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February 14, 2003

by YOU, The OO Readers
Compiled by Jeb Lund from the OO Message Boards


[Editor's Note: This week most people were too busy trying to get a sexy OO chick's number to do much more than phone in a few bits of analysis. Except for BigFatGoalie, who wrote some long and cogent screeds — and who asked not to be included in this edition of Crashing the Boards, even though he loves to see his name in it. I'm convinced that the people not pursuing love over the U2U Messenger were posting while completely insane. Giant prospective-booking posts abounded, rounded out by posts that answered topics by spending seven paragraphs detailing the history of a wrestler from 1996 to the present. Those posts showcased here are those that escaped the torrid maw of internet love and internet vanity. They are like the Road Warrior. Solid, perhaps just, perhaps unjust. Though they don't eat dog food from cans (and, really, how could a message board post do such a thing?), they are nourished with the barest essentials and hardened by the grim realities of WWE booking. Pity them not, for they are us in our most naked form.]

A Few Mr. Perfect Memories

Like many of you, he was definitely one of my all-time favorites. Honestly, when I watch old tapes, he's one of 2 or 3 guys that I never, ever fast-forward through. I was so pumped when he came back to WWE, even though I knew he wasn't going to get the big shot; just to see him in the ring again was sweet. What an absolute tragedy.

I think the most shocking thing for me is that Hennig just didn't seem like the wrestler who would die so young. He never looked like he was 'roided out; he looked like a natural athlete. Didn't look like he was a user, or a scumbag, or anything like that. Plus, like I said before, he was always one of my favorites. I know a lot of people say that sort of thing after hearing someone died, just for the sake of paying tribute to the deceased (even if it's not true); but I think the comments about Hennig [that] I've seen on this board, before his death, show that it's true in his case. He is a guy that an awful lot of people had a ton of respect for, and his Mr. Perfect routine was loved. One of the best characters ever, and his overall abilities were about 5 years before their time.
— Bonestein

Talking about blown potential in his short run in the WWE last winter, anybody remember when he gave the Big Show the Perfectplex? The Big Show! Sorry, but that's a million times more impressive than an F-5 by Brock Lesnar. Didn't that deserve a monster push? I'll remember than one forever.

I was just watching my friend's Hogan autobiography [DVD] last weekend, and the first match I asked to watch was Hogan v. Mr. Perfect on Saturday Night's Main Event. Hennig pulled out all of the stops and made the match really worth your while. He has and always will be gold.
— Slade

When I was a kid, there was always one feud that captivated me above all else: the Ric Flair/Perfect v. Macho Man/Elizabeth feud. [Hennig] was just so damned smarmy in that whole situation that it made me hate him, yet love him at the same time. Curt was also one of the most technically sound wrestlers I've ever seen.

And he wasn't one of those guys you heard was constantly in and out of rehab like some of the other wrestlers I could but won't name. You never heard rumors of Curt playing the backstage politics game.
— Fury

I don't cotton to all these "deep personal rifts" an' "conflicts" I's hearin' about. Make 'em fight! You know, like dogs!
Wrestling storylines do not have to be complicated. A person who's never bothered to watch wrestling should be able to stop on TNN while channel-surfing, see a promo or backstage segment and immediately have a good understanding of what's going on. Good God, can you imagine what a first-time viewer must have thought about WWE if he was watching the infamous corpse-raping scene?

As far as feuds go... honestly, when was the last time you remember someone in the hunt for a title because they actually wanted the title and nothing else? There doesn't have to be an underlying personal hatred between two wrestlers for them to have a good rivalry. Granted, some of the best feuds were based on personal animosity, but it'd be kind of refreshing for someone to be in the title hunt for the sake of being in the goddamned title hunt. Nowadays, the focus of most wrestlers is to get revenge on someone else, rather than to be the champion. The title belt should always be the main focus.

The simplest way to start a feud:
Wrestler #1: We have a match tonight. I'm gonna kick your ass.
Wrestler #2: No way! I'm gonna kick your ass!
Commence match.

Or: (Wrestler #1 cheats to beat Wrestler #2 in a match.)
Wrestler #2: Hey, you jackass! I should have won!
Everyone tunes in the next week to see the rematch.

It's simple and effective. Who cares if it's been done a million times before? We happily watch movies based on the same tired old plot year after year — why? Because we see different people in familiar roles. The same applies to wrestling.
— Alana

Alas, Poor Goldust, You Total Fruitcake. What Happens to You Now?
Electroconvulsive therapy can cause memory loss. Maybe that's a path that a "Goldust electrocution" angle can go down.

Okay, let's face it; the "Cactus Jack has amnesia" angle was ludicrously stupid. That doesn't mean that all amnesia angles are stupid. The important difference would be that a Goldust amnesia angle can be played out in the ring. He can forget x years of his wrestling career. You can even take him back to the days of "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes and see how that persona integrates into the modern WWE.

Imagine, if you will, Goldust waking up and last remembering himself in the midst of his stint with Luna Vachon. He asks for her; he starts acting as he did in that time period. He starts a feud with Booker T, doing all sorts of heinous things to a partner and friend who doesn't want to fight back.

At some point, he recovers all his memory and has to reconcile his recent dickish heel glory with his most recent woeful, low self-esteem phase. And it can go many directions from there.

The drawback is that it potentially puts Booker T into what is essentially a midcard feud with Goldust. This can be averted by having Goldust be more of a sideline distraction while Booker T pursues a feud with a more meaningful opponent. Or it may be a good character-development phase for Booker T, to either protect him from being squashed by Triple H or to give him something to do if Triple H finds something else to do for WrestleMania.

The idea of Goldust with [the rumored] Tourette's [syndrome] does nothing from a wrestling perspective. It doesn't give him a particular angle — like it might have, had he been spouting involuntary obscenities while Right to Censor was around. In the end, it's a chance for a writer who thinks he's funnier than he actually is to have a vehicle for inserting lowbrow humor.
— PostModernBoy

Why Don't People Feel Funny Writing the Word "Tweener"? Oh, and This Has Something to Do with Vince McMahon as a Face/Heel.
Vince is one of the few characters, such as Austin, who can do what the hell he likes because it fits the character. Part of the reason that Austin's heel push stalled was that Austin was well practiced in beating on everyone, even superface Mick Foley [during] his comeback. And how do you push a badass heel, when the badass face would've done the same thing?

Vince is similar in that all he does is act like a megalomaniac. Now he is pissed with Bischoff and Morley, so he has them squashed. But he hates Hogan, so he tries to squash him. At [Vince's] level of development, it ceases to be a face or a heel thing: the individual fans simply make their own mind up and cheer or boo, depending on their own allegiances.
The Rock is another case, as no matter how much of a dick he acts, I personally will pop like a bag of corn for him whenever he speaks. The line between heel Rock and face Rock is wafer thin. Kurt Angle is another case, as is Chris Jericho.

[Vince's ambiguity] is actually a sign of good character development, as characterized by Paul Heyman's increasing involvement in the writing team.
— sharpshooter

If you're at a Smackdown! show, and Vince comes out, you boo. If you're at Raw, you cheer. Simple. Much like football, basketball or any other sport. If you're watching David Beckham play for Manchester United, you boo — because you hate him, and the team he plays for. But, if you're watching him play for England, you cheer him, because you love him — and England.

Sorry for the "soccer" analogy, but I'm English. I'm sure you can all figure out the similarities between NHL Franchise players you hate, but cheer when they play for the All-Stars.
— Censor The Raven

"The APA, huh. Again? Did I do something wrong, or what?"
It was great timing when they retired the APA. And the return is horrible. We all can see the inevitable coming. They will get together long enough for Simmons to turn on Bradshaw and make Bradshaw a sympathetic face on the stage of the year's biggest event — WrestleMania.
— Dead Snoopy

Bradshaw and Farooq may not be the force that they once were, but just as with the return of the Dudleys, the WWE needs something. However, I think APA would be better on Smackdown! With Los Guerrero's, Cena and Redd Dogg, and Team Angle, there doesn't seem to much of a face tag division other than Edge and [his] partner of the week. APA could be put to good use there.
— cpdevine1

The APA have one use: people love them. Don't know why, but they do. What do you do with everyone's favorite tag team? Have the desperately-seeking-heat Three Minute Warning destroy them. Every week. It builds up heat for a team that should be getting it, and it keeps them (the bookers) from letting Bradshaw loose with that bloody cow bell on a rope.
— Censor The Raven

A Certain APA Shirt That No One Bought
Yeah. I never really understood how that t-shirt made it through production in the first place. You have to figure that the WWE had at least one sarcastic ass that [would have] said something about that t-shirt.

[A.P.A:] Always Pounding Ass. Wonderful.
— MrJustinB

Should No Way Out Be Renamed Hastily Thrown Together?
I think No Way Out got it's name because there is no f-n way that Vince can get out of having a meaningless PPV between Rumble and WrestleMania. I wish they would just use February and March to build up big feuds that lead from Rumble to 'Mania, instead of starting these crappy, meaningless feuds (i.e. Jericho-Test), ending them in a few weeks and going onto 'Mania with less build-up than needed.

Although Benoit v. Angle yet again would be great, and I wouldn't complain, I would love to see Edge in the main event for a change. It is no doubt that Angle is going to win, so why have Angle beat Benoit again? If Angle beats Edge, no one really loses. Edge has made it to the main event, [would] probably put on a good show, and Benoit isn't saddled with another loss to Angle. However, they can throw it all for a loop and have Angle lose the belt at No Way Out only to win it back on Smackdown! in a week or two, keeping Angle v. Lesnar at WrestleMania intact
— cpdevine1

It certainly looks like they're building to a Kidman/Hardy cruiserweight title match. They seem to forget about the cruiserweight title for a month or so, bring it back for a while, forget about it again... sigh. While I enjoy Kidman, I'd be thrilled to see Matt get the title. Since they're apparently committed to giving Matt a push, if he had the belt, then we'd obviously have to see more cruiserweight matches, right? Although I can see a fun scenario where Matt keeps purposely getting into feuds with larger men who can't get the title. It doesn't matter if he loses, as long as he has the title, right?
— Vortex

The Best Ass-Related Feud Never to Involve Billy Gunn

Maybe we'll get lucky, though, and get a three-month program out of UT [Undertaker] and TBS [The Big Show] (which can be manipulated to spell BUTTS, by the way. And I say whenever we refer to this feud, we call it by its new name. BUTTS. Yeaaaaah).
— Silkee

The Edge-Albert Depilatory Slobberknocker
If they're really down on Edge and high on Albert, they should punish him by making him lose a Hair v. Back Hair match against Albert, to blow off the feud once and for all, and to get Albert some heel heat as the guy who shaved Edge.

Of course, if Edge balks at cutting his hair, he'll be forced to join forces with Rikishi and job to Nunzio.
— PostModernBoy

Maybe [Albert's] back hair is what gives him his strength, kinda like that biblical character. [Samson — ed.]
— beatenlikeagovernmentmule

All they need now is someone to play Delilah and betray him by shaving his back hair — and have him come out to "Delilah" by Tom Jones. That will draw huge numbers. Huge, I tells ya!
— d-rock

The Dynamic Mental Duo of Jonathan Coachman and Jerry Lawler
Actually, I was somewhat impressed by Lawler, and it made me realize that he has been doing better lately. Maybe that's because the old T 'n' A hasn't been as prominent in the women's division lately; however the fact that he didn't go off the deep end with the HLA was very promising. I still like Tazz better because he can call the play-by-play when needed, but Lawler's lessened his more annoying attributes.

Coach, on the other hand, was horrible. Absolutely brutal. Either he would start on some ridiculous tangent (only to never finish or develop the thought), or he would try to comment on something, only to change his mind about it 3 seconds later when Lawler would oppose him. I mean, the two-person commentary style is built upon arguments and debate. Coach was just Lawler's bitch.

Did anybody else notice how often King mentioned how much he missed JR? Did anyone else notice he said it everytime Coach said something completely brain-dead? I think he was shooting on his brain-dead partner there.
— Milky

Coachman was terrible. All he did was laugh loudly at Lawler, and be a dick in general.
Lawler: I got my car washed yesterday!
Coach: Yeah? HAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAA!!! Represent!
— Bonestein

Am I the only person here who doesn't hate Coach? I'm not particularly fond of him, but he doesn't annoy me, either. He's just there and does his job, and doesn't try so hard that he distracts the viewer from the match (something Lawler has a tendency to do).

That being said, Lawler did a nice job by himself for a few minutes. The shameless plug for his book was pretty funny, and his attempts to do play-by-play cracked me up. It got old after a while, though, and I'm glad they brought someone, anyone, out to help him. I was worried that he'd have to do the whole show by himself, which would have been cringe-inducing.

One thing that I was hoping for that didn't happen: why didn't Jericho come out to commentate on Test's match? It would continue their feud, and give Y2J a chance to show off his mic skills. It seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

And please, dear God, somebody put Josh Matthews out of his misery. Maybe they could feed him to the Big Show or something. [God, I hope you meant that last sentence literally. That's a pay-per-view in itself. — ed.]
— Alana

Jericho v. Schnauzer II: "Distemper"
or, Chris Jericho: Supplying More Jobs Than AmeriCorps

[This post is from six months ago, but it's appropriate. — ed.]
I'm out walking my dog this morning and I run into Chris Jericho.

First thing I do is tell him what a great match he had [at King of The Ring] and how I never use the internet. I know he's pretty touchy about that. Then I ask him if he'd mind putting over my dog. She's been kind of under the weather lately.

And he sells her barks like crazy; I mean he's totally flopping around for her. Great effort. He even bladed about five min—WHAT THE HOLY HELL ARE THEY THINKING?

All they had to do was put Jericho over a man old enough to be his father. Don't misunderstand me, I love the guy, but Flair is not the future of the promotion — he's not even the present!

And why the hell is he even a heel to begin with? You have Bischoff on a TV show and don't think to have Jericho make fun of him?
[And now, the update from a few days ago...]
And here's my fear: I'm going to be recycling this gag after his match with HBK. If Jericho jobs to HBK, he should come out to the ring on Raw the next night and apologize to the fans (α la "hitting Stacy") by saying, "I lost to an old man six months ago; I lost to a cripple a few weeks ago. What was I thinking wrestling an old cripple?—he had my number!"
— abdullah

Kanyon's Beat-Down on Smackdown! And: Does Vince Secretly Want to Punish Ex-WCW Wrestlers?
I disagree that Kanyon's speech impediment and generally goofy persona has hurt him in anyway. When he came in during the Invasion, he was immediately thrust into a spot as DDP's partner and had a program with the Undertaker and Kane. That's pretty high on the card. After DDP and Booker T, I think Kanyon was probably considered #3 on the WCW depth chart. He was one of the top guys and was given a top spot in the angle. Outside of those three, they went with WWF employees that not long before were working for ECW, to try to round out the depth charts for both sides.

Sure, Kanyon doesn't have the following to warrant a main-event push, but you have to realize that he's been MIA for a year and a half. Any mid-carder that is gone for that long is easily forgotten. Likewise, I don't think Rhyno will be in the upper-card, where he left off, when he returns. He'll probably have to work back into that spot over 2-3 months.

As much as like Kanyon, I doubt he'd be a main eventer, but I think he would've easily been a top mid-card guy who periodically worked in Raw or Smackdown! main events and the PPV undercard. But because he disappeared for such a long time, Kanyon turned into something of a footnote. Basically anybody that hasn't cemented their spot as a main eventer will suffer horribly for having long layoffs.
— Slade

Vince does undeniably demonstrate the highest loyalty to homegrown talent, right or wrong. However, the man should not be faulted for rewarding loyal employees who have long-time tenure in his company. Many companies do exactly this. Unwavering loyalty begets unwavering loyalty. The Undertaker is the perfect example, because if there was ever a guy who never took the easy money (no matter how poor the future looked), it was The Undertaker. If ever there was a killing blow that could've crippled Vince even more, it would have been the loss of that performer. So yeah, they cut him a lot of slack and give the man as much prestige as necessary.

Seniority is a factor, people. I'm not saying [wrestlers] need to be in the company for a billion years, but it is going to help when you look at a performer's track record and there is a history there. For example, people have spent years bitching that the WWE didn't just open its legs to Jericho right off the bat and give him everything. Yet, when you look at what he has managed to win and the matches he's put on, it looks more and more impressive. And if this top layer of talent falls off the face of the Earth, its going to be that much easier to push him again. Do we reward everyone for being hot (for a second) when it's known that, if the creative department can get its shit together, it can gradually make everyone hot?

The WCW guys are putting in the same dues with this company that they had to in their own company. No matter what you feel the state of the WWE is right now, you cannot tell me that there is no more or less chance to get ahead in the WWE than there was in the defunct and draconian WCW network. I'm a big fan of Booker T and Storm and hope they climb the ladder quicker, but just because they put time in on the WCW show doesn't give them an express lane in advancing with their new company. If you were the low man on the totem pole at Wendys, and you left for Jack in The Box, they [wouldn't] make you the manager like — snap — that!

The truth is that hardly anybody comes up fast enough for their loyal fans. HHH was main-event material months before he was given the chance and even then he had to grow into the job. I respect the WCW guys, but I don't think you get a big push just because [you manage] to get a job with the last major wrestling organization. Nobody rewards survivors — that only happens on game shows. The company rewards tenure and performance, and these guys are still, for the most part, wet behind the ears. But I'm hopeful.
— Dead Snoopy

I'm not so sure this so-called "humbling" is that, exactly. Yes, you'll often see a wrestler be pushed randomly, just to be buried soon afterward. While it may very well be an attempt to make sure the wrestler "knows his role", it's probably just as accurate to assume it's done to judge how over that person is. If the heat they got with the push "sticks", then they'll continue to be pushed, albeit at a slower rate (Matt Hardy and Jericho are prime examples). If the fans are apathetic following the de-push, then they're sent to Heat/Velocity/OVW to continue working on their skills until they either improve, a storyline comes available, or they are given their outright release.
— Laner

The Discreet Charm of Jerry Lawler
I met Lawler tonight. He was signing his book — or whatever else you brought — here in San Diego, and the guy was a class act. A lot shorter than I expected (and I'm convinced that's not his real hair), but the King was a pretty cool guy. He signed whatever you wanted, shook hands, took pictures, etc. He talked about the business, said he loves working for Vince, was sad to hear about Hennig.... If any of you ever get the chance to meet him, go for it. A very down-to-earth guy who likes meeting his fans.
— fsolomon75

Have you seen the couple of pieces they've run on him, on Confidential? (One was around Christmas; the other was a couple of weeks ago.) When he's just acting as a normal human being, he's a pretty likable guy. I wish they'd promote that aspect of his personality on Raw, instead of the tired "dirty old man" routine.
— Laner

Is Tough Enough Producing Viable/Credible Competitors?
To assess such a question, you really have to look at the stars it has produced.

Nowinski: First of all, you can't really say his appearance on TV isn't due to Tough Enough. If the WWE hadn't discovered him and given him a chance, he wouldn't be on TV today. If he ever blows up [as a star, not as a cardio nightmare], whether directly or not, Tough Enough brought us a star and therefore was a success.
Verdict: Undecided

Maven: I don't think Maven has what it takes, but it's tough to back that up. After all, they haven't really given him a good push or angle yet. The one time they did, with Tajiri and Torrie, he injured himself. He's an unfortunate victim of circumstance and accidents for the meantime.
Verdict: Undecided

Nidia: I actually think that she's taken the ball that was handed to her and has run with it. She's great in her role; she's the best female wrestler not on Raw. I'd say she's on the wrong show.
Verdict: Success

Jackie G. and Linda: Now the WWE is entirely to blame for that trainwreck of a match. They were too green and shouldn't have been allowed to step between the ropes. However, I don't think either girl has the looks or the ability to make an impact.
Verdict: Bomb, thus far....

Matt and John: Too early to tell.
Verdict: Undecided

The fact is that when you only have the crop from season one on TV, you can't judge the series in it's entirety yet. So far, though, it's pretty split. We'll have to see where Nowinski goes and how John and Matt do when they truly debut.
— Milky

I think WWE has made their biggest mistake with these guys by instantly giving them TV time, when they should send them to OVW immediately after winning Tough Enough. The show selects someone who has the talent to get in the ring, but as shown with Maven, Jackie, Nidia and Linda, they are too green and need time to improve. OVW develops their characters, their move sets, their confidence, timing, and everything else it takes to make it. If Matt and John spend some time developing, they could be great. Otherwise, they will be just like Maven and have go-nowhere feuds for the rest of their careers. Nowinski got better because after he lost, he actually went to a wrestling school and improved himself. Tough Enough gets them through the door; they have to work to stay.
— cpdevine1

What Will Happen if Test Is in Girls Gone Wild with Snoop Dogg
I can't wait to hear Test say "The testicizzles are in the hizzle for shizzle. Ain't that right, Snoop D-O-double-jizzle?"

Better then Konnan's "Rowdy rowdy bowdy bowdy" shit.
— salmonjunkie

"The lights are going out all over Europe..."
D-Lo showed some promise years ago during his run as a Euro champ. However, ever since the accident with Droz, he never regained that buzz. Part of it was absolutely horrible storylines and angles, to be sure. But he never looked like he had that spark either.

The thing is the WWE has enough talent right now because they've been calling up lots of fresh new faces from the farm system. D-Lo was a good wrestler and worker, but he never had the look or ability to make it into the upper tier. I'd say that, since he wasn't ever going to draw lots of fans, you might as well give his spot to a young guy [you can] experiment with.

Basically, D-Lo was never going to get a really good push anyway, so I think he's better off leaving and going to the WWA or NWA-TNA. Hopefully he'll help flesh out either of those rosters.

[But] why are they bothering pushing guys like Raven, B2 and D-Lo in the first place, if they only intend to cut them weeks later? It makes no sense. If you really want to test their popularity, then why saddle them with such pointless gimmicks? Can you really call being a crony to a white rapper, a race-card playing jobber with a referee as a spokesman, and a guy with a new haircut good pushes? You're only going to draw fan apathy. Why not just keep them on Heat and cut them before?
— Milky

D-Lo was one of those guys who didn't quite have the natural charisma to get over but who could wow the crowd with his impressive moveset. When he was going out week after week and busting out Sky-High Power Bombs, Running Liger Bombs, Moonsaults and Frog Splashes, the people went apeshit, at least compared to what he got there at the end. But like everyone said, he got rubbed out after the accident with Droz. Not only did that nullify his push, but it ended what could have been a promising angle for the both of them. After that, I never saw D-Lo do another Running Liger Bomb, and understandably so. I'm positive we'll see him in NWA-TNA next week, since I do recall Vince Russo being a real fan of D-Lo's work. I'd say I'll miss D-Lo, but frankly I've been missing him since 1998. The only thing that's changed is that I don't have to cringe every few months at his half-hearted pseudo-pushes that go nowhere. Keep on keepin' on, Brother D-Lo.
— markout

This Week's Stats
Most Frequent Subject: Curt Hennig. Fantasy book your belly-button. D-Lo.
Most Spammer-Like Poster: They're there, but they're trying to look respectable. If I have to pick one, I'll say Bonestein.
Most Encouraging News: Someone gives Matt Hocking and Rocky Swift a good word. With any luck, the trend will continue.
Most Discouraging News: Too much sucking up to the new OO Babe. Everyone's too busy with the "OO WrestleMania" card to worry about the real-world WrestleMania card.
Posters Who Need to Understand That Brevity Is the Soul of Wit: Dead Snoopy, Promoter2003, Promoter2003, Promoter2003. Did I mention Promoter2003? I will in another post answering this one. 


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