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In Your House #2 Re-Revued
September 15, 2004

by Adam Gutschmidt
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


- Emanating from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee

- Your commentators are Vince McMahon and Jerry “the King” Lawler, who’s *gasp* not wearing a crown. (He’s wearing a cowboy hat)

Opening Match: 1-2-3 Kid vs. The Roadie

A few months ago The Roadie and Jeff Jarrett injured the Kid’s neck and put him on the shelf.  Now the Kid is back and ready for revenge.  The Kid jumps The Roadie in the aisleway to get us started.  Inside, they try a couple criss-cross sequences that don’t come off too smooth.  The Kid catches The Roadie charging and tosses him to the floor. The

Roadie tries to rest but the Kid launches himself onto him.  Back inside, the Kid takes it to The Roadie from pillar to post.  The Roadie stops the charging Kid with a powerslam.  We cut to the back to see Jarrett prepping for his concert instead of watching The Roadie.  Back to action we see The Roadie pick up the Kid and crotch him on the post outside.  The Roadie opts to showboat instead of cover The Kid after a back body drop.  Finally, he goes for a pin but just gets 2.  As The Roadie puts on a chinlock we see Jarrett conversing with his backup singers.  The Kid avoids a frog splash by The Roadie.  A spinning heel kick by the Kid gets 2.  The Kid hits a frog splash of his own but only gets a nearfall.  The Roadie catches the Kid coming off the ropes and powerbombs him.  The Kid moves as The Roadie charges, causing The Roadie to ram his shoulder into the post.  As the Kid goes up top, The Roadie shakes the ropes and crotches him.  The Roadie climbs up and hits a top rope piledriver on the Kid, who had just come back from a neck injury.  That is certainly enough for The Roadie to pick up the 1-2-3.

Postmatch: The Roadie does a mic check on his way back.  No hot mic tonight!

Bottom Line: The match had some sloppy moments but it was relatively fast paced.  A little shocking to see the Kid lose in his comeback match, but it made a good start to The Roadie and Jarrett’s evening.  Crowd got into it which made this a decent opener.  ** ¾

- Todd gets thoughts from the Million Dollar Corporation on tonight’s main event.  I didn’t think it was possible, but they managed to use every single cliché about psychotics in that promo.

- Barry Didinski a.k.a. The Ultimate Shill hawks a t-shirt and then gets insulted by Diesel and Shawn Michaels.  Something tells me this guy aint sticking around long.

King Mabel and Sir Mo vs. Razor Ramon and Savio Vega

Well for those who had hoped that last month’s PPV was a bad dream, you need to wake up because King Mabel is a reality and is still stinking up matches.  This match comes as a result of the beatdown that followed the final match in the tournament last month.  Mo and Razor start out with Razor getting the early advantage.  After hitting Mo with a fallaway slam, Razor tags in Savio.  Savio gets a knee to the gut by Mo, who then tags Mabel.  Mabel tries to splash Savio in the corner but Savio avoids it.  Savio isn’t so lucky coming off the ropes as Mabel catches him in a side slam.  Mabel whips Savio chest first into the corner and then cracks him in the back of the head with a kick.  That gets 2.  Mo gets tagged in and picks up where Mabel left off.  Quick tags by the heels are being made now.  Mabel tries a Yokozuna nerve grip but Savio doesn’t stay in it long.  Savio tries to slam Mabel but Mabel falls on him for 2.  Men on a Mission double team Savio while the ref has words with Razor.  Mo tries a moonsault but Savio rolls away.  Savio makes the hot tag to Razor who takes it to Mo.  After hitting a top rope back suplex on Mo, Razor thinks about the Razor’s Edge, but instead goes after Mabel.  This allows Mo to get up, rake Razor’s eyes and tag Mabel.  Mo powerslams Razor while Mabel goes up top.  Razor gets up quickly and slams Mabel off.  After recovering from that shockwave, the referee gets a 2 count.  Mabel hits a DDT, but misses a big splash.  As Mo breaks up a pinfall, Savio comes in and knocks them both to the floor.  Mabel splashes Razor in the corner and then hits the belly to belly.  With Razor’s injured ribs, that combination of moves is enough for Mabel to pick up the victory.

BL: I must say that was a very, solid match.  The quick tags from Men on a Mission allowed Mabel to hit his signature moves and not get winded.  And since they were stupid enough to make Mabel king, they had no choice but to have him go over here.  It’s a shame Mabel didn’t have more matches like this. ***

- Vince hawks the Superstar Line and then we see The Roadie and the Kid on the line.  I always wondered if the winner and loser talked to the same person or two different people.

- Todd chats with Jarrett’s band as they set up.  You know Todd, just because you hosted a radio talk show, doesn’t give you the right to pretend you know everything about the music industry.

- Dok tries stirring trouble with Diesel’s lumberjacks, claiming he heard Ted Dibiase bought one of them off.  Now why would someone turn on Diesel in this match when there would be 14 other guys ready to beat the crap out of you if you do that?

- Jarrett finally makes his singing debut performing “With My Baby Tonight”.  For some reason the Roadie isn’t onstage when Jarrett performs.  Hmmm…

- The country bumpkins share their thoughts with Todd on Jarrett’s performance.  To which I respond, “I’m sorry you confused me with someone who cared.”

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Henry Godwinn

The two hosses lockup and then trade back suplexes.  A shouldertackle by Bam Bam sends Godwinn to the floor.  Back inside, Bam Bam continues on offense until Godwinn pulls the top rope down and causes a charging Bam Bam to fall to the outside.  Godwinn puts a beating on Bam Bam and then throws him back in.  A clothesline by Godwinn gets 2.  Bam Bam escapes a chinlock and hits a bodypress for 2.  Godwinn sets him right back down though with a clothesline.  Bam Bam nails a charging Godwinn with a clothesline and begins to rally.  Godwinn rolls out of the way of the flying headbutt but then goes up and misses a high risk move of his own.  That miscue allows Bam Bam to roll him up for the pin.

BL: That ending seemed awfully abrupt.  Nonetheless if these two went any longer, they could have been struggling.  What they gave though was perfectly acceptable.  * ¼  Note: As Godwinn gets up it appears that he might have injured his leg on that last move.

- While talking to Todd, Shawn Michaels stumbles on his words saying, “World W F”.  Even when he messes up his speech he does it in style.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match: “Double J” Jeff Jarrett (champ) vs. Shawn Michaels

After some stalling to start, the two lockup numerous times with neither man gaining a strong advantage.  Shawn avoids a charging Jarrett and clotheslines him to the floor.  Jarrett contemplates taking a walk, but gets back in before the 10 count.  He does this a second time, which draws Shawn out after him.  After rolling Jarrett back in, Shawn goes up top but gets nailed coming down.  The Roadie tries to interfere, but Shawn avoids it and tosses Jarrett over the top rope onto him.  Shawn then goes up top and nails both of them on the floor.  Back inside, Jarrett begs for mercy, but gets none.  Shawn charges Jarrett in the corner, but Jarrett backdrops him to the floor in a hella-sick bump.  On the floor, Jarrett formally introduces Shawn to the steel steps.  In the ring, Jarrett practically drops Shawn on his head delivering a front ways suplex.  That gets a 2 count.  An abdominal stretch is locked in on Shawn and hopefully he can collect his thoughts after those sick bumps.  Jarrett does the wise heel tactic and uses The Roadie for leverage.  The referee catches Jarrett in the act which allows Shawn to free himself.  Shawn whips Jarrett but puts his head down and gets nailed with a DDT.  A nearfall for that.  A humorous moment now as Lawler realizes that there is something wrong with Vince’s microphone and brags about it.  I’m sure some audio guy got fired for that one.  Heel miscommunication leads to Jarrett nailing The Roadie.  Shawn rolls up Jarrett for 2.  Jarrett recovers and whips Shawn to the corner where he does his flip, flop and fly.  With the referee distracted The Roadie clotheslines Shawn on the outside.  Shawn rolls through a flying bodypress and gets 2.  After trading pinfalls, Jarrett knocks Shawn down with a standing dropkick.  Jarrett locks on a sleeper in the middle of the ring.  Shawn escapes with a back suplex.  Shawn crawls over and covers but only gets 2.  Coming off the ropes, Shawn nails Jarrett with a forearm and then kips up to send the crowd into a frenzy.  A double ax handle by Shawn gets 2.  Shawn goes up again and nails the elbow for another nearfall.  The third time isn’t the charm though for Shawn as when he goes up again, The Roadie shakes the ropes and crotches him.  Jarrett climbs up and hits a suplex.  While going for the figure four, Shawn packages him for 2.  Jarrett goes for the figure four again, but Shawn shoves him off and into the referee.  Shawn gears up for Sweet Chin Music but The Roadie clips him.  Jarrett goes up and hits a flying bodypress for a long 2 count.  Jarrett whips Shawn but he reverses and The Roadie trips up Jarrett thinking it’s Shawn.  The distraction is enough for Shawn to deliver Sweet Chin Music and pick up the victory.  A new champion is crowned and the crowd absolutely loves it.

BL: If only every Jarrett match was like this, he would have made it to the main event level.  These two had a quick, crisp match and did everything possible to draw reactions from the crowd.  Plus it set up a new feud for Jarrett that ended up never happening.  ****

- Mr. Shill Barry Didinski hawks Shawn’s new t-shirt and sunglasses as Shawn enters the locker room and celebrates with the other Clique members.

- Dok claims he just saw Jarrett and The Roadie get into a shoving match backstage.  Man, this is going to be one great feud.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Yokozuna and Owen Hart (champs) vs. The Allied Powers

Luger and Yoko start off with Yoko using his girth to his advantage.  Yoko misses an elbow but quickly recovers.  Luger rams Yoko’s head into the turnbuckle 10 times.  He follows that up by punching Yoko repeatedly.  Yoko falls down in his corner but right on Owen’s foot.  You don’t see that everyday.   Owen and Yoko get into a yelling match over that but eventually patch things up.  Minus big points for the Allied Powers not taking advantage of their quarrel and attacking them.  Owen takes it to Luger until he gets caught in a hiptoss.  Bulldog is tagged in and continues to work on Owen.  After trading wristlocks, the Bulldog almost ends Owen’s career by messing up a back bodydrop.  A slingshot by the Bulldog allows Owen to be attacked by Luger in the face corner.  That’s cheating!  Bulldog covers but only gets 2.  Yoko nails the Bulldog coming off the ropes to turn the match in favor of the heels now.  We get our requisite nerve hold by Yoko to take this match to a screeching halt.  Owen is back in now and nails a spinning heel kick for 2.  Bulldog comes right back with a sunset flip for a nearfall.  Owen misses a charge in the corner and we get a double KO spot.  Both men tag and Luger takes it to Yoko.  All four men in now and we have a donnybrook.  The Allied Powers give a tandem back suplex to Yoko, which wakes up the crowd.  As the referee gets the Bulldog out of the ring, Owen nails Luger from the top rope.  Yoko caps it off with his big ass legdrop and picks up the pinfall.

BL: This match was exactly what you would expect; when Owen and the Bulldog were in there it was good stuff, but whenever we had Yoko and Luger in there it was tough to watch.  At least Luger would be gone within a few weeks.  **

- We get a “highlight” reel showcasing how the WWF brain trust managed to get 3 months of matches between Diesel and Sid leading up to tonight’s title match.

Lumberjack match for the WWF title: Diesel (champ) vs. Sid

Sid jumps Diesel as he enters the ring but Diesel fires right back.  Diesel and his lumberjacks play pinball with Sid.  After a Diesel powerslam, Sid bails to the floor to be consoled by his lumberjacks.  Sid hurls Diesel to the floor, where he is attacked.  All the lumberjacks brawl briefly before Diesel is tossed back inside.  Sid decides to work on Diesel’s midsection despite the storyline focus being on Diesel’s injured elbow for the past few months.  Diesel fights back and lands 2 elbows.  Then out of nowhere, Diesel launches himself out of the ring and onto the heel lumberjacks.  Lucha-poochie!  Back inside, Diesel continues to dominate as he hits Snake Eyes on Sid.  As Diesel goes off the ropes, Mabel grabs him and drags him to the floor where he crushes Diesel against the post.  Diesel is thrown back in where he suffers more pain from Sid’s devastating kicks.  Sid hits the powerbomb, but high-fives his lumberjacks before covering.  The break allows Diesel to kick out at 2.  A second powerbomb attempt is reversed by Diesel into a back bodydrop.  Sid gets annoyed with Diesel’s lumberjacks constantly pounding on the mat (as am I) and decides to jump them.  That doesn’t work well as the faces just gang up and beat him up.  It’s not surprising that a dumb move like that would come from someone who thought a squeegee would be a good weapon.  As they throw Sid back in, Diesel signals for the end.  IRS, HOG and Tatanka run in, but Diesel tosses them all right back out.  Diesel then whips Sid, hits him with a boot and gets the out of nowhere 3 count.

BL: Wow, they really jobbed out Sid there.  Not that I’m complaining, but I’m just surprised how they didn’t even try to make him look credible.  The match was shorter and a little more exciting (thank to the lumberjacks) than their previous one-on one encounter but it’s still a big man match so the laws of physics prevent it from going over two stars.  * ½

Final Thought: A pretty standard show for a ’95 WWF PPV.  Some average mid-card wrestling, a blow-away Shawn match and a lousy main event.  The end of the show is disturbing as viewers came to the realization that the WWF was going forward with a Diesel/Mabel feud.  But we can worry about that next month.  For now, everyone enjoy the IC match and pick and choose from the rest.

Next time, double the ladders, double the fun

Until then, thanks for stopping by the OOld Tyme Rasslin Revue.     


Originally from Cleveland, Adam is now a graduate student at the University of Dayton who is looking to make a couple extra bucks writing this column. What do you mean Rick doesn't pay his columnists?

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