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Rock Rolls
January 27, 2013

by PyroFalkon
Master of the PyroFalkon Multimedia Empire, Incorporated
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Normally I spend a few paragraphs blathering about some part of my personal life here, but I’m in a wrestling mood tonight… and so are you, else you wouldn’t be here! Rick likely has the winner of the Royal Rumble on the front page [Ed. Note: Nope. I have the Rock.], but as I write this, it’s still a surprise to me. It’s one of the few days out of the year I don’t feel ashamed of still being a professional wrestling fan, so let’s get to the fun!
Pre-Segment 1: We’re starting with the World Heavyweight Title match? Well… okay, awesome! I know it’s necessary to keep everything nice and well-paced here, but geez, this was a bit of a surprise.

Show makes his entrance, but before Alberto Del Rio gets a chance to, we see ADR and Ricardo Rodriguez walking through the halls. They chat, but then RR starts freaking out a bit and doing a girl squeal. Why? We get a camera pan… and it’s Bret Hart! Looking freaking old!

Bret and ADR just put each other over for a minute, then start to leave… except Ricardo gets super star-struck and starts blathering like an idiot (which I totally would do too). Just to make his celebrity boner bigger, Bret gives him a pair of his trademark sunglasses, which Ricardo wears out to the stage to make his ADR introduction.

Segment 1 [Singles Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Title]: Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) defeats Big Show, and retains. Feeling out process to start, though Show quickly takes control from there, and it just gets punchy-choppy-slammy. ADR took a little bit of hope spot and got kicky-kicky, and even reversed a Show-attempted powerbomb into a huracanrana. ADR then went to the top rope and hit with a seated senton, since he’s a face now and is allowed to fly. But his advantage didn’t last forever: as he went for a Cross Arm Breaker entirely too early, Show just dead-lifted him up and delivered a one-armed fallaway slam.

The fight spilled outside, and Show even got a chair, but ADR took control of it. In the ring again, ADR went chair shot-crazy, and each one was accompanied with a “Si! Si!” from the crowd. But ADR pushed his luck a little too far, and when he whiffed on a top rope move with the chair, he instead ate a chokeslam. ADR saved himself to get up at 9, but then fell out of the ring.

ADR eventually got up, and Show stalked him, so ADR survived the only way he knew how: by toe-kicking Big Show’s goodie bag, followed by a standing side kick. Show was down to 9, but he got up and took control by taking the fight to the stage and the lightning props. Show even started using one as a weapon, evidently forgetting this isn’t Japan.

From there, Show set up a table… then climbed on the aforementioned light structure. He pulled ADR up there, climbed up some more, and just did a hip toss on ADR through the table and to the concrete. It was a good ten-foot fall, and the landing was pretty sick. ADR basically went shoulder-first through the table, rather than landing “properly.” Damn.

ADR managed to get to his feet, but Show kept the advantage. Show basically dragged him to the ring, and they went back through the ropes. Show called for the WMD, but ADR quickly rolled himself out of the ring through the other side. Show exited the ring and grabbed some steps, but whiffed on the attack. Then Ricardo decided to smack Show like a moron, and Show replied by flinging him into the barricade. With that, ADR was near the timekeeper’s part of the barricade, so Show went for a Spear. ADR moved, the barricade collapsed, but he was down.

Show managed to make it back to his feet, but ADR grabbed a chair and delivered five straight no-shit shots to Show’s spine. This made Show’s arm lay against the steps, so ADR used the chair to do a one-man Con-chair-to to it. Then ADR blasted him in the face with a fire extinguisher to “blind” him, so… okay, whatever.

Show somehow got in the ring, and ADR immediately slapped on the Cross Arm Breaker. Show couldn’t tap, but he freaked out from pain… but then Ricardo was there and duct taped Show’s feet to the bottom rope. After a good 45 seconds, ADR finally broke the hold. Show’s left arm was then worthless, and his feet were bound, so he couldn’t get up. Count of ten, retain.

Solid match, but not as good as their effort from a couple weeks ago. Still a good match, worth a watch, and maybe now we can see some new challengers for the title. [Ed. Note: my guess is Ziggler cashes in on a compromised del Rio. Then WM is Dolph/Alberto. And that could own.]

Segment 2: Matt Striker interviews AJ, Dolph Ziggler, and Big E Langston in the back. Stupidity ensues, with Striker basically saying that it’s hard for Dolph to win the Royal Rumble as either #1 or #2. AJ insults Matt for insulting Dolph, then implies she’s going to sic Langston on him. Matt runs away, so Langston steals his mic and proceeds to ask Dolph a better-worded question in the most accurate 50s White Guy Reporter voice I’ve ever heard. Dolph just puts himself over; not really interesting, but Langston’s weird voice change was pretty cool.

Segment 3: Antonio Cesaro, the Prime Time Players, Randy Orton, John Cena, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, and Ryback blather in separate 30-second self-promoting to-camera cut scenes. It looks more like sound bites they should have or would have cut for a PPV commercial. And given how long it all was, it felt entirely too long.

Segment 4: Highlight package of Antonio Cesaro retaining the Intercontinental Title over The Miz at the pre-show.

Segment 5 [Tag Match for the Tag Team Titles]: Team Friendship defeats Team Rhodes Scholars by pin, and retain. Standard feeling-out process to start with DB generally getting momentum over Cody Rhodes. Things finally turned around for the heels when DB, during a bit of a run, tried bouncing off the ropes. Sandow pulled down the middle rope, making DB basically fling himself out of the ring. From there, the heels took control.

Basic heel beatdown sequence there by cutting the ring in half and being jerks about it, including Sandow hitting the Cubito Aequet. DB managed to get a hot tag, and Kane did a little bit of work, but Sandow cut down his momentum and started a second heel beatdown sequence.

The sequence didn’t last long, as DB soon got the true hot tag, cleaned house, and applied the No Lock to Sandow. Sandow tapped, and that was it.

Huh. That… that was pretty lame. I mean, the match was decent enough, but this belonged on a Friday, not a Sunday. I’ll blame Rick’s preview column for this: this just doesn’t make any damn sense, and all it really does is weaken Team Rhodes Scholars. Just… meh.

Segment 6: After a “Royal Rumble by the Numbers” montage (which I like) [Ed. Note: you like it even better, since it was accompanied by The Heavy, who provide the first "WWE PPV Theme Song" in ages that is actually -- you know? -- good; in fact, it's off of the Rick's personal Best Album of 2012.], we see Team Friendship standing there congratulating themselves on their win. Then Vickie Guerrero arrives to give them envelopes containing their numbers for the Royal Rumble. DB shows it to Kane, but Kane doesn’t return the favor. DB is all, “It’s the rule that I show you mine and you show me yours!” Kane insists that doing that would just make DB feel inadequate. Juvenile, but cute.

Kane says that revealing your number to anyone is bad strategy, but whatever: “I’ll see you out there, ‘partner.’” DB replies, “Not if I see you first,” but Kane holds his envelope up and says that that’s highly unlikely.

Pre-Segment 7: Wait… wait… we’re having the Royal Rumble match now? It’s only 9pm! That… sorta gives me a bad feeling for the third hour. Something rather serious will have to happen with the Rock/Punk match to justify that moment to be the “last taste” in our mouths for the PPV.

Huh, whatever. As usual with my Royal Rumble recaps, I’m going to do this entry-to-entry in a pseudo-real-time recap of what’s going on. Entries will be bolded to make for easier reading.

Dolph Ziggler is #1, hits the ring with AJ and Langston, and cuts another promo to put himself over. But then he stupidly says “I don’t even care who #2 is, so send him out already!” Okay, well…

JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crowd goes fucking ballistic. I don’t blame them; I did too in my chair here! Okay guys, let’s get to it…

Segment 7 [30-Man Royal Rumble]: Dolph and Jericho start off by milking the crowd and Doing Nothing, but Jericho is solidly a face. After that, we quickly get to the feeling out and some quick elimination attempts. As the clock ticked down, Jericho hurt both of them with a superplex against Dolph off the top rope.

Entrant #3 is Cody Rhodes, who went right after Jericho. Jericho fought him off for a bit, but the heels soon teamed up long enough to kick Jericho’s ass. Jericho managed to defend himself and even applied the Walls of Jericho to Cody, but Dolph broke up that up and guillotined Jericho against the bottom rope as the time ticked down.

Entrant #4 is Kofi Kingston, who evened the sides and occupied himself by kicking Cody’s ass. Dolph kept Jericho contained for like two seconds, and then we has a weird spot where basically all four guys were trying to eliminate each other all at once. Nothing much happened.

Entrant #5 is Santino Marella, who flung each of the heels over the top rope, but none of his opponents actually touched the floor. They all got in together, surrounded him… Santino called time out just to put on the Cobra, and he hit Kofi with the Cobra Strike, but then got tossed by Cody. Thanks for playing… At least he beat that miserable one-second elimination from years ago.

Entrant #6 is Drew McIntyre, who angrily flings his head bandana at himself halfway down the ramp, then slides in the ring. Kofi quickly contains him, but Drew’s size gets the better of that matchup. Several near-eliminations here, but no progress.

Entrant #7 is Titus O’Neil, who hits Kofi once, then gets controlled by Kofi and Cody… for two seconds, and then he manages to control Kofi right back. Good showing off of his power as he flings Kofi around like a doll. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Jericho tosses Drew over the rope. Drew hangs on and stays on the apron, so Jericho does his trademark flash dropkick off the corner, sending Drew to the floor.

Entrant #8 is… Goldust? Huh, okay… welcome back! The wrestlers part so Goldy and Cody and beat the crap out of each other. Dolph tries to get involved but is quickly put down, and Goldy keeps control over Cody. The fans are pretty solidly behind him; not quite Jericho levels, of course, but they are firmly behind Goldust. I bet Goldust likes it that way.

Entrant #9 is David Otunga, whose face is all jacked up for some reason. He hits the ring and picks on Jericho, who is of course pretty tired and worn out by now. Still, basically everyone got a turn at punching someone in this segment. Several near-eliminations involving Cody, Goldy, and Titus, but no joy.

Entrant #10 is Heath Slater, who goes after Goldy. Decent action from everyone, but nothing major in this sequence.

Entrant #11 is Sheamus, who sort of does a Razor Ramon taunt as he heads down to the ring and starts beating the crap out of everyone. Just about all the heels ate Irish Curse Backbreakers or Forward Slam Rolls, and Titus O’Neil took five of the 10 of Clubs. At that point, Otunga came up and broke it up, so Sheamus just sent him bodily into Titus, sending him to the floor. Meanwhile, the action took Otunga to the apron, so Sheamus did the 10 of Clubs to him, then Brogue Kicked him off the apron. Yay, Sheamus!

Entrant #12 is Tensai, who quickly neutralized Sheamus. Jericho helped out at that point… followed by half the faces in the ring. Tensai fought them off however. No eliminations.

Entrant #13 is Brodus Clay, who went after Jericho, then Tensai. Cody eliminated Goldust after some criminally stupid back-and-forth action, so the less said about it, the better.

Entrant #14 is Rey Mysterio, who pretty much opened by hitting Dolph with a 619 on the south side, followed by Jericho with a 619 on the north side. He tried to drop the dime on Jericho, but Cody cut him off and took control. Punchy-kicky all around from there without any additional eliminations.

Entrant #15 is Darren Young, who helped basically everyone else toss Brodus Clay. On the opposite side of the ring was Kofi eliminating Tensai, but Kofi did it from the apron after going over the top rope. Kofi, still in “danger,” started to climb the top rope, but then Dolph punched Kofi in the face. Kofi lost his balance and fell off the apron…

But in the process, he jumped on Tensai’s back and rode him piggyback! Tensai wasn’t happy about having an unauthorized passenger, so he deposited Kofi onto the Spanish announce table and punched him a few times. He kicked Tensai in the face, then stood up on the Spanish announce table… he calculated the distance… then decided against the jump.

Instead he demanded to have JBL’s chair, and… uh…

Entrant #16 is Bo Dallas, whoever the fuck that is. (Someone on NXT.) Meanwhile, Kofi put the chair on the floor between the tables and ring, then hopped on it like a freaking pogo stick to ring. From the apron, Darren Young charged him, but Kofi dropped down to the apron and took the top rope with him, making D-Young eliminate himself. As Kofi soaked up the cheers for being awesome, Cody forearmed him in the face and sent him to the floor after all that. Aw.

Entrant #17 is… The Godfather? Man, I missed that music! He even had a couple of hoes as he pimp-walked his way down to the ring. [Ed. Note: they are not hoes. This is the 21st Century. They were part of the "Fun Caboose" or some other such nonsense. But the "Ho Train" is in utterly bad taste~!] The fans were behind him the whole time as he disrobed for the girls and made his way in the ring… to be instantly dropkicked back over the top rope by Dolph. Poor guy’s music never even stopped.

So Godfather just shrugged, put his hat and sunglasses back on, and just left with the hoes on his arms. Music still never stopped. Cute.

Entrant #18 is Wade Barrett, putting some seriousness back into the match after the last (admittedly entertaining) sequence. Good action, no finishes though.

Entrant #19 is John Cena, to a huge (mixed) reaction. Cena had no pre-entrance words as he looked down Cody, Dolph, Wade, and Heath getting ready. Cena gave no shit and just charged in. All the heels ganged up on him, but Cena had momentum and tossed Slater and Cody in short order. Slater, in fact, took a rough landing… and didn’t get up. We didn’t see any Crossed Arms of Doom, but we didn’t see the Single Fist of Health either. Hope he’s okay.

Entrant #20 is Damien Sandow. Nothing important with them, though Rey did a huracanrana to Barrett, sending them both over the top rope. Barrett recovered enough to get in the ring, then sent Rey to the floor. That seemed anticlimactic.

Entrant #21 is Daniel Bryan, who just shit-kicked half the heels to screams of “Yes! Yes!” He tried to eliminate Jericho as well, which gave me a flash of what could have been a killer match if the guys are given 15 minutes and no commercials. No eliminations however, and we won’t get that matchup tonight.

Entrant #22 is Antonio Cesaro, who fought Sheamus for no apparent reason. No eliminations.

Entrant #23 is Khali, who lightly pops the crowd but bores me to death. Everyone oversells for him, which is fine, but things settle down and we see no eliminations.

Entrant #24 is Kane, whose entrance only three spots after DB seems a little overdone. [Ed. Note: I also commented that whoever booked the Rumble and whoever wrote the promo failed to compare notes. It's not a big deal, but it IS continuity, monkeys.] Kane pretty much dominates everyone with ruthless efficiency, but nothing overly surprising. Kane settles on Khali, and DB comes over to help out, though Khali fights them away. Kane instead settles on Dolph as we have sever other near-eliminations around the ring.

Entrant #25 is Zack Ryder, who instantly hits the Rough Ryder on Dolph as Kane eliminates Khali… and then DB eliminates Kane! Kane’s all, “What the hell?,” and DB is all, “Yes! Yes!”

…And then Cesaro sends DB over the top into Kane’s waiting arms. DB hangs on to Kane like an AJ kiss, even with wrapping his legs around Kane’s hips. DB asks to be saved, Kane says no, and dumps him on his ass. Sad face.

Entrant #26 is Randy Orton, who goes house of fire and beats the crap out of everyone, then… uh… he supposedly throws Bo Dallas over the top rope to the apron, but let go too early, making Dallas sort of jump himself over the top. Then Orton is stupid, because he hits Dolph and Dallas with double Hangman DDTs instead of trying to toss them, though he does toss Zack Ryder for no reason.

Entrant #27 is Jinder Mahal. Cesaro meanwhile tries to Neutralizer Cena over the top rope, but Cena reverses it with a simple back body drop and eliminates Cesaro instead. Good action, but no further eliminations.

Entrant #28 is The Miz, who didn’t bother with the ring at first, and just attacks Cesaro on the stage. Miz gets the win, and it’s announced that Miz hurt his ankle in the pre-show against Cesaro. Miz hobbles down to the ring anyway as Sheamus flings Jinder Mahal over the rope. See ya, 3MB!

Entrant #29 is Sin Cara, who hits the ring (slowly) and starts shit-kicking Dolph and Sandow. Surprisingly, Bo Dallas did a slow huracanrana to eliminate Wade Barrett, who spent entirely too long bragging about it and trash talking Barrett instead of getting his head back in the game. Still, no cheap elimination, though Cara started going after him. That just made Barrett come back and pull Bo Dallas over the top rope, and follow it up with a Bullhammer Elbow. JBL, naturally, sides with Barrett being a cheap asshole.

Entrant #30 is Ryback, who I honestly forgot was even in the freakin’ Rumble. [Ed. Note: I didn't. I knew he was #30, and I was just as annoyed as I was by the Kane/Bryan misstep. Ryback's whole promo, before the match, was about entering and then being "fed" another superstar every 90 seconds, and always wanting to be fed more. You can't be fed more if you enter #30. Again, it's not a big thing, but IT'S CONTINUITY, MONKEYS!] His opening is to just push people (which they oversell), but then he tosses Sandow over the top, followed by Cara, followed by Miz. However, Ryback then walks right into a Codebreaker by Jericho, and Jericho even hits Cena with a Lionsault. Codebreaker to Dolph too, and Jericho is the only one standing.

…Until Ziggler flings him over the top and does an enziguri to end him. Sad face, again.

The final five are Orton, Cena, Ryback, Sheamus, and Dolph. Orton took center-stage her as he RKOed Dolph, Cena, and Sheamus. Ryback was on the apron from there, and again Orton stupidly goes for the Hangman’s DDT instead of, you know, doing an elimination. Idiot. Then Orton humps the ring and goes for an RKO on Ryback, but Ryback blocks it and pushes him over the top. After some back-and-forth, Dolph finds himself on the apron, and Sheamus ends him with a Brogue Kick.

The final three are Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus. Cena and Sheamus double-team Ryback and even hit a double suplex, but it’s not long before they’re at each other’s throats instead of closing the deal. Cena hits his Five Moves of Doom, but when he goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, he eats a Clothesline From Hell from Ryback.

Ryback and Sheamus do some back-and-forth, and Sheamus manages to hit White Noise onto Ryback. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick to follow up, but Ryback just up and insta-eliminates Sheamus during his charge. Huh.

The final two are Cena and Ryback. Ryback gets the advantage and goes for another Clothesline From Hell, but Cena scouts him and counters with a drop toe hold into an STF. Ryback goes to sleep, but it’s all about whether Cena can dead-lift the guy. Which… uh… he does, scarily, and puts him on the top rope in a corner. But then Ryback recovers, pushes Cena off, and starts fighting back. But then Cena is on his feet, does some sumo pushes, and sends Ryback over the top rope. Huh.

Your winner: John Cena. Interesting. I think the most shocking thing about this outcome is how not-shocking it was. No bizarre run-ins, no surprises, no desperate fights. Just Cena getting his ass kicked, coming back, and winning. Fair enough, I suppose.

Segment 8: Josh Mathews interviews The Rock in the back, who puts over the fact that he didn’t get drafted by the NFL and just had seven bucks to his name… and how we all overcome similar adversity, which is a weird attempt at a parallel topic, but okay. His point? We all overcome adversity in our everyday lives, and unlike what CM Punk says, we all count. We all count, we all inspire Rock, and he’s going to use his hand to touch our hands to end “434 days of misery.”

Well, that… was different. Over-intense, so intense that Rock blew himself up in the process. But entertaining, and the fans bought it, so… oaky.

Segment 9 [Singles Match for the WWE Championship]: CM Punk (w/ Paul Heyman) defeats The Rock by pin. Feeling out process to start, and slightly stiff punchy-kicky. The fight soon spills outside, and the ref doesn’t even bother with a count. Rock pulls the top off the Spanish announce table, but then Punk throws Rock into the ring and replaces the top of the Spanish announce table. Punk then does a Japanese bow to the Spanish commentators. Heh.

From there, Paul Heyman runs a bit of distraction, then Punk takes control. More interestingly, the crowd is solidly in favor of Punk for this matchup. Very surprising.

The fight finally gets back in the ring again, and… well, now there’s a “Rocky! Rocky!” chant. Weird. Punk maintains momentum though, and he puts on a clinic of rest holds and submission holds. The crowd transitions to a 50/50 split of “Boots 2 asses! Knees 2 faces!” competing chant. Wacky. Either way, it’s not helping Rock: Punk maintains momentum.

From here, it’s all rib-targeted offense to try going after those further internal injuries. Punk kept momentum, but after doing a rebound flash dropkick, Punk suddenly started selling that SURGICALLY REPAIRED~! knee. Punk ignored it and came off the top rope to the floor with a double axe handle. It worked, but again Punk sold that knee. Rock saw it with his mystical powers apparently, because as the fight went back to the ring, Rock targeted the knee.

Still, Punk took back momentum thanks to a suicide dive, and even though he again grimaced with that knee, he doesn’t care: it’s all about defending the title, and he’s not going to let some knee pain stop him.

Rock took some shots but managed to start his comeback. He looked for a Rock Bottom, but Punk countered that and tried a GTS. Rock countered that and tried a Sharpshooter. Punk countered that and locked in the Anaconda Vise. Rock managed to get out, then went for another Rock Bottom. After two re-counters, Rock finally locked in the Sharpshooter, but Punk had nowhere to go for the ropes… until he managed to walk himself to the nearest ropes with his arms.

Punk rolled out of the ring after the break and Rock followed him out. Rock kept momentum as he tried—for the third time—to dismantle the Spanish announce table. Punk sensed it and tried to get back in the ring, but Rock caught him and positioned him on the table. Rock delivered a few punches, but Punk countered with a kick, then dragged Rock on the table as they both stood. Punk signaled the GTS, Rock countered by hooking the Rock Bottom… and then the table leg collapsed entirely, and both guys crashed to the floor. Rock especially was selling a knee after that.

Rock was first up, rolled in the ring long enough to reset the count, then exited again. Rock said to hell with physics screwing up his plan, so he just up and did a Rock Bottom to Punk on the black mats on the outside. Rock eventually got him back in the ring, but it took too long, so when he went for the pin, Punk managed to kick out.

Rock stood and seemed to be all right, then went for Punk… just to eat a sick roundhouse kick out of nowhere, putting Rock flat on his back again. Double count, but both were up at nine.

Then came an exchange of blows, and each blow came with a 50/50 split of “Yay/Boo” from the crowd. Rock got the better of it and hit his Two Moves of Doom, then readied the People’s Elbow. As he went for it though… Lights go out.

We hear a bunch of noise and grunts and assaults. Cole says that it’s totally The Shield, and that they Triple Powerbombed The Rock through the announce table. However, by the time the lights came back on, we had no idea what happened. Mike Chioda didn’t see anything, but he too was limping. Punk gave a grin.

Punk rolled out of the ring and faked ignorance, then dragged Rock back into the ring. Punk took a moment to tell Michael Cole that he totally had nothing to do with The Shield, then made the pin… and took the win. Huh. Solid match with an extremely hot crowd with a weak ending to me. Punk ended things by kicking Rock out of the ring literally.

As Rock rolled around outside the ring and the commentators bitched at each other, CM Punk celebrated at every corner, and…

Post-Segment 8: Vince McMahon? He’s not looking happy as he comes to the stage, and Punk looks a little paranoid. Vince announces that it seems to him that Punk’s celebration is over. See, even though we couldn’t see The Shield, he totally knows that it was Shield, so it’s his job to officially—

Rock has a mic and says we’re not ending tonight like that. Rock declares that he will take the title from Punk. So order a match restart, damnit!

Vince thinks about, the fans scream for it, Punk argues with Chioda, and Vince decides to go for it.

Segment 8.2: Punk just beats the shit out of Rock as he gets back in the ring, not giving him a chance to get ready. Ref makes the break, but Punk counters with his trademark running knee to the corner. Punk them comes off the top rope with the Macho Man Elbow. One, two… Kick out!

Punk is unconcerned. He signals for the GTS, sets up Rock for it… but Rock counters out, shoves Punk off the ropes, hits the spinebuster, hits the People’s Elbow, then makes the cover…

Your winner, and new WWE Champion, The Rock! Punk’s streak is over, and The Rock gets his WWE Title after a decade.

Final Thoughts: Solid and entertaining night, and I think the real surprise here was that there were no real surprises. Everyone retained their titles except for Punk, and there wasn’t anything overly surprising that happened anywhere other than Jericho’s return. Of course, it was one year ago that he essentially “returned” in a Royal Rumble as well, and that didn’t go anywhere, so my hopes aren’t exactly high.

I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, whatever that phrase means: it was entertaining, and we’re now on the Road to WrestleMania, so this is the time to be a wrestling fan. But after tonight… well, I doubt it’s going to lure back any lapsed casual fans unless they came back specifically to see The Rock. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing how Punk handles this tomorrow.

See you tomorrow for the RAW recap, everyone.

PPV Grade: B



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