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Author: Subject: The Peanut Butter Falcon

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posted on 8-31-2019 at 02:46 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
The Peanut Butter Falcon

Easily when of the best films I've seen this year.

A young man with Down Syndrome escapes his care facility, and begins his journey to becoming a wrestler. Cameos by Jake the Snake, and Mick Foley. Superb performance by Shia LaBeouf.

While waiting in line I talked to a lady whose son knew one of the writers/directors. They, along with the young man with Downs (Zack Gottsagen), had met at a summer camp. The writer/director of the movie had told the Zack that he wanted to make movies, to which Zack said he wanted to be in a movie. So he made this movie just for him to star in.

I give it 97 out of 100 chinlocks.

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posted on 9-4-2019 at 06:26 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I just thought the movie took a really dark turn when they revealed that the guy with downs syndrome had been molesting Shia Laboeuf the whole time... But hey, I'll give it to them, it was a bold direction to go in... Very The Strange Thing about the Johnson's-esque. Not sure what to think about the 18 minutes of Shia just licking a window that followed was supposed to mean, but again... Choices.

I think while driving home and organizing my thoughts about the movie and what I was going to write in the usual movie round up thread I contemplated opening with a joke about how this was the story of a mentally challenged man who meets a man with downs syndrome... but really as BBMN alluded to above LaBoeuf is really quite excellent in this; I mean he's been fun in other stuff at times like the Transformers movies or Indiana Jones and the Temple of we shouldn't have done aliens, but even there he tended to wear out his welcome... like good in some scenes, something to tolerate in others... Then on the other end of the spectrum in stuff like Wall Street 2: Gekko's revenge he just seemed like he wasn't challenged (I did enjoy him in Constantine though). Throw in his real life oddities... like some of his performance art is genuinely interesting and you almost think he's consciously putting form ideas, but then it gets juxtaposed with his real life bar fights and he seems like he's just pin balling from one thing to the next... But yeah, in Peanut Butter Falcon he just seems to embody his character, what's more he looks like he's having fun.

In a (Peanut) nutshell Zack, a ward of the state, has been placed in a retirement home for care. Most of the staff is well meaning, but the place is still something of a prison for him as all he longs to do is meet his wrestling hero (Thomas Hayden Church) and to wrestle himself. Managing to escape he meets up with the equally troubles Tyler, who is running from his own sadness and troubles with some local fishermen. The two set out on an odyssey to get Zack to his hero and along the way bond; closely on their heels is Eleanor (Dakota Johnson) from the home, and a few other nefarious folks, with plenty of quirky characters along the way.

I think the movie's greatest strength is that it does sooooooo much story telling with "show", not tell... We get a lot of backstory delivered wordlessly; it really treats the audience maturely giving you enough to connect the dots yourself without any vanity speeches. I think there's a really beautiful and stirring message in here without the movie makers going the typical Hollywood route of anvilcivisiously finger wagging... Good stuff.

It's fun above all else... I had a few quirks; the for reals ending felt a bit at odds with the rest of the movie for a few moments there, but it ultimately delivered.

Jake the Snake and Foley show up... it's weird as Foley looks more at ease on camera but feels more like a big cameo insert, whereas Snake looks entirely at home in the movie but a bit more uncomfortable on camera at times.

There's some violence in there, and I think a few cuss words so probably not the best for young kids, but if you've got older 10 and up age I think it'd be fun for the whole family.

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