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WWE presents Night of Champions 2013
September 15, 2011

by The Rick
Undisputed Lord and Master of OOWrestling.com


This is what I get for bragging about a day where I actually enjoyed every waking second of my life...
Instead of being a happy, shiny person here today (as I was when I last came at you with Monday's RAW Recap), I am miserable and annoyed, as a result of the Reds and Yankees suffering a reversal of fortunes.

Not just in a general/"narratives change in six days" kind of way, but in a very specific "Zach Duke personally stabbed me in the scrotum, then Carlos Gomez twisted the knife" sort of way. Look it up!
But hey, I'm still your huckleberry, kids. I'll try not to let my sour mood detract from your enjoyment of my polishing of WWE's latest turd! Here's what happened at the just-completed Night of Champions 2013 pay-per-view:

  • Before the Show. Two noteworthy developments on the youtube preshow... (1) Paul Heyman and Brad Maddox did a skit in which Heyman -- proving he reads OO -- revealed his plan to foil CM Punk's plot to beat him up, which involved getting intentionally DQ'd. So Maddox responded by making said match a No DQ Match (nothing was said about count-outs). And (2) the Prime Time Players won the 5-team Gauntlet Match to become the #1 Contenders to the tag titles. They'll face the Shield later on, during the PPV, proper.

  • Opening Hype Stuff. And we're live in Detroit, MI. Cole and the Gang welcome us to the show, but only briefly, as Triple H is on his way to the ring.

  • State of teh PPV Address. Triple H wants to know if we're all fired up for the show. Specifically, for the Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan WWE Title Match. Of course we are. So HHH wants to assure us that the main event will live up to all expectations. And to make sure, he declares that there will be no interference in said match. No Big Show, no Shield, no nothing. Scout's honor.

    So with that, HHH is about to kick off the event... when Paul Heyman walks out and interrupts. In essence, Paul begs HHH to cancel the handicap match later against CM Punk (but he takes about 4 minutes to do with it). HHH goes all sly, saying "You know, if you believe in Curtis Axel, you got nothing to worry about. And you DO believe in Curtis Axel, don't you?" With Axel standing right next to him, Paul has to feign confidence, and decides to let Axel talk for himself.

    Axel immediately boasts that this is all his fault, because HHH doesn't care about Heyman, he cares about revenge on Axel. Because back on May 20, in Kansas City, MO, Axel beat HHH on Monday Night RAW.

    HHH no likey the sassback, and decides that he's made an oversight. You see, Night of Champions is supposed to be the night when ALL titles are defended, and HHH forgot to book Axel in an IC Title Match. So tonight, on September 15, in Detroit, MI (CHEAP POP!), HHH is booking Axel in an IC Title match against "the first guy I run into backstage. So don't go anywhere, Curtis, cuz that match is happening right now."

    Heyman briefly tries lodging an official protest, but his rambling is interrupted by Kofi Kingston's music...

  • Curtis Axel defeats Kofi Kingston to retain the IC Title. Slow feeling out to start; side headlocks and the like. But the crowd is still getting way into it, with dueling chants ("Let's go Kofi"/"Let's go Axel") that are about 70/30 in favor of Kofi.

    Kofi aggressively targets Axel's left leg, introducing the concept of Axel getting injured prior to the handicap match. Then, Axel took control outside the ring, and tried to whip Kofi into the ring steps... but instead, Kofi did something awesome: he spiderman'd from the floor up to the top rope in about two leaps and hit a twisting high cross body onto Axel on the floor.

    Only got a 2 count once Kofi tossed Axel back into the ring, and then Axel took command with a dropkick out of nowhere. A series of headlocks and chinlocks passed for Axel's mid-match heel beatdown.

    Kofi made his comeback starting with a springboard splash, and followed up with the Boom Drop. But when Kofi went up top again, Axel caught him coming off with a dropkick to the gut. Axel went for his neckbreaker, Kofi tried to counter with the SOS, Axel recountered, and Kofi tried for the Trouble in Paradise. Axel ducked, and Kofi went for the SOS again, and hit it.
    Only a two count, though. Kofi's momentary frustration gave Axel enough time to recover, and when Kofi turned back to Axel, Axel hoisted him up and flapjacked him -- throat-first -- across the top rope. Axel tagged on his neckbreaker, and that was enough to get the pinfall victory.

    Decent little opener. Not standard fare, in the sense that you usually do a crowd pleaser for the opener, but it's never too late to build Axel's credibility, and this certainly helped with that.

  • Backstage: AJ tried rallying the troops, but Layla/Aksana/etc. were having none of it, saying that they agree that the "Total Divas" are awful, but last week, they learned AJ's just as bad. Then more shouty bitchiness, and the net effect is that there will be no one at ringside for the 4-way Women's Title Match. Whee.

  • AJ Lee retains the Women's Title over Natalya, Naomi, and Brie Bella. Big start for Naomi, who is really getting over as the most athletic of the women... she basically cleans house using her unique size and offense, and isolates on Brie for a bit. AJ and Nattie eventually rejoin the fight, but AJ disappears again just as fast.

    Naomi and Brie wind up colliding in the middle of the ring, and Nattie takes advantage by stacking them on top of each other, and then rolling them over into a double Sharpshooter, which was all kinds of cool.

    But that's also when AJ decided to interject herself again. She attacked Nattie, breaking the Sharpshooter before Nattie could get a submission. After a quick exchange, AJ locked in the Black Widow. Nobody was gonna make the save, so Nattie had to tap out.

    Kind of just a collection of mildly related spots, but with Naomi bringing all kinds of fresh offense, and Nattie and AJ having already established credibility, it still wound up being a decent little 5 minute affair.

  • Rob Van Dam defaets Alberto del Rio, via disqualification; ADR retains the World Heavyweight Title. RVD went on a tear right out of the gate, ending with his spinning draped-across-the-barricade legdrop. But when he went to bring del Rio back into the ring, the two pulled an incredible variation on the Ring Reentry Role Reversal Spot. RVD went for the suplex into the ring, but ADR blocked. Then ADR tried to suplex RVD out of the ring, but RVD managed to land on the apron. RVD tried to suplex ADR on the apron, but ADR blocked it halfway, and landed inside the ring. RVD went to suplex ADR out of the ring, but ADR finally said "screw this," and just yanked RVD's throat down across the top rope.

    And just like that, ADR was in command for the mid-match heel beatdown. Just take my word for it: the role reversal was really neat, even if my description robbed it of its awesomeness. After seeing the spot half-assed in so many matches, it was cool to see such effort put into it.

    Rally by RVD, including a sweet slingshot legdrop onto del Rio's face, with del Rio on the apron. But when RVD went for Rolling Thunder, Alberto countered by rolling into it and getting behind RVD, nailing him with the Backstabber.

    More beatdown by ADR, but when he tries to set up for a superplex, RVD shoves him off and hits the Molly-go-Round (YES! I will use any excuse to invoke the good name of Molly Holly!). ADR catches RVD charging in and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. ADR makes his first attempt at a cross armbreaker, but RVD counters with a boot to the head, followed by the split-legged moonsault.
    Only for a two count, though. ADR catches RVD with a sudden kick, and then a single-arm DDT. But instead of going for the armbreaker, again, del Rio goes up top. Bzzzt. RVD catches him in midair with a kick to the gut. But then RVD goes up top and tries the Five Star, and Alberto returns the favor by getting his knees up and into RVD's gut.

    Alberto immediately cinches in the cross armbreaker, but RVD is able to get to the ropes. But instead of breaking the hold, Alberto cinches it in even tighter. The ref has to call for the DQ.

    RVD wins a very good 10-12 minute match, but not the World Title. Probably a bit time compressed for my tastes, but they cut out the right part; del Rio's heel beatdown was fairly abbreviated, and really just a 2 minute palate cleanser between RVD's fast start and a kick ass End Game.
    Then, after the match: del Rio planned to continue the assult on RVD, using a chair, but Ricardo snuck in snagged the chair out of Alberto's hands. As Alberto threatened Ricardo, RVD recovered, and hit ADR with a DDT. Then, Ricardo had a brainstorm. Gesturing (Broadly), he conveyed that idea to RVD, and RVD propped Alberto up on the bottom turnbuckle, then went to the adjacent top turnbuckle. Then Ricardo held a chair in front of del Rio's face.
    And then RVD nailed the coast-to-coast Van Terminator as picture perfect as ever. A crew of trainers and refs helped Alberto away from the ring while RVD and Ricardo celebrated. Cool coda to a solid match.

  • Miz beats Fandango, via submission. Started off as a basic throwaway comedy match, but then they got all, like, serious and stuff. After a distraction by Summer Rae allowed Fandango to take control, we got a full-strength heel beatdown, focused primarily on Miz's ribs. Miz's hope spots were peppered in, and focused on Fandango's knees (in anticipation of the Figure Four, I assumed, and NOT because Fandango's legs are the source of his Dancing Power, as posited by Jerry Lawler).

    Sadly, even though they tried for a legit serious match, the crowd wasn't that into it. It sounded like Fandango had nominally more fans than Miz, but in this case "twelve" would have been more than Miz had. During one particular lull, the crowd just randomly demanding that tables be introduced.

    ANd then, out of nowhere, Figure Four. I swear, no real build or transition that I noticed. I just glanced away to check a text, and we went from Fandango in command to Fandango tapping out. Oh well.

    Not terrible. But not especially compelling, either. If this is why RVD/ADR got short changed on time, then I have to say I question that decision.

  • Paul Heyman pins CM Punk in the Handicap Elmination Match. Heyman and Axel enter first, with a kendo stick, a nod to the new No DQ stip. Then Punk enters, and has his own kendo stick, because Why Not? Heyman's freaking out during Punk's entrance, and Axel keeps trying to talk him down, assuring Paul that he's got this under control. Oh, Curtis, you silly, silly man....

    Then kendo sticks come into play immediately, and Punk wins. Punk not only decimates Axel with kendo shots, he hits a kendo-assisted Side Russian. And then, just for shits and giggles, Punk turns and launches a lightning-quick suicide dive onto Heyman (who was standing at ringside). After that bit of awesome sauce, Punk even grabs JBL's cowboy hat, and takes a bow.

    But as Punk toys with Heyman, Axel sneaks up from behind and uppercuts Punk in the balls. Game changer. Axel launches a sustained offensive, added a steel chair to the foreign objects. Crowd once again chants for tables, and then starts chanting "WALL RUSS" just to get under Paul E.'s skin (since he was looking altogether too pleased with himself as Axel kicked Punk's ass).

    Axel got Punk down, and went under the ring. And came up with a authentic banquet-style table. Crowd: "YES! YES! YES!" The table gets propped up in one corner, and after one quick tease, fades into the mists of ancient memory.

    The match continues on the other side of the ring for a few more minutes, with Axel in control until Punk is able to use the aforementioned chair to his benefit. Punk builds up to the Macho Man Elbow, but Axel rolls out of the ring. Punk is frustrated, and tries to switch gears to a diving plancha... but Axel has recovered AND grabbed a chair, to boot. So Punk eats the chair on the dive.
    Axel back in control, and almost immediately splinters one of the kendo sticks across Punk's back with a series of rapid fire shots. Axel goes for his neckbreaker finisher, but Punk is able to shove him off and grab a kendo stick of his own. One quick blast across Axel's head, and Punk nails a GTS. Slap on the Anaconda Vice, and Axel taps out in short order.
    Axel is "eliminated," but we'll see how long that lasts in a No DQ match...
    Heyman tries to run for it, but Punk chases him, and the two eventually wind up back in the ring, where Heyman changes into Beg For Forgiveness Mode. He sweet talks Punk, even re-affirms his love for CM Punk, in the form of a manly hug. But the crowd is having none of it: they are chanting for the damned table, still sitting over in one corner of the ring. HEY~! I said it faded into ANCIENT MEMORY~! Quit it, you jerks.

    But more to the point, CM Punk is having none of it, and whips out a pair of handcuffs. He puts them on Heyman, preventing him from tapping out. This is moderately stupid, since "tapping out" didn't become A Think in pro wrestling until about 12 years ago, and previously, all you had to do was say you gave up to submit. And Heyman repeatedly yelled to the ref that he was giving up. But the ref did nothing.

    So Punk continued assaulting Heyman with the kendo stick, badmouthing him all the way, until he started lining up for the ultimate shot.... "You say I broke your heart. Well now, I break your face."

    Punk stepped back, not unlike an NFL placekicker, and got ready to finish Heyman with a kendo stick shot to the head.
    And that's when Ryback ran down the ramp, and in one smooth motion, speared Punk right through that table that you might remember. Wicked.
    Then Ryback put Heyman on top of Punk, and the ref counted three.
    Well, well, well... in my preview of NoC, I put the odds of WWE wasting a Lesnar appearance on an unannounced run-in at 937:1. But when Heyman "accidentally" revealed his plans to get DQ'd on purpose, during the pre-show, my spidey sense tingled, since Heyman's not that stupid. His character is an evil genius... so he WANTED that No DQ stip, right?

    Now, don't think too hard about it, since if Heyman had Ryback in his back pocket all along, why not just have him show up at the start of the match, instead of waiting till Heyman was moments from disaster? But still, Punk's ultimate revenge on Heyman will have to wait till another time, and Heyman now has another pawn to play with. No wrestling to speak of here, but definitely a blueprint for how to do a Sports Entertainment Segment.

  • Dean Ambrose beats Dolph Ziggler to retain the US Title. Bell rings on this a little before 10pm, which makes me think they're gonna have to rush through this. Then they kind of slow roll the start, with headlocks and hammerlocks and basic feeling out. Pace picks up when Dolph hits his 10 Elbow Drops, causing about the 17th callback to Jerry Lawler's heart attack by JBL (which came almost exactly one year ago, after a match where he did take Dolph's elbows). Hey, what's a little near death humor among friends, right?

    Ziggler followed up by clotheslining Ambrose out of the ring, but in true Foley style, Ziggler went flying, too. Both men basically got up at the same time, and Ambrose got the better of it after that. Heel beatdown commences. It includes a chinlock, which inspires a "Boring" chant from the crowd.

    Ambrose steps it up, BIG TIME, with a butterfly superplex. Fantastic. But the live crowd didn't really seem as impressed as I was. Their bad.

    But then Ambrose goes up top again, and gets caught by Ziggler with an even fantasticker run-up-the-turnbuckled X-Factor. A-fricking-mazing. The crowd popped huge for that.

    Stinger Splash, mount-and-10-punches, and then finally a sleeper by Ziggler. But Ambrose breaks that with a backdrop suplex. Roll-up by Ambrose, with a handful of tights. Kick out and quick counter by Ziggler, who hits a Fameasser out of nowhere. Too close to the ropes, though. Ref calls for a break.

    Ziggler tries for another Stinger Splash, but Ambrose dodges, and Ziggler slams into the turnbuckle. Ambrose immediately snags him with his hybrid bulldog/STO thingie that still (as far as I know) doesn't have a name. That's it.

    Crowd seemed to really want an excuse to get behind Ziggler, but at the same time, knew that winning the US Title would be a step back for him, and thus, there really wasn't any sizzle to this, at all. Can't fault the effort, but you can fault the creative that got us here.
    Rollins and Reigns immediately joined Ambrose for a celebration, which gave us a smooth segue into our next match....

  • The Shield defeat the Prime Time Players to retain the tag titles. Before you can so much as go take a pee (well, before *I* can so much as go take a pee), Darren Young has turned into our Face in Peril. Turnabout is fair play, since Titus took a bit of a beating in the preshow match, before giving way to Darren for the hot tag and the pinfall win.

    Titus finally (read: "after all of 3 minutes") gets the tag, and is on fire. When he hits his chest-lift powerbomb on Rollins, Reigns makes the save, and a Pier Four breaks out. In the chaos, the ref gets distracted trying to get Young (the illegal man) out of the ring, allowing for a double team spot that ends with Titus getting speared by Reigns (also illegal). Rollins makes the cover, and that's that.

    Another one that felt incredibly time-compressed, but it's not like it was horrible. Good 5 minute Monday Night Special, but just a ho-hum PPV match. Don't want to harp on this but, man, just axe Miz/Fandango, and redistribute those 8-10 minutes, dammit.

    Ambrose joins Rollins/Reigns after the match, and we get a brief combined Shield Celebration to drive home the point that they are unbeatable.
  • Democracy Digression. Early in the night (actually, on the preshow), the lovely and talented Renee Young asked us to vote for the greatest former holder of every title being defended on tonight's PPV. But to vote, this requires that you take twitter seriously, and as lovely and talented as Renee Young is, I can't do this. Not even when she asks nicely.
    Democratizing intelligence is a bad thing. And nothing democratizes intelligence like a twitter poll. But in this case, I'll report the results, just because the unwashed dipshits who make up a twitterjority might be getting what they want in at least one case.
    According to tonight's polling:

    The greatest IC Champ ever: Chris Jericho. [I can live with that. But I'd probably go back in time to when the title meant more, than give it to the guy who held it most often once it meant less.]
    The greatest Women's Champ ever: Trish Stratus. [Duh. Even the internet is right twice a day. Or however that cliche goes.]
    The greatest "World Heavyweight Champ" (which they equivocate with "WCW Champ"): Booker T. [Fail. If it's WCW/NWA Title, then Flair. If it's New Incarnation WWE WHT, then still, not Booker. Maybe Edge.]
    The greatest US Champ: STING~! [Again, probably not true, since the US TItle was only Sting's stepping stone to an amazing career, and other's were more closely tied to it. But this now marks the second time WWE went out of the way to stack a Nostalgia Deck in Sting's favor. And his contract with TNA is up in 2 months... is this finally the year It Happens?]
    The greatest tag champs: DX. [Fail. So fail. They even specifically said it was the reunion-era HHH/HBK "DX," which deserves even fewer votes as a true tag team than the New F'n Age Outlaws from the original DX.]
    And the greatest WWE Champ ever: Hulk Hogan. He beat Austin and Cena, among others. [Can't really aruge. But it's still weird to hear Hogan hyped as part of the new videogame, and now this. His contract with TNA is up in 5 months. Is THAT something to keep an eye on, too? I kinda hope not. Not because I don't want Hogan to come "home," but because you gotta space this shit out, and Sting should be the priority for WM30. There's talk of Warrior being somehow involved, too. Hogan on top of those two? Too much. Gotta leave something for the still-able-bodied guys on the roster to work with.]

  • Daniel Bryan defeats Randy Orton to win the WWE Title. Bryan enters first, with a YESkerchief, ridiculous facial hair, and the seemingly unanimous support of the live audience. Orton enters second, with the WWE belt, even more ridiculous facial hair, and the disdain of all.

    Boxing style ring intros.

    And we're off. Bell rings at 10:30, so again: I'm wondering if Miz/Fandango was the best choice. I guess if HHH's decree (about no interference) is honored, we can still do a dandy 20 minute main event. But if you start to get into bells and whistles and extracurriculars, this might be an underwhelming rushjob. Let's find out together!

    To start, Orton tries to use size and strength to overwhelm Bryan, but Bryan keeps fighting back, even backing Orton into corners, while the crowd chants "YES!" and Orton shouts "NO!" The visual of Orton begging off Bryan is nice, and Bryan just flat out-wrestling Orton is plenty convincing.

    Then Orton turns a turnbuckle-mount-and-punch by Bryan into an Atomic Wrap-around Backbreaker (his usual signature, but done with Bryan ont he second rope). Nice.

    Orton in control. Chinlock? Check. Garvin Stomp? Check. Bryan fires up for a little game of YES!/NO!, but Orton wins, and drops Bryan across the top rope, gut-first. Then? Another chinlock. That's Our Randy~!

    Bryan fires up out of the chinlock, hits a sorta-Thesz Press, but Orton puts an end to that rally with a dropkick out of nowhere, and ANOTHER Garvin Stomp. JBL actually gives a shout out to Ronnie Garvin at this point, but Cole counters (I'm assuming because of the Voice in the Headset) and says that Orton has taken the move and made it his own. Uh huh.

    Big rally for Bryan at the 10 minute mark, this time, it's for real. YES kicks. Flying Goat attack. Missile dropkick. Flying Goat attack #2. YES kicks. But then he goes for the Flying Goat #3, and it's to the well once too often. Orton catches him with an uppercut, and then follows up with a Hangman DDT from the apron to the floor (instead of from the second rop to the mat). Nice.

    Orton gets in the ring, and does some taunt-y YES! Fingers, wanting a count-out win. But Bryan gets into the ring at 9, to Orton's chagrin.

    A quick exchange, and Orton accidentally crashes into the ref. The ref tumbles out of the ring, and is apparently done. In the confusion, Bryan goes for a YES! Lock, but there's no ref, so he kinda gives up and gives us the International Sign of "The Hell?".

    When a second ref sprints out, Bryan rejoins the fight, but Orton's had time to recover. Randy sets up for a second Hangman DDT, but Bryan fights out of it, and actually manages to get Orton into position for the YES! Lock. But before it's fully cinched, Orton's into the ropes for a break. Bryan lands a couple of kicks, but goes for his running low dropkick.... and Orton moves.

    Orton with a quick series of moves, and some near falls. Sets up for a superplex. Bryan out the backdoor, and hangs Orton in the corner for a Dropkick of Woe. I love that move.  Bryan tries to follow up with a backdrop superplex, but Orton elbows out of it, and repositions himself on the top rope. But he does it awkwardly, so Bryan has enough time to rejoin Orton on the top rope.

    Bryan hits a Spidermonkey Superplex, by which i mean, he superplexed Orton, but clung to the ropes, so he didn't take any impact himself. Awesome. Then he immeidately followed up with a top rope diving headbutt. Only gets a 2.

    Just noticed: the original ref (Scott Armstrong) has rejoined the match, after 3-4 minutes of being tended to by a trainer. Replacement ref is gone.

    Bryan starts peppering Orton with YES! kicks, but when he goes for the big ol' Wind-up YES! Kick, Orton hooks the incoming leg and hits a sweet t-bone suplex. Only gets a 2.

    Orton begins stalking, setting up for an RKO. But in a super-slick final spot, Bryan turned it into a backslide roll-up... only a two... but Orton was so stunned that he only got up to his knees before Bryan LEVELED him with a low dropkick and then IMMEDIATELY followed it up with a running knee strike.

    One. Two. THREE~! Holy shit. Did. Not. See. That. Coming.

    Two PPVs in a row, Bryan pins Cena, then Orton, completely clean with the knee strike. Lots of less-than-clean stuff in between, in which Bryan doesn't come out on top, but man alive, who cares? There's never really any "endings" in pro wrestling, since the next chapter is -- necessarily -- going to start in 7 days (or, after a PPV, in 24 hours)... but as far as temporary plateaus go, this is damned satisfying.

    HHH's show-opening decree is honored. No shenanigans, no schmozziness. Just a 20 minute wrestling match. Actually, I think 22. And (despite my snarky asides about Randall's chinlocks) a really good one, too. I think there's another gear these two could reach, sure, and now I suspect they'll have a chance to show us. Orton's now owed an obligatory title rematch, and the next PPV is Hell in the Cell.

    Bryan. Orton. Cell. To quote a wise man: "Ooooohhhhhhhh, yessssss."

    And if you were wondering? Nope, no shenanigans AFTER the match, either. If there's gonna be shady dealings, they will come tomorrow on RAW (my only guess at this point: the original ref was "injured" during the match, and maybe his return to duty could be called into question? He was knocked out of the ring by Orton, and had it in for Randy, counting fast on the pinfall? He was still woozy when he resumed his duties, and thus, his decision is questionable?). But for now, nothing Dusty about this finish. Orton powdered out, and Bryan celebrated in and around the ring with his new belt as we fade to black.

And so ends the show. Can't really give it a shining review, but there was some good stuff in there. ADR/RVD was short, but solid. Punk/Heyman was a solid Sports Entertainment Segment. And Bryan beating Orton to win the WWE Title was satisfying as hell.
You gotta be on guard agaisnt WWE undoing it tomrrow on RAW (again, with the sketchy ref, they have "outs"), but hey, we can enjoy it for now. If they pull the Dusty-est of Dusty finishes tomorrow (with Dusty, himself, on hand to play a role in the Cody-is-fired story), we'll deal with that then.

And I'll be the one to deal with it for you. I'll see you in 24 for the RAW Recap. Till then, allow me to beg your indulgence, since the PPV is over, and I have "Breaking Bad" on DVR that I'd rather be watching right now.

See you tomorrow, kids....


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