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Author: Subject: There is a role in WWE for Nathan Jones
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posted on 6-2-2003 at 05:15 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
There is a role in WWE for Nathan Jones

A tit a day keeps the pain away

By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer

May 31, 2003

Sucking on the breasts of a lactating woman could be the biggest painkiller known to mankind, according to Shukan Shincho (6/5).

Unlike morphine, a painkiller known for inducing addiction, studies suggest breast milk is far from being a booby trap for those seeking some relief from their physical woes.

And though many may titter, a Tottori University team has discovered that lactoferrin, a substance found in breast and dairy milk, has painkilling qualities that far exceed morphine, the drug currently most often used to dull soreness.

"We started the study because we suspected that babies fell into a deep sleep after drinking their mother's milk not just because they're stomachs were filled, but also because lactoferrin was affecting their brains," Etsumori Harada, the Tottori University professor who made the startling discovery, tells Shukan Shincho.

Lactoferrin has long been hailed as a medical wonder. It is said to be effective in fighting bacteria and viruses, as well as being an anti-cancer agent.

Now, it has been linked with an ability to lull the agonized.

"Just based on animal experiments, lactoferrin's effects outstrip morphine and have no side-effects," the professor tells Shukan Shincho. "Minute doses of lactoferrin could probably allow struggling patients to get by with morphine doses 1,000 times less than their current levels. There's also a possibility it could free terminal cancer patients from the agony of their final days."

While you're there you may also want to look at the Transexual Wrestler Article:

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