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WWF Fully Loaded 1999
December 1, 2004

by Adam Gutschmidt
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Emanating from the Marine Midland Arena in Buffalo, NY 

Your commentators are Jim Ross and Jerry “the King” Lawler

- Some shocking developments occurred on HeAT as the Undertaker attacked “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and busted him open, as the McMahons looked on gleefully. This cannot be good, as Austin will be in a First Blood match later tonight. We go live and see Austin 

annoyed with the EMTs tending to him. Then, Michael Cole interviews Mr. McMahon, who claims he had nothing to do with the attack, but he does guarantee (there goes that word again) that Austin will lose tonight and never, ever be WWF champion again. He really should look at finding ways to boost his confidence.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match: Edge (champ) vs. Jeff Jarrett

Speaking of shocking developments, Edge has come to the ring wearing Jarrett’s Intercontinental belt. Actually, Edge won the title the night before at a house show in his hometown of Toronto. Jarrett was originally supposed to face Ken Shamrock at the house show, but Edge was a last minute substitute. Now Jarrett claims he lost because he wasn’t prepared and thus has demanded the rematch here tonight. A little chain wrestling to begin as the crowd proclaims, “We Want Puppies”. A spinning heel kick by Edge gives him a nearfall. Edge gets a couple more nearfalls with a backslide and a sunset flip. Jarrett tries to leave with the title, but then changes his mind. Jarrett drags Edge to the outside and whips him into the steps. Edge leaps over a charging Jarrett, but when he comes down, it appears that he tweaked his knee. Ever the opportunist, Jarrett immediately goes after the injury. As Jarrett goes for the figure four leglock, Edge shoves him off and then rolls him up for 2. When Jarrett kicks out, Edge goes flying into the post. Now he’s got a bad knee and shoulder. Jarrett now attacks that injury. Jarrett locks Edge into a sleeper, but Edge escapes by ramming Jarrett into the turnbuckle. Another sleeper by Jarrett drops Edge to his knees. However, Edge gets back up and reverses the hold. Edge and Jarrett collide in the corner and both men go down. Edge starts his comeback with a swinging neckbreaker. A small package by Edge gets 2. Edge connects with a tornado DDT and then signals for the Spear. Jarrett sidesteps the move and tosses Edge to the floor. With Edge out on the floor, the lights all of a sudden go out. When they come back on, we see Gangrel out cold and Edge standing over him. Edge had recently been kicked out of the Brood, so he and Gangrel are at odds again. With Edge looking at Gangrel, Jarrett is able to attack him from behind. Back inside, Jarrett hits a high crossbody, but Edge rolls through it and gets 2. Jarrett goes for a dropkick, but Edge reverses it into a powerbomb for 2. Edge nails Jarrett with the Spear, but Debra gets on the apron to prevent Edge from covering. Jarrett hits Edge, who bumps Debra off the apron. As Edge looks down at her, Gangrel gets up and drops him across the top rope. Then Jarrett grabs him and delivers the reverse Russian legsweep. Jarrett covers and gets the victory. New champion!

Bottom Line: The first half of the match was decent, albeit a little bland. While I don’t agree with the Gangrel run-in, everything after his initial appearance was really good. Even though he lost, Edge was made to look strong and appeared to be a valid Intercontinental title contender. It’s just too bad he ended up being a transitional champ. Thank goodness he wouldn’t suffer that embarrassment again. Oh wait… ** ¾

- As Jarrett celebrates his new reign, the glass breaks and here comes Austin. He gives Jarrett a Stunner and launches him out of the ring. Then, he gets on the mic and promises to return the favor to the Undertaker before their match tonight. This was interesting not for what he said, but because there had been a lot of talk on the ‘net at this time about Austin refusing to do a program with Jarrett.

“Acolyte rules” Handicap Match for the WWF Tag Team Championships: The Hardy Boyz (champs) and Michael Hayes vs. The Acolytes

“Acolyte rules” simply mean No Disqualification. Also, I find it odd that the faces are given the handicap advantage. The Hardyz won the tag titles from the Acolytes a few weeks ago. The two teams meet each other in the aisle and begin brawling. The Acolytes easily win that battle, abusing everyone with the steps. In the ring, Farooq whips Jeff, who does a somersault plancha onto Bradshaw on the floor. Wow! Now Matt moonsaults to the floor onto both Acolytes. Bradshaw hits Matt with a fallaway slam, but then Jeff nails him with a missile dropkick. The Hardyz work over Farooq in the ring, as Hayes and Bradshaw brawl on the floor. A senton splash by Jeff gets a nearfall. The Acolytes isolate Matt as the match finally settles into a normal tag match. After being the face-in-peril for a bit, Matt tags Hayes. Somehow, I think it would have been better had he just stayed in there. Hayes comes in and immediately gets his ass kicked. Jeff is tagged in and he gets more of the same treatment. Everybody is in now, but soon they’re all on the outside except for Matt and Farooq. Matt hits the Twist of Fate and covers, but Bradshaw breaks up the pin. Bradshaw delivers a top rope back suplex on Matt and covers, but Jeff breaks up that pin. Now Jeff cracks Hayes’ cane over Bradshaw’s head and gets a nearfall. Jeff springboards off of Matt, but Bradshaw clotheslines him in mid-air. Double wow! That gets 2. Somehow the Acolytes isolate Hayes in the ring and deliver a tandem powerbomb on him. With the Hardyz down on the outside, the Acolytes get the easy pin to once again become tag champs.

BL: This was almost the opposite of the opener. Here, the first half was filled with some bumptastic action, but then things slowed way down once it settled into a normal match. They threw in a couple more decent spots at the end, but then ended the match before it could get real exciting again. Hayes was a waste in this match, but at least they used it as a reason for the Hardyz to dump him. *** ¼

- We see Austin on the prowl, but he hasn’t found his prey yet.

Kevin Kelly interviews D’Lo about his upcoming match with Mideon. D’Lo shoots on the way Mideon got the European title and then tells him that “he better recognize”. If I spoke street, I might be able to elaborate on what he meant by that. Since I don’t, I’ll just guess that he meant he hopes Mideon understands who he is and is glad to see him.

WWF European Championship Match: Mideon (champ) vs. D’Lo Brown

If you may recall, the last Euro champ was Shane McMahon. After he defeated X-Pac at Wrestlemania, he decided to retire the belt. Then, a few weeks ago, in one of the most disgusting moves ever, Mideon found the Euro title in Shane’s gym bag and asked if he could have it. Shane obliged and that’s how Mideon became champ. Proud of its heritage and disgusted by this move, D’Lo has stepped up to be his first challenger. The two slug it out to begin. D’Lo connects with a 10 punch count on Mideon in the corner. After clotheslining Mideon to the outside, D’Lo hits him with a baseball slide and then connects with a tope. Wow! Mideon comes back and whips D’Lo into the steps. Back inside, a clothesline by Mideon gets a nearfall. He gets another with a powerbomb. Mideon blocks a clothesline and delivers a neckbreaker. A sunset flip by D’Lo gets 2. D’Lo boots a charging Mideon and then hits a tornado DDT. D’Lo connects with Sky High and then goes up top and hits the frog splash. Just like that D’Lo pins him to become the new European Champion.

BL: It’s a Mideon match, so I wasn’t expecting much and that’s pretty much what I got. D’Lo had tried putting on his work boots early on, but once Mideon took over, it was snooze city. The match’s star quality though isn’t as important as the fact that this enabled the Euro title to be a viable championship once again. ½ *

- As Austin continues on his quest, he realizes that there’s a camera following him. So, he pushes the camera guy over and keeps on walking.

- Cole interviews Al Snow, who has fallen off the deep end after the Bossman drove a railroad spike through Head. This is evident as Snow cuts a promo that’s very delirious, even for him. And that’s saying something!

WWF Hardcore Championship Match: Al Snow (champ) vs. The Big Bossman

Snow meets the Bossman in the aisle and he asks him to put him out of his misery. The Bossman takes Head and hits the spike with his nightstick, which causes Snow to writhe in pain. Finally Snow has had enough and tackles the Bossman. The two continue to brawl around the entrance way. Now they’ve taken their fight to the back. As they brawl, Snow spills hot coffee on the Bossman. Snow suplexes Bossman through a table, but opts not to cover. The Bossman finds a football down marker and hits Snow with it. Then he changes it to 4th down and “punts” Snow. After ramming Snow into a garage door, the Bossman hops into a golf cart, but he can’t start it. The Bossman begins to abuse Snow with his belt. The fight has now headed outside where the Bossman delivers a bulldog to Snow on the cement. That gets 2. Snow comes back by hitting the Bossman with a hubcap. The Bossman nails Snow with a brick and gets a nearfall. The two fight in the street and nearly get hit by a car. The Bossman breaks a bottle over Snow’s head and then handcuffs both of his hands to a fence. The Bossman pulls out a baton and repeatedly beats Snow with it. The Bossman puts his boot to Snow’s chest and since Snow’s shoulders are against the fence, the referee counts and actually gets to 3. Yet again, we have a new champion. By the way, this match never made it into the ring!

BL: This wasn’t hardcore, this was a big bore. There was nothing that these two did that looked like it hurt the other. I’ve had more brutal hardcore matches and I’m a big wuss! To top it off, they deliver that lame finish. Whoever heard of someone getting pinned while being vertical? The Bossman was not a welcome addition to the Hardcore division. *

- We get a video package for the Big Show/Kane match, although it really doesn’t help make the story any clearer. Show and Kane began to be at odds with one another following the events at last month’s King of the Ring. Then, Taker joined his brother in the attacks and they seemingly were together again. That is, until Kane saw Taker chokeslam his friend, X-Pac. Now they hate each other again. But I guess that issue will be resolved another day. Unless they like each other again before there is a resolution, which is likely, given their relationship.

- X-Pac and Taker, two men not in this match were featured prominently in the video package. But one man who wasn’t, is the special guest referee, Hardcore Holly. After the package, Kelly interviews Holly and asks him if he’ll be partial toward the Big Show in this match? Holly responds, “Partial? I don’t even know what that word means.” I’ll leave it up to you to figure out whether that is his actual quote or a joke created by me.

Kane vs. The Big Show with special guest referee Hardcore Holly

Kane ignites his pyro before the match, which isn’t a good sign for him. As Holly gives Kane some instructions, Show attacks him and goes to work. Show catches Kane coming off the ropes and press slams him over the top rope and to the floor. The two brawl in the aisle until Show whips Kane into the post. In the ring, Kane boots a charging Show and then punches away at him until Holly reprimands him. That distraction allows Show to clothesline Kane. Now Show gives Kane some rough turnbuckle treatment. With Show on offense, things get real boring. A powerslam by Show gets a nearfall. Holly reprimands Show for his lax cover. Show goes for an elbow drop, but misses. Kane comes off the ropes and plants Show with a DDT. Now Kane connects with a top rope clothesline. As Kane goes for a chokeslam, Holly clips him in the leg. Show then delivers a chokeslam and Holly fast-counts to 3. New champion! Oh sorry, I got used to saying it.

Postmatch: X-Pac comes out and kicks Holly. Then Taker comes out and he and Show attack Kane and X-Pac. X-Pac and Kane are left for dead as Taker leaves and Show grabs Holly. We then cut to the back and see Austin attacking Taker. Austin succeeded in doing what he said, as Taker is now busted open as well.

BL: About the only nice thing I can say about this match is that it didn’t include a 5 minute chokehold. Frankly, I don’t think anymore needs to be said. Let’s just move on. ½ *

Iron Circle Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman

This is a result of Blackman attacking Shamrock with various weapons for the past few weeks. An iron circle match is where two guys fight within a circle of cars. There are no rules in this match, which is why it’s “unsanctioned”. Many of the HeAT mainstays are sitting on the hoods of the cars looking on. Blackman charges at Shamrock, but he moves aside and hiptosses Blackman onto the hood of a car. Shamrock tries to punch Blackman, but misses and puts his hand through the windshield. Then Blackman tries to kick Shamrock, but ends up putting his foot through a window. Blackman gives Shamrock a spinebuster onto a car hood and then punches him in the sac. Now Blackman puts the boots to Shamrock. Blackman grabs a chain, but Shamrock avoids getting hit with it. Blackman then tries to use a tire iron, but can’t connect. Shamrock comes back by hitting Blackman with a garbage can. Shamrock grabs the chain, wraps it around his hand and punches away on Blackman. Then he chokes Blackman with it. He keeps it around Blackman’s neck until he passes out. At this point, Shamrock is declared the winner.

BL: That’s it? That was four minutes worth of action at best. Doesn’t say much for Blackman’s stamina. Even though I’m arguing that this should have been longer, I’m not quite sure what else they could have done. This type of match really limits the number of spots you can do. This didn’t need to be on the show. DUD

- After the match, J.R. tosses it to the Rooster for an interview. No joke. He called Terry Taylor, the Rooster. Taylor asks Taker about Austin’s attack. Taker gets angry with his question and then shoves him into a wall. Man, that was the best interview segment ever!

- Let me transcribe this next promo, given by Billy Gunn: “You see when it comes to breaks, there is none. You see when it comes to dollars and cents, it’s eat or be eaten. And tonight me and Chyna are gonna have a feast.” Horrible grammar aside, what the hell did any of that mean? And they wonder why this guy never became a main eventer.

X-Pac and “Road Dogg” Jesse James vs. Mr. Ass and Chyna

This match is for the rights to the DX trademark. This seems like a perfectly acceptable manner to settle the legal dispute. Gunn is wearing the worst wrestling outfit ever. It’s basically mesh shorts over a thong. What did we do to deserve having to see that? Road Dogg and Chyna lockup to start. Chyna knocks Road Dogg down and then showboats. Road Dogg gets back up and dropkicks Chyna into Gunn. Road Dogg tries going for an early pump handle slam, but Chyna escapes. Gunn splashes Road Dogg in the corner and then, while the referee isn’t looking, Chyna clotheslines him from the apron. Road Dogg is in trouble as Chyna delivers a number of forearms and kicks. Gunn tries a move from the second rope, but Road Dogg puts a boot to his face. X-Pac is tagged in and he takes it to both heels. However, Gunn stops his momentum when he drops him across the top rope. The heels have now isolated X-Pac. A powerslam by Chyna gets 2. X-Pac makes a tag to Road Dogg, but the referee never saw it. Gunn delivers a powerslam and gets a nearfall. Chyna goes for her handspring elbow, but X-Pac clotheslines her as she comes in. Both tag out and Road Dogg takes it to Gunn. Now Road Dogg gives the shaky legs kneedrop to Chyna. Road Dogg covers, but Gunn breaks it up. Everybody’s in now and X-Pac gives Chyna the Bronco Buster. Gunn tries to splash X-Pac, but misses. Road Dogg grabs Gunn, gives him the pump handle slam and covers him for the 1, 2, 3.

BL: This one sure made the crowd come alive, but I’m not as easy to please. Sure, this was better than the last few matches, but it still wasn’t great by any means. I mean, just look at the workers in this match. At the time, this was a feel-good match, but it does nothing for me now. * ½

- They do a nice video package for The Rock/HHH match. They show how last year they were battling over the Intercontinental title and now they’ve moved on to fighting for the WWF title. There is one interesting piece of footage that shows HHH sitting in the back with Vince, telling him he’s a genius. Looks to me like that was a shoot clip that wasn’t meant to be a shoot clip.

Strap Match to be #1 contender for the WWF Championship: The Rock vs. Triple H

For this strap match, the only way to win is by pinfall. The Rock comes in and immediately goes on the attack. The Rock puts a beatdown on HHH before even putting on the strap. On the floor, The Rock grabs a fan’s camera and takes a picture of HHH lying on the floor. That’s a keeper. The two now brawl over by the announce tables. After spending a brief amount of time in the ring, they head back out and The Rock throws HHH into the steps. Now the fight spills into the crowd. HHH tugs on the strap and pulls The Rock into the ring barrier. HHH whips The Rock into some of the entranceway staging and then clotheslines him. That gets 2. Evidently pinfalls count anywhere. HHH has now begun whipping The Rock with the slack of the strap. The Rock blocks a suplex in the aisle and delivers one to HHH. That gets a nearfall. Back at ringside, HHH rams The Rock’s head into the steps. Man, those steps are getting some action tonight. The fight is now finally back in the ring. As HHH hits a high knee, we see Chyna come down to ringside. HHH questions what she’s doing here. (HHH had been trying to distance himself from her as he began his main event push). When HHH turns around, The Rock hits him with the Rock Bottom. The Rock covers, but the referee remains occupied with Chyna. The Rock calls for the referee, which allows HHH to low blow him. HHH climbs above The Rock and begins to choke out The Rock. The Rock fights back and heaves HHH off the top rope. A slugfest breaks out, which is won by The Rock. The Rock hits a Samoan drop and gets a nearfall. HHH dumps The Rock to the floor and then removes the strap from his hand. HHH grabs a chair, but when he tries to use it, The Rock whips him with the strap. In the ring, The Rock gets a nearfall after connecting with a DDT. As Chyna distracts the referee, Mr. Ass comes in and nails The Rock with a club. A “Billy club”, if you will. HHH covers and gets a long 2 count. HHH goes for the Pedigree, but The Rock escapes and gives him a lowblow. The Rock delivers the People’s Elbow and covers, but Gunn pulls on the strap and yanks The Rock off. Gunn comes in the ring and gets a Rock Bottom for his troubles. However, The Rock turns around and gets hit with the Pedigree. To no one’s surprise, that’s enough for HHH to get the win.

BL: This could have been so much more. The first half was mostly tepid brawling. Then, they barely used the strap. I’m not quite sure why it was even a part of the match. They could have gotten the same result by just making this a Street Fight. Worst of all, you include Billy Gunn in the finish. Nobody wants to see that. Poor Rock…he’s on a steep decline lately. He’s gone from fighting for the WWF title, to fighting for #1 contendership, to feuding with Billy Gunn. I’m surprised he didn’t bolt to Hollywood right then and there. ** ¾

- The video package for the main event isn’t the most compelling. After Austin defeated Taker for the WWF title last month, Taker challenged Austin to a First Blood match for his rematch. Austin accepted and then the two spent the next few weeks trying to bust the other open with varying degrees of success. The only mildly interesting development was Mr. McMahon’s added stipulations to the match: If Austin loses, he can never compete for the WWF title again. If Taker loses, Vince will leave WWF television forever. However, since we know that neither stipulation would ever hold up, it’s tough to get excited for this match.

“End of an Era” First Blood Match for the WWF Championship: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (champ) vs. The Undertaker

Vince comes out to do guest commentary and has a hilarious reaction when he sees a banner of his bloodied face that is part of the staging. As Austin comes out, Taker meets him in the aisle and they go at it. Austin tries to hit Taker with the title, but misses. At ringside, each man unsuccessfully tries to ram the other into the steps. Taker throws the steps at Austin, but he avoids them. The two now brawl into the crowd. The fight finally heads into the ring, where Taker works over Austin in the corner. Austin avoids a boot and then kicks away at Taker’s leg. Austin takes Taker’s leg and repeatedly rams it into the post. He tries it one time too many as Taker shoves him off and over the barrier. Back in the crowd they go, where nothing happens. Taker swings a chair at Austin’s head, but misses. Now Austin gives Taker a drop toe hold onto the steps. Still no blood though. Back in the ring, Taker runs to the ropes and bumps into the referee. Then he trips over the ref and gets his arms caught in the ropes. Something tells me that’s not how that sequence was supposed to go. Austin grabs a chair and is about to nail Taker when Shane McMahon comes out. He gets in the ring and Austin blasts him with the chair. By the time Austin gets rid of Shane, Taker is able to free himself. Taker removes a turnbuckle pad, but when he tries to ram Austin’s head, Austin gives him a mule kick. Then, Austin connects with the Stunner. Vince gets up and tries to attack Austin, but Austin knocks him down. Austin brings another chair in the ring, but Taker attacks him with the original one when he enters. The referee tries to admonish Taker, so Taker shoves him down in the corner. As Taker is about to hit Austin, X-Pac comes out of nowhere and kicks the chair in Taker’s face. Then Austin grabs a video camera and blasts Taker in the head with it. Taker is now a bloody mess, but the referee is still down. The two duke it out and Taker gets Austin up for the Tombstone. However, the referee is up now, sees Taker’s face and calls for the bell. Austin wins!

Postmatch: Austin delivers a Stunner to Taker for good measure. Then Vince comes in and eats a Stunner too. HHH comes out and begins to attack Austin. The Rock follows and he takes HHH and brawls with him to the back. Taker is back up and he brawls with Austin on the floor. Now Austin is a bloody mess. The Usual Bunch of Idiots come out and separate the two. Austin goes back into the ring as Vince is starting to get back up. Austin shakes Vince’s hand and then gives him another Stunner. Austin finally gets to celebrate as the show ends.

BL: This one was pretty similar to the strap match. The first half was marred by generic brawling, but things picks up in the second half. About the only difference was that the run-ins in this match added to the drama, whereas the run-in in the strap match featured someone that nobody cared about. After a few down months, it was nice to see the show close with a feel-good moment, even if we all knew Vince wouldn’t be gone for long. ***

Final Thoughts: On paper, this looks like a stacked show. Sadly, the results were not as promising. The middle of the show really dragged and while the final two matches were an improvement, they weren’t enough to salvage the show. In fact, the best part of this show was the indication that change was imminent. HHH was now a main event player, there were four new champions crowned and Vince was out of the picture…at least for the next month. While it makes you excited to see what comes next, it doesn’t improve the watchability of this show

Next time, find out how HHH’s step into the main event turned into one giant leap for Mankind

Until then, thanks for stopping by the OOld Tyme Rasslin Revue.


Originally from Cleveland, Adam is now a graduate student at the University of Dayton who is looking to make a couple extra bucks writing this column. What do you mean Rick doesn't pay his columnists?

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