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Author: Subject: Sick/weird/strange/downright crazy pranks you/people you know have pulled
The Rowdy One

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posted on 7-29-2019 at 04:06 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Sick/weird/strange/downright crazy pranks you/people you know have pulled

So, i just retold a story that I am very careful about repeating to others since it is dark and a bit strange.

My friend and I were hanging out at his house one night and we are having a sleepover...his little brother Danny was very annoying. This kid was super fucking annoying, the kind of annoying that makes you wonder just how someone could act this way anywhere else in the world without getting shot.

Danny had recently had a birthday and there was one present that he hadnít opened up yet - a big Nerf gun. So I came up with an idea while clipping my toenails: I told my friend to start clipping his toenails as well, and we collected them all together, took a blank sheet of paper, and used scotch tape to tape them onto the bottom half of the sheet...after taping the toenails to the bottom half of the paper I started writing a formal letter. It stated:

ďDear Danny,

This is the President of the United States Fan Club. Enclosed in this letter are assorted finger and toe nails for your enjoyment. Please use them responsibly.

Signed, The President of the United States Fan ClubĒ

According to my friend, once Danny opened it eventually, he simply began crying uncontrollably. His mother became furious and thought it was the sickest thing she had ever seen, and i really donít blame her.

Iíll share more later, but give me your thoughts on mine, and share some bangers of your own!

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The Man

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posted on 8-9-2019 at 12:23 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Surprised this hasn't gotten more love.

I have a pretty crazy/gross prank/story involving two very well-known wrestlers from the 1980's, but I'm not sure it's been shared publicly. I'm hesitant to share it here.

"I don't watch the show, Paul. Why would I watch the show?"

"I hate it when I'm watching along at home and I'm envisioning certain common sense things, and WWE just leaves all that money on the table to do something that will have no result other than send viewers looking for something else."

-- The Rick

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The Immortal One

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posted on 8-12-2019 at 08:29 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Not my story, but ever since I read one of Chuck Palahniuk's (Fight Club) books... I want to say maybe Choke or Survivor, where he relates a story of a guy smearing semen on bank deposit envelopes I...

1) Never used them again.

2) Shudder whenever I see someone licking one before depositing their envelope.

Thankfully deposit envelopes seem to have gone by the wayside, but I wonder how many nut jobs acted on the books influence.

I don't know that I've ever done anything too crazy... Me and a buddy dressed up like ninjas in the middle of a massive snowstorm and started messing with a friends house while he walked his new girlfriend home; While he was out we "borrowed" a giant plastic light up Frosty lawn decoration and broke into his house and plugged it in. We then climbed up on the roof of his garage planning to pelt him with snowballs when he came home...

Turns out that some of his room mates WERE home and were a bit over prone to freaking out... Turns out they were scared shitless and thought some psycho or kids were messing with them.

We probably should have just left it at that, but instead opted to pelt them with snowballs from the roof as they were screaming about calling the cops... We ran off back into the night afterwards.

The truly fun part was for like a week our buddy kept telling this story with no clue that it was us.

I later lived in the house and pranks tended to go on... So one night out for revenged I turned off all the lights, and loosened the lightbulbs so they wouldn't work, then I put on a luchadore mask and hid... I could hear my buddy and his girlfriend talking about how the power must be out... Sadly she saw me first, and in hindsight just silently putting my finger to my lips may have traumatized her, as she just stood there quietly before letting out a meek "Adam' (my friends name) before I leapt out and started smearing him with a roll of deodorant... He screamed and threw his phone at me.

I also used to get bored and write fake emails to our university administration, student president... kinda emails from a nut type stuff where it was subtle enough that they'd answer, but then I'd get progressively nuttier... Having several friends involved in the admin it was fun to hear them bitch about this "Timmy Beaver" guy. I took it a step further and started writing a female friend posing as this mutual friend who'd moved away... he had the hots for her and while not creepy he was obnoxious and somewhat bizarre... Posing as him I talked about how I was moving back and how I wanted a bag of potatoes I had given her several years before back because they were all I had to remind me of my dead uncle... The weird thing was she started MSN'ing the real ME telling me all about this, so I got to kinda control things from both sides... This went on for a few days and again, all I kept hearing from mutual friends was how this guy was moving back and how he seems to have gone off the deep end.

Okay in hindsight not the healthiest behaviour to discuss, other than to say it was friends and it's stuff that once they found out it was me... A) Got me promptly strangled, and B) was something we all immediately and continue to laugh about. Bare in mind with the "creepy" emails this was almost two decades ago, and a more mature version of myself that has learned a lot from ME TOO... Not that I've ever touched a woman inappropriately, but now me is more cognisant that women put up with a lot more shit than us men realize... again we laughed about it, but I'd probably think twice about it now....

Okay maybe not... said female friend and I fell out of touch a few years after school, so I looked her up several years ago and found that she did like reclaimed wood art projects on Etsy or something like that... So I made up a fake email address and started asking her about a custom project; She agreed and over the course of several emails I offering feedback on what I wanted the project to look like... Long story short if you assembled the pieces and input from email to email what I was getting her to design was a giant wooden swastika with some nonsense or another written on each piece... as she kinda sent drawings back it dawned on her what she was designing and she promptly told her fake customer off... I came clean and we got together and laughed about the whole things over a campfire and drinks.

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