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WWE presents TLC 2013
December 15, 2011

by The Rick
Undisputed Lord and Master of OOWrestling.com


I was thinking  the season finale of "Homeland" was an obvious idea for PreRamble material tonight, and was struck by a massive sense of deja vu...
Turns out, that's exactly what I talked about one year ago tonight, in the PreRamble for TLC 2012. Nice of WWE and Showtime to coordinate schedules like that. I have very few TV "events," and now, I have two in one night. Whee?

Of course, there is one main difference, here: last year, I was super-fanboy for Homeland, where as this year, Season 3 of Homeland was 2/3rds crap and 1/3rd good, and I'm less evangelical about the show.
Hell, strike that: this season of Homeland was 2/3rds Not-Homeland. Then the last 4 episodes or so were finally Homeland again, and I enjoyed them a lot. I mentioned it in a past preramble, but the problem is that they really did write themselves into a corner with the Season 2 finale. Instead of just jumping ahead to when it got good, the writers apparently decided they had to show us that they really wanted to write their way out of it. So we got the 8 episodes of tortured, off-target narrative, before synching back up with what made the show good to begin with.
Then again, Carrie's pregnant (always the dumbest of plot thickeners, as we should all recall from Stephen King's book on writing, and the 2004 Great American Bash), so it could all go south again tonight if she decides to reveal her secret and start acting like it.
We'll see. Well, I'll see. You're just here because you want me to save you $55 by telling you about tonight's PPV. [As always, you know how to thank me, and you also know I thank those of you who help out with donations. Much appreciated, kids!]
So here's what happened at the just-completed TLC 2013 pay-per-view:

  • On the Preshow. I don't know what happened on the pre-show. One of my brothers has already arrived for the holidays, and I was able to justify rushing out on dinner in time to watch a PPV. But I could not bring myself to rush it even more so I could watch a glorified infomercial. Sorry, kids... they always replay anything pertinent from the preshow during the show show, so we should be OK.

  • Cold Open. Triple H and Stephanie hit the stage. Apparently (sayeth Cole), Vince arrived along with them, on the preshow (see? already filling in the blanks for us!), although he's not here right now. Triple H does a roll call of past great champions, and then Stephanie promises that now the histories of two great titles will be merged into one great championship.

  • Opening Video/Pyro/Etc., and we're live from Houston, TX, where Cole & The Gang deliver a perfunctory welcome, and then kick it down to the ring for our opening match...

  • CM Punk beats the Shield in a 1-on-3 Handicap Match. Punk enters first, and then stands in the center of the ring looking vaguely concerned as the Shield enter through the crowd and surround him. Cole fills us in on another preshow happening, as the Shield cut a promo declaring their unity and friendship, and that if Punk's strategy is "divide and conquer," then he's in for a rude awakening. Uh huh, fellas.

    Then the bell rings, and the ref establishes order, as this is standard Handicap Rules (not Tornado Rules), meaning the Shield are only allowed to have one man in the ring at a time, and tag in and out. Ambrose volunteers to start, and gets out grappled by Punk in the opening minute or two. Ambrose decides to give Rollins a chance.

    Punk plays a bit of cat and mouse with Rollins, but once Punk finally engages, he resumes the offensive. Punk keeps the match in the far corner, away from the Shield, using the relative isolation to hit a triple neckbreaker on Rollins. Only a 2 count.

    Rollins finally manages to get enough separation to tag in Reigns, and the vibe changes immediately. Punk tries to take the fight to the big man, but Reigns just hoists him up and chucks him into the enemy corner. A few more big bombs by Reigns, and the Shield enters Rapid Tag Mode.

    I'd bust out the "cutting the ring in half" cliche, except in this case, the whole ring is the Shield's playground. Still, the Shield's standard mid-match heel domination tactics work just about the same as always.

    The whole ring may be their playground, but when the match spills outside, Punk gets a bit of a reprieve when he side steps a spear, and Reigns crashes into the announce table. Punk gets back in the ring, willing to take a victory via count-out... but Reigns gets back in the ring at the count of 8.

    Reigns apparently bumped face-first off JBL's chair as part of his bump, as his left eye is all messed up. Punk tries to exacerbate the problem by eye-raking the half-blind Reigns, but Reigns just chucks him out of the ring, and goes to tag in Rollins.

    Reigns then slumps on the floor, and gets attention from the ringside trainer.

    Meantime, Rollins fetches Punk from ringside, and rattles off a few more moves until Punk is able to shove Rollins into Ambrose. The two collide, and Ambrose crashes to the floor, while Rollins stumbles back into a big front kick from Punk.

    Punk continues the rally, and after a springboard clothesline, he goes for a cover, forcing Ambrose to come in and break up the pinfall. The two Shield members coordinate to make a quick legal tag, but Punk uses that moment to recover, and he basically continues his rally on Ambrose, leading up to a Macho Man Elbow.

    Now, it's Rollins turn to make the save... but Punk sees him coming and intercepts him with a GTS. It looks like we're down to 1-on-1. LOOKS like. Because Punk gets the better of Ambrose, and is about ready to finish him off with another GTS...

    But that's when Roman Reigns appears out of nowhere and gets a running start... but Punk side steps, and Reigns spears the hell out of Ambrose, instead. While Reigns pauses to register regret and concern, Punk gets a running start and tackles him out of the ring.

    Then he gets back in and covers Ambrose for the three count. Huge pop, and a huge win for Punk. Very solid way to open the show, with a good 16 minute match that ended in an exciting and crowd-pleasing fashion.

  • AJ Lee beats Natalya to retain the Women's Title. Big "Let's Go, AJ" chant to start. It was countered by an anemic "Naa Tee" chant. Telling.

    Nattie controls early, so AJ tries to lure her into a ringside trap, with Tamina. The first attempt at distraction backfires, but then Tamina finds a secondary opening when the ref is distracted.

    Just like that, AJ's in control. Several minutes of beatdown ends when Nattie ducks a charge, and AJ crashes into the turnbuckle. But AJ snuffs out the rally fairly quickly by suddenly cinching in the Black Widow.

    But Nattie is able to power out. The two trade pinning combos, then Nattie takes command with a Michinoku Driver followed by a Sharpshooter. AJ gets a rope break, and then after another distraction from Tamina, she gets the Black Widow again (this time applying it in an extra cool flippy/wrap-around fashion).

    Nattie powers out, again, and follows up by absolutely FLATTENING AJ with a discus clothesline. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter again, but AJ reaches up and grabs a handful of hair, and yanks Nattie down into a pinning combo. AJ keeps her down for the three count.

    Just about as good a women's match as WWE will serve up in this day and age. Hell, just a good match, regardless of gender equivocation. Solid action, and a crowd that was actually way into it (albeit split 50/50). That's always a good combo.

  • Big E. Langston beats Damien Sandow to retain the IC Title. On his way to the ring, Damien Sandow delivers a lesson in vocabulary and grammar to the unlearned Texans in attendance. They don't appreciate it. Fools.

    Early back and forth leans towards Big E. and his power, until Sandow schemes up a plot to lure Langston out of the ring. He sends Langston, shoulder-first, into the ring post. Twice. And then tosses Langston back into the ring.

    The beatdown continues, nominally focused on the shoulder, with Sandow's intensity really shining through as a force equal to Big E's power. Or at least, it WOULD have, if the announcers weren't too busy fawning over tweets from ex-WWE stars. The live crowd, at least, weren't subject to this counter-productive distraction, and we actually getting into the match quite a bit, including a couple "Big E, Big E" chants.

    WHen Sandow goes for a sleeper, Big E manages to turn it into a sort of Electric Chair maneuver. Follows it up with a big belly-to-belly suplex, and the running Warrior Splash. Only gets a 2.

    The two go back and forth a little bit more, and we build up to a spot where the two are running the ropes. Sandow ducks the first pass-by, Big E ducks a second, but on the third: Big E hits Sandow with the Engulfening. Then the strap comes down, and he hits the Big Ending.

    I had my worries about these two clicking, but it turned out OK. Pretty good stuff, actually, although I'm never entirely pleased about Sandow losing.

  • Vince Sighting. Randy Orton is lacing up his boots, backstage. Vince McMahon walks in. No words are exchanged, but the two shake hands. And then Vince smiles. Riveting.

  • Earlier Tonight: we learn about something else that happened on the preshow. Specifically, Miz was on the Expert Panel, but used his pulpit to talk trash about Kofi Kingston, instead of talk about the PPV. So Kofi came out, and the two brawled. Now, we've just found out that they'll be fighting later on tonight in a No DQ match.

  • Goldust/Cody Rhodes win a Fatal Fourway to retain the tag team titles. If Ryback and Curtis Axel are "Rybaxel," I hereby dub Big Show and Rey Mysterio "MysteriShow." And I rename the Real Americans "Ceswaggio" (they will also be required to use a slightly altered version of Phil Collins' "Sussudio" as their theme song).

    Or not.

    Elimination rules, here, if you weren't clear on that. I still wish it was an Elimination TABLES Match, but WWE clearly wants to save the stips for Orton and Cena, since they'll need all the help they can get. Ergo, the first TLC PPV with only one T, L, or C match. Boo.

    Ryback starts off by out-powering Cody. That brings Goldust in, and Axel begs to be tagged in so he can have some fun. And he does. For about 20 seconds. And then Big Show blind tags in, and destroys Axel. Show delivers one SHHHHHH! Chop, but the crowd demands more. Show delivers a second. Crowd wants more. Show delivers a third.

    Then, to be a nice guy, Show quickly tags Rey into the match before the crowd can ask for a fourth.

    Rey keeps the advantage against Axel for a few moments, but Ryback is eventually tagged back in, and squishes Rey like a bug. A minute or two of that ends when Goldust blind tags in, and catches Ryback unawares for a quick flurry capped off by a schoolboy roll-up.

    Ryback is pinned, and Rybaxel is eliminated at the 6 minute mark. Ryback sneaks in a meathook on Goldust before leaving.

    As such, Swagger and Cesaro swarm to fill the void left by the elimination. They go to town on Goldust, isolating him as they cut the ring in one-third. The beatdown continues for several minutes, building up to a Giant Swing into a Slingshot Suplex Combo move (very cool), and then the Swaggerbomb/Leapfrog Stomp Combo (also cool, but we've seen it a ton.

    Goldust turns the tables with a wicked flip powerbomb, but when he tries for a tag, Swagger yanks Cody off the apron, so Goldust is stuck in the ring with Cesaro for more. Cesaro keeps the beatdown going for another minute or so, but Goldust catches him with the pendulous Scoop Powerslam, and hits a rana for good measure (LuchaDust is here to stay!). Goldust makes for the adjacent corner, where Big Show is standing by.

    Show is en feugo, and makes short work of the Real Americans, landing the first KO Punch on Swagger, before landing one on the legal man, Cesaro. Ceswaggio are eliminated at the 18 minute mark.

    Goldust and Cody are still recovering from various maladies, but Big Show pauses to let them recover. What a nice guy. The delay allows Goldust to get a few moves in on Show (including his big reverse crossbody). A tag to Cody, and the brothers hit a double vertical on Show.

    But then Cody gets greedy, and goes for the Disaster Kick. Show just swats him out of mid-air. Show also tags Rey into the match, and Rey rattles off a series of moves, too. He finally gets Cody set up for the (619), but Goldust makes the save. Show counters that, and those two powder out.

    Legal men are alone in the ring. Rey gets the better of it, and goes for the (619), but Cody blocks it. Both men back to the center of the ring, where they do a bit of double reverse-y, and then Cody lands the CrossRhodes off one of the counters.

    Champs retain in a solid 23 minute match. For the most part, they stuck to straight-forward formula, then they tagged on the less-than-usual face vs. face final segment. Plus, seriously, Goldust is awesome. All in all, it worked for me. After the match, the Rhodesses helped Rey to his feet, and the two teams had a Mutual Respect Off.

  • R-Truth beats Brodus Clay. Brodus is accompanied by Tensai and the Funkadactyls. Truth has got Eggsavier Woods in his corner. Adventage: Brodus. Ass Voltron is going to crush the namesake of a hated Jesuit university.

    The in-ring advantage is also Brodus'. With a more heelish demeanor, Clay dominated Truth. Included was a Yokozuna Banzai Drop.

    But then Brodus started just toying with Truth, and Tensai started yelling at Brodus to quit dicking around and finish it. Brodus didn't take kindly to the advice, and told Tensai so. So Tensai walked out on the match.

    The Funkadactyls saw this, and told Brodus to apologize before Tensai was all the way gone. Brodus said he'd do no such thing. So the Funkadactyls walked out on him, too.

    R-Truth struck at this moment, hitting a boot to the head, and then rolling Brodus up for the cheap pinfall.

    Huh. I'd probably favor Tensai joining Brodus in a heel turn (they'd fit nicely onto the heel side of the tag division), but whatever... match was a nothing, but story of everybody abandoning Brodus was well and truly told.

  • Vince Sighting II. The counter-point to the previous sighting, just with John Cena. Pretend like you care.

  • Kofi Kingston beats Miz in a No DQ Match. It's No DQ, so the crowd immediately starts chanting that they want tables. No dice. At least, not yet. Instead, they try to convey the hardcoreness of it all by brawling outside the ring.

    The big gamechanging spot was Kofi going for Trouble in Paradise, but Miz ducked, and Kofi kicked the steel ringpost. Ouchy!

    Miz starts the heel beatdown segment, focused on Kofi's newly injured leg/ankle. The longer Miz's beatdown goes, the louder the "Boring" chants get. Then, they alternate with more "We Want Tables" chants. I didn't think it was THAT bad, but Houston wasn't buying what they were selling.

    Finally, Kofi dodges, and Miz eats an exposed turnbuckle (that he, himself, had exposed). Trouble in Paradise, and it's over super-fast. No real babyface rally. Just the exposed turnbuckle, Trouble in Paradise, and that's it. An abrupt end to a forgettable 7 minute affair. They sure didn't do much of anything with the No DQ stip, either.

  • The Wyatt Family defeat Daniel Bryan in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match. To start, Bray decides to take a seat in his rocking chair and leave Harper and Rowan to take care of business. Not sure if he's just uber-confident, or if this is part of the subtext where Bray says he doesn't really want to do harm to Daniel Bryan.

    Either way, it's not exactly a winning strategy, as Bryan's able to outfight the two Family Members to start. Whoops, typed too soon... Harper turns the tables on Bryan, and makes a quick tag to Rowan. Then Harper back in. Then Rowan. It's domination.

    Rowan looks sharp on a giant flying flapjack move. Harper nails a modified Michinoku Driver. And after their work is done, Bray rises from the rocking chair.

    I guess it was just confidence, not subtext, because he tags in and immediately starts stomping away at Bryan. Then he hits a rude suplex variant, and follows it up by taunting Bryan with the Exorcist Spiderwalk. Houston: "THAT WAS CREEPY clap clap clapclapclap." Damn straight.

    Bray tags out, and Harper and Rowan return to dominating 2-on-1 for a few minutes. Nothing fancy, everything effective.

    Bray has seen enough, and tags back in. But not to beat on Bryan. He lectures Bryan, and extends his "offer" (to join the Wyatts) one last time. Bray also extends his hand, all Bryan has to do is shake it. Crowd fires up a mighty "NO! NO! NO!" chant, and Bryan gives them what they want by slapping Bray in the face.

    Before a full-fledged Bryan rally can start, Bray hits a dropkick and tags in Harper. The Wyatts seek to continue their domination, but after one "rotation" (Harper to Rowan to Harper), Bryan does start a rally. He lands a quick kick to Harper, then charges the enemy corer to drop both Rowan and Bray to the floor. Then back to Harper, who eats a belly-to-back superplex (impressive!) and a swandive headbutt.

    Rowan makes a save for Harper, and Bryan continues his assault on him. But he took his eyes off the legal man, and Harper covertly tagged Wyatt into the match. With Bryan focused on Rowan, he was caught off guard by Bray.

    It's briefly a Pier Four, as Bryan gives us hope by fighting off Harper and Rowan. But when the dust settles, Bray's waiting, and nails Bryan with the Sister Abigail for the win.

    No way they were gonna go with two 1-on-3 upsets; the Shield were vulnerable to the loss, because of the looming break-up angle, but the Wyatts had to look strong. And they did. Good match; I mean, miles away from Bryan's usual in-ring stuff, but it was a believable 3-on-1 match with "moments" sprinkled in so that the reality that 3 is more than 1 never got boring. I'm not explaining that quite right, but you get the idea: within the construct of the 3-on-1, it was about as good as could be without being silly.

  • Randy Orton beats John Cena in a TLC Match to become the undisputed, unified Champion of Champions. The pre-match video hype package at least embraced the history between Cena and Orton. WWE has spent the last 3 week (THREE WHOLE WEEKS~!) trying to make this seem like the biggest thing ever. But in reality, Cena and Orton have fought on PPV 17 times since 2006 (9 singles matches, 8 mutli/tag matches), which mostly just makes it played-out and stale, to me. But the video package strove to make it less stale, and more like a rich tapestry. A for effort.

    Belts are already hanging above the ring. Ringside is strewn with ladders and tables. One assumes the chairs are in there, somewhere, too. Orton enters first. Awkwardly long pause (could be they're already trying to pad things out, since it's only 10:10pm), then Cena enters second. Boxing style intros. Very special "Champion of Champions" chryon graphic.

    And we're off.

    Mixed reaction for Cena, albeit slightly less mixed than most PPVs. Meantime, after the dueling "Let's Go, Cena"/"Cena Sucks" chants, nobody's chanting anything about poor, poor Randall.

    A little punchy-kicky, and 45 seconds into the match, Cena goes for a table. Orton intercepts him, and tosses a ladder into the ring. Orton promptly eats the ladder, and Cena goes and gets his ladder, anyway. Now, there's both a ladder and a table in the ring.

    But Cena eats the table (he doesn't go through it, he just gets the edge of it jabbed into his ribs), and now Orton goes out and grabs a chair. So now, all three weapons are in play! And the match is only 4 minutes old!

    Match spills outside, where Cena gets a chair of his own, and uses it against Orton. Then, Cena sets up a SECOND table, outside the ring. Cena tries to powerbomb Orton through the table, but Orton worms out, and dumps Cena across the steel ring steps.

    Now, Orton grabs a second ladder, and makes the first Ascent Attempt. At the 6 minute mark. Cena makes the save, and both men are on the mat, causing the crowd to fire up a "DAN YIL BRY YAN" chant. D'oh.

    A brief exchange of back-and-forth-y devoid of weapons ends with Orton in control. He sets up another ladder, but Cena spoils things. Orton goes back to the chair, which works. Orton then wedges the chair in the turnbuckle, and after a quick exchange, sends Cena into said chair, skull-first.

    Orton AGAIN back to the ladder, setting it up, and preparing the climb. He gets his hands on one of the belts, but Cena makes the save. Cena bounces Orton head off the ladder, and Orton falls back. Cena then hits an Atomic Five Knuckle Shuffle off the ladder! SUCK ON THAT, HATERS!!!

    Orton rolls out of the ring, and uses the ropes to pull himself up (on the apron). Cena uses the ladder as a battering ram, and sends Orton flying off the apron and through the ringside table that he had set up earlier.

    Cena senses victory, and sets up the ladder... he starts climbing. But Orton drags himself into the ring and shoves the ladder. Cena bails off the ladder as it falls, but Orton is in perfect position to catch him with an immediately RKO out of nowhere.

    Orton's turn to set up the ladder and climb. Cena's turn to make the save and yank Orton off. Match goes outside again, where Cena uses the steel ring steps, but Orton grabs a mic and uses IT as a weapon. When all is said and done, Cena is actually bleeding, and Orton sets up to put Cena through the Spanish Announce Table.

    But Orton wastes too much time, and Cena counters by F-U'ing Orton through said table. Moving oh. so. slowly. Cena gets into the ring and sets up a ladder. He climbs. And he actually gets his hands on the belts... but at the same moment, Orton gets back in the ring, and yanks the ladder out from under Cena.

    Cena is hanging above the ring, clinging to the two belts. Then Orton starts swinging away with a chair, and Cena finally gives up his grip, dropping to the mat.

    Orton ducks outside the ring, and you THINK he's looking for another ladder to set up... but he's not. He's under the ring, and he comes up with handcuffs. ANd he uses them. Orton handcuffs Cena into one of the corners, and then taunts him by tossing the keys into the audience.

    Orton, now convinced he has all the time in the world, goes and gets another fresh ladder. He sets it up in the middle of the ring. Slowly. Too slowly. Cena is able to actually unscrew the bottom ring rope from the ring post, and suddenly joins Orton on the top of the ladder.

    Cena blasts Orton in the face with the turnbuckle multiple times, and Orton falls off the ladder.

    But now, Cena has to grab the belts and unhook them... and his one arm is still handcuffed to that ring rope, which Cena quickly discovers is incredibly awkward. He can't reach up with that hand. So he tries to unhook the belts with his one good hand. But that doesn't work, either.

    ANd all of a sudden, Orton realizes what's happening, and grabs the ring rope and pulls. Cena comes flying off the ladder, and lands face-first on a piece of table. Ouch.

    Orton climbs the ladder, savors the moment, and finally unhooks the belts. He's your Champion of Champion after a so-so 20 minute match. The ending certain was fresh and creative, though. I give them that.

    After the match, "No Chance in Hell" hits, and Vince, HHH, and Stephanie all head to the ring. They raise Orton's hand, and pose as the show fades to black.

And so ends the show. Not impressed, am I. The finish to the match was, in and of itself, creative... but in the bigger picture of Title Unification, it was wholly anticlimactic as a result of WWE basically whiffing on the whole concept.
Unification ain't a bad idea. Unification as a random plot device, and with only 3 weeks of build-up is a bad idea. There needed to be more to this, and then maybe Orton/Cena Chapter XVIII with that finish would have sufficed. Although I still think OO's Royal Rumble idea was the best one for crowning a new unified champ.

Either way, the cruel irony here is that this was a PPV that actually demanded a screwy non-finish. More time was needed to fix things, and there were plenty of "outs" that would actually have satisfied fans more than the "clean" finish. WWE apparently thinks it's doing us a favor by promising a clean-cut finish, but instead, they've merely found a new and pitiable way to misread the desires of their audience.

After the chaos and craziness of RAW's ending, where Cena vs. Orton was about the 7th thing the fans were most excited about, a straight-up no-frills finish focused on Cena and Orton is actually a pretty big misfire, and WWE should have known it. Then again, if you believe the backstage "newz," WWE was caught completely off guard by Daniel Bryan's popularity on RAW, so maybe they just live in some kind of bubble, disconnected from reality, and we shouldn't be surprised by their various misreads and missteps?

I dunno... I guess I have no right to complain too much when WWE did deliver what they "promised." It's just that when it's an out-of-touch heel character(s) (HHH and Steph) who makes the promise, I feel -- as a fan -- that maybe I'm not entirely wrong, either, to notice that there were better ways to handle things than following through on said promise.
Rest of the show was actually pretty solid. Opener, tag title, and Wyatts matches were all really good. Liked the women's and IC matches, too. Crowd was alive and alert for all five (and the main event), too, which is a good sign. I'll take 2 piss breaks out of 8 every month. But in the end, it's not gonna be a night that anybody remembers for anything other than the Unification. And they won't exactly remember that with particularly strong feelings.
We'll see how they recover on the last "real" RAW of 2013 tomorrow night (phoned-in holiday week episodes are the norm, and then -- if tradition holds -- we'll get a free-per-view type episode on January 6). I'll have that recap for you at some point Tuesday. Might be delayed a BIT, cuz my other brother (and my new sister-in-law) get here Monday night, but I will not neglect my duties!
See you then, kids.


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