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Author: Subject: Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3
ricki retardo

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posted on 3-22-2002 at 01:36 AM Edit Post
Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3

Okay, so I'm not a Star Wars uber-nerd, but I AM curious as to how the next two episodes will be received. I mean, it traces the corruption of sweet Annikin into evil Darth Vader. Galaxies will be conquered and Jedi will be decimated. Not to mention the horrible mutilation that forces him into the cape and helmet. There's also the birth of Luke and Leia as well as thier seperation and the probable death of Princess Amydala. This is the stuff epics are made of, but also a major commercial risk with all the downbeat possibilities.
Any opinions?

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posted on 3-22-2002 at 02:18 AM Edit Post
I gotta feeling that Attack of the Clones will be a huge hit. Ofcourse I also didn't really seem to mind Jar-Jar Binks.

Thankfully, the N'SYNC cameo has been cut from the final project.

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posted on 3-27-2002 at 09:22 PM Edit Post
By all rumours and reports, this series (1,2,3) will make the overall series somewhat panlindromatic. Happy, dark, discovery, discovery, dark, happy. I'm really geeked (hmmm... perhaps wrong word there (though, if'n I'm a geek then I'm a biker-lookin' one)) about these next two movies.

And, while I didn't care for JJ Binks, I didn't hate the sumbitch either. Phantom Menace has been unjustly panned (hell, I was disappointed whenst I did first see it, and after subsequent viewings have come around about 169 degrees (it still wasn't as good as I'd've liked, but 'twas very good levertheness)).

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Reality is an illusion created by an alcohol deficiency

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posted on 4-9-2002 at 04:34 PM Edit Post
i am very excited to see how clones comes out. i didn't hate episode 1, just jarjar. i know he was put in there to make the movie accessible to new fans who may not have seen the first ones (or who were only around since jedi) but that doesn't mean we need to like him. i will be there opening night excited with the rest of you, anxious to see what he has done.

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posted on 5-1-2002 at 05:14 AM Edit Post
I worry about the Star Wars franchise. If the moviemakers concentrate on story, plot, continuality then we are in for a treat. BUT if they continue to go towards Episode I crap (i.e. cutesy and clumsy characters who can't talk thinking they can get more fans ) then the legacy may be taken down notches below where Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi had been on many a fans pedastool.
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