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Author: Subject: Crashing Jeb's Boards!
God of This World

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posted on 2-3-2004 at 08:21 PM Edit Post
Crashing Jeb's Boards!

Jeb Tennyson Lund ROXXORS!!1111!!One!—Mirror JebbeJ?—Download Pork Chop Massage, Computer!—Smoley v. Orton: Who is the hardBOARD legend?—The Pope Starts a New Topic, Jeb’s Dog Adds a Reply!—Hi and Lois Ku--You Better Read a Book, Smoke Some Cigarettes, and Avoid Excommunication, Because Lundamania and His $50 Words Will Run Wild On You!

By You, the Jebsciples!

[Crashing Jeb’s Boards debuts with a fanatic-infested, standardized tested, cod-ingested tribute to Online Onslaught’s favorite lion tamer! The brainchild of good drawer (as in artist, not where you put your underoos) Angstboi, BJebTennysonLund allows all the Jebaholics to enroll in a 12-step program ending in full-blown cultism! Amid body massages and Jeb-affirming polls, however, stood a few Jebfidels who not only dislike Jeb, but actually publicly like his arch-rival (perhaps even Satan himself) Randy Orton! Could the Vatican City of Jebdom withstand such heresy? More importantly, has Jeb updated us lately? Finally, could I force the words “Jeb” or “Lund” into more allusions? JEBJEBJEBJEB!-ed.]

An Eloquent and Formal Introduction to the Promised Land, From Our Administrator.

He evRE1!!!!!111!/ I think its abut time our #1 hot guy jeb got a forum all about him! OMG he totally roxxors to the maxxors! Just remember, keep it nice or else i will ban the holy living F*CK right out of you and yo mamma! LOL


The Many and Varied Virtues of Jeb, or “Jeb is #great!”

Hey! There are some forums out there that think Jeb sux and there are some sites out there that think Jeb is pretty ok. But I assure you, this is the first forum that thinks Jeb is AWESOME! He's a 1st generation internet superstar with potential coming out of his big ol' butthole! What do you all think!?!?!


I really enjoy Jeb's work. It's about time we had a forum where we could discuss and share our opinions.


Your darn right!


Jeb so rulz! He RoXXoRz!!!11!!


Jeb controls the weather and the postal system. Damn he's awesome.

-Army of Jeb

I saw Jeb piss on a kid's amputated arm and it grew back!

-Eli Yeats Lund

Jeb Lund is the greatest young writer OO has!

-New Jeb Order

Jeb iz not just the best yung riter on OO. He iz da best!!
The guy whu duz cARtunz is OK, I gess.


OMG Jebb rUlezzzzz!!! I luV his PRETTY FACE!!!11 OMGROFL!!1bonestein!!!!

I lvu hizzz colums SO MUCH I just cAME!!1!!!1!!!!!!!



RANDI ORten HAS a LITTle peeeeenis!


Jeb a Better Man? He Certainly Is!

I have always thought Jeb looked like James Spader but in the pic above he resembles Mike Mcready from Pearl Jam.

-Eli Yeats Lund

575 Isn’t Just a New Mexico Area Code!

A new Jeb forum!
Jealous Randy Orton fans,
get your own forum!

This is the best place
to talk about J T L
in the whole wide world!!!


who wants some salmon?
@#%$ salmon I want some cod.
cod makes skin shine bright.


Jeb Tennyson Lund
Greatest writer on the web
I'm not wearing pants

Reading Jeb's columns
Gives me joy, makes me happy
Jebby is the best

Jeb lives in Tampa
I also live in Tampa
But I'm no stalker


Jeb Tennyson Lund,
the five perfect syllables,
Jed Tennyson Lund!


Oh my god it's Jeb
Jeb on a kick ass bike
serving afterbirth


Jus is the man yo
All U hatas just jealous
lick my nutz dot com


Just the best columns
Everybody should read Jeb
Better believe that

Too many writers
Emulate Jeb but they fail
Ne’er match the level

Now you can try it
You think you’re better than Jeb
Step off copycat

Online Onslaught boss
Now knows that Jeb is the best
Look at Jeb’s Forums

Understand me now?
Never send a fanboy to
Do J T L’s job


The Tower of Jebel: We Can Only Hope To Build It


-Army of Jeb

Jed is LameRz but JEBB is ruLeRz!

whut whut!


omg jeb is so not lame he totally r0x0rz take tat back my feet r cold


OMG!!!!! Jed is teh greatest of all times!


G8st riter in the history of teh Introweb!


Jebels Without a Cause. Okay, Their Cause Is DUMB!

It is quite obvious to me, and probably to everybody else, that Jeb Tennyson Lund is a grade A loser. The man has very few fans, all of whom appear to be illiterate and just plain stupid. In fact, I would wager, quite confidently, that Jeb Tennyson Lund no longer has any fans. It would appear as though those few social rejects who were participating on this forum have stopped, which proves that Jeb Tennyson Lund was a flash-in-the-pan and/or his fans have short attention spans and have found a new message board to hang out at where they can claim to be some other wrestler or wrestling internet writer's biggest fan. I cannot say that I am disappointed in the least. This merely proves what people like Lund Killer and I have been saying all along: Jeb Tennyson Lund is a chump, he's over rated, he's hatred for Randy Orton is extremely irrational, and nobody likes him.

--RKO To Lund

You guys need to calm down. Jeb isn't so great. His promos are weak and scripted, his work is sloppy and his dog is huge. And no, I'm not just jealous because Jeb is prettier than me.


I guess it was inevitable that a skinny jackass of the likes of Jeb Tennyson Lund would get a fan board in his name. The sad thing about it all is that his fans obviously do not understand anything that he writes in his over-glorified columns at Online Onslaught. How could such a literate man attract such an illiterate fan base?

The quality of fan that Jeb Tennyson Lund attracts is of the lowest form of human beings imaginable. I doubt that any of you could ever comprehend anything that Jeb Tennyson Lund ever writes in his uninspiring columns about wrestling.

The Obtuse Angle would be better served if it were called the Anti-Orton Blog. It is merely the unqualified ramblings of an irrational zealot, ranting about how much he loathes Randy Orton, week-in and week-out. And his arguments do not hold water even at the most rudimentary level. Jeb Tennyson Lund does not deal in facts. He deals in opinions. And he believes that his opinions are far superior to the opinions of anybody else. He is a pox on the internet wrestling community, and that this cretin garners a fan base at all makes me feel like regurgitating my lunch. I am saddened and sickened by this forum.

And if any of you fan boys all able to comprehend any part of my post at all, I would that it would be this one:

Jeb Tennyson Lund sucks
Randy Orton rocks!

--Lund Killer

Carefully Thought-out and Constructed Responses to the Uncalled for and Really Freakin' Untrue Libelous Attacks on Jebdom

Hey U take tyhat back - we wont' have any of this nonesne from the lieks of yuo!!!!!11


hOw dARE U tAlk BAdDD re: JeBB lyk DaT!!! U su>

No way you R sooooo RONG!!!! Do U see a GoatEEE on Jebb? No way Jeb is clean shavN not like a goAt that goez BAAAAAAA BAAAAAA!

Lund Killer,

Please be nice. I don't want these forums to be closed. We come here because we are fans of Jeb. If you do not like Jeb, that's OK, but please try to be less negative with your postings. We like tha Jeb forums the way they are and we don't want anything to change.

Thank you for listening Lund Killer,
Have a nice day.


Straight from Jeb's Immaculate Typing Hand of Grandeur

Announcement #2: My wife made curry for dinner. In moments, I will eat curry with some red wine.


Announcement #3: Oberto Classic Thin-Cut Peppered Beef Jerky is the Greatest of All Jerkies.

It smites all jerkies that presume to question its excellence.


Announcement #4: I missed RAW last night because:

• My basset hound, Loc Dog, got into some mess in the backyard and tracked stuff all over the house, which meant that I had to clean up the carpet and wash his bed;
• My lovely bride is out of town, so I had a long phone conversation with her;
• A friend of mine, The Good Doctor (as we all call him), called me up out of the blue to talk about a professorship he may take in Barbados.

By the time the cleaning and the calls ended, there were only maybe 10 minutes left on RAW. I just gave up and did some more chores.


I Would Put More Jeb Quotes But Somehow I Seem Unworthy of Even Copying and Pasting What Jeb Has To Say So Instead of Feeling Like An Inferior Jebsciple I'll Just Say That Jeb is Poperrific!

Ummm....Okay, one more.

Jeb on Jeb...Note the Humility! Mel Gibson Couldn't Direct The Passion of the Jeb!

I've always been a big fan. Maybe not the biggest of all time, but I've been pretty consistent.


My New/Recurring Savior:JEB!
Chant That Should be Rhythmically Uttered at All American Sporting Events, Intstead of the Acronym of the United States: J E B! J E B!
Why Jeb is the Best: He can fly over water and can turn water into EVERCLEAR!
Most encouring news: Jeb has not forsaken us.
Most discouraging news: We have forsaken Jeb.
Best Wrestling Garbageman: TIE: Duke "The Dumpetser" Dorese? and Jes Tennysobn Lund
Poster of the Month: JEB!
A Final Plea: Jeb Bush is not in the same league as Jeb Tennyson Lund.

Fake McCoy Comics

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posted on 2-3-2004 at 08:56 PM Edit Post
It's my bored so I should be quoted more. Its only fair. Don't make me ban your ass for insubordination.


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posted on 2-3-2004 at 09:32 PM Edit Post
How did you neglect my haiku about doing the macarena to Vanilla Ice? Genius just isn't appreciated...

Do NOT fuck with my chi.

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posted on 2-4-2004 at 03:07 PM Edit Post
More credit should have been given to the Greatest Jeb Haiku in the World. It has its own thread for cripes sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't touch me there!

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outback jack
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posted on 2-4-2004 at 10:32 PM Edit Post
So BTR is also a Jeb enthusiast. I think we should all be grateful for his efforts. (And Jeb, thanks for curing the leprosy!)

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outback jack
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posted on 3-6-2004 at 12:20 AM Edit Post
Bumping this up out of respect for Jeb's fine writing, and to get rid of "Dumass" as the last poster in this forum.

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