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WWF Royal Rumble 1997
March 23, 2005

by Adam Gutschmidt
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


WHOOOOO! Spring Break!!  Yes, I’m finally getting a break from work this week, so I decided to spend it in tropical Cleveland, OH.  Needless to say, I don’t think you’ll see me in the background of any Wild Party Girls videos this year.  Despite the lousy weather and boring locale, I’m still looking forward to getting some much needed RnR so I can recharge my batteries for the last month and a half of school.

The good news for all of you is that I’m getting to spend some time working on my column.  As a result, you’ll not only get a column this week, but next week as well.  Not only will you get two in a row, but the one next week is something that I know many of you have been clamoring for for quite a while now. 

Before we get into today’s review, however, we need to take care of a couple of things…First, I had one reader write in and tell me that I do not do a good enough job identifying the readers of who some people are that are referenced in my reviews.  Specifically he asked me to explain who The Executioner was.  Personally, I thought I did a good job of making it known who everyone was, but I will certainly make a more concentrated effort in the future to make it clearer.  As for The Executioner, he was played Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy.  Gordy is probably most famous for being part of the Freebirds, with Michael “Dok Hendrix” Hayes.  Gordy passed away back in 2001.  A simple Google search will give you more info about him if you are curious.

Also, I had another reader write in, who went on a little rant about Lex Luger.  I got such a chuckle out of what he had to say, I thought I would share it with all of you.  I wanted to send this quick comment and to get your thoughts on the ultra lame video package that went right before the main event at Survivor Series 1993. If anyone needed confirmation that Lex Luger was nothing more than a dumb blonde, need listen to his words on the Boston Tea Party. Now I know that he is just reading what the writers give him, but he states that it was John Adams who lead the event, when in fact it was not. Now I know many would not know this off the top of their head, but damn is that no talent hack a moron.  Aww, come on now, the guy has a metal plate in his forearm, cut him some slack.  But seriously, that’s pretty pathetic on all ends not to get simple facts like that correct.  Now that we have had our history lesson for today, let’s get to the reminiscing.

OOld Tyme Rasslin Revue for WWF Royal Rumble 1997

Emanating from The Alamodome in San Antonio, TX

Your commentators are Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Jerry “the King” Lawler

Intercontinental Championship Match: Hunter Hearst Helmsley (champ) vs. Goldust

As HHH makes his way to the ring, he’s not alone.  He’s being accompanied by Mr. Hughes, who WWF viewers last saw about four years ago.  Goldust doesn’t wait for HHH to come to the ring.  He meets him in the aisle and begins punching away on him.  Goldust, then, throws HHH into the ring and continues his assault.  Going for a 10-punch count, Goldust gets about half-way through when HHH hits him with a reverse atomic drop.  HHH tries for a quick Pedigree, but Goldust reverse it and hits him with a slingshot that sends HHH over the top rope and to the floor.  On the outside, Goldust grabs the steps and throws them on HHH’s back.  As Goldust tries to bring HHH back into the ring, HHH drops Goldust across the top rope.  Inside, HHH works Goldust over in the corner.  Goldust boots a charging HHH and then clotheslines him.  The fight spills out to the floor again, where HHH whips Goldust into the post.  HHH tries to knee Goldust, but misses and rams it into the guardrail.  Goldust begins to attack HHH’s knee, including using the steps on it.  In the ring, Goldust locks on a figure four and actually uses the ropes for leverage.  I guess old heel tactics die hard.  HHH tries to flee to the floor, but Goldust follows him out there and continues to work on HHH’s knee.  Back inside, Goldust tries a flying forearm, but misses and falls to the outside.  On the floor, HHH throws Goldust into the guardrail and steps.  HHH grabs Marlena’s director’s chair, but the referee snatches it away before he can use it.  We actually go to a splitscreen so we can have Todd Pettingil (he’s still with the company?) interview some no-name country western star.  That was pointless.  Back to action as HHH hits Goldust with a kneedrop, but it’s with his bad knee, so both men are hurting after that.  HHH covers and gets 2.  A back bodydrop marks Goldust’s comeback.  Goldust goes up top, but HHH shoves the referee into the ropes causing Goldust to be crothched.  HHH perches himself up top with Goldust, but gets headbutted back down to the mat.  Goldust tries to follow it up with a flying elbow, but misses.  As the referee checks on Goldust, Mr. Hughes throws HHH the Intercontinental belt.  The referee goes over to talk to Mr. Hughes, who’s gotten on the apron.  HHH, meanwhile, kisses Marlena, who’s also on the apron.  When HHH goes to hit Goldust with the belt, Goldust stops him, grabs the belt and clocks HHH with it.  Goldust covers, but Mr. Hughes pulls HHH out of the ring.  Mr. Hughes gets back on the apron, but Goldust quickly shoves him off.  The distraction is enough for HHH to clothesline Goldust from behind.  HHH then hits Goldust with the Pedigree to finish him off.

Bottom Line: Lots of problems going on here.  First, Goldust was forced into this babyface role that wasn’t being accepted.  Even worse, the finish here, while relatively clean, still left the door wide open for the feud to continue.  This just showed the weak nature of the midcard babyface roster.  Also, it seemed unnecessary to saddle HHH with a second, especially one as worthless as Mr. Hughes.  Thankfully, he wouldn’t last more than a month.  Oh, and there was a match too.  The match kept the action constant throughout, which was good.  However, they kept bouncing back and forth between the ring and the floor.  They never stayed in one place for too long and it really hurt the storytelling of the match.  The effort was there, but could have been way better.  **

- We get a couple of comments for Royal Rumble participants.  First, is Bret Hart, who gives his promo while wearing shades reminiscent of his heel days in the Hart Foundation.  Hmm….  Then there’s Mankind, who’s looking forward to inflicting pain on his opponents.  A professional wrestler wanting to hurt his opponent?  Why that’s just plain crazy!

- The video which goes over the Ahmed Johnson/Farooq feud tells me that Ahmed is evidently a poor excuse for an African-American.  Well, I already knew he was a poor excuse for a pro wrestler and speaker of the English language, but this is news to me.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Farooq

Ahmed comes in and immediately attacks Farooq before he has gotten all of his garb off.  After being unmercifully pummeled, Farooq bails to the outside.  Ahmed follows him out there and throws him into the post.  Back inside, Farooq rakes Ahmed’s face and then begins to punch his kidney area.  Farooq tries to use his belt, but the plan fails.  Ahmed gets the belt and uses it to whip Farooq.  On the floor, Farooq uses a Nation member as a shield and then clotheslines Ahmed.  Farooq picks Ahmed up and slams his back onto a chair.  Ahmed’s back continues to get worked over by Farooq, who gives him a series of kicks.  After a lengthy chinlock by Farooq, Ahmed picks him up on his shoulders and dumps him backwards.  Farooq gets up first and goes up top.  Ahmed catches Farooq coming off the top and slams him.  Ahmed whips Farooq to the ropes, but Farooq comes back and hits Ahmed with a spinebuster.  As Farooq jaws to the crowd, Ahmed no-sells the move and goes back on the attack.  After hitting Farooq with a spinebuster, Ahmed is jumped by Crush.  Soon, all the Nation members come in, which draws the disqualification. 

Postmatch: Ahmed easily fends off the Nation members and sends one member through the French announcers table with a Pearl River Plunge.

BL: Given the circumstances, I can see why they went with that finish to allow this feud to continue.  However, given what I saw in the way of action, I wish they would have ended it.  I couldn’t believe how slow Farooq was moving and Ahmed was as sloppy as ever.  Not a good combination.  Thankfully, this was kept short.  ¾ *

- Terry Funk lists the numerous reasons why he probably won’t win the Rumble, but says he believes he can, because he’s wrestling in his home state of Texas.  Hey, if you can win the Presidency by simply being from Texas, then I’m sure someone could win the Rumble as well.

- Evil Todd Pettingil talks with Farooq, who immediately bitches out some of his Nation members for not providing better protection and then promises that it will be a lot different when they meet again later tonight in the Rumble.  Farooq ends by once again calling Ahmed, “Uncle Tom” despite the fact that I don’t think he even knows what that reference means.

The Undertaker vs. Vader

As Vader comes down, the announce teams reminds me that Jim Cornette is not managing Vader anymore after Taker tombstoned him a few weeks ago.  I believe in real life Cornette had left/been fired around this time.  Vader tries a sneak attack, but it doesn’t work out the way he hoped.  Taker hammers away on Vader and then chokes him in the corner.  Vader clotheslines Taker, but it doesn’t get sold.  A bodyblock by Vader drops Taker, but he again sits right back up.  Vader tries to regroup on the outside, but Taker follows him and attacks him in the aisle.  As Taker tries to bring Vader back into the ring, Vader drops Taker across the top rope.  Vader whips Taker and drops his head, allowing Taker to comeback and hit him with a Rocker dropper.  Taker slams Vader and hits him with a legdrop.  That gets 2.  Taker goes up for the ropewalk, but Vader tags and causes Taker to crotch himself on the top rope.  Vader follows that up with a lowblow.  We move to a splitscreen where Evil Todd Pettingil talks to a young girl who saved her money from babysitting to come here tonight.  I guess even the production crew is bored with this match.  Vader, meanwhile, continues to dominate Taker with an avalanche in the corner.  Taker punches out of a nervehold and then hits Vader with a back suplex to begin his comeback.  A missed elbow slows Taker down.  Vader goes to the second rope, but gets slammed by Taker as he comes off.  Vader hits a powerbomb, but Taker kicks out at 2 and does the zombie sit-up.  Taker connects with a big clothesline and then completes the ropewalk.  As Taker chokeslams Vader, Paul Bearer strolls down to ringside.  After clotheslining Vader to the floor, Taker goes out the other side and punches Bearer.  Taker brings Bearer into the ring, but before he can do anything, Vader comes back in.  Taker disposes of both men, knocking each of them out of the ring.  On the outside, Taker charges at Vader, but Bearer pulls him out of the way, causing Taker to crash into the ring barrier.  Bearer, then, cracks Taker in the head with the urn.  Vader brings Taker back into the ring where he hits him with the Vader Bomb and gets the 3 count in somewhat of an upset.

Postmatch: Bearer and Vader leave arm-in-arm indicating Vader now has a new manager.  Meanwhile, when Taker gets up, he chokeslams the referee, destroys some stuff around ringside and then yells at Vince McMahon.

BL: Some more slow and plodding big man action here.  It’s now been a year since Vader joined the WWF and he has nothing to show for it.  He continued to be neutered in this match as he wasn’t effective at all until Bearer showed up.  Speaking of that relationship, that was a pairing that went absolutely nowhere.  * ¼

- We get more Rumble participants’ comments now.  First, Austin says he won’t talk until he’s done throwing 29 pieces of trash out of the ring.  Fair enough.  Then we hear from the British Bulldog, who claims he’ll win the Rumble because, I kid you not, “I’M BIZARRE!”  Ummm, what?  Did he and Goldust switch gimmicks without informing anyone?  That was both sad and hilarious.

Jerry Estrada, Heavy Metal & Fuerza Guerrera vs. Perro Aguayo, Canek & Hector Garza

If you don’t know who any of these guys are, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  This is part of Vince’s failed attempt to work with AAA (Remember Pierroth and Cibernetico’s appearance last month at IYH?).  As with the ’95 Women’s Survivor Series match, I’m relying on the announcers to tell me who’s doing what in there, so bear with me.  Garza and Heavy Metal start off with a little bit of chain wrestling.  That doesn’t go anywhere so they tag out and in comes Estrada and Aguayo.  Estrada charges at Aguayo, but Aguayo backdrops him to the floor.  A big bump, but Estrada pops up as if it was no big deal.  Now, it’s Canek and Guerrera in there and things get real sloppy as the crowd sits on their hands.  Guerrera goes up top after bodyslamming Canek, but Canek moves before Guerrera can hit his move.  Then Canek goes up and connects with an ugly flying bodypress.  Heavy Metal and Garza come back in and try some high flying moves that again don’t come off looking as great as they should.  It’s apparent that these guys are not used to the size of the WWF ring.  Canek and Estrada get into a test of strength that leads to each other flipping the other guy around the ring.  More tagging now as Aguayo and Guerrera are back and begin to trade shots.  Then they ran and jump around the ring making me wonder whether they are missing moves or just showboating.  I’m guessing a little from Column A and a little from Column B.  Garza and Canek do some double-teaming to work over Heavy Metal’s leg.  Now the heels (or is it the faces?) cut the ring in half causing Heavy Metal to play Ricky Morton tex-mex style.  That is short lived as Guerrera just comes and replaces Heavy Metal without a tag.  Now there is “action” both in and out of the ring.  If the match had any flow before, it’s all gone now.  Finish finally comes with Aguayo hits a double stomp on Heavy Metal and pins him.

BL: Oh wow, this was bad.  I don’t mean to rip on these guys as I’m sure they’re great talents in their own organization, but this was awful.  This died a slow, painful death in front of a large crowd.  Chalk this up as a really bad idea, gone worse.  -*

Royal Rumble Match

Well, despite that heat vacuum known as the AAA 6-man tag match, the crowd should be back into things now.  Crush has drawn #1 and shockingly Ahmed Johnson is #2.  Who would have thought that two men who are at odds with each other would draw the first two numbers?  Crush hammers away on Ahmed in the corner, but Ahmed comes right back with a clothesline.  Ahmed already appears to be blown up as Crush tries to get him out of the ring.  With no countdown or buzzer, “Razor Ramon” comes down at #3.  Ahmed meets Razor as soon as he gets in the ring and moments later tosses him out.  Ahmed then dumps Crush, but Crush hangs on and brings himself back in.  All of a sudden, Ahmed hops over the top rope and eliminates himself.  We soon see it was because Farooq came down the aisle.  Ahmed chases him to the back and Crush is left alone in the ring.  That doesn’t last long as Phinneas Godwinn comes out at #4 (still no countdown).  Phinneas immediately tries dumping Crush, but Crush wraps himself around the ropes.  As the two slug it out, the glass breaks, which means it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin at #5.  Crush holds Phinneas for Austin, but Austin misses and hits Crush instead.  Austin then shrugs his shoulders as if to say “Eh, who cares”.  Nice!  That error, however, allows Phinneas to toss out Crush.  As Phinneas celebrates, Austin comes up, stunners him and then harshly heaves him to the floor.  Bart Gunn is #6 and tries to gain a quick upper hand on Austin with a Rocker dropper.  As Gunn charges at Austin, Austin sidesteps him and clotheslines him out.  Austin is making light work of everyone so far, so he does some push-ups while he waits for the next guy.  He then hops up into the corner and checks his pretend watch.  His wait is finally over as Jake “the Snake” Roberts strolls out at #7.  A nice wink back to their King of the Ring final.  Jake actually hits the short-arm clothesline, but when he goes for the DDT, Austin backdrops him to the floor.  Austin then whips Roberts’ snake bag at him.  The PETA people won’t like that, but then again it’s not like Austin refused to feed the snake like Jake did.  During Jake’s elimination, the buzzer rang and now we get entrant #8, the British Bulldog, who’s BIZARRE.  The Bulldog and Austin have been at odds with each other recently.  The Bulldog goes right after Austin and kicks away at him.  #9 is Pierroth, who fails to illicit any reaction from the crowd.  Pierroth begins to fight with the Bulldog, giving Austin a breather.  The Sultan is #10 and he goes after Pierroth when he gets into the ring.  Meanwhile, the Bulldog almost gets Austin out.

#11 is Mil Mascaras and these time periods seem to be getting shorter than 90 seconds.  Can somebody tell me what the deal is with Mascaras?  First, he wears these tights that make him look like he’s wearing a diaper.  Then, there’s his legs.  Are they detachable?  There is such an indentation between where his legs connect to his torso that he looks like an action figure.  Maybe he wears a mask all the time to take notice away from the lower half of his body.  Anyway, he comes in and goes after the Sultan.  HHH is entrant #12 and we do not have one clear-cut babyface in there currently, which is really strange.  Everyone pairs as it’s the Bulldog and the Sultan, Mascaras and HHH and Austin and Pierroth.  The Bulldog clotheslines the Sultan, and as he staggers to get up, the Bulldog clotheslines him again, but this time it’s to the floor.  Austin grabs HHH and tosses him over, but HHH is able to hang on.  Pierroth and Mascaras go at it as Owen Hart comes out at #13.  Owen and the Bulldog take turns attacking Austin.  As the Bulldog tries to eliminate Austin, Owen comes up and dumps the Bulldog out.  The Bulldog is furious and Owen pleads innocent.  Everything is not well in the land of the tag champs.  #14 is Goldust, who is jumped by Austin as soon as he hits the ring.  We now have Owen vs. Mascaras, Austin vs. Goldust and HHH vs. Pierroth.  #15 is Cibernetico.  OK, enough with the AAA guys.  We don’t care!  Goldust tosses HHH over and again HHH hangs on.  Marc Mero comes out at #16 as Pierroth eliminates Cibernetico.  Then, Pierroth gets dumped out by Mascaras.  Mascaras then stupidly goes up top and jumps into Cibernetico and Pierroth, thus eliminating himself.  Well, that took care of the Mexican contingency real quick.  Goldust and Mero work together and eliminate HHH thus giving Goldust some retribution for his loss earlier.  Just when we think the AAA guys are gone, Latin Lover comes out at #17.  Goldust dodges a dropkick by the Latin Lover, but moves right into a clothesline by Owen, which sends him to the floor.  Farooq comes in at #18 and makes an immediate impact by backdropping the Latin Lover out of the ring.  That’s all Farooq will do because soon after, Ahmed comes out with a big board and chases Farooq out of the ring.  Then as the referees try to regain control, Austin dumps both Owen and Mero out, leaving him by himself.  In another nice nod to Austin’s past, it is Savio Vega, who comes out at #19.  The two brawl until Vega gets the upper hand with a slingshot and spinning heel kick.  Austin comes back, however, by hitting Vega with a hot shot and then clotheslining him to the floor.  As Austin waves on the next guy, we see it’s Double J Jesse James at #20.  He tries his luck, but Austin quickly dispenses of him as well. 

Now Austin perches himself in the corner again eagerly anticipating the next entrant.  The buzzer sounds and lo and behold it’s Bret Hart, the man he’s currently feuding with.  The two go at it and Bret gets the better of the exchange.  Bret locks Austin in the Sharpshooter as the buzzer sounds.  #22 is none other than Jerry Lawler, who stops mid-sentence, gets up from the announce table and hops into the ring.  As soon as he hopped in, Bret comes over and punches him right back out of the ring.  Lawler dusts himself off, goes back over to the announce table and finishes his sentence.  Classic Rumble moment.  Bret continues to dominate Austin as “Diesel” enters at #23.  Diesel attacks Bret allowing Austin to rest.  Now Austin is able to go back on the attack as he throws Bret chest-first into the corner.  Terry Funk is out at #24.  He goes after Austin as Bret and Diesel duke it out.  As Funk hits a weak piledriver on Bret, Rocky Maivia comes out at #25.  Naturally, he goes after Austin because those two are like magnets, only we didn’t know that yet at this point.  Mankind strolls out at #26 and just like Rocky naturally went after Austin, he goes after Funk.  Some big star-power in the ring right now.  Bret locks Austin in a sleeper, but Austin quickly jawjacks him.  Flash Funk is your #27 entrant and J.R. quickly notes he’s not related to Terry.  Thanks J.R.  He comes in and goes up top where he then launches himself onto Diesel and Funk.  The buzzer sounds and clearly it’s time for Vader to be #28.  Everyone is kinda milling around now, preparing for end game.  #29 is Henry Godwinn and I question why he didn’t come out with the rest of the mid-card during the first half of the Rumble.  There are some near eliminations but no one is gone just yet.  We now get entrant #30, who is the Undertaker and he’s got a prime spot.  He comes in and goes right after Vader to avenge his loss earlier.  Now Taker goes after everyone, including his own brother, err…I mean, Diesel.  Flash charges at Vader, who catches him and then tosses him over his head and to the floor.  Impressive bump there.  Taker whips Henry over, but he manages to hang on.  However, a few moments later Taker and Henry tangle again and this time he is able to eliminate him.  Bret comes close to eliminating Austin.  Rocky comes off the ropes, but Mankind catches him in the Mandible Claw and forces him over the top rope and to the floor.  Mankind and Funk begin to brawl and Mankind clotheslines both of them over the top rope, but not to the floor.  Before Mankind can recover though, Taker boots him to the floor.  Mankind and Funk begin to brawl on the floor.  Bret grabs Austin from behind and finally eliminates him.  That means your Final Four are: Bret Hart, Diesel, Undertaker and Vader.  But wait a second…Austin sneaks back into the ring because the referees did not see him hit the floor as they were all occupied with Mankind and Funk.  Austin goes behind Vader and Taker and dumps them both.  He then sneaks behind Bret, who had just tossed out Diesel, and eliminates him as well.  The bell rings and Austin is declared the winner.

Postmatch: Furious, Bret loses it and beats up the referee.  He then goes outside, grabs Vince and begins to yell at him.  What a sore loser!

BL: This Rumble is tough to rate.  It started off real slow.  Part of the problem was a dead crowd and the other half was nothing interesting going on.  However, once Bret hit the ring things really picked up.  There was a lot of star power in there, which made it difficult to figure out who was going to win it and then they provided a very creative, yet controversial finish.  For me, this is one of my favorite Rumbles as there were some great moments (Austin’s antics, Lawler’s cameo) and a satisfying finish as I loved seeing Bret’s world come crashing down on him.  Not the best Rumble, but definitely an improvement over the past couple.  *** ¼

- The video package for the Shawn Michaels/Sid match doesn’t tell the strongest story, but that’s not really a surprise as the original plan was for Shawn to turn heel after Survivor Series, but got changed at the last minute.  Gee, I wonder who was behind that audible?

WWF Championship Match: Sycho Sid (champ) vs. Shawn Michaels

The epic staredown leads to Sid shoving Shawn down.  Sid punches away on Shawn, but Shawn comes back with a crossbody and then repeatedly rams Sid’s head into the mat.  Shawn boots Sid to the outside and then follows him out there.  Sid tries to press slam Shawn, but Shawn rakes his face to escape.  After throwing Sid back into the ring, Shawn tries a move off the top rope, but gets caught and slammed to the mat.  Sid works over Shawn’s back by applying a camel clutch.  Sid tries to hop on Shawn’s back, but comes up empty.  After whipping Shawn to the corner, Sid charges but gets booted.  Sid tries whipping Shawn again and this time he throws him so hard that Shawn does his flip, flop and fly sell.  On the floor, Sid rams Shawn’s back into the post repeatedly.  Shawn tries a comeback, but Sid flattens him with a clothesline.  That gets 2.  Sid locks on another resthold that not only works over Shawn’s back, but my patience as well.  Shawn breaks free by hitting an inverted atomic drop, but when he tries a move off the ropes, Sid locks the hold back on.  A legdrop by Sid gets a nearfall.  Shawn punches away on Sid and then slams him as he begins to comeback.  The comeback kicks into high gear after Shawn hits the flying forearm and then kips up.  Shawn goes up and nails Sid with the big elbow.  Sid blocks a Sweet Chin Music attempt and backdrops Shawn to the floor.  Big bump by Shawn there.  On the floor, Sid is able to powerbomb Shawn.  With Shawn down, Sid grabs Jose Lothario by the throat and then grabs Pete (Jose’s son) by the throat as he was coming to save his dad.  Sid opts not to harm them further and instead tosses Shawn back into the ring.  Damn!  Inside, Sid whips Shawn, who accidentally collides with Earl Hebner.  Sid chokeslams Shawn and covers, but there’s no referee.  A second referee comes down and counts, but Shawn kicks out at 2.  Sid snaps and shoves that referee out of the ring.  Jose gets on the apron and Sid heads in his direction.  As that happens, Shawn grabs one of the video cameras and bashes Sid with it twice.  Well you know what they say, you live by the camera, you die by the camera.  Shawn covers as the original referee slowly crawls over and counts 1…2…kick out by Sid.  Shawn gets up, delivers Sweet Chin Music and this time gets the 3 count to once again become champion.

BL: Given the set-up for this match, there was zero drama as it was all but given that Shawn would win.  These two put on an adequate match, but nothing special.  You could tell Shawn was off his game a bit, which probably had to do with the flu he had.  I didn’t care for the camera spot as they ruined the coolness the original spot had to provide a hokey revenge spot in this match.  ***

Final Thoughts: A disappointing show.  Given the large venue and important event, this show fails to deliver on most levels.  The undercard is just dreadful.  The Rumble match was decent, but only in the second half.  Finally, the main event lacked the drama it needed to make it special.  A mild recommendation for Rumble fans only.

Next time, with Wrestlemania right around the corner, I provid e you with the long-awaited missing OOTRR.

Until then, thanks for stopping by the OOld Tyme Rasslin Revue  


Originally from Cleveland, Adam is now a graduate student at the University of Dayton who is looking to make a couple extra bucks writing this column. What do you mean Rick doesn't pay his columnists?

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