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Author: Subject: Is SCSA a "Poison"-ous Rattlesnake?

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posted on 3-22-2002 at 10:57 PM Edit Post
Is SCSA a "Poison"-ous Rattlesnake?

Ever since it was noted that Austin went home after WM, the 'Net has been abuzz with stories of his being disgruntled; he invoked "creative control" to alter the outcome of his match w/ Hall, which screwed up the rationale of Linda's "brand extension" announcement on Raw; he even got in a verbal confrontation w/ VKM! At least one of the sites (PWTorch) has run several editorials about this whole thing. People are now wondering if Austin, not the nWo, is the "poison" that will destroy the WWF.

I have another theory - the WWF didn't have any plans for Austin this week on TV (where would they have worked him in?), he decided to take the week off, and the WWF let the stories of his being disgruntled "leak" in order to create a storyline to explain his absence. It certainly keeps people talking about the WWF, and opens up new storyline possibilities (including a heel turn for Austin that just might work.) It is consistent with some of the recent "reality-based kayfabe" they have been throwing about. It is consistent with the recent "open letter to the Internet sites" that was published on (and "reprinted" in one of the forums here).

VKM may have just stumbled on to the next "big thing" in sports entertainment: "interactive pro wrestling", where the fans have an impact in the direction of the storylines, and the "love-hate" relationship between the WWF and some of the more smarkish types is the basis for an ongoing feud.

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American Dream

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posted on 3-22-2002 at 11:35 PM Edit Post
I think Austin has a beef with the WWF. Since wrestlemania last year Austin has easily been the WWF's top performer and most over wrestler. When he was a heal he did everything he could to get over as one. As a face he does everything asked of him. It's not too hard to imagine how pissed he'd be all things considered.

I mean who does he feud with??? For heals there is the nWo, Jericho, and Angle. We've seen Jericho/Austin come off poorly, the nWo Austin feud was a bust and the nWo are now focused on Rock/Hogan, and Angle/Austin has been done over and over again.

the WWF has one of the most over performers right now, and now top level feud for if he is disgruntled with how he is being handled, I don't blame him. Same as I wouldn't blame Lance Storm, Kane, TBS, or Christian for complaining.

As fo this being part of a, I wouldn't be surprised if they told Austin to take the week off while the get his storyline goin properly.

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posted on 3-23-2002 at 06:42 AM Edit Post
Personally, I think these rumors are being blown totally out of proportion.

Austin has shown time and time again that he's a team player. I'm sure he was upset about his spot on the WM card (wouldn't you be?), but what could they do? Rock/Hogan had to be high up and Jericho/HHH had to be the main event. And they couldn't just have three main events at the end. You gotta have pacing. He probably went up to Vince and said "Hey, that sucked." Vince probably went "Yeah, we know. Sorry. How's about a week's vacation?"

Some idiot probably overheard it and decided to call up 1bob and make up some shit to get people talking.

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posted on 3-23-2002 at 08:49 PM Edit Post
Do yourself a big favor, don't believe anything you read at the Pro Wrestling Torch...they're full of shit.

Austin's been runnin' non-stop for a year now, and he was just getting a little break.

There weren't nothing for him to do the week following WM.

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posted on 3-25-2002 at 01:22 AM Edit Post
yes the pro wrestling torch is a good site

"Please email me pictures of feces and male sodomy."

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