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Author: Subject: In memory of NSFW avatars

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posted on 1-7-2020 at 02:09 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
In memory of NSFW avatars

Since everyOOne is now removing their NSFW avatars, I would like to thank a few people.

First, punkerhardcore. For years, you have an attractive women and it took a student to point out she has a glass dildo near her mouth for me to realize that it was likely a porn star and I had outed myself as a perv. Fortunately, it was the right student to see it because he got the joke. Thank you.

Second, paddlefoot. The girl adjusting her top while bad dancing was, well, enticing. Thank you.

Finally, salmonjunkie. No, the weird quarterback with mouths for eyes wasn't NSFW, but it gave me nightmares. I hope you never, ever go down that road again.

My avatar continues to be both safe for work and not interesting. Go Omega!

I only signed up so I can read the forum.

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American Dream

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posted on 1-7-2020 at 04:26 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
It's an honor just to be recognized and remembered, thank you.

I didn't really know what to do, as it's mostly the only avatar I've ever known. I did the best I could-- locked it up in the attic, and will feed it a bucket of fish heads once a week.

Is everyone mad here?
Of course they are, and you are too... otherwise, you wouldn't have come here.

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Big G
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posted on 1-7-2020 at 07:52 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Janerds fruit gape avatar from a few years ago continues to give me nightmares
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The Great One

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posted on 1-9-2020 at 12:20 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I need to come to these boards more often, or go to the wrestling threads once in a while, cause I have no idea what The Rick was talking about.

2017 where Nazis are defended and being against Fascism is a bad thing.

Prejudices are rarely overcome by argument; not being founded in reason they cannot be destroyed by logic Tryon Edwards

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