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WWE presents Tables Ladders and Chairs 2012
December 16, 2012

by The Rick
Undisputed Lord and Master of OOWrestling.com


Big night of TV for The Me, tonight. Obviously, first and foremost, I'm here to present you with the cheap-as-free version of WWE's last PPV of the year (basically, I explain it so good, it's as fun as the real thing, except $50 cheaper for you; you know how to thank me).... but also: tonight is the last episode of the season for "Homeland."

Yep, I'm Homeland's bitch. I always do my best to resist new TV fads. I already have enough stuff occupying my time (and my mighty intellect), I don't need more stuff jockeying for my time. Plus I didn't like the one episode of Homeland I saw last year when somebody tried to convince me it was the Next Big Thing.
Turns out, there's something to be said for watching a show from the start, instead of just randomly watching one mid-season episode. Actually: I already knew that. The same thing happened to me on "Breaking Bad." One out-of-context season 2 episode convinced me the show was overhyped. Restarting the whole show from the beginning, at the behest of a friend who knows not to recommend crap to me, resulted in me realizing "Breaking Bad" was, in fact, one of the finest shows ever, after about 3 episodes. That opinion remains to this day.
If you see wisdom in that opinion, and value the wisdom of the man who arrived at it, then just do yourself a favor, and adopt "Homeland" as a new habit. It has a lot of "24" to it, except, not really. It's only 12 episodes per season, so you don't have the nonsensical continuity nightmares, but it seems to me it has a lot of the same tricks up its sleeve, just portioned out WAY more deliciously. It's a lot of fun.

Plus, tonight's the last episode of season 2. So if you're a newbie, you have about a year to get caught up. A year to watch 24 episodes, before Season 3 starts? You have no reason NOT to do as I bid!
In return, I'm here to do what YOU bid, which is to shut the hell up and lend my wit and charm to the latest WWE PPV offering. So here's what happened at the just-completed Tables Ladders and Chairs 2012 pay-per-view:

  • On the youtube pre-show, they awarded a bunch of Slammys (the not-important ones, sort of like the technical arts Emmys that take place a week before the real show), and had the diva battle royale to determine a #1 Contender for Eve's title. Naomi won, thanks to Eve attacking Kaitlyn (neither Naomi nor the ref saw it). Huh... so now, one of the Funkadactyls gets a title shot later on in the PPV.

  • Cold open on Lilian Garcia standing mid-ring. It's nice to finally see Lilian back and looking well after her auto accident, but in this case, the reason why she's kicking off the show is pretty sad: acknowledging the massacre in Connecticut. WWE's memorial of choice is a 26-bell salute.

  • Opening Theme/Pyro/Etc., and we're live in Brooklyn, NY, with the standard 3-man PPV booth of Cole/King/JBL. They waste no time sending it to the ring for our opening match...

  • The Rhodes Scholars defeat Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in a Tables Match to become the new #1 Contenders to the tag team titles. Separate entrances for Rey and Sin Cara. Damien and Cody enter together (to the Hallelujah Chorus), and treat us to a dialogue on the awfulness of the poser hipster doofuses that populate Brooklyn before hitting the ring. Awesome.

    Bell rings, and the masked men get off to a hot start, and introduce the first tables roughly 60 seconds into the match. But in trying to set up a big table spot, they take up enough time that Rhodes and Sandow recover. Mini heel beatdown focused on Sin Cara, as Rey was taken out outside the ring.

    FYI: I should mention that the stipulation here is the match ends when ONE GUY goes through a table. Tag Tables Matches in the past have usually been BOTH MEMBERS of a team have to go through tables for it to end (except for some free TV matches, where they do just the one table).

    The Rhodes Scholars are able to maintain control by not worrying immediately about a table spot. Instead, they focus on kicking ass, including some pretty wicked spots outside the ring (a ring steps-assisted attack on Sin Cara's leg was especially nice). The beatdown is accompanied by rather loud "Co Deez Mus Stache" chants.

    Damien and Cody finally decide to try to table Team Lucha, setting up a double-wide table structure outside the ring. But at the last second, Rey springs up off the table and blocks Damien's dive. Then Sin Cara engages Rhodes, and it's a big rally for the good guys, building up to Cody being laid out on a table inside the ring, and Rey going up top to put him through it. Sandow made the save, by pulling Cody off the table, and then slamming the table into Rey's head, causing him to tumble off the top rope.

    Sin Cara looks strong trying to take on two men by himself, but when he goes for a springboard move on Sandow, Rhodes comes in from the blind side, and shoves Sin Cara off the top rope, causing him to crash backwards through the previously mentioned double-wide table structure. And there's your winner.

    A bit too short to be remotely memorable. But still, a neat final table spot, and quite fun while it lasted. Nothing to complain about here.

  • Antonio Cesaro defeats R-Truth to retain the US Title. Early on, Truth hits a big move, celebrates by engaging the crowd with "What's Up" chants, Antonio gets upset at this gross display of buffoonery and uses old school chain wrestling to ground Truth and mock the audience. Lather, rinse, repeat for a couple reps.

    Then Cesaro hits the double stomp, and settles in for the heel beatdown. And again, much like last month, he goes for lengthy headlocks and chinlocks, and the crowd starts murmuring in boredom. How is Cesaro so good and on such a hot streak lately, and yet he gets in the ring with Truth on PPV, and the results are snoozetastic?

    After a 3 minute Cobra Clutch-type move, Truth fires up to avoid the submission, in true 80s Hulk Up fashion. Looks like Cesaro's not the only one to be enamored of old school tactics. Truth gets a close 2-count after the Axe Kick, and then wastes time acting frustrated. When he finally gets focused again, he goes for a suplex, Cesaro sneaks out the backdoor and hits his uppercut to the base of Truth's neck.

    Neutralizer, and it's all over. Four, maybe five minutes, tops. Cesaro's been having way better matches than this on a regular basis on free TV, so I'm assuming the problem here is Truth, not him.

  • Backstage: Josh Mathews interviews Dolph Ziggler, whose basic thesis is that by making tonight's match, Vince McMahon has basically legalized theivery because he wants Cena to have the MitB briefcase that belongs to Dolph. But that's OK, because Ziggler plans on spoiling that plan by beating Cena. In fact, come to think of it, he's happy Vince made this match, because when Cena loses tonight, it'll trickle down to all the big plans for Cena at the Rumble and WrestleMania, and in the end, the downfall of John Cena will take place concurrently with the rise of Dolph Ziggler. In closing, Ziggler promises that starting tonight, "Everything changes." Strong promo from a guy whose promos usually leave me cold.

  • Miz TV. Miz does some rambling, then introduces his guests: the Three Man Band. Basic exchange of tauntery, leading up to Drew insulting Brooklyn's own Jay-Z. As if that doesn't make Drew awesome enough, he then proceeds to answer Miz's rhetorical "Reallys" with his own "Reallys" with an over-exagerrated brogue and heavily rolled R's. Hilarious.

    The upshot of the segment is that 3MB reveals they will debut their hit single tomorrow night on RAW. When Miz registers his disinterest, 3MB beat the crap out of him.

    Then, for some reason, they take umbrage with the Spanish Announce Team, and start threatening them. Then, for some equally random reason, Ricardo Rodriguez runs out to the defense of the Spanish Announcers. 3MB back Ricardo into a corner as the crowd fires up a "Ree Car D'oh" chant... and then when things look grim for Ricardo, Alberto del Rio makes the save.

    Let me repeat that: Alberto del Rio makes the save. And the crowd loves it.

    Miz also gets his wits back, and he and Alberto are able to beat back 3MB. But 3MB's retreat is with a reason: they want to turn this into a match later tonight. 3MB vs. Alberto, Miz, and whoever they can scare up as a partner. Miz accepts, and Brooklyn immediately fires up a loud "We Want Ryder" chant. One so loud that if he wasn't the original plan by WWE, he better be the new plan.

    So.... Ryder is gonna have a PPV match, and Alberto del Rio is a freakin' babyface? I guess the Mayans were right... this has gotta be a surefire sign that the world is about to end.

  • Kofi Kingston defeats Wade Barrett to retain the IC Title. Quick back-and-forthy start, including a cool spot where Wade tried to ram Kofi's ribs into the ring apron, but Kofi countered by sliding into the ring and immediately hitting "reverse" to hit a no-hands plancha onto Wade. Just silky smooth. But from there, it got back into the ring, and Barrett took control after catching Kofi trying for a top rope move.

    Heel beatdown is on. Mild insubordinate "Let's Go Barrett" chant, but it finds traction when Kofi starts his comeback (by reversing a suplex into a side Russian legsweep) and gets BOOED for it. Cheers for del Rio, cheers for Wade, boos for Kofi? Harbinger of things to come, or just the obnoxious hipster wankers in the audience being difficult? YOU make the call.

    Kofi's big rally gets a near fall or two, and then things shift into more of a back and forth End Game, with Barrett countering things into a few near falls of his own. Now, there's full on "Let's Go Kofi"/"Let's Go Barrett" dueling chants. Huh.

    Final double reversey spot has Wade trying to set Kofi up for the Bull Hammer, but Kofi spins out and turns it into the Trouble in Paradise for the win. Very solid 7-8 minute match.

  • Interview. Justin Roberts introduces us to OUR WWE Champion, CM Punk, who is up in his own personal luxury box, wearing a new t-shirt. In the style of Rocky's "Boots 2 Asses" shirt, it says "Knees 2 Faces," which is sort of clever.

    Oh, and Punk has a microphone. He's ostensibly going to update us on his injury status, but mostly, he's bragging about how he would have totally killed Ryback in a match if he wasn't hurt, and how he wishes he could wrestle tonight. But he can't, and the fans have no one to blame but Ryback. So instead, he'll have to settle for sitting back and watching Ryback in a 6-man match, where he'll be decimated by The Shield -- "of whom I'm a big fan, but I'm not affiliated with," says Punk.

  • The Shield beat Ryback and Team Friendship in a TLC Match. Faces enter separately. The Shield enter at the same time, but also separately (through the crowd, each coming down a different aisle), while a theme song/tron video play. As soon as Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns get to the ring, the faces attack, and the match is on. The six guys pair up, with Ryback vs. Ambrose being the featured match-up in the ring (the other 4 brawl outside).

    Ryback gets the better of Ambrose (and also a deafening "Goldberg" chant), but Reigns and Rollins swarm after they take out Kane and Bryan. Ryback's left with a 1-on-3 situation for a bit. When the Shield goes for props, Ryback has time to recover... Ryback uses Rollins and Ambrose's own ladder against them, and when Reigns tries to introduce a chair, Kane and Bryan finally get involved again.

    Fans are loving it as Team Friendship go on a tear. Ambrose is able to get a chair and use it on Kane to turn the momentum again. Team Friendship powders out, and Ryback makes a heroic comeback. Except for the part where fans are again not impressed, and chant "Goldberg" at him.

    And then Ryback hit a double suplex on Ambrose and Rollins ONTO A LADDER, and pretty much everybody loved that. Wicked. Ryback tries to follow up with a double Shellshocked, but Reigns is having none of that happy crappy.

    Reigns dominates until the other two can join him for still more 3-on-1 against Ryback. And once it's 3-on-1, the Shield decide to hit their trademark spot... they take Ryback outside, and triple powerbomb him through the Spanish Announce Table. Ryback, and his cardio of a 60 year old fat man, is now powdered out for a much-needed rest.

    Bryan tries to jumpstart things for the good guys with a wild no hands plancha, but soon falls prey to the 3-on-1. The beatdown is fairly standard, until Rollins and Ambrose take a table and turn it into a "platform" on top of the ropes in a corner. They put Bryan's carcass up on the platform, then both of them get up with him and hit a killer double superplex on Bryan. It'd be a sure fire 3-count, except Kane breaks it up at the last second.

    Bryan rolls out of the ring, and now it's Kane's turn to take a 3-on-1 beating. The platform is still set up. And Kane is thrown up onto it. Rollins and Ambrose try to join him, but Kane shoves them off. Reigns steps in to prevent Kane from getting on a rally, and introduces a chair. Bad idea, as Kane counters things and ends up chokeslamming Ambrose through the chair (which absolutely explodes, with dangerous-looking shrapnel shooting off). Reigns re-engages Kane, and the fight spills outside, where Reigns spears Kane through the ringside barrier. Reigns and Rollins start pummeling Kane with all available furniture as the crowd chants "This is Awesome."

    Back in the ring, Bryan has come to, and sees Ambrose still prone... he immediately cinches in a No Lock, but ROllins and Reigns break off of Kane and attack Bryan. Bryan actually fights them off for a few moments, until Rollins sets up a chair, and Reigns hits a wicked running stomp, jamming Bryan's face into the chair. It should be enough for a 3 count... but this is when Ryback emerges from his sleep to make the save.

    Ryback cleans house as the crowd goes apeshit. He isolates on Ambrose, and hits the Shellshock... but Reigns makes the save, and Rollins is back in action soon there after. It's suddenly back to 3-on-1 against Ryback. The fight spills up the entrance aisle (which is lined with tables and ladders, some of which come into play). They eventually lay out Ryback on a table, and Seth Rollins gets all Jeff Hardy-y, and decides to go up a mega-giant-ladder to hit a big move.... but halfway up, Ryback comes to, and starts chasing Rollins. Rollins is trapped on top of the ladder, and Ryback grabs him and throws him off, and through a table. Ouch.

    Meantime, back in the ring, Ambrose and Reigns have isolated on Bryan. Just as Ryback gets back down off the ladder, they hit a doubleteam top rope powerbomb, putting Bryan through a table. Ambrose makes the cover, and that's it. The Shield win in their debut match.

    Really fun 20 minute match. Way better than my expectations, and absolutely pitch perfect in terms of lay-out. No interference from Punk, no surprise run-in by "the sword" (which I didn't really think was A Thing, but others latched onto it), just a big win for the new guys. And they didn't even seem out of place; fans were into them, took them seriously, and they made good on that. And it made Ryback look like a million bucks, despite him spending 1/3rd of the match napping. Hell, BECAUSE he spend 1/3rd of the match napping. Like I said, as well-executed as this was, it was even better conceived. Kudos to whoever "match doctored" this one. They really nailed it. Highest youtube recommendation for those who didn't buy the PPV.

    FYI: they had a TON of replays of the high spots of the match. Rollins really took a tough bump at the end of the match; I'd honestly be surprised if he's not concussed or something.

  • Eve beats Naomi to retain the Women's Title. Eve starts things off by dancing at Naomi, as if to say "dancing is easy, but wrestling is hard, beyotch." Then Naomi out-wrestles her and dances, as if to say "I can do both, beyotch." The dancing, however, gives Eve time to recover, and as soon as Naomi goes over to try to pull Eve back into the ring, Eve drops down and pulls Naomi's arm down over the top rope. From there, it's about 30 seconds before Eve just hits her finisher and calls it a night.

    Let's call it 3 minutes, tops. Probably closer to 2. Then Eve does her gimmick of pulling a photographer into the ring and posing over Naomi's carcass. So bitchy. In other words: perfect. So it was short, but it told its story, by reminding us Eve is a horrible person (while only sacrificing a non-wrestler).

  • Big Show beats Sheamus in a Chairs Match to reatin the World Heavyweight Title. Boxing style intros by Lilian, then it's on. Roughly 7 seconds into the match, Sheamus decides it's time to introduce a chair. Show decides to take a stroll, Sheamus chases, and per the rules of Cat and Mouse, the mouse (Show) suckers the cat (Sheamus) in, and takes command.

    Show doesn't need a chair as a weapon. His sheer mass is his weapon. After a few minutes, Sheamus gets just the slightest bit of separation, and IMMEDIATELY goes for a chair again. Show tries to scurry away again, but this time the cat cuts the mouse off at the pass, and nails Show with the chair, follows it up with a nice-looking (almost effortless) bodyslam. But only a two count.

    Sheamus goes up top, and hits an atomic chairshot. For some reason, he doesn't bother with a cover, but instead goes up top again. When he comes off, Show catches him in mid-air with a Spear. Kinda sloppy, but it got its point across.

    Now Show decides there's no point being subtle. So he takes the chair and whaps Sheamus with it a few times. The crowd reveal themselves as true wanker hiptster diptards, as they start up that one soccer chant. You know the one. Presumably, this is a pro-Sheamus chant, since he's European, which is what hipster diptards aspire to be, which means they probably do watch soccer. And also drink over-priced beer. And insist on telling you WHY they drink over-priced beer, despite the fact that they've never actually left the continental US.

    I digress. Show's beatdown has been continuing all this while, but he can't put Sheamus away, leading up to Show going out and grabbing about a half dozen chairs and throwing them into the ring to use against Sheamuse. I don't get it... does a "fresh" chair impart more damage than a pre-used one? Does six consecutive shots from six different chairs have a greater effect than six shots in a row from the same chair? Am I thinking too hard?

    Probably. Big spot when Show hits a chair-assisted Vader Bomb on Sheamus. Only a 2-count. Show is frustrated, Sheamus recovers a bit. Leads Sheamus hitting a White Noise THROUGH A CHAIR, as if White Noise by itself isn't "Holy Shit-y" enough. That only gets a 2 count, too. Whoa.

    Sheamus is smart enough to not get frustrated. But he DOES waste a few moments preening and prepping for the Brogue Kick. When he gets a running start, Show is able to dodge, and Sheamus gets tangled in the ropes. When he bounces back, Show hits him with the WMD. But still: only two.

    This time, Show doesn't get frustrated. He gets crafty... he goes under the ring, and comes out with a Mega Chair. Sweet. First, the super-sized Big Show ladder. Now, a super-sized Big Show chair. Show gets in the ring and delivers exactly one (1) stiff blow to Sheamus' back, and makes the cover. One, two, and three.

    Decent little 12-15 minute match. I cannot overstate how much I love the giant chair as a finish. It's half funny, and half great continuity. Still, this was the third go-round for these two, and it was the least-entertaining of the bunch. Not bad. Just not as overall good as the other two (the first one being the most fun by a long shot, probably because all the tricks were new).

  • Miz/del Rio/Mystery Partner beat 3MB. I did not see a del Rio face turn coming. First Miz is a face, now this? Wow. But the live crowd is on board. They do Sing Along With Ricardo on the ring intro, and everything. Miz enters second. ANd then it's time for the "surprise" tag partner.

    The Brooklyn Brawler. So much for giving the fans what they want, eh? Instead of his standard ratty Yankees jersey, he's wearing a Nets jersey, and I guess that's enough to placate the pro-Ryder crowd. Del Rio gets off to a hot start, and immediately tags Brawler in. He gets a few moves in, but then becomes a Time Condensed Face in Peril. Best part of the match: JBL starts finding ways to shoe-horn Brawler's alternate identities into the commentary, and Cole completely whiffs on it. Kim Chee, Doink, and even Knuckleball Schwartz all get mentioned.

    Hot tag to Miz. Pier 6 brawl. Miz isolates on Slater after everybody else powders out, then tags Brawler in to get the submission win with a Boston Crab.

    Match was all of 5 minutes, and it may not have been what the fans wanted. But, to paraphrase a great rock band who put on a great show on Saturday night, it might have been what they needed. Lombardi's been a great company man for WWE, even if his onscreen success was basically nil. Getting the win here probably counts as a "nice touch" and the fans definitely seemed to get on board with it.

  • Dolph Ziggler beats John Cena in a Ladder Match to retain the MitB Contract. Ziggler's surely a bigger favorite among wankers than he is among the normals, but there's no doubt his ascension  reaches a new level tonight, in a PPV match against the face of WWE. And not just in the match, but coming off as Cena's equal from the get-go. It's one thing for there to be mixed reactions to Cena against Rock. It's another against Punk. But on this night, Ziggler was gettign responses just as strong as either of those two. The standard "Let's Go Cena"/"Cena Sucks" chant was mighty. But there were also "Let's Go Ziggler" chants early on, as well as "You Can't Wrestle" chants for Cena.

    Ziggler's the first to introduce a ladder for a few cursory blows. Then the two get away from the ladder, and start brawling outside the ring, where Cena sends Ziggler face-first into the ring steps. Cena then tosses a table into the ring (so this is basically a de facto TLC Match, afterall?), then decides to just leave it and set up a ladder to go after the briefcase. Ziggler breaks that up, post haste.

    Quick exchange, and then Ziggler locks in a sleeper. Cena appears to be fading. But then he gets a burst of energy.... and he starts climbing up the ladder. WITH ZIGGLER STILL ON HIS BACK CINCHING IN THE SLEEPER. OK, so Cena going up the ladder makes no logical sense. BUt it's a visual. And maybe Cena had a plan, since once he gets near the top of the ladder, he jumps off, and both guys go through the aforementioned random table.

    Both guys out, if this was a normal match, it'd be where the ref applies a double count. But it's not, so it's just a race to see who gets up first. Ziggler does, and starts climing a ladder first. But Cena has a brainstorm: he just hoists the WHOLE LADDER WITH ZIGGLER ON IT up on his shoulders. He's going to FU the whole ladder-with-Ziggler, but Ziggler escapss at the last second.

    Rally by Ziggler is cut short when Cena cinches in the SSTF. Ziggler gets to the ropes, and wants a break, but the rules of a ladder match mean no rope breaks. It also means no submission, so Cena finally breaks the hold and goes for a (normal) FU. Counter again, and now Ziggler's in control. He pulls another table into the ring, and then decides to go out and get one of the super-tall ladders, too.

    Then he starts climbing the tall ladder... then Cena recovers and climbs up the other side. They play some "Yay"/"Boo" by trading punches on top of the ladder. Cena (a/k/a "Boo") wins, and sends Ziggler off the top of the ladder... but he can't quite secure the briefcase, slapping it around for a bit until Ziggler rejoins him on top of the ladder. Both men tumble off.

    Both men on the mat for a reset. Back and forthy End Game is here. Really neat spot where Ziggler's setting up for something, and Cena pulls a flying head scissors out of his ass, putting Ziggler through a table in the process. Really sweet. More back and forthy, then Cena sets Ziggler up for the superplex. Ziggler punches his way out. Ziggler tries to turn it into a high cross body. Cena rolls through. Ziggler grabs a chair and waylays Cena.

    Ziggler then sets about clearing the ring. Both table remnants are thrown out, as is the only ladder, and a couple of chairs. But whatever Ziggler was planning doesn't happen, as Cena hits an FU out of nowhere. Ziggler's down, but Cena can't capitalize, because Vickie runs out with a chair and attacks.

    After one shot by Vickie, AJ runs out and hits Cena's Five Moves of Doom on Vickie, ending in a Five Knuckle Shuffle. All is in readiness: Cena sets up the ladder, climbs up...

    And AJ pushes the ladder over, and Cena bounces off the ropes and to the mat. Dolph gets back in the ring. He looks at AJ. AJ looks at him. Neither is entirely sure what the hell is going on. Then AJ just fires up her billion-watt smile and skips away.

    Dolph still has no idea what just happened, but he knows an opportunity when he sees it, so he quickly hits a superkick, then grabs the ladder, and climbs up and secures the MitB Briefcase. Dolph Ziggler has just won a PPV main event.

    A little shy of 20 minutes, and a solid main event. Not as good as the six-man TLC Match, but very entertaining. I've been expecting AJ to be the "out" since they introduced the whole "fraternization" angle, and this is about as well as you could have executed it.... it's clear-cut that AJ is anti-Cena, but it's less clear that she's pro-Dolph, which is pretty much exactly what works best for her "crazy chick" character. So it was the right ending, and it was preceded by some good stuff, too. The live crowd was red hot all along, too, and that always adds to the atmosphere of a big match.

    Show ends with Ziggler at the top of the aisle celebrating, and Cena in the ring pouting. Back and forth a few times, and they finally settle for fading to black on Cena, rather than on the winner. Cue the Wanker Indignation!

And so ends the show. One definite youtube-worthy (maybe even Match of the Year Candidate worthy) match, a main event that's also very good with a satisfying finish, and it's a show I'm willing to call pretty solid. I admit that nothing else really stood out besides those two matches, but at the same time: nothing sucked. A few throwaways were harmless fun, and even a bland Cesaro match is still OK, so honestly: what's one to complain about tonight?

Answer: not much. Nice effort by WWE to close out the year. A night where Ziggler and the Shield both win definitely gives the product a sense of freshness. ANd yet, knowing the Rock is just around the corner gives a sense of nostalgia and familiarity that's is very pleasant, too.
But that's "big picture" stuff that we can get into another time, kids. For now, I'm satisfied with the small picture, and am looking forward to see how WWE follows up with Monday's Slammy-themed RAW and Tuesday's super-special loaded-up and ad-free edition of SmackDown.
COme on back for full coverage, kids.... in the meantime, I'm now off to watch "Homeland." Why am I half-afraid the Saul's turning heel? Well, to be honest, I know why (he has trouble with lie detector tests, and on more than one occassion has started tapping out weird patterns with his fingers -- similar to how they caught on to Brody in the first place), I just don't want to be right.

But I digress. OO has full coverage of "WWE Week," and that's all you need to know.


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