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Author: Subject: Macho man on dexter's Laboratory

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posted on 4-3-2002 at 12:10 AM Edit Post
Macho man on dexter's Laboratory

Macho Man was on an episode of dexter's laboratory today. He was the voice of a character called Wrasslor. Too cool!

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posted on 4-3-2002 at 08:12 AM Edit Post
Oh yeah! (no pun intended) That episode ruled. and what was the worst thing, people had been telling me about it for two years, but i lived in a twon that didn't get Cartoon Netowrk, and nobody bothered to record it. Finally, i moved to a CN friendly town, and the first weekend that I was here, it came on, and I finally saw it, I busted a gut laughing.

A close second in the hilarity factor was his appearance as Space Ghosts father.

Dan ("Will nobody fight me but this Monkey?"

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posted on 4-3-2002 at 11:05 PM Edit Post
Dexter's Laboratory kicks Ass.

"Please email me pictures of feces and male sodomy."

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