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Author: Subject: The Witcher: The Last Real Reason to Keep Netflix
The Man

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posted on 12-20-2019 at 06:31 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
The Witcher: The Last Real Reason to Keep Netflix

This came out today...and it's incredible. Basically, if you've played the Witcher, you have an idea of who Geralt is and that version is pretty much represented here. If you haven't, then it is essentially Henry Cavil's Superman except he's supposed to brood, has long white hair and semi-magical powers, and is an equal opportunity ass-kicker/banger. This takes place before the games and tells the story of Geralt's journeying, his becoming a protector of a princess refuge who also possesses the powers to bend space and time, and how he doesn't fit into the world he protects. The production values are pretty good, the action is solid, and, yeah, beewwwwwbs.

So my plan is to binge this, and then cancel Netflix because nothing else actually seems that good until either Stranger Things 4 or GLOW Season Cancelled comes out. Also, they already renewed this for Season 2, so it's safe until nerds get pissy about something regarding this one. But it looks tremendous.

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posted on 12-29-2019 at 03:12 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I really enjoyed it having never played the games or read the books it was based on. Cavill is fantastic. The one minor nitpick is I was a bit confused until about the 3rd episode when I realized they were playing with time frames of the characters and a lot of stuff started fitting into place. Pacing was well done and the show became the first one I've binged in one sitting in quite a while. I like the 2 main characters (Geralt & Yen), see the potential in the 3rd (Ciri) and enjoyed most of the secondary characters quite a bit whether as likable (Jaksier), understandable (Tiassia & Colanthe), or just good villains (Stregoboer, Fringilla, Black Knight).

I wish season 2 was earlier than 2021 however since I really want to see what happens next.

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posted on 1-9-2020 at 05:15 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
We just finished episode three last night. It took me a while to get into it (I think I was just so set on the "Geralt" of the game that it took me a while to warm up to Cavill) but he really is doing an amazing job with role. Excellent fight scenes, great production value and, yeah, BEWBS. I'm in!

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posted on 1-22-2020 at 07:56 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
It had some good stuff in it. I think the overall story is a bit off, so to speak, compared to Game Of Thrones. Not sure why, maybe too many characters to start a series with or something like that. Or it wavers too much between what is typical of YA stories and the new standard for mature fantasy. Or there's something in translating the original source stories from Polish to English that doesn't help it. The costuming is terrific though and so are the battle scenes - good and violent like GOT or LOTR and not foolish like Xena. I didn't like the CGI with the dragon though, it looked like an old video game running on Windows 98 - I guess I've been spoiled by GOT though in terms of what they can do with the SFX. Cavill is terrific, really made Geralt into his own personal property, and the thing they do with his eyes going black when he's fighting a monster is a lot of fun. Dude must be massive up close because when he has the fighting gear on he looks as big as a damn house.

Hopefully with the first season being a success they'll get a budget boost to help them do better CGI. Other that that I have no major complaints. Nilfgaard? How about visiting MILFgaard too, 'nomesayin?!?!?

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