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Author: Subject: El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
The Man

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posted on 9-24-2019 at 05:23 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

For as much Breaking Bad Cinematic Universe Vince Gilligan and Co. want to offer up, I shall gleefully guzzle it down and clap like a trained seal for the privilege of watching it. The final trailer genuinely put me right on my ass with how much I've apparently still been holding on to the intense aftermath of the end of the show and what happened to Jessie.

Yeah, I think I can hold off on kvetching about Better Call Saul not being released until next year if we get this in the interim. In Vince I Trust. Again to be clear, the Gilligan Vince. Not OOur Vince. The one involved in fictional money laundering and drug-related murders over the one involved in actual money laundering and drug-related murders.

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The Rowdy One

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posted on 9-26-2019 at 10:00 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
This is the story of Jesse's redemption, I'm guessing.

I'm hyped, and I have some points and guesses for what I think we are going to see or address:

-There will be no Jesse talking to the cops. That's just not gonna happen. He has no reason to, no leverage, nothing. All he is to anyone who doesn't know him is a junkie meth head and cook.

-Meth will be made, but just enough to truly get Jesse into a position where he can escape and be fiscally set.

-Jesse's primary goal will be seclusion outside of the United States.

-Badger and Skinny Pete will have their own redemption by actually managing to successfully help Jesse out.

-Walt is not alive.

-Jesse will basically be in such a shit position at the beginning of the movie that he'll almost curse Walt for saving him, as it's just put him into a situation that is nearly just as bad as the former.

-Random Bonus Cameo: We will see Marie, and she will have a significant part during the second act of the movie.

Either way, I hope it's great.

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Monkey on a Rock

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posted on 10-7-2019 at 03:05 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I'm getting close to being able to watch El Camino fairly close to its release date. "Breaking Bad" is pretty far in my rear-view mirror in terms of detailed recall, so I knew I wanted to do some rewatchening first, and they sort of sprung this on us. [Netflix did the same thing with its short-notice on "Arrested Development." Why?]

Upsettingly, this overlapped with my need to rewatchen "Mr. Robot" (which begins its last season TONIGHT). I'm still not fully done with THAT rewatchening, because unlike most humans, I do not like binging. I suck at it. About 90 minutes or 2 hours (two episodes of a drama, or about 4 of a sitcom) and that's it, I'll start to wander and won't get the benefit of watching. You're supposed to watch because you're a superfan who GETS EVERYTHING. If I'm reaching for my phone or wandering into the kitchen, I'm not getting hardly anything. Almost zero throughput, which defeats the purpose. You bingers need to explain how you do it, so I can learn.

There could be an upside:

I know for a fact I stood in the minority on "Breaking Bad" in terms of when Walt turned heel. Some say it was as early as when he created "Heisenberg" (last episode of season 1), most say it was no later than when he let Pinkman's girlfriend choke to death.

But I still thought of Jesse as mostly a fuck-up whose illogical behavior caused unnecessary complications (and not a well-meaning fuck-up whose good intentions caused understandable complications) for a long time. I stayed "Team Walt" for a distressingly long time. Like, an incel/redpill/hates-Last-Jedi-and-new-Ghostbusters long time, even if none of those things existed at the time. I'm sort of ashamed of this, but also: I don't think watching again would change things. Pinkman was just a bit of a load for a really long time, and it made his counterpart more appealing.

So I won't complicate my thinking by rewatchening the whole show! That's 60 hours, or something, right? If the movie is about Pinkman doing good things, I think I should just rewatch the last season (10 hours), where he was just about the only thing worth cheering for, despite his past resume.

Should save a lot of time.

Time I need to spend on finishing up the last half of Mr. Robot Season 3, so sayonara while I get to that....

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The Man

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posted on 10-12-2019 at 02:06 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I just finished watching it (and once I got on my computer immediately realized I missed Smackdown again). This was a pretty solid 2 hour epilogue of sorts for Jesse. They stayed in one lane the whole movie: what happened to Jesse immediately after getting away from the compound. I thought the re-visiting of his past (both to "happier" times and not) fleshed things out a bit, while also ensuring that you don't forget how big of a doofy-yet-evil prick Todd was. And I also like that they didn't try to unnecessarily expand anyone's backstory more: story's over, so all they needed to do was give us Jesse, let us know his goal, and give a bit of background to any obstacles in his way without retconning anything like "Oh, the cops aren't only ones after Jesse, there's also Gus's boss's boss, who also tied into the story without you knowing back when Jesse's girlfriend's dad had his on-the-job meltdown," or "It's the head Nazi, but here's how he relates to the story going on in Better Call Saul."

They didn't get clever for the sake of being clever, they stuck to their wheelhouse, and this wound up being a very good watch as a result.

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