score the 3-0 clean sweep.

    Brushing up against 25 minutes, and certainly a very good match. Sadly, these six were basically competing against themselves, after they stole the show last month at Extreme Rules... and that's a damned tough job, and they didn't quite top themselves. The finish was perhaps a notch more convincing/satisfying (with the clean sweep), but the match getting there was a notch or two below last month's. But I'll still gladly take it.

    The Shield are beaten and battered, but they manage to all get to their feet and hit the Fist Pose as we fade to black...

And so ends the show. At the end of the night, the in-ring product delivered the goods -- Cena/Wyatt will be in Match of the Year conversations, while the six-man and US Title matches were both really superb, too. But the whole point of PPVs or P10Vs or Special Events or whatever is that they are, well, Special. And the build up for this show was severely lacking. The anticipation level was thusly missing, and that factors in to things, too.
The result is a good show without a Big Show atmosphere. Or at least, that was my feel. Perhaps you got "up" for Payback. But I didn't; and I think I'm in the majority on that. It's like an All Star caliber player hitting a home run during a minor league rehab assignment: it's still an impressive performance, but it's not like it, you know?, matters quite as much as it could have on a bigger stage. [Or like Kurt Angle having **** matches in TNA. ZING~!]
Payback gets a Thumbs Up, because I intellectually know it deserves it. But I think that even when Cena/Wyatt stands the test of time, this isn't one of those shows that you go back and rewatch so you can relive a Moment In Time. There are already one or two RAWs this year that I've downloaded and saved for my own personal archive that I'll watch again in their entirety before rewatching Payback so much as cross my mind.
In the end, I'm probably picking nits. A lot of the failure on the promotional side of things probably has to do with WWE losing its champion to neck surgery. On the surface, that's only one man, and you should be able to adjust and survive... but to go back to a baseball analogy: it's like losing your closer, and all of a sudden your bullpen falls apart, because you can't just go out and put somebody into that closer role. You move a set-up man up a slot, and the guy below him up a slot, and all the way down the line, and suddenly, your entire roster is "out of position," and the results are soul crushingly disappointing until everybody has time to adapt. But it doesn't happen overnight.
And WWE putting together a well-constructed PPV without Daniel Bryan is certainly within their grasp. But it didn't happen the first time out. It turned out to be an afterthought of a show, where they were still adding matches on the preshow.
So I guess the fair thing to do is look the other way, to some extent, and just admit that this still wound up being a damned fine way to waste 3 hours, with kudos going to the 14 guys (Cena/Usos, Wyatts, Shield, Evolution, Sheamus, Cesaro) who really went above and beyond the call to provide some tasty goodness.
See you again tomorrow night for the RAW Recap, kids!


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