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Author: Subject: Other Dark Tower Crossovers

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posted on 3-6-2002 at 05:02 AM Edit Post
Other Dark Tower Crossovers

I'm with The Rick on the Insomnia thing; I hated it when I first read it (hate may be a little too strong), but reading it again last year changed that probably due to the Dark Tower connections I'd previously missed.

Other things to read for Tidbits of The Tower (none of 'em are from the '90's now that I think about it): It (parts pertaing to The Turtle), The Talisman (makes little sense until you read...), Black House (odd and unexpected connection, but the first third of the book was brutally hard to slog through), and The Eyes Of The Dragon (not very difficult at all to make this connection). I thought there were more, and there very well may be, but that's all I can recall.
I'm very interested where the Tales of The Tower take us next. I just hope King doesn't go all Geoffrey Chaucer on us and die years before he wraps it up. Of course, he wrote something alluding to that in one of the Dark Tower introductions, so mayhap that's his intention all along. Rat bastard.

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posted on 3-6-2002 at 04:40 PM Edit Post
I have heard he plans to wrap the series up in the next year or so. Then he says he plans to "retire," which I'm assuming will have the legitamacy of a Terry Funk sabbatical.
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posted on 4-14-2002 at 07:03 PM Edit Post
As per my understanding, King does plan to focus on the Dark Tower, but only the next book will be out next year. Hopefully, the others will follow after.
Also, I have noticed that every since Needful Things, King is trying to tie all his books into each other. Some are more blatent (ie Dark Tower, Castle Rock), but some are harder to see but are still there (Rose Madder). Anyone else noticing this?
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posted on 5-5-2002 at 06:48 PM Edit Post
Stephen King tying his previous works into later books as been something he's been doing for quite some time now. I believe that it was either Christine or 'Salems lot where they make a reference to "That girl up in maine that went nuts and killed her entire prom class" (reference to Carrie) and in the Tommyknockers has a few references to "It" in it.

Basicly, all of Stephen Kings books take place in the world he has created, so a bit of crossing over is expected.


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