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Survivor Series 1992 Re-Revued
May 26, 2004

by Adam Gutschmidt
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Before we get underway today, I am asking for a little help from you kind folks out there.  I tried to amass over the years a pretty decent WWF video library, but there have been two shows that have eluded me thus far.  I have been unable to obtain copies of the fourth and fifth editions of In Your House.  The fourth one had a Diesel/British Bulldog main event and was in Winnipeg, Canada.  The fifth one had a Bret Hart/British Bulldog main event and took place in Hershey, PA.  If any of you great viewers have copies of these shows or know where I could obtain them, you would forever be in my gratitude.  If you have any info for me, please send me an email via the link found at the bottom of this page.

Please note that I am aware of the Winter Combat video which has a few matches from each show on it.  I am not interested in that tape.  I am looking for tapes that are of the actual PPV broadcast or if there is some obscure Coliseum Video version that I am not aware of. 

OK, enough begging, on with the show…

OOld Tyme Rasslin Revue for WWF Survivor Series 1992

- Before the show begins, we are blessed with a sermon from Reverend Slick.  If he were around a couple of years ago he could have managed Reverend D-Von and they could have started a stable known as the God Squad.  Or not.

- Emanating from the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, OH.  That’s quite the drastic change of scenery from the grandeur of Wembley Stadium.

- Your commentators are Vince McMahon and Bobby “the Brain” Heenan, who run down tonight’s big matches to start the show.

Opening Match: High Energy vs. The Headshrinkers

This is tag team partner #2 for Owen.  I didn’t think Owen could do any worse than The Anvil as a partner, but somehow he did when he picked Koko.  Like they say, anything can happen in the WWF.  Samu and Owen lockup and it results with Owen getting shoved down.  Owen tries again; 2nd verse same as the first.  Nice criss-cross sequence ends with an Owen crossbody.  Koko is tagged in and he makes a fool out of the Headshrinkers.  That’s so sad.  I know they are primitive people, but we’re talking about Koko B. Ware here.  Koko tries a double noggin knocker but the ‘shrinkers no-sell it.  Momentum shifts when Afa nails Koko with his staff.  ‘Shrinkers start making quick tags as they work over Koko.  Owen makes a weak attempt at getting a Koko chant started.  Samu makes a thinly veiled attempt at a weardown maneuver.  Koko actually makes the effort to elbow his way out of the pathetic nerve hold.  Koko gets a sunset flip for 2.  Fatu gets up and puts Koko right back down with a thrust kick.  ‘Shrinkers seem to have exhausted their moveset because they are just biting and headbutting Koko now.  Samu whips Koko but misses a splash in the corner.  This gives Koko the opening to tag Owen.  Owen comes in and gives multiple dropkicks to both Headshrinkers.  Owen hits a high crossbody on Samu but Fatu breaks up the pin.  Samu catches Owen off the ropes and powerslams him.  Fatu goes up top and hits a splash for the 3 count.

Postmatch: We get an instant replay with the always hilarious “Brain Scan”.

Bottom Line: A very unimpressive PPV debut for the Headshrinkers.  They should have made Owen the face-in-peril to have a better shot of making the Headshrinkers look decent.  By the way, if you had told me then that the only person left on the roster today from this match would be Fatu, I would have told you that you were out of your mind.  ½ *

- In a “Coliseum exclusive” Lord Alfred Hayes has a chat with the Big Bossman in the bathroom.  Leave it to Alfred to interview people when they most want their privacy.

- Sean Mooney gives viewers a warning about the harsh nature of the upcoming nightstick match.  He then listens to Nailz talk with marbles in his mouth.

- Mean Gene then interviews the Bossman who says the same things he just told Lord Alfred Hayes in the “Coliseum exclusive”.  Wow, thanks Coliseum Video.  That was some truly exclusive material you gave us.

Nightstick Match:  Nailz vs. The Big Bossman

Normal match rules here except there is a nightstick on a pole and if you grab it, you can use it.  Nailz is trying to already climb up and get the nightstick as Bossman makes his way down to ringside.  Bossman attacks him before he can get it and we’re underway.  Nailz comes back by whiping Bossman to the corner and then starts choking him.  Does he know another move?  Honestly!  Nailz goes for the nightstick but Bossman stops him.  Nailz whips Bossman to the corner but gets kicked when he charges.  Nailz is dropped with a Bossman right hand.  This guy can’t be all that tough if he’s getting hurt from a Bossman punch.  Bossman goes for the nightstick but Nailz throws him off the top rope.  Nailz shows his improvement from Summerslam by hitting Bossman with a back bodydrop but then goes back to choking.  Old habits die hard.  Bossman hits Nailz with a shouldertackle but misses a big splash.  Bossman crotches Nailz when he tries for the nightstick again.  Double clothesline spot.  Bossman climbs up and gets the nightstick.  He weakly hits Nailz with it twice before Nailz knocks it out of his hand.  Nailz gets a couple of shots on the Bossman and then stands there like a goof.  Bossman gets up, knocks the nightstick out of Nailz’s hand, hits the Bossman slam and finishes him off.

BL: I’m torn on my thoughts here.  I don’t think it was too bright to deliver the payoff to this feud since Nailz’s gimmick rendered him useless to feud with anyone else.  On the other hand, Nailz was so bad he deserved to be jobbed out, even if it was to the Bossman.  Either way, this match sucked.  ¼ *

- Sean Mooney gets a Coliseum Obtrusive from Nailz who basically cuts the same promo as he did before the match.

- Lord Alfred Hayes gets thoughts from Tatanka (he pronounces his name as TA TANK A instead of TA TAN KA).  Tatanka says he will get back his stolen eagle feather from The Model.  I love PC feuds.

- Mean Gene shows the clip from Prime Time Wrestling to Ric Flair and Razor Ramon, where Mr. Perfect agreed to be Macho Man’s partner.  He then gets their rebuttal.  Man, Razor was looking pretty svelte there.  See kids, there’s a lesson for you: alcohol = fat gut

Tatanka vs. “The Model” Rick Martel

They lockup to begin and fight to the corner.  Martel seems to break cleanly but then slaps Tatanka.  Oooh!  Tatanka doesn’t take kindly to that and hits Martel with a back bodydrop and a pair of dropkicks.  Martel is upset about that and lets Tatanka know about it.  Tatanka shows his apathy to those comments by hitting Martel with an atomic drop and a clothesline.  Vince says Tatanka is tough.  Does that make him Tatanka Tough?  Martel gains the advantage with a hotshot.  While Martel bores me with a front face lock, Bobby Heenan keeps me entertained.  Vince comments that Sgt. Slaughter has been made a special embassary by Jack Tunney.  Heenan retorts, “A rulebreaker like Sgt. Slaughter now in charge of rules?  That’s like putting Mr. Perfect in charge of integrity.”  Tatanka fights out of the front face lock with a suplex.  It doesn’t do the job as Martel goes right back to the resthold.  My boredom is cured this time as a mysterious clown (later identified as Doink) has made his way to ringside and is making balloon animals.  It must be part of that Ringling Bros./WWF merger I heard about in the news.  Tatanka frees himself again but Martel stays on the offensive with a neckbreaker.  Martel then goes back to the front face lock as I guess they’d rather have people pay attention to the clown than the match.  Tatanka escapes again and hits Martel with a clothesline.  Martel charges in the corner but hits his shoulder on the post when Tatanka sidesteps him.  Tatanka goes to work on that shoulder.  Backslide by Tatanka gets 2.  Martel gets a breather when he tosses Tatanka to the floor.  Back in, Martel hammers on Tatanka’s back.  Martel goes to the 2nd rope but gets hit coming down.  Tatanka goes on the warpath with a series of chops to the head.  Tatanka hits a Samoan Drop (Cherokee Drop?) that puts Martel down for the 3 count.

Postmatch: Tatanka gets his feathers back and the clown pops the balloon after giving it to a kid.

BL: This was another counter productive match, as it would seem the goal would be to generate interest in Tatanka.  Instead they opted to avert the fans attention to distractions around ringside.  Match needed more offense for my liking.  *

- Sean Mooney listens to Macho Man and Mr. Perfect gloat about pulling the wool over Flair and Ramon’s eyes.

Macho Man Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect vs. Ric Flair and Razor Ramon

This was supposed to be Savage and the Warrior (dubbed the Ultimate Maniacs) but of course Warrior’s makeup kit told him to run away 2 weeks before the show, causing Perfect to be a last-minute substitute.  A not too shabby PPV debut for Razor Ramon also, being in a match of this magnitude.  Perfect and Ramon opt to begin for their respective teams.  Crazy action to begin that establishes Razor as the stronger of the two, while Perfect is the faster of the two.  Perfect goes to the floor and says some unkind words to Flair.  Ramon drags Perfect back in and tags Flair.  Perfect dominates Flair.  Perfect whips Flair to the corner, where he Flair flips to the apron.  Macho nails him off the apron and to the floor.  Tag made to Macho, who continues the offensive attack on Flair.  Man, Flair looks lost out there tonight.  Macho gets slowed down when Razor knees him in the back from the apron.  Razor gets tagged in and tries to work Macho’s knee.  Quick tags are made between Razor and Flair as the heels begin to take over the pace of the match.  Flair tosses Macho to the floor where Razor does some additional damage.  As Razor hooks a half crab on Macho, we see Mr. Perfect leaving ringside.  Does he have a hot date waiting for him?  Perfect then realizes it might not be such a good thing to abandon Macho, so he returns.  Macho continues to get beat on until he shocks Flair with a backslide for a 2 count.  Razor hits a chokeslam that only gets 2.  A small package by Macho gets 2.  Flair is taking it to Macho from pillar to post.  Flair goes up top but gets thrown off by Macho in a spot that looked like it could have been botched but was salvaged at the last second.  Both men tag and Perfect unloads on Razor.  Perfect hits a Perfect Neckbreaker and an atomic drop.  Flair comes in but Perfect nails him too.  Flair nails Macho with a chair on the outside.  Perfect is left in the ring to try and battle both heels.  Razor whips Perfect right into referee Earl Hebner.  Perfect escapes a Razor’s Edge attempt.  Perfect hits the Perfectplex on Razor.  Joey Marella comes out but by the time he gets there, Razor can kick out at 2.  Perfect then hits a Perfectplex on Flair and a revived Hebner counts to 2.  This is getting wild.  Both heels beatdown Perfect as the referees try to maintain order.  Hebner gives up and just disqualifies the heels.

Postmatch: Flair slaps the Figure Four on Perfect and Macho comes in to make the save.

BL: This was your standard tag fare until it turned into a wild melee at the end.  About the only thing I didn’t like was that they portrayed Perfect as the guy who’s been wrestling day in and day out for months now and Macho as the guy who hasn’t stepped in the ring for over a year, instead of the reverse.  ***

- Flair and Ramon vent their frustrations to Mean Gene and tell him to shut up not once, but twice.  Now that’s what I like to see.

- Lord Alfred Hayes once again manages to come for an interview at an inappropriate moment.  This time it’s when Yokozuna is getting a deep blubber massage from Geisha girls.

Yokozuna vs. Virgil

To say there is a size difference here would be a gross understatement.  Anyone who doesn’t see the result of this match a mile away needs to start watching something else on Monday nights.  Virgil tries a couple of charges but Yoko just shrugs him off.  Virgil hits Yoko with 3 dropkicks but they barely wobble him.  Virgil tries a rollup but Yoko doesn’t budge.  Yoko then plants Virgil with a savant kick.  Virgil keeps trying to punch him out, but Yoko sets him right back down again with a side slam.  Yoko hits a sidewalk slam and a legdrop, as I smell the beginning of the end.  Or is that Kikkoman?  Yoko misses a charge in the corner and Virgil tries to roll him up.  Yoko just sits on him though.  Oomph!  Yoko now hits a splash and finishes Virgil off with the Banzai Drop.

BL: Well Virgil, bless his heart, tried his best.  But as a great man (Homer Simpson) once said, “Trying is the first step towards failure.”  ½ *

- Macho Man and Mr. Perfect seem pretty pleased with their performance and are ready for the holiday season.

Special Survivor Series Style Elimination match: Natural Disasters and the Nasty Boys vs. Money Inc and the Beverly Brothers

This was the WWF’s pathetic attempt to keep some part of the original style of the Survivor Series alive.  Blake and Typhoon start things off.  Typhoon shoves Blake into the corner and then does a Jeff Jarrett-style strut as some bizarre way to piss Blake off.  Disasters and Beverlys are all in now with the Beverlys coming out on the short end of the stick. Nasty Boys come in and have their way with Blake too.  Blake nails Sags in the midsection and tags Beau.  Sags hits a pump handle slam but gets preoccupied with Money Inc. instead of tagging.  Beau hits an underhook suplex and tags Dibiase.  Dibiase and IRS take turns putting a hurt on Sags.  Some real sloppy action that all seem to be Sags’ fault.  Crowd is losing interest fast.  Sags finally makes the tag to Earthquake.  All eight men eventually make their way in and the faces clean house.  Beau gets caught in the ring and falls prey to an Earthquake splash.  FACES UP 4-3.  Oh scratch that, because they made the dumb rule that if one man is eliminated, his partner must leave too.  FACES UP 4-2.  Actually I don’t mind the rule that much considering the participants in this match.  Earthquake shows off his counting skills to Money Inc, gesturing to them that it’s 4 against 2.  They don’t seem impressed, but I am.  The faces make quick tags against Dibiase.  Earthquake misses a splash to give Money Inc an advantage.  Dibiase eats sole as he comes off the 2nd rope.  This gives Earthquake a chance to tag Typhoon.  Typhoon hits a big splash on IRS but Dibiase breaks up the pin.  Dibiase trips Typhoon coming off the ropes and IRS covers him for a 3 count.  Typhoon looked like a turtle lying on its shell when he was getting pinned.  TIED UP 2-2.  IRS celebrates the pinfall but then gets pinned himself with a shitty rollup by Sags.

Survivors: The Nasty Boys

BL: Match was slow and painful to watch at times.  The only merit it had was making Money Inc. look credible by defeating the Natural Disasters, yet making the Nastys look like legitimate contenders by getting the fluke pin on the champs.  ¾ *

- Lord Alfred Hayes asks Virgil about the “shellacking” he received.  Virgil gives Bret Hart a warning about “Yakazuma”, saying he’s a menace to society.”  Man, if Virgil couldn’t stop him, who can?

- Video package showing the events leading up to tonight’s Coffin Match.  Kamala couldn’t do many things well, but he sure could stumble around in fear with the best of them.

Coffin Match: The Undertaker vs. Kamala

Taker stalks and Kamala flees.  Kamala catches Taker and starts chopping away. Taker doesn’t feel it and chops back on Kamala.  Kamala gets on the offensive when Taker puts his head down.  Kamala clotheslines Taker to the floor and continues the attack on the outside.  Back inside, Kamala hits 2 scoop slams, but Taker continues to no-sell everything.  The third scoop slam keeps Taker down.  Kamala follows it up with three splashes.  Paul Bearer gets on the apron to revive the Taker but Kimchee knock him down causing the urn to roll into the ring.  Kamala picks it up, but drops it immediately realizing what it is.  Taker sits up, grabs the urn and nails Kamala with it.  That shot is enough for Taker to cover Kamala for a 3 count and then put Kamala in the coffin.

BL: Almost a carbon copy of their Summerslam match and that isn’t a good thing.  The Coffin Match was a neat gimmick that caught on with the fans.  Kamala was allowed to go on to better things after this match like becoming reborn and going bowling with Reverend Slick.  ¾ *

- Shawn Michaels gives Sean Mooney and the fans a little math lesson: British Bulldog beat Bret Hart.  Shawn beat the Bulldog.  Therefore, Shawn will beat Bret tonight.  Seems simple enough to me.

- Backstage, Kimchee and Harvey Whippleman open up the casket and find a petrified Kamala.

- Bret Hart says to Mean Gene that Shawn Michaels is “a great wrestler” and “I [Bret] have nothing but respect for you”.  My how times have changed.

WWF Championship Match: Bret “the Hitman” Hart (WWF Champion) vs. Shawn Michaels (Intercontinental Champion)

Bret’s WWF title is on the line here but not the IC title.  Shawn is sans Sherri after an incident with Marty Janetty.  More on that in the next revue.  Lockup gives no man an advantage.  Both men trade mat skills.  Bret works diligently on Shawn’s arm.  Bret hits a crossbody for 2.  He follows it up with a sunset flip for 2.  Shawn tries to get some offense in but gets caught by a clothesline.  That gets Bret a 2 count.  Bret is slowed down when Shawn nails him with a hotshot.  Bret rams his shoulder into the post when he misses a charge.  Shawn whips Bret HARD chest-first into the corner. 

As Shawn locks a front face lock on Bret, Vince and Bobby have a funny exchange:

Heenan: “This man [Shawn] is hot!
Vince: “Bret Hart is indeed.  I agree with you.”
Heenan: “You bet…pauses…NO!  I’m talking about Shawn Michaels.”  

Bret breaks free of the front face lock, but then gets hit with a dropkick for a 2 count.  Bret hits a swinging neckbreaker when Shawn puts his head down.  Shawn stays on the offensive though as Bret has been worn down.  Shawn gets kicked when he charges Bret in the corner.  Bret follows it up with a bulldog.  Bret misses an elbow from the 2nd rope.  Shawn gets a couple of nearfalls.  Bret slows Shawn down with a back suplex.  Bret posts Shawn with a slingshot into the corner.  Bret starts his comeback with a back body drop on Shawn.  That gets 2.  Bret begins his Trademark 5, getting a 2 count after each move.  Bret hits a superplex but it takes its toll on both guys.  Shawn tosses Bret to the floor as Bret was going for a rollup.  On the outside, Shawn takes it to Bret.  Back inside, Shawn gets a few 2 ¾ count pinfalls.  Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music but takes his time following up the move.  Back and forth action with both men getting closer to victory.  Shawn goes for a top rope dropkick but Bret grabs his legs and locks in the Sharpshooter.  Shawn tries to fight it but eventually submits.

Postmatch: Santa Claus comes down to celebrate with Bret.

BL: A very solid technical matchup.  No complaints about the ringwork of either man.  Only complaint here is that both men were relatively new champs and there was no real setup for this match.  As a result, emotion and heat were void from the match.  *** ½

Final Thoughts: This was the beginning of a new era in the WWF.  New format, (no more elimination matches) new champs, (Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels) and new wrestlers (Razor, Yoko, Headshrinkers).  These things made the PPV unique and interesting but not necessarily good.  The two main events are solid but everything else was kinda bleh.  As with any new beginnings, it takes a while to find your niche.  You can check it out for its novelty but avoid it if you’re a Survivor Series traditionalist.

Next time, it’s Rumble time again and I’m putting all my money on the Undertaker.  I mean, it would take a giant to get him eliminated.  Am I right people?

Until then, thanks for stopping by the OOld Tyme Rasslin Revue.


Originally from Cleveland, Adam is now a graduate student at the University of Dayton who is looking to make a couple extra bucks writing this column. What do you mean Rick doesn't pay his columnists?

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