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Author: Subject: WWE 2K20 (with NEWS!)
The Man

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posted on 8-7-2019 at 05:11 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
WWE 2K20 (with NEWS!)

WWE 2K20 is out, I don't know if I'll be buying it yet because the roster from 2K19 was pretty complete, yadda yadda yadd...oh right...


Yes, the guys who's biggest innovation over the past decade plus of making these was carrying people around the ring, are now out as of this year, meaning this year we may actually get a new feeling game.

And here's your early release info:
*Game comes out October 22nd (probably the 18th for the Deluxe)
*The physical collector's edition comes with an autographed plaque from Edge, Kurt Angle, or Rey Jr. and a piece of the Smackdown Ring Skirt between 2002-2008
*The Deluxe edition will include the Rock (in his $500 shirt phase), Rock n' Sock Connection Mankind, Hulk Hogan, and Chyna.
*The DLC (also included with the Deluxe edition) is now referred to as WWE "Originals" , which are "unique, playable worlds with different themes" (weird).
*Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns are the cover athletes and directly related to the two story modes. Reigns is the subject of a Tower mode based off of his career, while Lynch is a quarter of the 2K Showcase mode based on the WWE Four Horsewomen.
*Mixed tags are back, but likely will be clunky messes where you get DQ'd for hitting someone of the opposite gender, meaning don't expect Becky Lynch submitting John Cena type scenarios.

Stay tuned as Sal or someone with more commitment shares the roster!

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Il Palazzo
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posted on 8-8-2019 at 04:08 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Oh, good. I only read the info on the $130 SD Anniversary Edition on GameStop's website and it sounded like THAT was what came with the extra characters, but it does seem like the regular Deluxe Edition has that stuff too and you're just paying extra for the autograph and bit of ring material. I mean, I probably would've clarified that for myself by looking at other listings and such, but as it turns out I've been lazy. So now I don't feel so bad if I pass up the Fancy Pants Edition. Although the autograph and bit of ring are nifty, but I'm not sure they're "$40 more than the already $90 Deluxe Edition" nifty. Plus, I tend to have an issue with even buying the Deluxe/Gold/etc. Editions for bonus crap and future DLC just from it being a yearly franchise, and I hate the idea of paying extra for a thing I'll inevitably put away when the next one drops. Mind you, I bought that version for 2K19 because I caved in close to launch.

Also, good to see the developer taking charge is apparently well regarded. And has also been assisting Yuke's for a while on the series anyway. Not that I had an issue with Yuke's, honestly. I've never felt as miffed about the various issues some people have had with the franchise for the past few years. As long as I could play the game well enough, I was happy. Well, I thought 2K18's story/career mode was junk (although with improvements, it probably would've been fine). And at this point, I'd almost argue that as long as the gameplay doesn't take a nosedive for whatever reason, all I want to see is the active roster be complete this year (as far as that's possible, so basically just maybe offer the NXT people a better deal so we don't get stuck with holdouts).

Also, interesting to learn the mixed tag thing is back. One thing I'd love to see return is the guest referee stuff. It was nice to be able to screw around with that at times.

Oh, I love legitimate theatre.

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posted on 8-11-2019 at 04:20 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
I just saw some footage of it on a Takeover looks like it runs like shit.
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The Man

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posted on 8-17-2019 at 06:35 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Here's your first look at what to expect with DLC this go-around.

Essentially, if you pre-order 2K20, you get a $15 DLC pack for free which primarily includes The Fiend version of Bray Wyatt. However, the intriguing (which I don't mean in either a good or bad way) is the additionals:


New 2K Showcase

An alternate “Swampfather” version of Bray Wyatt has amassed otherworldly power, becoming an embodiment of the swamp itself. He lures Finn Bálor to his compound to recruit Finn’s Demon into his group of powered Superstars, which he calls his “Family.” Finn is forced to fight in a series of matches against members of Wyatt’s Family until finally, the power within Finn Bálor is unleashed. Exclusive commentary brings the story to life.

Story 2K Towers

2K Towers with full stories and unique versions of WWE Superstars:

•“The Fiend” – “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt stars in his own tower.

•“All Fed Up” – “Fed-Up” Sheamus is forced to take on some of his former fellow Superstars, who have all become zombies.

•“Nowhere to Run” – “Twisted” Nikki Cross looks to “play” with other Superstars in her own twisted game.

•“One of the Family” – “The Swampfather” Bray Wyatt decides to bring on one of his past recruits. Can Daniel Bryan avoid becoming one of “The Swampfather’s” thralls?

•“Nowhere to Hide” – “Survivor” Mandy Rose has had enough of “Twisted” Nikki Cross and her games. She’s going to do what she can to put an end to the madness.

I mean, like Cam mentioned, the game looks pretty much how it always has (maybe a touch lower in quality, but I'll withhold on that judgement until 4K stuff starts coming out). But this is different. It might be good to just let the WWE guys have, you know, fun with a game and play outside character or to extremes of their currect character.

I'd still like to see the roster, though. 2K19 was pretty complete, so buying a game so I can play as a few less characters than last year but with Keith Lee, Kona Reeves, Punishment Martinez, or WALTER isn't going to do it for me. They get interesting with legend additions? I'm curious. They improve the gameplay drastically while not sacrificing graphics? Same. But at least this looks like something different.

"The Seahawks are cool. Me and Tubby here hung out with them once at a Bruno Mars concert."-Jay and Silent Bob representing the Broncos on FOX NFL Sunday.

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