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WWE presents Survivor Series 2012
November 18, 2012

by The Rick
Undisputed Lord and Master of OOWrestling.com


I know it's Pyro's gimmick to spend precaps talking about varous snack-related notions.
But I'm going to steal it, on the grounds that I found a great new snack, and I want to mention it to the unwashed masses.

Unlike Pyro, I'm more of a Bagged Snacks fan. No ovens or baking or anything. If I want substantive food, I'll make substantive food. But if I'm just snacking during a PPV, I'll reach into a bag. At most, I MIGHT fire up the microwave for some popcorn. MIGHT.
This week, I discovered "Cracked Black Pepper" flavor Triscuits. They are awesome. They will be what I am snacking on throughout tonight's PPV. I have even prepared some cheese squares to go with them. Aren't I fancy?
I'm serious: I normally abhor when a product comes out with multiple flavors of itself. This is mostly due to really awful fakey flavors of vodka, where stupid and lazy people buy Smirnoff [Insert Flavor Here] without realizing they can make their own drinks with the ACTUAL INGREDIENTS instead of using artificially flavored donkey urine. Then again: I'm a semi-professional mixologist, and I hate charlatans.
Point is, I tend to believe there's a reason why somebody likes your product, and it's up to them to flavor it as they see fit. I've been a huge fan of Triscuits, since I was a kid. Better than Ritz, better than Wheat Thins. Just plain tasty. Why are there now 8 different flavors of Triscuits?
Because at least one of them is awesome. Cracked Black Pepper Triscuits. Discovered by The Rick mere days ago. Paired with pepperjack cheese tonigth for a PPV. That's a snack on a fast track.
It's also got very little to do with why you've decided to read this recap. So here's what happened at the just-completed Survivor Series 2012 pay-per-view:

  • On the youtube pre-show, WWE announced that Cody Rhodes' injury (suffered Wednesday night on Main Event) was severe enough that he'd be unable to compete tonight. In a backstage segment, Dolph Ziggler announced David Otunga as the replacement. His teammates were not impressed, and so the theme of internal dissension continues as it regards the 10-man match. Also on the pre-show, Slater/Mahal beat Santino/Ryder in a 4-minute throwaway special. Also also on the pre-show, Matt Striker appeared to have lost a bet; it's one thing to honor National Moustache Month, it's another to honor it with THAT moustache.

  • Opening Montage/Pyro/Etc., and we're live in Indianapolis, IN. Tonight, WWE's in the Birthplace of The Rick; tomorrow, they're live from the Current Residence of The Rick. What's this? The third or fourth time they've done the back-to-back Ricksperience, in the past 10 years? I know it's not the first...

    Announcers (three man booth with Cole, King, and JBL) welcome us, and waste no time revealing that our first match is a Bonus 10-Man Traditional Survivor Series Match.

  • Team Brodus beat Team Tenais, with Rey/Sin Cara/Kidd/Gabriel as the Survivors. Full teams are Brodus/Rey/Sin Cara/Kidd/Gabriel vs. Tensai/Colons/PTPs. During entrances, we are told that Rosa's outfit was selected by the WWE Universe, in a twitter vote. So, much to Pyro's chagrin, it is apparently possible for devoted fans to dress Rosa, but you still can't undress her. FWIW, I'll congratulate the WWE Universe for choosing wisely... that was a tasty dress. But at the end of the day, I must admit I was still FAR more distracted by Cameron and Naomi hitting the Ass Voltron. Mmmmm, Ass Voltron.

    Early minutes of the match was tons of fast-paced back and forth with the 8 full-time tag teamers making frequent tags. About 4 minutes in, Tensai tags in dominates Sin Cara for several minutes...  hot tag to Brodus instantly breaks down into a Pier 10, leading up to a sweet high flying trainwreck spot with all 8 tag teamers sprawled all over the ringside area. In the ring, it's the two big men going face-to-face (for some reason, JBL is deadset on comparing Brodus to Adele, which I assume is his attempt at fat jokes, which proves that he may be retired, but it's still kind of an asshole). Brodus blows a suplex, so Tensai just no sells it, starts his comeback, and eliminates Brodus.

    Tensai is happy, but perhaps too much so. After just another few moments, he's caught by surprise, and Kidd rolls him up for a quick pin. Hey, continuity! Kind of! Kidd has Tensai's number again! About 10 minutes in, and we're down to 4-on-4.

    Kidd's a face in peril for about 3 minutes, but instead of making a tag, he takes care of business himself: Titus tries for a big boot, but Kidd ducks and Titus crotches himself on the top rope. After a flippy slingshot move, Kidd rolls up Titus in a fancy pinning combo. Another elimination for Kid, and it's 4-on-3.

    Epico hits the ring for the heels, and gets all of 90 seconds of back and forthy before Kidd locks him in the sharpshooter. Epico taps out. ANOTHER elim for Kidd, and now it's 4-on-2.

    Kidd finally runs out of steam against Primo, and makes a tag to Rey. Primo avoids the insta-(619), but is eliminated by a La Magistral Cradle. Darren Young charges, and immediately eats the (619). Tag to Sin Cara, for a gratuitous Swanton. Tag to Gabriel for an even more gratuitous 450. Tag to Kidd for a even much more gratuitous springboard elbow drop. Tag back to Rey, so he can have the honor of making the pinfall. Aw, showing respect to the legend.

    All four high flyers survive a very solid 16-18 minute opener. Well put-together match, too, with Sin Cara getting the "honor" of the extended face-in-peril segment, then Kidd being the clear-cut "star" of the match, with Rey settling for making the decisive pinfall. Plus, it's always a good idea to put a fluffy crowd-pleaser out as the first match, and this really fit the bill.

  • Eve beats Kaitlyn to retain the Women's Title. Forget anything nice I said about Rosa's wardrobe. Kaitlyn officially gets one million OO Gold Stars for her new ring gear: very tight, very lo-rise pants (not quite jeans, but not quite cargo pants) and abbreviated tank top. It's an outfit Trish would often wear for promos/skits. Ass cleavage was common. And now, Kaitlyn's wrestling in it, and making it plainly obvious that no matter how outstanding the outfit is, what's inside it is even better. Consider me smitten. Moreso than I already was.

    Out of the gate, Eve is playing scared. So it's some cat-and-mouse for a bit, until the standard spot where the mouse gets back in the ring first and attacks the cat when it blindly chases the mouse. Standard heel beatdown for several minutes... no real focus on a body part, or anything, but Eve makes sure the fans don't care for her by pausing frequently to do a royal wave at them.

    Eve's taunting is her undoing, as she takes too long going up top for a moonsault, and Kaitlyn catches her, and pulls her off. Quick house o' fire rally for Kaitlyn... but for the second time in 5 minutes, Eve executes a cat-and-mouse entrapment to perfection: Eve bails out of the ring in fear, but when Kaitlyn tries to follow, Eve is waiting, and yanks Kaitlyn off the apron so she faceplants.

    Eve tosses Kaitlyn back into the ring, hits a neckbreaker and.... that's that. Huh. Kind of anti-climactic and out of left field, if you ask me. Or maybe I'm just saying that because I would have been happy to watch Kaitlyn prancing about in that outfit for another 45 minutes or so before I got even remotely bored.

  • Backstage: Team Foley is bickering and arguing when Mick walks in and tries to get the team on the same page. He acknowledges they are all strong individuals, and that's why he put them on his team. Miz: "You didn't put me on this team, Mick. The WWE Universe did." Zing. Still Mick asks them to put their hands in and give him a "Bang Bang!" on three. He didn't get it. Instead, 3/5ths of the team walks out on him, Orton says "I hate you," and Mick tells Kofi "That just means he's ready to fight." WHich is sorta funny, I guess, but the reach for the punchline igores the whole episode of SD on Friday, where Orton admitted that he likes Mick and hates his teammates. D'oh.

  • Antonio Cesaro beats R-Truth to retain the US Title.  Back and forth feeling out for the start, quickly settling into a heel beatdown by Cesaro. A methodical one. Armbar. Waistlock. Thrilling. And I'm a Cesaro fan. But he's not giving fans any reason to give much of a shit here (either to be impressed with his high impact offense, or to feel sorry about/interested in Truth's plight).

    Then again, maybe Truth's not helping any, because when he makes his big comeback, he does a flurry of moves and then tries to appeal to the crowd with a "What's Up?"... and they give him half cheers and half boos. That's not gonna get the job done.

    Truth's rally is ended abruptly when he runs into an Elevation Uppercut. Follow up with the Neutralizer, and it's all over. Nothing to see here, really. I'm a Cesaro fan, but this was flat.

  • Hype: I don't normally comment on WWE's in-show commercials... but they introduced an ad for next month's TLC PPV, and it's pretty funny. It's Otunga doing a standard sleazeball lawyer commercial, asking "Have you, or anybody you know, been injured by a table, ladder, or chair?" and it goes on from there, until he asks you to contact Otunga & Otunga's Law Offices... then Sheamus whacks him with a chair.

  • Tweets for Twats: so the Rock is "live-tweeting" the Survivor Series. Read: the Rock's hired underling is typing things into twitter that WWE wrote for him. In any case, "the Rock" says "it doesn't matter" who wins Punk/Cena/Ryback, what with him getting a title shot at the Rumble. Whee.

  • Wait, A Feud Between Two Actually Trained Girl Wrestlers? Theatre. AJ prances out to the ring, in an OO approved pair of cut-off jean shorts, a fetchingly too small sweater, and her standard Chucks. She says she didn't want to stoop to this, but Vickie Guerrero's vindictive behavior has forced her hand. So now AJ has evidence against Vickie...

    Vickie comes out, and tries to put a stop to this nonsense. But instead, all she gets is a front row seat for AJ's "proof" that Vickie's been fraternizing. She serves up three clearly-photoshopped pictures of Vickie with Ricardo, then Jim Ross, then Brodus.

    (1) "Look at your smile, Vickie. You're REALLY enjoying Ricardo's burrito."

    (2) "Oh my, Vickie, your face is absolutely COVERED in JR's sauce!"

    (3) "That's horrible. That fat, sweaty, dancing monstrosity. And also, Brodus Clay."

    Not exactly ground-breaking material, here, but at least it's cheap comedy that tickles me. Two half-entendres that amuse my Inner Beavis, and then a third one-liner that's a page out of Craig Ferguson's playbook. Nice.

    Vickie is angry and indignant, and berates the "little girl" until AJ is forced -- despite the fact that she's forbidden to lay a hand on Vickie, or else she gets fired -- to stand up for herself and go nose-to-nose with Vickie. Vickie is intimidated, and shrinks away... but AJ is still staring bullets at her.

    Which makes it very easy for Tamina Snuka to sneak up from behind and beat the crap out of AJ. Vickie cackles in glee as Tamina caps things off with a Superfly Splash. I think all this soap opera BS is retarded, and all, but if it somehow ends in two of WWE's chicks-who-can-actually-wrestle being in a feud, I'll cope.

  • Sheamus defeats Big Show via Disqualification, while Big Show retains title. Boxing style intros, and then Sheamus tries to jumpstart the match. It doesn't work. Instead, he falls prey to body blows, frying pan chops, and in general, a sound thrashing. ANnouncers point out that Show is basically picking up where he left off at the last PPV.

    A few minutes in, Sheamus changes his luck when he ducks a clothesline, and then manages to chop block Big Show. He gets a few moments of offense in (including a rope-assisted Ten of Clubs), but whenhe gets greedy, and goes to the top rope, he gets caught in mid-air by a Giant Spear. Nasty. Show's right back in control, and goes to town on Sheamus' ribs and lower back. As if the Spear wasn't bad enough, Show immediately tosses Sheamus out to ringside, and throws him, ribs-first, into the steel ring steps.

    Like they said, picking up right where he left off at HiaC. Sheamus tries to rally here and there, but no sale. He even tries his slingshot battering ram, and Show just stands there, and Sheamus bounces off like he's nothing. I know many out there will disagree with me, but there is something to be said for a good ol' Freakish Giant Beatdown. Show may not be a king of "workrate," but in the right situation, he can be just plain fun and convincing when he "wrestles big." This -- much like last month on PPV -- is definitely a "right situation."

    And then... after about 4-5 hope spots fizzle, Sheamus decides to say "Hey, what about me? WHat about Sheamus?" Show goes up for a Vader Bomb, but Sheamus catches him, and hoists him up on his shoulders for an Electric Chair. HO. LEE. SHIT. Forget him hitting White Noise on Show. This was ridiculous. 

    And this also kicks off Sheamus bona fide comeback. Crowd is hot for it, as he starts firing up. Flurry of moves. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick. Show blocks. Show goes for chokeslam. Sheamus blocks. Sheamus goes for White Noise. And holy shit, that's actually still pretty impressive. BUt it only gets a 2-count.

    Sheamus doesn't do the usual thing, and get frustrated. Instead, he gets focused, and lines up for a Brogue Kick... but when he charges, Big Show pulls the ref into the way, and the ref (Scott Armstrong) eats the kick. Sheamus and ringside medics check on the ref, and Big Show recovers. Two more refs come out to oversee things. When Sheamus gets up and turns around, he immediately eats a WMD. Big Show makes a cover. One of the two refs counts the pinfall. Play Big Show's music.

    But then the other extra ref confronts the first one. It turns out, the other extra ref saw Show cause the ref bump, while the first thought it was an accident. After consultation, the second extra ref consults with the ring announcers, and Big Show is officially disqualified.
    After the Match:
    Show is pissed at the second extra ref, and is calling him all kinds of names, which allows Sheamus to get his wits about him, grab a chair, and whap Show in the back of the skull with it. Because good guys ALWAYS attack from behind. Sheamus keeps on beating the crap out of Show with the chair (honoring several "one more time" chants from the crowd). Show finally starts begging off, on his knees, asking not to be hit with the chair again... Sheamus relents, and hits him with a Brogue Kick instead. Show may still be the champ, but he's KO'd.

    Sheamus celebrates his moral victory, and then retreats, leaving Show to start crawling up the aisle, still dazed. The crowd: "We Want Ziggler." I like the way they think, but it ain't happening tonight. Just wait: it'll be even more satisfying if they do what *I* want, and have Ziggler cash-in on everybody's favorite Mantard, Randall Orton.

  • Team Ziggler beats Team Foley, when Dolph Ziggler is the sole survivor. For the sake of completion/clarity, the teams are Orton/Kane/Bryan/Kofi/Miz vs. Ziggler/del Rio/Sandow/Barrett/Otunga.
    Leave it to Indianapolis to supply Alberto with one of his swankiest cars, ever. The capitol of autosports has no dearth of badass cars. Also of note, isntead of separate entrances, Team Friendship enter together (to Kane's music). Are we really running long? Given Ryback's limitations, the main event ain't gonna be an epic, so there seems to be no reason to rush, now.

    Also also of note, Michael Cole makes the statement, "The WWE Universe have started calling Kofi Kingston 'the Wildcat.'" WHich is a lie. Kofi tried calling HIMSELF that in a promo, and it was a massively ham-handed thud that the WWE Universe has long since forgotten.

    Super hot fast start for Kofi (at Otunga's expense), including a crazy top rope to the floor cross body. Then a pair of tags, and Bryan gets to shine (against Sandow); it's so bad that Sandow tries to walk out on his team, but Kane puts a stop to that. He drags Sandow, kicking and screaming, back to the ring, and then tags himself in to hit an emphatic chokeslam, and score a pin. Sandow's gone.

    Bryan immediately gets in Kane's face about stealing the pin. Kane shoves Bryan out over the top rope, but doesn't see Ziggler waiting to strike. Dolph hits the Zig Zag, and Kane's eliminated. D'oh... maybe I'm just over-analyzing, but if Team Friendship is one of your hottest acts, and the interaction between Bryan and Kane is always gold, why do you eliminate Kane and take away that aspect of the match after all of three minutes?

    SPECIAL UPDATE: Wade Barrett's finishing move is no longer The Souvenir Elbow. It's the "Bull Hammer." Hokay. I actually liked "The Souvenir." This new name just invokes images of bovine genitals, which is really more The Rock's thing.

    In other news, after about 2 minutes of random back and forthy, Daniel Bryan just got Otunga to tap out to the No Lock. A 4-to-3 advantage for Team Foley. FWIW I don't think I was over-analyzing: the crowd is dead now that the Kane's gone, and there's no Kane/Bryan dynamic.

    Crowd wakes up when Kofi tags in and hits some crazy-ass high flying moves. Barrett puts an end to that when he triple-reverses Kofi into a sidewalk slam. Then a "Bull Hammer," and Kofi's gone. That's 3-on-3. It should be noted that it is at this point that announcers notice that Miz has elected to NOT be tagged into the match yet. That continues when Orton steps into the ring to replace Kofi.

    Coincidence, or scheme? When Orton drags Wade to the corner to make a tag, Miz is again standing with his hands at his sides. Meantime, Bryan immediately reaches out and demands to be tagged. More conspiracy theories from the announcers. But more to the point, Bryan has had quite a work-out already tonight, and falls prey to del Rio's armbreaker. Now the heels hold a 3-on-2 advantage, and Orton and Miz have to decide who will step in.

    Reluctantly, Miz takes the job. For about 30 seconds, then he tags in Orton. Randall finds himself trapped in the wrong part of town. Mini-face-in-peril sequence, but we really are seemingly in a rush, so this is time compressed. Ziggler whiffs on a top rope move, and double tags lead to Miz vs. Barrett (with the crowd fully on Miz's side)... a double-reversely segment sees Miz counter Wastelands with a Skull Crushing Finale. Barrett's out. It's 2-on-2.

    Almost immediately, del Rio hits Miz with his run-up-the-ropes enzuigiri, and Miz is out. Alberto and Dolph vs. Orton.

    Classic "cut the ring in half" tactics by the heels, painting Orton as an underdog (even as the announcers paint Orton as a favorite, due to his Survivor Series history as a three-time Sole Survivor). Alberto makes a mistake, and gets caught coming off the top rope... Orton seems to be stalking for the RKO, but Ricardo interferes. Foley takes care of Ricardo with Mr. Socko. Alberto had enough time to recover, however.

    Alberto's setting up for.... something. I dunno what. It's at this point that Ziggler decides Alberto needs help. Ziggler throws a dropkick, and of course, Orton ducks, and the kick hits del Rio. Orton tosses Ziggler out of the ring, and nails del Rio with an RKO. Now, it's down to 1-on-1.

    Double reversey spot sees Dolph miss the Zig Zag, and Orton miss an RKO. More counter wrestling leads to Orton landing the Hangman DDT on Dolph. It seems like Orton's in command... the announcers (and fans) are calling for the RKO, but Orton's pausing. He's noticing that he's bleeding from the mouth (surely not part of the "script" of the match, but a nice touch by Randall to make his meltdown more convincing and real). And instead of following up with the RKO, he slinks back, and decides to line up the Punt.

    But he took too long to do it.

    Because after he finally completes his spazz-out and decides Punt instead of RKO, and then sets up for it, Ziggler has had time to recover. When Randy charges, Ziggler springs up and nails Orton with Sweet Chin Music. Whoa. One, two, three, and Ziggler is the sole survivor. I love you Mick, but so much for your theory about Orton-being-a-douche meaning that he's ready to fight; that's pretty much just his everyday disposition, methinks. ZING~!

    Right around 20 minutes, and a little rushed in spots, but man alive: I didn't see that finish coming. I thought they were doing a whole transparent thing where "Orton's the underdog," but wait, "Orton's a Survivor Series Specialist" and somehow I got caught in a feedback loop of double-reverse psychology where I just assumed "underdog" Orton would win again. Then, out of nowhere, I was wrong. I like it. Good stuff. Not great, but good.

  • CM Punk wins a triple threat match over John Cena and Ryback to retain his WWE Title. During entrances, a trivia tidbit: Cena is 7-0 at Survivor Series, which is the best single-event record outside of Taker at WrestleMania. Cena's also sporting a new t-shirt: a very un-fruity-pebble-like black with gold letters. The mirror image of Punk and his new gold with black look? Nah, probably just coincidence. Ryback's ring entrance is accompanied by Cole trying to explain "Revenge is an admission of pain" quasi-catch-phrase. Note: if you have to explain it, it isn't a catchphrase. [I get that the gist is "if you seek revenge, you're admitting someone hurt you, and if you're a manly man, you never admit someone hurt you," but honestly, it just comes off as convoluted tardspeak.]

    FWIW, I hereby note that the bell rings for the main event at 10:26pm (eastern), which means they rushed the last match in order to give this one 20 minutes. Ryback in a 20 minute match. Let's see how that turns out....

    Opening minutes are a tale of two Punks. One is a chickenshit, who doesn't want any part of the powerful babyfaces. The other is a spoilsport who doesn't want to let the fans have their "dream" of Cena vs. Ryback, and interjects himself any time the good guys get 30 seconds of ring time against each other. It leads to an opening 5-6 minutes where Punk cherrypicks his spots, picks off one of Cena or Ryback for quick flurry, but lays low the second he's in any danger of taking real damage. Then Cena/Ryback have a quick exchange, and fans start taking sides, and Punk recovers and puts an end to that. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Pattern ends when Punk has an extended sequence with Ryback, where Ryback takes 2-3 minutes of punishment, and gets a bona fide comeback, including the Meathook. ANd when Ryback goes for the Shellshock, it's CENA who interrupts, and gets boos for it. Cena and Ryback get a mini-back-and-forth, ending when Cena cinches in the SSTF... but Punk has recovered, and hits the Macho Man Elbow on top of BOTH of them to break the hold. Cheers for that.

    Punk and Cena exchange blows (crowd plays "Yay"/"Boo" with Punk getting the "Yays"), and are up to their usual awesomeness, when Ryback recovers and clotheslines them both out of the ring.  It is at this moment that Cena and Punk share Meaningful Eye Contact. They decide to team up on Ryback. They doubleteam-suplex Ryback through the announce table, and the table just explodes. Nice: if the stiff can't wrestle for 20 minutes, that's at least a fun way to give him a rest.

    Now, it's Cena vs. Punk inside the ring. And that never sucks. Crowd's a bit perked up (but not as lively as I might have expected) as we hit a new gear. Trading moves, quality counters, and then: Punk hits the GTS. Cena kicks out at 2. Punk registers indignation and frustration. Cena hits an F-U. Punk kicks out at 2. More back and forth. Cena finally locks in the SSTF again... and Ryback returns to break it up by attacking Cena. Ryback is getting set to destroy Punk when all of a sudden.....


    Three men in black (actually, they look like WWE's security detail) run in from out of the crowd, and proceed to beat the shit out of Ryback. And a few licks for Cena, too. Those three men are Seth Rollins (formely known as Tyler Black), Dean Ambrose (a/k/a Jon Moxley), and Roman Reigns (no, he's not Luther's brother; he's Sika's son).

    Not familiar? It's OK. All three are currently on NXT, and the first two were absolute indy darlings before they got there. Wankers around the globe have been calling for something like this to happen for a while, and I'm assuming they're now spent. Good for them. But the rest of you, you kinda have my word that these guys are pretty good, and you should be treated to a lot of awesomeness in the future, if WWE handles this correctly.

    So... the Underground Sensations KO Cena, and then focus on killing Ryback.  It leads up to a three-man Mega Powerbomb through the Spanish Announce Table. So hey, Ryback's first speciality: being the choade who gets put through tables! Bravo!

    The three men in black then turn their attention to the ring, where Punk is giving an approving look. Then, realizing there is still other business at hand, Punk hits a quick GTS on Cena, gets the pin, and is your winner. So let's make that 7-1, shall we.

    Probably a little shy of 20 minutes, actually, and Ryback spent part of that snoozing. But in the end? I can't complain. My main notion heading into this show was that WWE could only end the show (a) stupidly (Cena or Ryback winning), or (b) boringly (Punk winning, as everybody kinda expected). They managed to find the (c). Which was Punk winning in a way that's really exciting.

    Punk's three new goons aren't exactly The Radicalz, circa 2001. But they're the first time WWE has brought in a faction with this much potential in a long while. Rollins and Ambrose are about as polished as it gets, and I wouldn't sleep on Sika's son, either. He's not the one the wankers adore, but he's going to benefit from being surrounded by excellence and having the most "Vince-friendly" look of the three. Think of him as the Perry Saturn of the group, except, he's related to The Rock, so he'll get plenty of benefit of the doubt. And also: Punk vs. Rock in 2 months, with Rock's cousin on Team Punk? SMELL THE DRAMA~!

    Anyway, count me both surprised and pleased at the end of the show. I didn't expect to be either. PPV fades on out Punk celebrating, while Cena retreats, and the three men in black stand mysteriously at ringside.

And so ends the show.
And like I said, it ends in an unexpectedly entertaining way. Team Indy Darlings may not have shown you much tonight, but their mere presence, and their inclusion in such a high profile angle (under the auspices of Paul Heyman) is a truly intriguing development.
So is it a must-see youtube moment? Nah. It may be historically relevent in the future, but on its face, it's about 33% of the Nexus' debut run-in, at best. But it also a "you should probably tune in tomorrow to see where this is going" deal. And while that doesn't entirely justify a $50 expense, it MORE than convinces me I didn't waste my time tonight. Even if I might have wasted my money. Cuz really, as far as wrestling goes, we've had better matches on both RAW and SD in the past month than anything Survivor Series churned out.

In the final mixdown, though, I think it's telling that my advice to you is that there's nothing worth youtubing from tonight's PPV... but I heartily encourage you to tune into RAW tomorrow. Not because it's in Dayton. But because it just might be the launching pad for a new future megastar or two. Or maybe even three.
Pyro will have the RAW Recap tomorrow, complete with live, on-site details, so check back for that tomorrow. Till next we speak, be well, kids...


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