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WWE presents Battleground 2013
October 6, 2013

by The Rick
Undisputed Lord and Master of OOWrestling.com


So, for the first time ever, WWE is presenting a PPV called "Battleground." Which probably isn't all the interesting to you, but it is a bit interesting to me.
You see, back in high school, one of the ways I killed time during the summer was to fantasy book an entire super duper, cross-promotional annual mega-event. I'd draw up the matches, create logos, assign TV timeslots, and do it all up in Powerpoint.

The second one I did, I called "Battleground." It was the WWF vs. WCW vs. The World (SMW was big at the time, as was USWA, but PWI had also started to push Japanese wrestling a bit), with three free TV events leading to a single PPV, where the PPV matches were determined by a point system the played out on the free shows. It was my more complex and interesting follow-up to a straight-up 128 man tournament called the World Series of Wrestling (with intra-federation matches taking place on their own TV shows, until the round of 32, which was 2 special free TV events, and the round of 16 as its own free event, before the final 8 and some bonus matches were on PPV). The year after, I expanded even more, for "Triple Treachery," which had 8 free TV events (once again with points determining who moves on to what PPV matches) and 3 PPVs (a cross promotional Royal Rumble, a cross promotional Lethal Lottery tourney, and a final show that  featured standard/singles matches to determine a single Champion of Champions based on points).
But that's not the point.
The point is, this may be the first time WWE's done something called "Battleground." But it's not the first time I've contemplated such a show. I just cross my fingers that they do my idea justice.
Here's what happened at the just-completed Battleground 2013 pay-per-view:

  • On the Pre-show. This month's "expert panel" consists of Miz, Titus O'Neil, and Tensai (dressed to the nines, and wearing glasses; cognitive dissonance, they name is Tensai!), who open the preshow with a few predictions. Then a zero-value-add promo by Paul Heyman. Then it's time for the preshow match: Sandow vs. Ziggler.

    Sandow prefaced the match by directly addressing the matter of the Hardcore Rules World Heavyweight Title Match and his handy-dandy Money in the Bank briefcase. Not only do we learn that it will be the opening match of the PPV, but Sandow mentions that if the Hardcore Rules match goes the way most Hardcore Rules matches to, then the unwashed masses may see their Intellectual Savior a second time tonight. We're welcome.

    Sandow then proceeded to lose a so-so 10 minute match to Ziggler. Story development: Sandow "injured his knee" late in the match, which just might be his excuse to puss out of cashing in later tonight. We'll see...

  • Opening video package/theme/pyro, and we're live in Buffalo, NY. And seeing as how the pre-show ended with ADR and RVD already WALKING~! towards the ring, we have no time to waste.

  • Alberto del Rio beats Rob Van Dam (in a Hardcore Rules Match) to retain the World Heavyweight Title. Boxing style intros, with Alberto once again ordering Lilian to announce him in Spanish. And once again, we forgive her on the grounds of that's one tasty dress she's wearing.

    Match spills outside after all of 30 seconds, with RVD nailing a springboard moonsault off the barricade. He follows up by tossing Alberto into the ring, then tossing a chair into the ring, and then doing a slingshot over the top rope and catching ADR with a DDT onto the chair, all in one motion. Sweet.

    Alberto leapfrogs a charge, and catches RVD with a backstabber. Using the chair, ADR takes control for a bit. When RVD is able to rally, Ricardo gets all excited, and asks RVD to look under the ring for fun toys. RVD comes up with a ladder, and the crowd comes up with an "E-C-Dub" chant.

    ADR eats the ladder, and the match spills back outside, where RVD retains control until he goes looking for more plunder. He comes up with a trashcan, but Alberto was able to duck a can shot, and then used it to his advantage. Alberto wore RVD out with the trashcan, but when he went up top to hit an atomic trashcan shot, RVD caught him in midair with a dropkick, driving the trashcan into ADR's ribs.

    RVD then laid ADR out on the ladder, and hit a split-legged moonsault, further injuring ADR's ribs. But when RVD tried a ladder-assisted Rolling Thunder, ADR got out of the way, and RVD landed on the ladder.

    ADR immediately slapped on the cross armbreaker, causing Ricardo to find his handy spit bucket, and whap ADR in the skull with it. That broke the hold... but it also resulted in ADR kicking RVD out of the ring and turning his attention to Ricardo. Ricardo tried to fight back using the bucket as a weapon, but wound up getting his ass kicked by Alberto.

    However, while this was going on, RVD recovered, and caught ADR with the ladder as ADR re-entered the ring. Then, RVD put the ladder on top of ADR on the floor. And then RVD hit a frog splash from the apron to the floor, landing on the ladder. RVD hurt himself enough that he was slow to throw Alberto back in the ring, so when he finally went for a cover, it only got a two.

    RVD, wanting to land the kill shot, propped Alberto up in a corner, then ascended to the top rope in the opposite corner. He then attempted a skateboard-modified version of the Van Terminator, which would have been a billion kinds of awesome. Except he missed, so it was only several thousand kinds of awesome.

    ADR immediately pounced, using the chair some more to knock RVD down, and then wrapped said chair around RVD's arm. He stomped the chair, essentially Pillmanizing RVD's shoulder. Then he stomped a half-dozen more times. Then he locked on the cross armbreaker.

    RVD had no choice but to tap out. Very solid 15 minute match. Perhaps not quite as crazy as it could have gotten (the crowd chanted for tables several times, but had to settle for one ladder and one chair), but certainly a compelling enough brawl. And no Sandow, with the announcers coming right out and saying that it must be the knee injury.

  • Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger beat Santino Marella and the (redacted) Khali. Santino and Swagger start. Santino does a mini face-in-peril thing, as Swagger out amateur wrestles him. Then Santino fires up, and unleashes the Cobra, causing Swagger to freak out and leave the ring. Hornswoggle chases Swagger with his own mini-Cobra, but then Swagger comes to his senses, and just holds Hornswoggle at arm's length and pulls off the Cobra. Then, as Santino was distracted by Cesaro, Swagger got back in the ring and did the same thing to Santino's full-size Cobra. Boo.

    Now, a full scale face in peril sequence, with Swagger and Cesaro cutting the ring in half. When Santino finally fires up, he does so on Swagger. Then Santino makes a tag... and so does Swagger. It's Khali vs. Cesaro in the showdown that could make this whole lame match worthwhile!

    And sure enough, Khali runs through his entire arsenal of moves (judo chop and... well, that's about it), a Pier Four Brawl breaks out, Santino/Swagger powder out, and Cesaro chopblocks Khali. And then he hooks the legs and does the Cesaro Swing to Khali. I counted 10 rotations. Which isn't 27, like he did Monday to Santino... but screw it, HE DID IT TO KHALI! Impressive.
    Cesaro covered Khali as soon as he released him, and got the 3 count. Pretty pointless for 5 minutes, but the Giant Swing on Khali made it all worth it.

  • Curtis Axel beats R-Truth to retain the IC Title. The action is so compelling that, early on, the announcers are discussing pretty much anything but the match. Included as topics: Beatles' lyrics (John Lennon's precognitive gem "The walrus was Paul") and Larry the Ax Hennig's neck size (and how it compares to Tensai's). Whee.

    We eventually reach the standard mid-match beatdown, highlighted by an admittedly impressive drivign tackle into the ringside barricade by Axel.

    Truth fires up to dead silence, with a few grumbles of disapproval peppered in. Truth starts hitting big moves that should be convincing near falls, but the crowd's giving him a big ol' No Sale. Then Axel catches Truth on a charge, turns it into Snake Eyes, and hits his twisting neckbreaker for the win.

    I can state, with authority, that this was a match that happened. Other than that, there's not a whole lot else to say.

  • AJ Lee beats Brie Bella to retain the Women's Title. Brie is accompanied by Nikki, AJ by Tamina (still in full Lady Diesel mode, which I'm starting to see really suits her). Advantage: AJ. Brie starts off hot, as the story is she's all spunky and pissed off after what happened to her fiance on RAW, and she'll take out those frustrations on AJ. But after a few minutes of that, AJ countered a whip, and Brie wound up crashing into the steel ringpost. Ouch.

    AJ unleashed her Inner Alberto, and went to work on Brie's now-injured shoulder. She employs a rotation of armbars and hammerlocks, and caps it all off with a Fujiwara Takedown. But as she gets more and more confident that victory is near, she engages in a little too much skipping and bow-taking, allowing Brie to catch her with a dropkick to start a rally.

    All of a sudden, Tamina grabs Nikki and starts womanhandling her. This distracts Brie long enough for AJ to roll her up for the cheap pinfall win. Pretty nice little 5-6 minute match, with nominally more crowd interest than the IC Title match (although it seemed like they were slightly more behind AJ than Brie).

    Exactly one hour into the show, and we've got four matches down. Four to go...

  • Cody Rhodes and Goldust beat the Shield to secure employment for the entire Rhodes Family. Holy crap, Dustin's new face-paint configuration is bad-ass. I can't describe it, but you'll get most of the way there if you think "Darth Maul." Too bad the bright pink batting gloves ruin the effect. Dammit, boobies, why must you get cancer? Pink where it doesn't belong peeves me so.

    Hot start for the Rhodes boys, causing the Shield to powder out and regroup. After a tease of a 3-on-3 brawl outside the ring (with Dusty getting funky like a monkey), the match spills back inside. Cody holds his own for a bit, before he finally falls prey to Reigns' size and power. From there, frequent tags by the Shield cut the ring in half, and you know how that goes.

    As Cody gets his ass handed to him, the crowd starts chanting for Goldust. Cody obliges by busting out a picture perfect moonsault on Rollins, and then making the big tag. Goldust is a house o' fire, going to town on Reigns, culminating in.... holy shit, Goldust goes up top, and hits a semi-moonsault of his own (if you remember it, it was more like Vader's moonsault, which was sort of a twisting crossbody; still, HOLY SHIT!). But it only gets a two.

    Goldust's frustration gives Reigns time to recover, and catch Goldust with a clothesline. Now, Goldust settles in as our true face in peril, after Cody's Decoy Ricky Morton act.

    Crowd's way behind Dustin with various Goldust chants. But the Shield keeps cutting him off before he can make a tag. Finally, Goldust is able to get to his corner, and makes the tag. Cody's red hot, even hitting GOldust's own rope-assisted crotch kick. Cody then catches Rollins with a Muscle Buster, and Reigns has to break up the pin. A Pier Four Brawl breaks out...
    And then, it turns into a Pier Sixer, as Ambrose starts threatening Dusty. So Dusty takes off his belt, wraps it around his fist, and cold cocks Ambrose. Bionic Elbow follow-up. Then Reigns starts menacing Dusty... Goldust to the rescue, taking Reigns down with a tackle. Cody and Rollins alone in the ring. Rollins whiffs on a curbstomp, Cody hits him with a Disaster Kick and then immediately hits a CrossRhodes to a huge pop.

    The Rhodes Family is victorious, and the crowd goes ape-poopy. Really nice 17 minute match, with an incredibly satisfying ending. In fact, it gets even more satisfying after the match, when some of the babyface lesser lights come out on the stage to congratulate them. And then, some of the current WWE agents (and former allies and enemies of Dusty), like Arn and Finlay, to specifically celebrate with Dusty. Dusty -- proving he's merely old, not dead -- decides to make a bee-line to get a hug from Kaitlyn, instead. Can't blame him.

  • Backstage: RAW GM Brad Maddox is on the phone, and we learn that Triple H and Stephanie "just left the building," and now he's in sole command of making sure everything goes right. THE HELL? If HHH and Steph can't be bothered to watch the show, why should anyone? And if it's all a ruse, then it's not a very good one, because I just called them on it, here and now.

  • Bray Wyatt beats Kofi Kingston. Bray pretty much instantly settles into Beatdown Mode. Cole begins reciting Bray's Riddle Promos, in a rapidfire monotone that wins an award for surreality. Crowd amuses itself by Fandangoing and chanting for Randy Savage. Not a good sign.

    The match, though objectively methodical, and perhaps not thrilling for the live fans, actually plays a bit better on TV, as half the "content" of the match are Bray's odd mannerisms and body language, which are pretty engrossing in their own way. The guy is 100% into the character in a way that is comparable to the Undertaker. Everything he does is just totally different from the way everybody else does it, and yet, it seems totally natural, too.

    And just as I mention it, he busts out a new one: he does his hang-in-the-corner-upside-down-perch... but then he bridges ALL THE WAY BACK, and does an upside down crab walk (think "The Exorcist") towards Kofi, who freaks out, and rolls out of the ring. Bray gets up and charges, but Kofi flips back into the ring and chucks Bray out of the ring. If the OO Forums don't have a .gif of that for avatar usage within 24 hours, I'll eat a bug.
    Harper and Rowan come to Bray's aid, but Kofi just gets a running start and takes all three out with a no hands senton flip from the ring to the floor. Kofi drags Bray back into the ring, and tries for the Trouble in Paradise. But Bray ducks, and after a quick double-reversey, Bray nails a lightning quick Sister Abigail's Kiss.

    Decent 8 minute match that really heated up at the end to the point that the live crowd got way into it, too. After the match, Harper and Rowan administered a bonus beating, and Bray delivered a few lines that were half gloating and half threatening, and 100% indecipherable.

  • CM Punk beats Ryback. I hereby grant 10 OO Gold Stars to the fan who made the "Paulrus" sign, with a drawing of a Jabba-fied Heyman. That's strong.

    Match starts with Punk trying standard feeling-out strategies, which is fairly stupid. Ryback wins every lock-up and test of strength. Punk finally quits that happy crappy, and starts striking with quick, low kicks and knees to the gut. Ryback ducks out to regroup on the floor a few times, but on the third time, Punk hits him with a no-hands plancha. Ryback eats the ringpost, then is tossed back in the ring, where he takes a Steamboat-style cross body.

    Ryback finally dodges a charge, and Punk eats turnbuckle. After a press slam, Ryback slings Punk into the ring post, and it seems he's working the ribs and lower back. A brief foray into the Land of Chinlocks ends with Ryback stifling Punk's fire up with a very nice overhead suplex. Ryback continues in control with a more dynamic/strike-y offensive: punches, stomps, and with legdrops and elbow drops peppered in, too. Actually some pretty decent variety, here.

    Then it's time to slow it back down, and Ryback uses a a combo chinlock/body-scissors, squeezing the life out of Punk in two different ways. But the crowd's not really buying it, cuz when Punk fires up out of the hold, he only gets a mild reaction. Punk's in full hulk-up mode, but the crowd's not giving it up, at all.
    Punk dominates to the point that he's ready to hit the GTS, which finally gets something resembling a reaction... and Heyman gooses them more, by interrupting the GTS by grabbing a mic, and reminding us that his name is Paul Heyman, and he's pinned CM Punk, and thus, is the Best in the World. The distraction allows Heyman to attack Punk from behind, and hit a powerbomb for a near fall.

    When Ryback (at Heyman's urging) goes for a second powerbomb, Punk flips out and allegedly hits a big front kick (Cole: "He may not have gotten all of that." Me: "He may not have gotten any of it.") But Ryback sells it, and Punk goes up top and hits the Macho Man Elbow. Punk hits two knee lifts. On the third, Ryback catches him and tries to turn it into a powerbomb, but Punk re-counters into a head-scissors takedown. Punk goes for the GTS, and gets Ryback up, but Ryback slips out the back, and in one fluid motion, turns it into a powerslam. Nice spot.

    Ryback pummels Punk, and leaves him draped over the middle rope near Heyman. Then Ryback distracts the ref, while Heyman grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. The ref turns around just in time to prevent Heyman from using it, and then continues jawing with Heyman while Punk recognizes the situation. He blatantly kicks Ryback in the scrotum. The ref turns around to see Punk making the cover, and counts to three.

    Punk celebrates the win, but Heyman immediately rushes to get Ryback out of the ring and scurry up the ramp to safety. So no closure between Punk and Heyman... I absolutely enjoyed the match, but it was also a lot flatter than I ever would have guessed. Most Punk matches have buzzer-to-buzzer sizzle, but this one only got to a Big Match Feel for the final 5 minutes (out of 15 or so).

  • Techinical Difficulties: partway through a hype package for the main event, the screen cut to black, then to a test signal, and finally to an On-Demand error message. At least, it did for me on Time Warner. I started thinking I'd be getting a refund... but just as I was using Twitter to confirm the outage was worldwide (not just on Time Warner), the picture came back, and Cole explained that they'd had a power outage at the building, and not to worry, because we'd still be getting the main event, in full (albeit 6 mintues shorter than it would have been, otherwise). Translation: "Don't even bother trying to get a refund, you greedy assholes."

  • Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton go to a No Decision, and the WWE Title remains Vacant. Apparently, the WWE Title isn't Vacant. It's "abeyant." Which, granted, is a real word. But there's no goddamned reason to use it when there's already another word that everybody already uses. Then again, this is the company that insists on calling "fans" "the universe," which is also distractingly stupid marketing drivel... but I digress.

    Boxing style intros, and we're off.

    Perhaps the crowd was just waiting for this one all night, and that's why they never really gave up the goods for the undercard... cuz right out of the gate, they're hot for this one. It's standard feeling out stuff, but they're all over it with "DAN YIL BRY YAN" chants and general noisemaking.

    Bryan wins the basic technical wrestling showdowns, but once Orton lands his wrap-around backbreaker, he is able to follow up with his more simplistic offense. Armbars, stomps, and the like. Bryan's first hope spot sees him hit some YES! kicks to Orton's legs, and then take him down with a dragonscrew legwhip. Focus on Orton's knee, including an Indian Deathlock combo'd with a mount and punch.

    Hope spot ends (as they are wont to do) when Bryan tries for a superplex, and Orton crotches him on the top rope, and follows up with a top rope clothesline. Crowd does start to fade a bit, again, as Orton's beatdown resumes.

    Things perk up again when Orton tries to chuck Bryan out of the ring, but Bryan skins the cat. But Orton sees him do it, and charges at Bryan. But Bryan sees Orton coming, and turns it into a head scissors takedown. Orton's in a heap outside the ring, so Orton gets a running start for the Flying Goat Dive. Back in the ring, Bryan goes for the Missile Dropkick, but Orton catches him, and turns it into a flying powerbomb. Nice.

    Orton follows up with a Boston Crab, which is a little out of his usual comfort zone, but it's effective. Bryan's first notion is to get a rope break, but Orton avoids that. While Orton is off-balance, dragging Bryan back to the middle of the ring, Bryan uses the leverage to land a quick pinning combo. Orton kicks out, but the hold is broken.

    Orton lures Bryan outside, where he resumes control by throwing Bryan into the commentary table. Back into the ring. Orton hits a big ol' superplex. Two count. The pic-in-pic replay of it reminds me: they were using a new super-slo-mo on a lot of replays tonight (FoxSports calls it "X-Mo," I believe), and it was actually pretty cool, and was only applied to moves that looked damned convincing.

    Orton's assault continued for a bit, until Bryan started a rally, and was set to suplex Orton from the apron into the ring. Orton reversed it, and suplexed Bryan from the ring to the floor. Ouch. Orton set up to powerbomb Bryan through the Spanish Announce Table, but Bryan escaped at the last second, and sent Orton into the steel ring steps, instead.

    Bryan officially on a tear. Crossbody from the top rope to the floor. Swandive Headbutt. But it only gets a two on a count that, if anything, seemed a bit slow. But I think that was just an honest case of off-timing, not a plot point.

    Four consecutive corner dropkicks, followed by one divebomb dropkick, and the crowd is absolutely off the hook. With Orton on his knees, Bryan launches a half-dozen YES! Kicks, only to whiff on the final Wind-Up Mega YES! Kick (which is reaching Flair-on-the-top-rope levels of futility). Orton catches Bryan's leg, and turns it into a sick throw.
    Hangman DDT follows. But then Orton plays to the crowd, imitating Bryan's YES! Fingers, and then "coiling" for the RKO. Bryan is easily able to counter the RKO after all that, and cinches in the YES! Lock.

    Orton's on the cusp of tapping out, when Big Show's music hits... and Show sprints out, and he yanks the ref out of the ring and slams him on the floor.
    Then Bryan releases the hold and asks Big Show, "The hell?" Show doesn't take kindly to the questioning, and hits the KO Punch on Bryan.

    Brad Maddox appears on the stage and gestures (Broadly, the finest form of gesturing) for another ref to come out. Scott Armstrong (last month's crooked ref) appears, and starts to make the count when Orton covers Bryan.
    Which is when Big Show yanks Armstrong out of the ring, and knocks him out, too.

    Now it's Orton's turn to ask "The hell?"... and it's Orton's turn to eat the WMD.

    And then they played Big Show's music, and he celebrated. Presumably because he finally grew a set, and did the right thing, instead of being a tool of the McMahons.

    The crowd, which had actually popped quite loudly for Show's insubordination, sudden got visibly and audibly disgruntled, as it became obvious that this was the end of the PPV. A cheap non-finish, and no new WWE Champ, with Big Show -- who was not involved in the match, and was limited to idiotic melodrama and whiny bitchery that nobody cared about over the past month -- standing tall.

    THUD. A decent enough match. Far from special, and hell, not even up to the same level as one of their free-per-view matches leading up to SummerSlam. But still good. But jesus, throw on that ending, and yeah. THUD. Just THUD.
    Oh, and in case you were keeping track: this means HHH and Steph leaving WASN'T a ruse. They just didn't care enough to stick around and watch the show. Now, we know why: it f'n sucked, and we probably do all deserve refunds for that half-assed horseshit.

And so ends the show. As you might have deduced, I am not pleased. Longtime readers know of my belief that the last taste left in your mouth at the end of a show holds a ton of sway, no matter what preceeded it.
And in this case, Battleground left a terrible taste due to that almost inexcusibly booked main event. And on top of that, it's not like the undercard was full of greatness. Before the finish, Bryan/Orton wasn't even their best effort in the last 2 months. Punk/Ryback didn't quite live up to a PPV/big match feel until the very, very end. A case could be made that Goldust was in the Match of the Night.
And then, you throw in the finish with Big Show -- who has descended into WrestleCrap over the course of the past few weeks -- being the big hero? The live crowd told you the story as well as I ever could: the cheered for the apparent un-suckification of Show, when he grew a pair, but then became extremely disgruntled when it turned out that was the end of the show. Yes, we're happy for Show getting back on track. No, we don't actually care THAT much, and it's certainly not what we paid for.
I have the general sense that the plan is to keep on dragging the Bryan story out, to make his eventual victory all the sweeter... but to do that, you have to have actual compelling and believable ways to keep screwing him. I could think of tons of ways to do that. This was not that. How the Writer Monkeys could sit in a room and think this was that baffles me. How the higher ups with veto power let it go is beyond me. It's one thing to conceive of this ending, it's a whole other for NOBODY to point out, "Uh, this is gonna flop, big time, People are gonna hate it. And not in the good way. This is another reason for people not to buy PPVs."
I mean, it's clear as day. Not just in hindsight, but to any thinking person who was told of the ending at some point this afternoon. And yet, nobody did anything about it.
The result: a mostly forgettable PPV, with a memorably terrible ending, and a good Rhodes/Shield match hidden in the middle.
For the first time in forever, I honestly think WWE just punted a PPV, and feel like I wasted my time, as well as my money. There was a stretch where that happened on a lot of these "off-month" PPVs, but things have gotten a lot better the past 2 years or so. Until tonight. Feel free to improve my spirits by making a donation to OO, and turning tonight into an evening where I at least break even, instead of losing $50.
Thanks in advance. See you kids again tomorrow for RAW...


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