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WWE presents Survivor Series 2013
November 24, 2013

by The Rick
Undisputed Lord and Master of OOWrestling.com


I don't have much in the way of Preramble Materical here tonight, kids. We got our first official Really Cold Weather this weekend, and so I spent Saturday making a giant batch of chicken stock (total yield: 9.5 quarts!), and then having soup for dinner, and not daring to leave the house.
You know, the kind of Saturday that denote a true loser. So let's just quit talking about me, and start talking about wrestling...

Here's what happened at the just-completed Survivor Series 2013 pay-per-view:

  • On the Youtube Preshow. The Expert Panel consists of Mick Foley (who looks way overdressed), Bret Hart (who looks old), and Booker T (who looks like a distinguished African Princess, with his elaborate braided hair-bun, purple silk, and lady-scarf). They don't bring much to the proceedings, although Foley does make the observation, "Daniel Bryan is accustomed to having the distinct Facial Hair Advantage. That won't be the case tonight. This concerns me." I LOL'd.

    Punk and Bryan also did a backstage interview, with basically zero value add, unless you count Punk calling their pairing The GOATs (Greatest of all Teams) a thing. I don't, really.

    And lastly, Miz beat Kofi Kingston in a match that started painfully slow, but which picked up in the final three minutes or so, with tons of near falls. Final sequence was Miz trying a SKF, Kofi countering into a roll-up, and Miz re-countering into a roll-up of his own. That got the win, clean (no handful of tights or anything).

  • Cold Open. No videos/hype/anything, just slam-cut to the arena, where Triple H and Stephanie hit the stage to the strains of Motorhead. Steph reminds us that they already said there would be no outside interference, no outside help for Randy Orton, in the WWE Title Match. Then HHH declares that the same promise will now hold for the entire show. There will be no physical interference in ANY match tonight. Or else.

    Huh. Interesting, if legit (after so many screwy PPV finishes since August). But the word "physical" still leaves a loophole open for psychological interference...

  • Standard Hype Video, theme music, and pyro happens after the brief digression. Cole & The Gang welcome us to Boston, MA, and then immediately shoot it down to the ring for Traditional 5-on-5 Action....

  • Roman Reigns is the Sole Survivor in a 5-on-5 Elimination Match (Goldust/Cody Rhodes/Rey Mysterio/Usos vs. The Shield/Real Americans). Zeb tries to cut a cheap heat promo on his way to the ring with the Real Americans, but for some ungodly reason, starts twerking, instead. Then Cody cuts him off, and for some only slightly-more-godly reason, punctuates his promo by twerking, too. Oy. Twerking was almost A Thing (a thing slutty girls could do, and which one could observe from a distance). But then the VMAs happened, and twerking is now the exclusive perview of Stroke Victims. Not sexy, not funny. THE RICK HAS SPOKEN~!

    Everybody's finally assembled, and we ring the bell, with Cody vs. Ambrose. Ambrose starts to gain the advantage, but when he backs Cody into a corner, he resists breaking at a 5 count. Ambrose proceeds to argue with the ref, and forgets about Cody. As soon as Ambrose turns around, Cody catches him with a roll-up, and Ambrose is eliminated at the 2 minute mark.

    After a quick Pier 9 brawl (caused by Ambrose's lack of desire to leave the ring), things settle down a bit. Goldust  tags in at the 4 minute mark, and almost immediately becomes a Face in Peril. The Real Americans take over, trading tags, and keeping Goldust in their corner. This goes on for about 2-3 minutes, and then Goldust with a flip powerbomb that ruled.

    Hot tag to Rey Mysterio. Runs through his series of moves, then tags in an Uso. The Uso finish off Swagger with a Samoan Drop/Superfly Splash combo. At the 8 minute mark, it's now 5-on-3, advantage good guys.

    Cesaro immediately leaps to action, and gains control over an Uso. He hits the Giant Swing, doing 14 revolutions. The other Uso tries to help, but gets a Swing of his own. 16 revolutions. 30 total. That took it's toll on Cesaro, however, as he stumbles and drops to one knee while the legal Uso (the one who's had some time to recover) tags in Cody. Cody immediately rolls up the woozy Cesaro, for an elimination at about 9:30.

    It's now all five good guys against Rollins and Reigns.

    Before you can blink, it's an Uso in the ring with Reigns, and you can guess how that worked out. The former tag champs immediately begin doing that voodoo that they do so well. For 3 minutes Uso #1 is In Peril, then sneaks in a quick tag to Usso #2, who gets a nice hope spot before whiffing on a Superfly Splash.

    Reigns immediately follows up on the rib-damaging bump with a Spear, and pins Uso at the 14 minute mark. Now it's 4-on-2.

    Cody steps in for his team, and nearly eliminates Reigns after his picture perfect moonsault. But it only gets a 2, and Rollins tags in. A nice exchange or two between Cody and Rollins, and it ends with Cody hitting the CrossRhodes. Problem: Reigns blind-tagged himself in just before Cody hit the move. Cody stands up, and gets Speared out of his boots at the 16 minute mark. 3-on-2.

    Uso steps in, and gets the worse of an outside the ring brawl against Reigns. Rollins tags in, and hits the Curb Stomp. Uso is eliminated at 17 minutes. And now, it's Goldust/Rey vs. Rollins/Reigns.

    Rey offers to step in, and gets a few moves in before Reigns just manhandles him. Rey's already known for being "lawn-darted" into walls. Toinight, he was "curled" halfway across the ring, and to the floor.

    But Reigns makes the mistake of tagging Rollins in, and Rollins screws the pooch. He tries to powerbomb Rey, but Rey channels his inner Kidman, and flips through into a roll-up. Rollins is eliminated at 19 minutes.

    Reigns immediately pounces, and beats the crap out of Rey for a minute or two (audible "ROW MUNN RAINS" chant!), until Rey drop toeholds him into a turnbuckle. Hot tag to Goldust at 21 minutes.

    Goldust is a house o' fire. Mount and punch, pendulous powerslam, and even his big twisting reverse crossbody. But Reigns won't stay down, and when Goldust tries to speed things up, by bouncing off the ropes with a clothesline, Reigns catches him with a Spear. Goldust is done at 22 minutes.

    Rey makes a springboard entrance to the match, catching Reigns with a rana that drapes the big man across the middle rope. Rey's thinking (619)... but Reigns is thinking Another Spear. As Rey comes in, Reigns cuts him in half with the biggest spear of the night.

    Roman Reigns is your Sole Survivor after 23 minutes. This gets some cheers. And why not? The guy looks impressive as hell in eliminating 4 men en route to a major come-from-behind victory. Really good opener, hitting all the usual notes you'd expect (given the great matches the Usos/Rhodesses and Shield have had), before deviating into a fresh direction with Reigns.

  • Big E. Langston beats Curtis Axel to retain the IC Title. Back and forth to start, with Axel using wrestling technique and Langston using power. About 2 minutes in, power starts to win out. Crowd doesn't seem too interested, though. Langston gets a mix of silence and "Let's go Ziggler" chants. D'oh.

    Match spills outside the ring, and Axel uses that for the standard cat-and-mouse role reversal spot, where he beats Langston back into the ring, and then cuts him off before he (Langston) can step all the way through the ropes.

    Axel seems to nominally focus on E.'s neck for the heel beatdown. Sadly, this involves chinlocks. Wheeeee!

    Langston powers out of the second chinlock. Hits a big belly-to-belly. Follows up with the Warrior-style splash. Takes down the strap. Goes for the Big Ending. Axel escapes, hits the PerfectPlex for a convincing 2 count. Tries to follow up with his neckbreaker. Langston counters smoothly into the Big Ending.
    And that's that. Call it 6 minutes, and while not special by any means, it was inoffensive.

    Speaking of Inoffensive: here's the opposite of offensive, Renee Young, to conduct a follow-up interview. Not exactly in-depth, but it gave Big E. a chance to suck up to the Boston fans by comparing his IC Title win to the Red Sox World Series win. Somewhere (up on the mezzanine level, to be specific), Mick Foley is very proud of Langston's cheap pop skills.

  • Natalya and Nikki Bella are co-Survivors in a 14-woman Survivor Series Rules Match. It's elimination rules, and yet, no divas match is allowed to last longer than 5 minutes. This could get sloppy. Or stupid. Or both.

    Naomi and Alicia Fox start. Naomi scores the first elim, at 1 minute, with a nice split legged moonsault on Alicia.

    Rosa eliminates Cameron via some extremely poorly executed move at 2:30. Nikki Bella comes in and hits a facebuster to eliminate Rosa at 3 minutes.

    Summer enters, and tries to engage Nikki in a dance contest. But when Summer hits the splits, Nikki dropkicks her and scores an elim at 3:30.

    Kaitlyn and The One From That Which OO Does Not Acknowledge both come in, Kaitlyn eliminates The One at 4 mintues, with a gutbuster.

    Naomi comes in, and gets eliminated by a second gutbuster at 4:30.

    Brie enters, and has a decent little exchange with Kaitlyn, culminating with a Missile Dropkick. Kaitlyn's gone at 5:30.

    Aksana eliminates Brie about 30 seconds later.

    Nikki eliminates Aksana about 20 seconds later with an (admittedly sweet) Drop Down Torture Rack.

    It's 6:30 in, and I guess it's 2-on-2 (Nikki/The Other One vs. AJ/Tamina). Nikki starts against Tamini, and gets in trouble, but only VERY reluctantly tags in the Other One (who has had almost zero in-ring experience).

    The Other One makes the mistake of scoring a VERY close 2 count on a roll-up, and Tamina just flat destroys her. AJ asks to be tagged in to finish things off, and prances her way into a cover. The Other One is eliminated at 10 minutes.

    Huh, I guess Natalya's been hiding this whole time, since she suddenly materializes and enters the match. Tamina goes for a Superfly Splash, but whiffs, and Nattie locks on the Sharpshooter. Did I say "sloppy" earlier? Well, we get it in spades here, as AJ makes the save, but the ref still says Tamina is eliminated, via submission.

    Tamina is displeased by this elimination, and tries to hang around, but Nikki knocks her off the apron. This distracts AJ, who gets caught by Nattie with a schoolgirl roll-up. Fin.

    So the final tally is Nattie/Nikki as survivors in a 12 minute match that was pretty much completely devoid of any flow. What are you gonna do when you're averaging an elimination per minute?

  • Mark Henry returns to beat Ryback in an Open Challenge Match. Josh Mathews introduces the Expert Panel, and they each get a nice big pop. But before they can get to any analysisening, Ryback interrupts, and mocks the old men before issuing another "Beat the Bully" Open Challenge (as seen on Friday's SmackDown).

    Ryback is clearly taken aback when Mark Henry's music hits. And then there's the man, himself, now with a shaved head, and missing a good 50 lbs or so. He's still a very large man.

    Cole: "This is gonna be a Power Match." Somewhere in Oklahoma, JR: "It's OK, just call it a Slobberknocker, junior."

    It's a Slobberknocker in good faith for about 90 seconds until Ryback decides he can't win that kind of match, and catches Henry with a pearl harbor chopblock. That's not power-on-power, that's just cheap.

    Henry regains control by dodging a corner charge, and Ryback eats the steel ring post. Henry's offensive flurry here consists of headbutts, including an all-fours headbutt. THUMP~! Somebody's spent his time off watching that Mid-South DVD, with the Junkyard Dog matches.

    Ryback short circuits that with another chopblock. Ryback's offensive ends with a big spinebuster, setting up for the Meathook. But when Ryback charges, Henry catches him with a standing high crossbody (which sounds better in theory than it looked in execution, unfortunately). Henry immediately followed up with a World's Strongest Slam for the win.

    A little over 4 minutes, and more than serviceable as an impressive return showing by Henry. But that's about it.

  • John Cena beats Alberto del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Title Man alive, even in his own hometown, the Cena-Hate is still palpable. Maybe not as bad as most towns, but he's still only getting 70/30 cheers, tops. Lilian does the full boxing-style ring intros, and we're off.

    Standard back-and-forthy to start, with lock-ups, headlocks, and so forth. Much is made of Cena not wearing a brace on his SURGICALLY REPAIRED~! left arm, with the suggestion being that that's so there's less of a target on the arm. So the suggestion is also that Alberto is mentally enfeebled and can't remember which arm is injured. Oy.

    Two minutes in, and del Rio is working his 3rd side headlock of the match, so we're slow-rolling. A quick ramp-up with some criss-crossy action, but by the 3 minute mark, del Rio's back to working an armbar. Brace or no, Alberto is able to tell left from right, and picks the right arm. Which is to say, the left arm.

    Match spills outside, and del Rio sends Cena -- left arm first -- into the steel ring steps, so I guess we're just morphing straight into the mid-match heel beatdown, here at the 5 minute mark.

    Flying sledge off the top rope to the left arm is a nice move. Another arm bar? Meh, not so much. Cena with a punchy-kicky hope spot that fizzles when ADR ducks a charge, and Cena hits the turnbuckle, arm first. A minute or two later, another hope spot, but Cena whiffs on a shoulder tackle and lands on his arm, again.

    Match goes back outside, and del Rio tosses Cena into the barricade (arm first, of course). Back in the ring, Alberto goes back to a hammerlock. Crowd's really dead, even as Cena fires up for another extended hope spot, including several shoulderblocks. With his left shoulder. Oy, this is exactly what he did against ADR last month: got his arm destroyed, did his offense without selling the injury, and only remembering to go back to selling it later. He FIXED that problem the next night against Sandow, but here we are, dealing with it again.

    ADR snuffs out that rally with a backstabber, but gets in trouble when Cena moves out of the way when Alberto tries a Bossman Straddle. Alberto tumbles to the outside, landing in a heap. Alberto uses a full 8 count to get back into the ring, but Cena's recovered, and catches him with a backdrop suplex, and a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena tries for the F-U, but Alberto escapes.

    Cena goes up top, and ADR tries for his run-up enzuigiri. Cena ducks it, but stays seated on the top rope, and when Alberto approaches, he hits a nice Tornado DDT. Only a 2 count. Cena goes up top again, but NOW is when Alberto lands the run-up enzuigiri. Only a 2 count.

    Del Rio ties Cena to the tree of woe, and goes for a dropkick of woe... but Cena sits up, and del Rio eats ring post. Alberto stumbles back, and Cena repositions himself on the top rope, and hits a top rope leg drop. Only a 2 count.

    Cena's frustrated, so Alberto catches him with a quick kick. He begins calling for the cross armbreaker (and the crowd perks up with a "Si! Si! Si!" chant. Alberto goes for it, but Cena flips through and turns it into an SSTF. Alberto gets to the ropes for a break.

    More back and forth leads to a low-superkick by del Rio for a convincing near fall. But Alberto spends too much time being frustrated, and when he approaches Cena, he's caught by that new fahngled half-nelson Rude Awakening. Only a 2.

    Cena up top again, looking for a Steamboat Crossbody. He hits it, but Alberto rolls through and turns it into a Cross Armbreaker. Cena immediately powers out by deadlifting Alberto with his bad arm and turning it into a powerbomb.

    Both men down, ref starts a count. Both men up. Cena goes for the F-U, countered. Alberto does for the armbreaker, countered. Cena goes for the F-U. Hits it. Cena retains in 19 minutes.

    Cena's had some eye-openingly strong outings since coming back, but this one doesn't really stand among them. It was roughly on par with his last PPV match against del Rio, with the same basic story and same basic warts. Not bad by any means, but nothing to sink your teeth into, either.

  • CM Punk and Daniel Bryan beat the Wyatt Family. Good guys enter first. Then Bray Wyatt supplies a personalized Lantern Video, giving credit to Punk/Bryan for being tough. But tough won't be enough against the Reapers. They're here.

    So, per HHH's promise, is Bray "outside" interference, or does he get some kind of exemption as intra-match interference? Or am I thinking too hard?

    Rowan insists on starting, and Harper lets him. Bryan starts for his team. Rowan dominates for a minute or so, until Bryan starts softening him up with kicks to the hamstring. That's enough to back Rowan up, and get a tag to Punk.

    Punk can't keep the momentum going, and Rowan tags Harper in. Harper gets Punk tied up in the ropes and hits a nasty double knife-edge chop. Rowan back in, and wastes no time cinching in OO's #2 Most Hated move: the bearhug. Punk powers out, and goes after Rowan's left thigh again... he also gets enough separation to tag Bryan.

    Bryan and Punk try a quick double team on Rowan, but Rowan turns the tables by double suplexing the both of them. Nice. Mini-beatdown by Rowan ends with Bryan drop toeholding him into the turn buckle. Tag to Punk, and this time, their double team suplex on Rowan works. Punk and Bryan do a decent job keeping the ring cut in half for several minutes, leading up to a Hart Attack Clothesline at the 6 minute mark.

    Rowan breaks up the pinfall after that move, and then hangs around long enough to keep Punk distracted. Harper recovers and boots Punk in the face. Punk proceeds to get his ass handed to him for several minutes. Per usual, Harper looks good (getting a convincing near fall after a Michinoku Driver, even), while Rowan's pretty rough around the edges (to be charitable).

    Ten minutes in, Punk gets separation with a Tornado DDT on Rowan. Both men make tags, and Bryan lights up the crowd against Harper... but on the Flying Goat Dive, Harper appears to twist his left knee pretty badly catching Bryan.

    Harper toughs it out, though, and holds up his half of things, taking Bryan's full onslaught, before finally countering a top rope rana attempt by turning it into a top rope powerbomb. Rowan's now able to tag in, and take over for the clearly gimpy Harper.

    Harper does get back into the ring, and hits a sweet half-nelson overhead suplex. But he also wanders too close to the opposing corner, and Punk just roudhouse kicks him in the head. Bryan takes advantage by tagging Punk legally into the match.

    Punk's en feugo, taking out Harper with a series of strikes before going up top, with visions of the Macho Man Elbow.... but instead, he changes direction, and hits a crossbody onto Bray and Rowan (onthe floor). With those two eliminated, Punk focuses on Harper, and again builds up to the Macho Man Elbow. This time, it hits.

    Punk sets up for the GTS, but Rowan makes a token effort at interference. Bryan takes him out with a knee strike ("Aberdeen Face Buster" is my vote from the choices Bryan's offered as options for an official name). Punk resets for the GTS, and hits it on Harper.

    Very solid 17 minute affair. Not on par with the 5-on-5, but certainly a notch or 3 better than Cena/del Rio was. Hopefully, Harper isn't really hurt all that badly; the fact that he finished the match (despite a limp) should bode well.

    After the match, Punk and Bryan are celebrating, and Bray has designs on sneak attacking them. But he gets spotted. Bryan and Punk dare him to keep on coming, but Bray decides discretion is the better part of valor, and slinks away with his boys, while Punk and Bryan resume celebration.

  • Randy Orton defeats Big Show to retain the WWE Title. Boxing style ring intros, and then as soon as the bell rings, they don't even get to the game of "cat and mouse." Orton just sprints out of the ring and plays a solo game of "mouse." And if that's not chickenshitty enough for you, Orton gets back in the ring to break the count, and then dives out of the ring with so much vigor that he actually screws it up, and ties himself up in the bottom rope. Laugh riot~!

    On Orton's third dive outside the ring, Show deigns to play "cat," and catches up to Randall. One big chop. A second big chop. A "One More Time" chant. So one more big chop. Good times.  But Big Show's a little slow, and Orton gets about halfway across the ring, and uses that separation to catch Show with a sudden dropkick.

    Orton's follow-up of choice: a sleeper hold. Boston: "BOR-RING! BOR-RING!" I concur. Show powers up to his feet, and then drops back, landing with his weight on Orton. Show's back in control.

    Orton tries ducking outside again, but Show follows, and starts tossing him into various pieces of ringside furniture, including the ring steps. Orton's down, and seemingly out, so Big Show gets greedy, and goes to the top rope. The hell?
    But ahhh, I see, Orton catches him and crotches him on the top rope, and sets him up for a top rope Hangman DDT. However, between the two, they don't get the timing right, and it turns into a regular standing DDT. The crowd grumbles and boos Orton for not hitting the move cleanly. Orton decides to taunt them back, which allows Big Show to recover. Orton turns around and eats a chokeslam.

    Only a 2.

    Orton tries to bail out again, and Show tries to follow, but Orton tackles Show, causing Show to crash backwards into the ref. With the ref down, Orton tries to use a steel chair as a weapon, but Show counters, and -- after a quick brawl into the fans -- hits the WMD.

    The ref is back to his feet, as Show hoists Orton's carcass back into the ring...

    And that's when Motorhead fires up. Triple H, Stephanie, and DOO Kane appear on the stage, distracting Big Show.

    Orton strikes from behind with an RKO. And then he retreated to a corner, and lined things up for the Booty Kick o' Doom. That punt has never struck me as particularly bad-ass in execution, and this version was extra dainty, if you ask me.

    But it's also enough for the pinfall win. Orton retains in an underwhelming 11 minute affair. He briefly celebrates while Cole points out that HHH only promised no PHYSICAL interference, and there was, afterall, no physical interaction between HHH and Big Show. So wheeee, my instinct earlier were right all along. There was a loophole.

    And then, before I can pat myself on the back, John Cena's music hits, and he comes out, and jumps in the ring. He and Orton play a game of "My Belt!"/'No, My Belt!" for about 90 seconds before we fade to black at 10:43pm.

    So I guess this means we're getting that Champ vs. Champ feud that pretty much nobody was asking for? Yippee.

And so ends the show. Can't say it was a particularly good one. But I also can't say it was entirely awful, either.
Two really good matches, with the 5-on-5 beating the Punk/Bryan/Wyatts for Match of the Night, is plenty to scratch me where I itch. Add in a few other decent, in offensive little matches, and that's alright with me. The problem is that the main event wasn't really one of those. That one stuck out like an abbreviated, sloppy-in-spots sore thumb, which is no way to cap off a PPV.
I guess WWE's idea is that the REAL ending of the PPV was Cena/Orton's Belt Battle. Which I guess might appeal to some. I know if I was 12, I'd probably be going ape-poopy. I mean, if I went ape-poopy for Hogan/Warrior, champ vs. champ, when I was 12, I assume I'd give Cena/Orton the same response.
Problem is, I'm not 12. So this mostly strikes me as 2006-ish all over again, just with more jewelry. I'd be more intrigued if I thought Title Unification was really on the table, but as long as WWE's running two house shows per night, I'll believe that when I see it. I'm sensing something more like "champ vs. champ, for bragging rights."
At times this year, it's almost felt like WWE was ready to pull the trigger on truly fresh acts... but here we are with two of WWE's most established old timers right back in the spotlight as the year closes out. Can't say it's how I saw 2013 coming to an end.... but WWE has TV contracts to negotiate in early 2014, and apparently, they're just saying "Fuck it, let's put our blandest, least offensive, most mainstream-friendly guys out there to milk some ratings, and to hell with fresh acts on top."
Which I get. I understand the motivation, and I suspect it's "best for business." But I'm also under no obligation to pretend like I like it. SummerSlam was such a high note, and the prospect of a true youth movement in the absence of Cena made it seem like the autumn was gonna be a great time to be a wrestling fan. And it just never happened. Here we are on the cusp of winter, and WWE's in just about the "safest" (some might say "boring") place imagineable. And along the way, there were a few PPVs that ended so shabbily that it almost seemed like they were either (a) antagnoizing the audience, or (b) too dumb to realize they were antagonizing the audience.
But I digress. That's a bigger picture issue. What matters tonight is that Survivor Series was a perfectly acceptable use of 3 hours, if you're a wrestling fan. Not 3 hours that you'll put into the video archives, or that you'll even think about again much past this week. But acceptable.
I also find it acceptable when you loyal readers chip in and help defray the costs of running OO and buying all these PPVs so you don't have to. Drop me a couple of bucks, or whatever your generosity will allow for (it's via paypal, but if you don't have an account, credit cards and some checking accounts are supported). Thanks in advance to those who help out!
On that note, I've said my piece. I'll see you kids again in about 24 hours for the RAW Recap.


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