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Author: Subject: Blade II

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posted on 4-1-2002 at 05:55 AM Edit Post
Blade II

Awesome movie. Loved the fight sequences.

Anyone else notice that the fight coordinater was possibly a wrestling fan? Here is a list of Wrestling moves I saw during the various fight scenes:

Belly to belly suplex
Flying (Savage?) Elbow
the sweetest vertical Suplex I've seen in years!

anyone else spot these? the Vertical was the most obvious one, he used it to finish the fight in the blood pool room.


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posted on 4-2-2002 at 04:31 AM Edit Post
Definatly one of the BEST, if not THE best translations of comic book to the big screen I've seen. Although the CGI was a tad bit hokey (which makes me a little scared for SpiderMan), so many other great effects were used it didn't really matter, as a matter of fact it added to the comic book feel. Great action.

I noticed the wrestling "elements", it got a good laugh from the audience when I saw it.

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posted on 4-9-2002 at 04:20 PM Edit Post
saw it and loved the action spots. great fight scenes, and the plot didn't suck too horribly. the wrestling spots got a pop from the fans in the theater, but not the entire yeah, the fans were visible in there.

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posted on 4-30-2002 at 07:56 PM Edit Post
Finally got around to see this, very good movie, but so far this year the best movie IMHO was Resident Evil, here's to hoping sequels will be made for both of them.

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